Dr. R. L. Wysong
September 1994
    Last month I talked about the birds nesting in our yard this summer and reflected on the lessons we can learn from this.   Let me continue with this unfolding backyard wildlife saga.  Yesterday I heard some unusual peeping outside our door and quietly opened the door to see what all the commotion was about.  On the sidewalk outside the door a mother robin was gathering moths off the ground which had evidently died from running into our porch light (full spectrum of course).  She was not making the noise, but rather it seemed to be coming from a nearby bush.  In the bush was another robin, even larger than the mother robin, but marked with the tell-tale speckling on its breast that indicated it was a young bird hatched this season.  After hastily gathering the moths, the mother flew to the bush whereupon the young bird proceeded to crouch pitifully, flutter its wings, open its mouth and squawk as if it were still in the nest pleading for food from mom.  The mom obliged and proceeded to stuff moths down this big gawk's throat.  After the youngster was filled, they both flew away.
    Reflecting on this, I thought about how this little con-artist would probably keep begging from its mom as long as she would do all the work of hunting for food.  This fledgling wasn’t doing anything wrong, he was simply doing what was easiest.  Don’t we all?  (My 11-year-old son, who is almost as big as his mother, still calls out to her to fetch him a drink or snack.)  Unfortunately what is easiest, is not always what is best.  If the mother were to continue to feed it, how would it ever learn to fend for itself in her absence?  It wouldn’t.  It would be a dependent, rather than a free living, self-sufficient creature with the prospect of living a full life.
    Modern living presents many opportunities for us to never leave the nest also.  Technology has made it possible for relatively easy access to a life of ease, convenience and luxury.  We are led to believe we can just stand around fluttering with our mouths open and hands out.   Government, employers and service professions want us to think they can care for our every need.
    But don’t you believe it.   Self-sufficiency and taking responsibility for our own actions are critical to a healthy and full life.  As birds must be weaned from the nest and children weaned from the home, adults must wean themselves from a society of caretakers who deceptively attempt to convince us they have our best interests at heart.  Resolve to take control of and responsibility for your own destiny.  I’ll do everything I can in the Health Letter to provide you with the thoughts and tools to make that possible for you.
    There are big pushes afoot in government to make vaccination for everyone mandatory.  This proceeds out of the naive illusion that vaccines have vanquished human disease scourges (see Vol. 8, No. 1) and is fueled by the huge economic reward that could fall to the pharmaceutical industry.
    If you are of the opinion that proof is complete that vaccines are either effective or safe, be sure to reread my articles in issue 8.1, and obtain the references on vaccination in the Wysong Library Catalog. (Resource A, page 8)  The newly crowned Miss America is deaf directly from an infancy diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus (DPT) vaccine.  While the hearing-impaired community is proud to have a Miss America who reads lips and signs, think how different her life would have been without that vaccine.
    One M.D. critic of vaccinations makes note of the fact that at least 50% of all vaccines are contaminated with at least one animal virus.  Further, he believes that this contamination and/or the effect of massive doses of anergenic (foreign protein) material contained in vaccines is the reason for the dramatic increase in some forms of cancer, neurological diseases and autoimmune diseases.
    There were 17,000 adverse reactions to vaccinations and 2,520 of them were serious or fatal as evidenced by reports during a 20 month period which ended in July of 1992.  This was a voluntary survey with only 10% of doctors reporting, so the actual incidence of adverse reactions may be significantly larger even than this.
    For an entire society to submit or be forced to submit to an injection of anything requires more trust than is even conceivably within the realm of any form of reason.  Not to sound paranoid, but consider the various possibilities of purposely contaminating such a vaccine — or just the known margin of error that is always present in any human activity.  A simple slip — on purpose or inadvertently — could jeopardize the health and future of an entire population.  No scientist, no vaccine, no science, no medicine, no government has ever created a record pure enough to merit trust of this magnitude.
        Second Opinion, December 1993
    There are government agencies in place to protect consumers against harmful substances in the marketplace.  The very existence of such agencies and their supposed ability to decide for us what is good or bad is in itself a danger. 
