Dr. R. L. Wysong
October 1996
    In my continuing zeal to blow off steam on what must by now seam to you every imaginable topic, here’s my take on the racism issue.
    In short, I don’t think it’s any longer an issue in this country.  It was when government policy restricted races. But such is no longer the case.
    Nevertheless, there are those who seem bent on making race headline news.  How about the recent settlement by Texaco for umpteen zillion dollars because someone in a board room somewhere was overheard making racial slurs? This constant attempt by some African American leaders in particular to make race a central issue in U.S. affairs is an embarrassment to those who have long ago left race aside and made the necessary sacrifice and expended the work to become successful.  Surely they want to he rightly credited for the success they have achieved, and not have others in society believe it has come to them as a result of some governmental policy that has given them an unfair advantage. Additionally, the continuing suggestion that a certain race is a victim creates despair and hopelessness, not initiative and confidence.  It is a self-fulfilling argument.
    Do some Caucasians not like African Americans?  Yes.  Do some African Americans not like Caucasians?   Yes.  Would some African American business people rather hire African Americans than Caucasians?  Yes.  Would some Caucasian business people rather hire Caucasians?  Yes.  Is some governmental policy or program going to change the innate likes or dislikes of people?  Nope.
    The American business community is filled with disparity, and in fact thrives because of it.  I’ve seen all-Chinese, all-Vietnamese, all-Spanish, all-Greek, all-Jewish, all-Italian, all-male, all-gay, all-young, all-old, ail-female and all-African American businesses.  Is this by accident’? No way.  It’s discrimination ipso facto.  Why don’t Caucasians sue all-African American businesses like African Americans sue the Caucasian businesses?  Because minorities have buffaloed the majority into believing that Caucasians as a class have subjugated them.  The Japanese can point to World War II imprisonment, the Chinese to railroad labor oppression, and African Americans can point to slavery. Well, whoever did that was guilty – not me.  Anyone can dig into their history and find abuse of ancestors.  Does that give us the right to special treatment by the descendents of our ancestor’s subjugators?  If I am Jewish and my neighbor a German, does he owe me?  No.  We all have a right to judgement on our own merit, not on the actions of a class to which we belong.
    The race issue has simply become another excuse for our government to further entrench liberal socialistic practices.  By the socialist’s logic, no one should be better off than anyone else and everyone should be equal and be treated equally in all respects.  This denies individuality and the inherent order in the biological world.
    Do we see homogeneity anywhere in nature, as the race issue advocates would like us to believe humans can achieve?   Nowhere is this seen.  Birds of a feather flock together. There is a natural tendency for creatures to prefer to associate with those most like them.  And yes, only the strong survive.
    About the only way we are going to achieve the homogeneity that the race issue advocates seem to want would be for intermarriage to he mandated, and enough time to pass so that  everyone becomes gray.   But then even grayness will not erase differences, and people are going to have preferences about who they wish to associate with.  There is nothing that can be done about it.
    Race issue advocates would attempt to lead us to believe that there are in fact no differences.  This is blatantly nonsense.  There are myriad differences.  There is skin color, hair texture, facial features, body conformation, and capability differences.       As a passive observer I note most African Americans have smaller calves than Caucasians (Does this have something to do with the apparent increased ability of African Americana to leap higher than most Caucasians?  Perhaps.  But so what?) and Caucasians have smaller calves than the Chinese.
    There are also differences in susceptibility to disease.  For example, African Americans are more susceptible to sickle cell anemia and high blood pressure than Caucasians. Caucasians, on the other hand, have their more unique susceptibilities.  African Americans are more acclimated to tropical temperatures and constant sun exposure, whereas Caucasians are more adapted to northerly latitudes.  Skin color, the amount of melanin in skin tissue, determines the skin’s ability to absorb sunlight.  African American absorbs less; Caucasian absorbs more.
    Now, if we can delineate a whole list about physical differences between the races, is there any reason not to believe that there might be some differences in aptitudes?  Might African Americans have different mental capabilities than Caucasians, and Caucasians a different mental capability than Asians, and Asians a different capability from Native American Indians?   Why not?  Brains can differ just like skin color.
