Dr. Wysong's new book, The Truth About Pet Foods, is now available.
   You will find it to be, without question, the most important book ever written on pet health and nutrition.
   Although it is scientifically documented, it is an easy and entertaining read.   256 pages,  32 chapters, illustrated and in economical soft cover.
   This will be a provocative and controversial book because it takes a no-holds-barred critical look at a mega-billion dollar industry, and an institutional and professional mindset that does not want to be dislodged.  Using compelling logic and scientific proof, Dr. Wysong makes the case that the modern approach to pet health and feeding has it all wrong.
   However, this is not just a critique, it will empower you with knowledge and practical ideas on how you can take control of your pet's health and avoid the epidemic of degenerative diseases plaguing both pets and humans.
   Even if you do not have a pet, the information will be equally helpful to you and your family.  
   If applied, the information in this book can do more to prevent and cure disease, and optimize health, than the sum total of all medical measures combined.
   If you do not agree, we'll refund every penny.
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