    If these agencies were capable of flawless examination and uncontested results we could all depend on, then all would be fine and well.  Unfortunately,  government agencies cannot perform all the research themselves and often must rely on research data from the very manufacturers who stand to gain by approval of the product.  Additionally, government agencies are run by humans who are subject to their own errors and irrationalities.  Thus, any drug that is approved by a government agency as being safe and effective must be suspected.
    Unfortunately, most of the public wants to believe that there are experts out there whose sole concern is their interests, and who would not do anything improper and certainly would not release into the marketplace any product that might cause harm.      This naive belief in such authority brings untold harm, suffering and death.
    There are numerous examples of products that have been released into the marketplace, supposedly thoroughly tested and proven safe and efficient, which have only later been withdrawn after their diabolical results are evidenced by an unsuspecting public... a public which in fact turned out to be the true experimental study.
    Here are a couple of examples:   Spironolacton is a diuretic sold by GD Searle under the brand name Aldactone.   In 1976 the manufacture admitted it had not revealed to the FDA results of tests showing that Aldactone causes cancer in animals.  But by 1984 sales of Aldactone had reached $87 million.  The FDA reported that     Searle had made a number of deliberate decisions which were calculated to minimize the chances of discovering the toxicity of the drug.  In spite of this, no enforcement action was ever taken against Searle, and the drug is still prescribed to this day at a rate of several million dollars of sales each year.
    Another FDA approved drug is Clofibrate, made by Ayerst Laboratories under the brand name Atromid.  It is used as a cholesterol-lowering agent.  But in the late 1960's a scientific study found that Atromid did not reduce cholesterol and was ineffective in treating patients with myocardial infarction (coronary heart disease).  The list of adverse reactions from this drug run all the way from baldness, to angina, to vomiting, kidney dysfunction, bulimia, GI hemorrhage — and through another dozen or so disease manifestations.
    The World Health Organization found that there was a 36% higher mortality in those who used Atromid compared to those who used a placebo (a sugar pill).  Yet today this drug is still prescribed some 400,000 times a year in the U.S.
    This only begins a description of the disaster that occurs from taking synthetic pharmaceutical agents.  This is not to say that some use of some drugs may not create remarkable and beneficial effects.   But, too many people take too many drugs for reasons that are far less serious than the possible consequences of taking the drugs.
    It is interesting that government agencies have taken a more lenient attitude toward established pharmaceutical companies which are known to have falsified results and caused many deaths as a result, than they do against natural product manufacturers who are suggesting the use of alternative, nontoxic therapies.  In the first case offenders have been found guilty of misdemeanor  crimes and fined small amounts and in the latter, natural product advocates have been thrown into prison and charged with multiple count felony indictments.   It would appear that there is a deeper relationship between government agencies and giant pharmaceutical companies than meets the eye.
    In 1990 the government accounting office (GAO) reported  that more than half of the drugs considered to be safe between 1976 and 1985 caused such          serious side effects that they either needed relabeling or that the drug needed to be withdrawn from the market.  These were all drugs that were “proven” with the rigorous controlled trials required by the FDA.
    Hospital patients experiencing adverse reaction to drugs is an extremely serious iatrogenic (doctor-induced) problem.   As many as 2% of all hospital admissions suffer from iatrogenic drug-induced disease serious enough to contribute to the death of the patient.  Since there are about 35 million hospital admissions in the U.S., that means that there may be as many as, or even more than, 700,000 deaths a year that are caused by doctor-prescribed, government-approved pharmaceutical agents.
    Pharmaceuticals should be viewed with the same suspicion that any invasive medical procedure should.  If a procedure or a drug is designed to simply replace a body function or compel the body into chemical submission, it needs to be held under high suspicion and its use only considered if the alternative is far worse than any of the potential consequences as listed on the drug insert contraindications section.