    If the race issue advocates want to continue to push this supposed social problem in front of our noses constantly, let’s expand our recognition of disparity and make sure that we include all elements in society who are discriminated against for any reason. Why should race be the only issue that requires “leveling the playing field”’?
    For example let’s eliminate prejudice about age, weight, sex, comeliness, coordination, language, regularity of the teeth, intellect, height, neighborhood, occupation, amount of make-up, shape of the nose and color of the eyes, hairdos, dress, religion, social group, ability to carry a tune, sense of humor, personality, shape of the feet, shape of the buttocks, size of breasts or biceps, running speed... and on and on the list could go, detailing every variable that exists among humans.  Do you think people are not discriminated against on the basis of these features, just like they are supposedly discriminated against because of race?  Certainly they are.  Do you think when someone hires someone, or picks a mate or friend, or votes for a candidate, or moves into a neighborhood, or chooses a school, that they don’t evaluate the spectrum of variables and decide with prejudice those that they wish most to associate with?  Certainly they do. Is this prejudiced?  Certainly it is.  Can we eliminate it from society?   Absolutely not. If we try to, we will consume the entire gross national product paying lawyers in discrimination suits.
    It is heterogeneity within nature and the ability of creatures to have the right to choose among the variables which creates the potential for improvement.  If there were not such variation within nature, there could be no natural selection and no improvement of the organism.   Observe in nature how animals pick and choose mates and strut their stuff to attract others.  Choosing what one personally perceives to be the best is simply a part of nature, and that is not going to be eliminated by some government program such as affirmative action.
    If African American race advocates wish to bemoan the fact that there are too few high level African American executives, and use this as an argument in behalf of “affirmative action,” then let’s be sure we aren’t prejudiced in its application.  Why not apply affirmative action to NBA basketball?  It’s apparent that the vast majority of first stringers on all NBA teams are African American.  Why not institute a government program that forces all NBA teams to put a proportionate number of Caucasians on the first string, reflecting actual population percentages?  In this case there would be about 4 Caucasians for every 1 African American.  I’m not advocating this, I’m just suggesting the ridiculousness of attempting to force business, for example, to hire people with special emphasis and quotas put on skin color or race.   Why should we believe all businesses other than NBA teams (which are indeed multimillion dollar businesses) choose to exclude African Americans which are most qualified?  If an African American was capable of making you more money, would you turn them away?
    If we’re going to be “fair” in the liberal affirmative action sense, then let’s not draw unfair arbitrary lines.  Let’s make English-speaking restaurants hire Spanish-speaking waitresses, make sure homely people win beauty pageants, have vegetarians run slaughterhouses, put African Americans in the Arctic and fair Caucasians in the tropics, have a percentage of NFL linebackers be 90-year-old Caucasian women under five feet tall, put those with lowest IQ’s in highest corporate positions, have quadriplegics on our Olympic 100 meter dash team (and 1st them win a certain percentage of time), have those who test low in mechanical aptitude be mechanics, have older underweight men with osteoporosis play on NHL defensive lines, 300-lb-young power lifters play shuffleboard, make sure some who cannot carry a tune cut albums the rest of us are forced to buy, have men attendants in women’s locker room and women attendants in the men’s, make artists janitors and janitors artists, put those who have no technical or mathematical skills in charge of the space shuttle control room and the blind given equal opportunity as air traffic controllers. Why not?  We’re all equal, aren’t we?
    Now some might read this and suggest that I am a “racist.”  I guess I am if I believe that there are differences between the different races of humans.  I am not if it means that you think I believe any human should be given an unfair advantage over another by way of government mandate.
    What am I doing talking about this in a health letter?  I am because the issue is making me sick.  It is probably making a lot of other people sick too because we are in effect attempting to achieve something that is impossible to achieve and to accomplish this we are bastardizing the freedoms upon which this country was formed and our liberty depends.  Remove our individual liberty, change our freedoms to socialism or fascism and the pursuit of health will become a luxury pushed aside by a preoccupation with simple survival.