    The main point to learn is to build your health; nurture its healing forces.  Don’t neglect your health and rely on a medical care system that is designed primarily to profit its industry rather than to benefit you.
        Life Extension Report, June 1994: 1-
    Intestinal gas can cause discomfort, social embarrassment... or even an entertaining livelihood.  LePetomane filled auditoriums and commanded huge pay checks for his turn-of-the-century flatulence shows.  He could imitate the sounds of thunder, cloth being torn and the firing of cannons.  He could even sustain a musical note for 10 to 15 seconds.  The high spot of his act was to “blow out a candle from a distance of a foot with one well-aimed fart.”
    For most, however, gas is something we would rather do without.  Unfortunately it is a part of normal metabolic digestive processes.  The intestinal tract, in fact, produces some 30 liters of gas a day, although only about 1 liter is expelled as flatus.  The reason for the difference is that much of this gas is reutilized by bacteria and turned into nonvolatile substances, and some is even absorbed by the intestinal tract.  There are a variety of volatile compounds in flatus including high levels of hydrogen and methane in their explosive ranges.  In the medical literature it is reported that a spark from an electric cautery during surgeries, if occurring at an inopportune moment, can result in frightening explosions.
    Excessive gas can be caused from a variety of problems.  These include insufficient digestion, excessive food consumption, and increasing levels of food components for which humans do not have digestive enzymes.  Examples of this latter case include the oligosaccharides, including stachyose, verbiscose, and raffinose found in legumes and various other plants.   These short chained sugars pass through the digestive tract unaffected by digestion, to then serve as a medium for fermentation by various microbes in the intestines which produce volatile gasses from them.  Sprouting grains and legumes, soaking them before cooking, and the use of enzyme supplements containing     a-Galactosidase will help reduce the gas produced from eating these plant materials.
    Bloating and gas can also be caused by simple exhaustion of digestive capabilities from a life of eating processed, dead, devitalized, enzyme-devoid foods.  Natural foods in their raw state contain enzymes which help autodigest the foods, thus sparing the body from having to do all of the work.  Given a lifetime of eating processed, devitalized foods and having to draw on the body to do all of the digestive work, the body eventually becomes exhausted and is incapable of completely digesting foods as it should.  Consequently, these foods pass through the digestive system into the colon undigested — to then be fermented by micro-organisms that produce the gas.  A solution here is to increase the use of fresh, raw, natural foods that are rich in their inherent enzymes, as well as to supplement food enzymes to processed foods. (See Resource B)
    Another cause of excessive gas is overconsumption.  If food is consumed beyond the capability of the body to digest, it simply passes into the colon to ferment.  Additionally it may be simply a matter of timing.  The body is less capable of digesting foods in the early morning than it is in the late afternoon.  By simply changing the schedule of eating, often times digestive disturbances and gas formation can be dramatically reduced.  For example, eat only juices and fruit until late morning or noon.  Then eat a meal that contains as much as possible of fresh, raw, natural foods.  Simply snack on fresh fruits or juices for the afternoon, and don’t eat supper until hungry.  Then again, make the meal as much as possible of fresh, raw foods and eat to satiety, not to stuffiness.
    Remember that the digestive system does not have infinite capabilities.  Also these capabilities differ from individual to individual.  Everyone will have to adjust their eating patterns, the amount they eat, what they eat and when they eat to achieve more thorough digestion and   to restore normalcy to the digestive process.
    Some individuals find that immediate moderate activity after a meal helps increase the efficiency of digestion and decrease postprandial (after a meal) digestive discomfort and gas formation.  Perhaps instead of lying down or sitting in an overstuffed chair simply allowing the meal to stagnate in a bloated belly, try getting up, moving around, bending over, walking, and so forth.      This physically mixes the meal enough  with digestive juices to help increase digestive efficiency.  Discomfort and problems are thus avoided.
    As revisions in eating patterns are taking place and gas continues to be a problem, activated charcoal capsules may be helpful for temporary relief (see Resource C).  The use of probiotic cultures may also help by balancing intestinal micro-organisms (see Resource D).
    The best way to address digestive disturbances, including excess gas formation, is to  listen to your body.   How you feel after meals will help you decide whether what you have done is appropriate or not. 
        B)             Wysong Zymase™ (If not available locally, contact the Wysong Institute for a supplier source).
        C)             Wysong Adsorb™ (If not available locally, contact the Wysong Institute for a supplier source).
        D)                 Wysong H-Biotic™ (If not available locally, contact the Wysong Institute for a supplier source).
        Power Unseen, How Microbes Rule the World, by Bernard Dixon, W.H. Freeman, 1994: 149-
        New England Journal of Medicine, Volume 302, 1980: 1474-
    Uterine fibroids are normally a nonmalignant growth of fibrous-like tissue in the uterine wall.  Signs of the presence of fibroids include heavy bleeding, cramps, frequent urination, and infertility.
    If presented to a gynecologist, the recommendation is usually surgical removal.  Since surgical removal of just the fibroid is somewhat difficult and not done well by most gynecologists inexperienced with this dissection, the uterus enmass is usually removed.  Such a radical procedure should be avoided if at all possible.
    Fibroids are believed to be due to an excess of the female estrogen hormones.  Theoretically it is believed that these levels can be decreased by increasing their metabolism in the liver through the use of lipotropic nutrients, in particular choline, inositol, and methionine.  Since excessive estrogen can also trigger fibrocystic breast disease, endometriosis,  and various tumors of the female reproductive system, decreasing these levels naturally is a potential solution.
    Overweight people tend to be at higher risk of developing fibroids.  A high sugar diet, as well as a bit too much caffeine and alcohol are all believed to deplete nutrients that disrupt liver function and thus result in chronic high levels of fibroid-stimulating circulating estrogens.   Severe chronic anemia is often present in individuals with fibroids. 
The following is a recommended nutritional supplement program proposed by a nutritionally oriented physician to help shrink fibroids and control cramps.
    45 mg of ferritin tablets a day, spread throughout the day with meals and/or increased consumption of rare red meat is highly effective in reversing the anemia.  Other nutritional considerations would be of course to increase the amount of fresh, raw, natural foods in the diet and supplement with natural food antioxidant nutrients such as beta carotene, vitamin C, bioflavanoids, and vitamin E. (See Resource E)
        E)             Wysong Food A•C•E™ - A food-derived vitamin A, C & E supplement (If not available locally, contact the          Wysong Institute for a supplier source).
        Health Revelations, September 1994: 5
    It is estimated that 585,000 people suffer from dog bites, and there are 20 deaths   related to such bites each year.  As many as 1% of all visits to Emergency Rooms are dog-bite related.   “Owning” a dog is considered an American right, like having an automobile and a television set.  Some 37% of all American households have dogs.  Though we tend to anthropomorphize their behavior, they retain many of their wild attributes in spite of our attempted domestications.
    For example, dogs are social creatures with a very strong hierarchical instinct.  Their pack has a pecking order with an alpha dog being the leader and all others being subservient — and kept in their place.  In families in which children are smaller than the dogs, and in which proper obedience training has not been accomplished by the adults, dogs assume an alpha position in the family “pack.”  The result is that children under age 12 are bitten most frequently and usually in the facial areas.
    The most frequent biters are unneutered male German Shepherds and Chow Chows. 
    Obedience training is extremely valuable for any household considering domesticating a dog.  Children should never be left unattended with dogs and constant observation and a healthy distrust is always prudent.  When aggressive behavior begins it should be dealt with appropriately and corrected immediately, never tolerated.
    In a previous issue I discussed ways to defend against dog attacks (Vol 8. No. 4).  Additional recommendations are to be sure to approach even an apparently friendly dog with a closed fist rather than an open hand and do not permit children to mall, tease, or put their face in the face of a dog, or play around a dog’s eating area.
        Science News, June 18, 1994: 399
    Used tires by the millions end up in junk yards and tire graveyards.  If these tires could be used for something that would replace the manufacturing and purchasing of something new, many resources would be spared.