    The current “wisdom” is to place obese people on low fat, high carbohydrate diets. Although, as I discuss in my book, The Synorgon Diet, How To Achieve Healthy Weight In A World Of Excess, high fat can increase fat deposition in the body, the solution is not really so simple as trying to find products with zero fat or less fat.
    Obesity is a disease that is a consequence of extracting ourselves from our natural environmental roots. Things we have done to our life style and our eating patterns that would never be possible if we were in the wild, are ultimately the causes of obesity, as well as the majority of all modern chronic degenerative diseases.
    The current high carbohydrate pasta mania is an example of seemingly logical thinking that does not apply correctly to a real complex situation such as obesity. In fact, increasing carbohydrates may be the root cause of modern obesity.
    I say this because, first off, it would not be possible in the wild to ever consume the levels of carbohydrates that are presently eaten.  Remember, all breads, pastas, cereals and snacks are a result of modern agriculture. But agriculture has only been a part of the human experience for about 10,000 years. Prior to that, any carbohydrates that were consumed were only occasional fruits and vegetables. Dense carbohydrate-laden seeds and grains would be almost nonexistent in the diet.
    Research has now shown that high carbohydrate diets lead to high levels of insulin. Insulin, as you may recall, is used to properly process blood sugars derived from dietary carbohydrates. The more carbohydrates you eat, the more insulin must be secreted by the pancreas. Continued high loads of carbohydrates eventually can lead to insulin resistance by tissues. This means the tissues no longer respond well to insulin to uptake glucose into cells. As a result, the glucose moves to the liver where it is metabolized into fatty acids which are then stored as fats. Additionally, by continuing to flood the body with carbohydrates, the fats that are eaten are more readily moved to fat depots, rather than be utilized for energy.
    As insulin resistance of tissues increases, blood sugar levels can increase which further stimulates the pancreas to release more insulin to try to lower the blood sugar. This creates a cycle of high blood sugar and high insulin and continued cravings for carbohydrates because the tissues sense they are not being satisfied. Thus we can actually develop a carbohydrate addictive behavior with continued craving for sweets, snacks, juices and the like. Additional dangers to the high insulin levels are an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and hypertension. High insulin can cause the loss of important minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium through the kidneys, and adversely affect the blood lipoprotein levels by increasing LDL’s and decreasing HDL’s.
    With insulin resistance, blood sugar levels increase and can compete with vitamin C to enter cells. The end result of this is a chronic deficiency of vitamin C which is also linked to a host of degenerative conditions including cardiovascular disease, and immune suppression. (See Vol. 10, No. 5)
    What can be done about this? Return to our natural environmental context in terms of lifestyle and eating patterns. It has been shown that with increased exercise insulin resistance is decreased. It has also been shown that by increasing the amount of the omega-3 fatty acids which are more prevalent in natural raw foods, insulin resistance is decreased. By returning the diet to its more natural form which would include increasing levels of protein and raw vegetables, and decreased amounts of processed starchy foods, insulin resistance can be decreased.
    This does not mean total abstinence from carbohydrates, it means consuming them only in moderation. More meals should consist of protein and vegetables only - with no side dishes of pastas, breads and potatoes. Highly refined products such as fruit juices and candies should be avoided as much as possible. Exercise should be a part of every-day life, using a combination of aerobic and weight training exercises.
    Many people who have converted to this diet have experienced dramatic relief from obesity when no other dietary program worked, including the modern, low fat, high carbohydrate one. It makes sense and can work if you will give it a try and stay with it.
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    In a previous issue I discussed how it is possible through a variety of eye exercises to greatly improve vision (Vol.6, No.11.)     Please refer to that previous issue to supplement the things I discuss here.
    If you are diligent with these exercises you can definitely improve your vision. Many people literally have thrown away their glasses after a period of time regularly using such exercises.