    In a fascinating book we have recently reviewed called “Tire Recycling is Fun,” Paul Farber has invented an array of clever projects people can undertake to utilize this free building material resource.
    Projects include a step-by-step plan for making an adorable horse swing that is cut and folded from a single tire, solar-raised flower and vegetable bed containers, a solar composter that is “easier to use than any other composter on the market,” a frame for starting seeds and cuttings and extending growing time, virtually indestructible lawn and gardening edging, beautiful retaining walls, Mexican type pottery, stock and fowl feeders, a variety of playground equipment and much more.
    This is an entertaining, well written and illustrated how-to book that will provide you with some excellent hobby and craft time with the added bonus of doing an environmental service at the same time.   (See Resource A)
        A)             See selection of books in the Wysong Library catalog, 1880 North Eastman, Midland, MI  48640
    Small particulate air pollutants produced by vehicles and wood burning stoves have the ability to adsorb (allow to attach on) various pollutants and carcinogens, thus permitting such toxins to be easily lodged within lung tissue.  The EPA estimates that some 60,000 excess deaths occur annually from exposure to these pollutants.
        Health and Environmental Digest, May 1994: 13
    Some 26 orchard workers recently experienced toxicity from applying a pesticide called Mevinphos to apple trees to kill apple aphids.  For application of this chemical, workers are advised to wear protective suits, chemical resistant gloves and shoes, and goggles or face shields as well as a respirator.
    Does something not sound right here to you, or am I just plain stupid?  If this kind of protective gear is required to protect people working around this chemical, plus they're still experiencing toxic reactions in spite of the "safeguards," what is it doing on my food?
        Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, January 7, 1994: 993-
    The world news seems filled with the glad tidings that this or that dictatorship has been supplanted by a democracy.   Few realize that democracy implies that might (numbers) makes right.  It means 51% of the people can vote to put the other 49% in jail.  The 18th Century Scottish historian Alexander Tyler said, “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government.      It can only exist until a majority of voters discover that they can vote themselves  largess out of the public treasury.”   Sound familiar? 
    Actually the United States is a somewhat unique form of government, and is more correctly termed a constitutional republic.      This means that we are a nation of law.  The Constitution represents the law and we are supposed to be protected by the rights it grants to individual citizens.  Without law either imposed by a dictator or a Constitution, the public will eventually attempt to vote itself unearned gain, as Tyler said, resulting in the eventual ruination of a society. 
    Freedom is essential to happiness as well as health.  The freedom and opportunities possible in our free enterprise system are meant to be virtually limitless.  The prospect of creating, inventing and working hard to receive a reward is what has built this country.
    Although corporate America has recently come under attack as a villain because of its profiteering and despoiling of our environment, business is not inherently bad.  Business indeed can be conducted with an overriding ethic of responsibility to this and future generations.  Actions by business that privatize profit but commonize costs in terms of environmental damage must be strictly policed if the world is to have a future.  Opportunity can also create greed, which can blind business entrepreneurs to the consequences of their commercial activities.
    On the other hand government, which is by and large supported by the economy created by business, is making business exceedingly difficult in this country.  For many business people the American dream has become the American nightmare.  Here are some examples.  Government has forced business to pay a certain level of wages regardless of the skill of the employee or the profits of the company.  Free enterprise should not stop with employers.   Employees have every right and ability to seek whatever job they want for whatever wage they desire.  Conversely, should not businesses be free to pay whatever they decide?  If an employee wishes to quit an employer after the employer has perhaps spent thousands of dollars in training the employee, the employee is free to do so without consequence.  On the other hand, if an employer wishes to terminate an employee they often risk being sued.  Employers are put in the position of collecting taxes from employees for the government; they thus become a worker for the government but are not paid for so doing.  Employers must pay insurance to protect workers who may be injured as a result of their own misbehavior.  Now government is suggesting that paying for the medical expenses, by way of insurance, of all employees should be mandatory.  New movements are afoot to penalize the employers if their employees do not car pool to work.  On top of this, employers are faced with a host of regulatory burdens, some beneficial, some incredibly oppressive and burdensome.  Regulatory agencies which employers must contend with include the FDA, OSHA, EPA, IRS, and a host of other state and federal bureaucratic organizations.  These organizations and their programs were perhaps begun with good intent, but they have now mushroomed into self-serving bureaucracies with more effort spent on justifying their existence and wages than in bringing genuine benefit to society.
    I am not suggesting here that freedom means anarchy with no policing or regulation over human action.  Some believe any intrusion or interference with individual freedoms is anathema.  This sounds good, as long as all individuals in a society operate with an ethic that does not intrude on others' freedoms, nor despoil the environment for future generations.   Unfortunately such is not the case and thus regulation is necessary.
    But the point here is that increasing movements toward shifting the responsibility for individuals onto businesses will surely kill the American dream.  A huge percentage of businesses last only a few months or a few years, and one reason for this is that free enterprise does not exist for today’s business in America.  Business is becoming socialized and regulated into oblivion.  Individuals on the other hand are no longer responsible for their own actions and the consequences thereof, but are being led into a new world order in which the company guarantees sustenance and assumes all liability for an individual's actions.
    Surely such is a twisted and perverted socio-politico-economic system that simply will not work.  It will not work because the machine that fuels the continued economic existence of any society lies with its business.  Once the risks of business exceed the rewards, business will die and so will the society it supports.
    Emerging economies in Mexico, South America, the Far East and in Europe now make the steel, the autos, and the appliances that once made the U.S. the world's industry leader.  They have done so because they operate from an ethic of earning what you get rather than guarantees as an employment birth right.
    We should take responsibility for our own actions in every way we can.  We are responsible for our life’s choices and their consequences.  We have the ability to move where we like, be employed where we like, have as many children as we want, eat what we want and choose our own life-style.  If we do not make those choices rationally, and harm comes to us, then we alone should be responsible for those consequences. 
    If responsibility were placed squarely on individuals, and not shifted to business or government, or to the doctor, or the lawyer, or the CPA, or the teacher, ad infinitum, then we could become a better society from the roots up  —from the people themselves, rather than contrived governments or other professional service bodies.
    I know this is a meandering topic  that seems far afield from your health.  But be assured that if society collapses, or your hard earned savings vaporize overnight due to the collapse of a currency, or if more and more businesses throw up their hands and call it quits, turning out their employees, you and your family will risk serious health problems.  Health is holistic and eclectic.  Pay attention to all aspects of life, thinking about ways it can be improved if  you want secure and lasting health for you and your loved ones.
    In a study of men between the ages of 45 and 55 it was found that men who rarely exercised and began a vigorous program could achieve levels of fitness almost equal to those of their counterparts who had been exercising for almost 10 years.  Try to become an ageless athlete.  Not only will it help you retain youthful health, it will add dimensions and possibilities for enjoying life not otherwise possible.
        Univ. Of California at Berkeley Wellness Letter, 9 Facts Booklet
    Beneficial results with atopic eczema, an allergic skin disease, have been obtained by using a histamine-free diet which excludes hard-cured sausage, pickled cabbage, tomatoes, fish, cheese, wine and beer.   These foods are relatively high in histamine, a compound found in the body that elicits an allergic itching response.  Some individuals with eczema are unable to properly metabolize histamine, causing its concentration in tissues and thus the eczema symptoms.
    Other allergic conditions such as asthma, and even migraine headaches, have also responded to a histamine-free diet.
        Alternatives, May 1994: 83
    Beneficial affects on an enlarged prostate have been obtained by three doses a day of the following: 250 mg of butamic acid, 12.5 mg of L-alanine, and 105 mg of L-glycine.  Additional supplementation could include 10 mg of manganese, 25 mg of zinc, and 80 mg of saw palmetto.