    1. Hold a pencil with clear dark lettering on it out at arm’s length. Focus on the letters and slowly bring the pencil toward the eyes continuing to focus until blurring occurs. Do this exercise a series of 10 times.
    2. Now place a clear black dot on the side of the pencil, or you can even place a black dot on your thumb. Cover one eye with your palm and move the dot around at arm’s length in a variety of configurations: forward, backward, forming triangles, figure eights and so forth-keeping the dot in focus. The size of the movement can be increased and the speed increased as you improve on this.
    3. Cut an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper into a square so it is 8-1/2 x 8-1/2. (See diagram below.) Type on the paper the numbers 1 through 50, scattered randomly over the paper. Then hold the paper as close to your eyes as you can so that you can still see all edges of the paper.
    Then attempt to quickly count through the numbers without having to shift the eyes to each number. Count up to 50, then count from 50 back down to 1.
    4. Draw two ovals with black ink on white paper with a diameter of 8 x 10 ½. (See Graph below.) Tape these to the wall at eye level. Stand as close to the wall as you can so that you are able to see the outer boundaries of each circle. Then using your index fingers on each hand trace the circle with your hands moving first out and around the circles for a series of 10, and then in and around the circles for a series of 10.
    The closer you get to the circles and the faster you move your fingers, the greater the difficulty.
    5. Hold your arms out to each side at eye level with your index fingers pointed toward each other Look at a point half way in-between your fingers and slowly move your fingers toward each other, attempting to have them meet tip to tip. This can be done with your fingers held out to the sides diagonally and vertically. Increasing difficulty can be accomplished by widening the distance between your fingers and increasing the speed as you attempt to cause them to meet. (See the diagram below.)
    If you do these exercises in combination with the ones I discussed in Vol.6, No.11 two to three times a week, you will definitely experience improvement. I have found, however, that if you discontinue the exercises your eyes will tend to regress. So stick with it. You will achieve results directly proportional to the effort. Such is life. 
    If you would like a more regimented program with video and prepared exercise aides these are available from the Program For Better Vision, Cambridge Institute For Better Vision: 1-800-372-3937
    Here are some thoughts triggered by the recent election. Voting is not a privilege, it is a responsibility. By that I don’t mean it is everyone’s duty to vote, rather it is everyone’s duty to become informed enough to vote intelligently.
    But now, with elections becoming little more than marketing hype, voting is more like an academy award for the best movie star. For example, the majority of the American public have now voted in as President someone who they largely feel cannot be relied upon or trusted, according to a poll of the same voting public. When asked why they voted this way, they said although the other major candidate was more honest and trustworthy, he was too “mean” and unexciting. So this is how we vote into power those who are entrusted to safeguard our liberty?
    Others voted this way because they felt Senator Dole was going to shut down Medicare and essentially throw the elderly out onto the street. When asked where they got this information they remarked, “Well I heard it on TV.” (Gee, I guess it must be true then!) Never mind that Medicare is going to be bankrupt and no one will get any help within a few years if something is not done, or that the proposed Republican changes are simply a reduction in the rate of escalation of costs and not a “cut” in Medicare.
    This is not to get into all the specific issues here, but to point out that we as a society are acting incredibly naive.
    Here’s what needs to be done. No person should be able to vote unless they can pass a candidate literacy test. This brief test should be mailed to every eligible citizen in the country giving them text to read on each candidate and questions to answer before they fill out and mail in their voting ballot. (Why do we have to drive to and stand in line at a voting booth?) As a preamble to the text covering the positions of the candidates there would be a brief summary of what our constitutional government is and voters should be tested on that as well. This way everyone can see how candidates stack up to the constitution. If the voter fails the test, their vote is voided.
    Now in conjunction with this, all political advertising should be banned. Such advertising permits demagoguery and outright lies and is fashioned to apply to the lazy intellect of the populace and their inclination to be moved by superficial impressions and gut reactions. This would then eliminate the huge cost of candidates running for office and would put to rest the current debate on political finance reform. The vast majority of dollars that are spent and solicited from special interests who will want a pay-back if their candidate gets elected are used primarily for the nonsensical advertising that is used, not to intelligently inform, but to hoodwink the voting public. (As it stands now, the vote of the most informed citizen voting for the candidate most likely to protect constitutional government, counts no more than the vote of the misinformed who has no idea what the constitution says and votes for the candidate most likely to expand his welfare take.)