        Health Revelations, May 1994: 8
    As mentioned in a previous issue (Vol. 7, No. 9 on gastric ulcers), there is increasing evidence that ulcers are associated with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.  As a result, physicians are prescribing antibiotics to many ulcer patients.  But antibiotics are not without their dangers, including their ability to cause resistant strains of bacteria and disruption of populations of beneficial micro-organisms in the digestive tract. 
    An alternative is to use honey.   Honey is antibacterial as testified to by its ability to sit on a shelf almost indefinitely without bacterial growth.  A 20% solution of honey has been consumed successfully by some who have H. pylori associated ulcers.
        Alternatives, May 1994: 84
    Dr. Michael DeBakey of the Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans has for many years recommended his heart surgery patients be placed on vitamin E supplements before surgery.  This is done to prevent postoperative thrombophlebitis (clots forming in the vessels of the legs).  In spite of vitamin E’s safety, few physicians follow DeBakey’s recommendation — which could alleviate untold postoperative complications and pain .
    If you must undergo heart surgery, be sure to increase your blood levels of all the antioxidant vitamins including particularly vitamin E, C and beta carotene (vitamin A) by taking increased food sources of these nutrients long before surgery and continue indefinitely thereafter. (Resource E)
          E)             Wysong Food A•C•E™ - A food-derived vitamin A, C & E supplement (If not available locally, contact the Wysong Institute for a supplier source).
        Current Clinical Perspectives, 1993
    A topical preparation combining red Alaskan Dulse, a seaweed, with aloe vera gel has been found to be as effective as antiviral drugs such as acyclovir in treating herpes lesions.  (Resource F)
    Success has also been reported by using the synthetic antioxidant BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) taken orally at a dosage of 250 mg per day with meals.  Reportedly lesions will heal within 4 to 5 days with the BHT.  It is recommended that the BHT be continued for a period of two weeks after they have healed to prevent recurrence.  BHT is taken by some individuals to prolong longevity and is available through most health food stores.  It is a synthetic compound with problems of its own and should not be used indiscriminately.
        F)             American Dulse (If not available locally, contact the Wysong Institute for a supplier source). 
        Journal of Infectious Disease 90;161 (2):191-7.
    Researchers in Norway have found that those who have the lowest levels of vitamin D as a result of the lowest exposure to sunlight are at highest risk for developing rheumatoid arthritis and having the most severe symptoms.
    Get sunlight every day and if you must work inside much of the day change your bulbs to full spectrum lights.   (Resource G)
        Scientific Journal of Rheumatology, 1993; 22: 172-
        G)             Full spectrum bulbs (If not available locally, contact the Wysong Institute for a supplier source).
    Calcium oxalate stones are frequently found in the kidney and bladder of both humans and animals who have kidney stones.      Though recent research (See Vol. 8, No. 4) has shown that calcium may not be the culprit once thought, high levels of oxalate-containing foods may contribute to the condition.  These foods include turnip greens, peanuts and almonds.  But considering the small amounts of these foods normally eaten, they are unlikely to be a primary cause of this problem.
    Supplements that have been reported to be helpful include vitamin B6, 50-100 mg per day; vitamin K, 200 mcg per day; magnesium, 400-500 mg per day; and potassium, 150 mg per day.
    Restoring the diet to its more natural character, including lots of fresh, whole, natural foods and clean purified or distilled water will help prevent this condition from ever occurring in the first place.
        Journal of Urology 1990; 144 (1): 94-
    A supermarket tabloid (highly reliable) has reported that spraying WD-40 on arthritic joints results in immediate relief of pain.      This is obviously not FDA approved, nor will it be recommended by your local physician.  (But it's probably as safe as many pharmaceuticals used with abandon for this condition.)
        Second Opinion, June 1994: 7
    Please note: The following medical caveat was  taken from an issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.  Dishonest reporting of the dangers of vaccines, of diagnostic testing for breast cancer, and from doctor and hospital ICU care is from the horse's mouth, the premier mainline medical journal and not from some far-out antimedical action group.  The bottom line is that medical care is dangerous and any honest medical scientist will admit this.  Unfortunately this information will not filter out into practice for many years since having things continue as they are, even if it creates danger to the public, is profitable.
    A hospital can be the worst place for you to be when you are ill.  About 3% of critically ill patients admitted to surgical intensive care units (ICU's) suffer from nosocomial (hospital-caused) blood stream infections.  About 35% of those afflicted will die and of those who survive the added cost will be approximately $40,000.
    ICU treatments are highly invasive and create an additional stress on individuals already critically ill and weakened.  In such a state people are in a prime position to be further injured from the treatment itself.  Increasing evidence of iatrogenic (doctor-caused) and nosocomial disease certainly suggests that you should do everything you can first to stay away from doctors and hospitals and secondly to shorten your visit and to limit the treatments as much as possible.
        Journal of the American Medical Association, May 25, 1994: 1598
    Please note: The following medical caveat was taken from an issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.  Dishonest reporting of the dangers of vaccines, of diagnostic testing for breast cancer, and from doctor and hospital ICU care is from the horse's mouth, the premier mainline medical journal and not from some far-out antimedical action group.  The bottom line is that medical care is dangerous and any honest medical scientist will admit this.  Unfortunately this information will not filter out into practice for many years since having things continue as they are, even if it creates danger to the public, is profitable.
    The Institute of Medicine has examined evidence relating various diseases to childhood vaccines.  Their results show the following: 
    Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoid
            Guillaine-Barre Syndrome
            Brachial neuritis
   Measles Vaccine
            Anaphylaxis (allergic reaction)
            Strain viral infection
Oral Polio Vaccine
            Strain viral infection
            Guillaine-Barre Syndrome
Uncongugated Hib Vaccine
            Susceptibility to Hib Disease
Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccine
Hepatitis B Vaccine
    For further information regarding the dangers of vaccines see the Immunology section in the Wysong Library Catalog of books (Resource A).
        A)             See selection of books in the Wysong Library catalog, 1880 North Eastman, Midland, MI  48640
Ibid, 1602
    Please note: The following medical caveat was taken from an issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.  Dishonest reporting of the dangers of vaccines, of diagnostic testing for breast cancer, and from doctor and hospital ICU care is from the horse's mouth, the premier mainline medical journal and not from some far-out antimedical action group.  The bottom line is that medical care is dangerous and any honest medical scientist will admit this.  Unfortunately this information will not filter out into practice for many years since having things continue as they are, even if it creates danger to the public, is profitable.
    A study of 1320 women younger than 70 years who were treated for breast cancer attempted to determine the benefit of follow-up testing.  The common medical protocol of frequent laboratory tests and diagnostic x-rays after treatment for breast cancer does not improve survival or even influence the health-related quality of life.  Also since such testing may in itself induce disease, (see  Vol. 7, No. 4 and Vol. 8, No. 5) such diagnostics should be avoided.
        Ibid, 1587-
    In a previous issue I reported on the anticarcinogenic effect of green tea.  Now research is demonstrating that black tea may be just as effective.  Some 2.5 million metric tons of tea are produced each year world-wide and 78% of it is black tea.  Both green and black tea are made from the same leaf, but black tea undergoes a fermentation process which produces the stronger woody flavor.  The anticancer effects of tea have been linked to at least one antioxidant, epigallocatechine gallate, although the complex nature of tea is believed to contain a variety of other chemicals which may exert anticarcinogenic effects.   The study of tea has also found that caffeinated versions have a slight edge over decaf in terms of cancer prevention.
        Science News, July 23, 1994: 61
    A Belgian study discovered that men whose diets were composed of at least 50% organically produced food had sperm counts double those of men who ate simply the foods that were commercially available.  This study is particularly interesting since it has been found that the counts of men have fallen about 50% in the last 50 years, the same time in which the diet has been converted almost entirely to monocultured, factory-farmed, chemicalized and processed food products.
        The Civil Abolitionist, Summer 1994: 3