    If you get the sense that I am disgusted with our present political course, you’re right. I don’t like irrationality used by people in power and ignorance of the masses to shape my right to liberty.
    When I get to be King of the World I’m going to fix all this.
    I have reported in previous Health Letters the possible danger from electromagnetic fields generated by high power utility lines, wiring within homes and various common appliances such as hair dryers and razors. Now the National Research Council has proclaimed that we need not worry. A special arm of the council supposedly analyzed some 500 studies representing 17 years of research and concluded that electromagnetic fields pose no health hazard.
    In their analysis they say there is no “credible” evidence. So they have evidently made a judgement on that evidence which does suggest that there may be a health hazard, such as increasing the risk of leukemia in children who live near power lines by 1-1/2 times. Thus here we have another situation where some experts say one thing and other experts say another. Just because the National Research Council has made a sweeping proclamation that they have examined all the studies and found no “credible” evidence does not automatically dismiss the other side. There are experts who vehemently disagree with the National      Research Council and experts on the Council who vehemently disagree with those who say there is a danger. We can disagree with either side and therefore have expert backing.
    But, we don’t need to do that. By applying the principles continually outlined in the Health Letter we can make our own judgement. I ask myself these questions: Can electricity affect living tissue? Yes, there is no question within science about this. Is living tissue electrical in nature? Yes, and there is no question within science about this. Is an environment that enwraps us with various forms and intensities of electromagnetic radiation a part of our genetic heritage? No, it is not. My conclusion therefore is that since living tissue can be affected by electromagnetic radiation and is inherently electric itself, and since we are not genetically adapted to the forms of modern electromagnetic radiation that surround us, we have good reason for suspicion.
    Better to be safe than sorry. Our history over the past 200 years since the advent of technology is replete with proclamations of safety, which are then retracted once a sufficient number of people have been harmed. Unless you want to be an experimental subject, any variance from our natural genetic heritage is a risk regardless of what the “experts” say. It’s best to not be complacent about these insidious dangers, but rather try to return as much as possible to our natural environmental context.
        USA Today, Friday, November 1, 1996
    We are genetically adapted to consuming about 8 grams of fructose in the diet daily. This would have come primarily from the consumption of fruit and honey in our wild setting. But now with the use of high fructose corn syrup and sugar (sugar is a disaccharide made up of glucose and fructose) to the tune of over 100 lbs. per person per year, we now take in over 75 grams of fructose a day. That’s about 10 times what we were genetically adapted to consume.
    Such imbalance can only result in disease, a maladaptation syndrome. Similarly, what do you think would happen if we received 10 times the dose of sunlight that we were naturally adapted to receive? How about 10 times the oxygen or 10 times the fat or protein, or water? Obviously an adverse reaction would occur.
    Such a sugar and fructose glut manifests itself in premature aging, obesity, addictions, neuroses and other behavioral disorders, and a susceptibility to the whole range of chronic degenerative diseases plaguing today’s society.
    Germanium is an ingredient in many ginseng nutritional products. It is believed to have some anticancer effects, but it also has been associated with chronic renal (kidney) failure. Germanium is excreted almost entirely in the urine and can have detrimental effects on the tubules of the kidneys if taken in long-term chronic dosages. Germanium toxicity may lead to kidney disease, and in one reported case, resistance of a patient to diuretic (fluid removal) therapy.
    This is yet another reason to remember the principle I continually repeat. Anything can be toxic in sufficiently high dosages or if given unrelentingly long-term. Give your body a break and a chance to detoxify by alternating foods and supplements and discontinuing their use periodically. Don’t become too over-enthused by prospects of a particular substance turning you into a 16-year-old again.
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    In an American Cancer Society prevention study it was found that non-smoking spouses who live with smokers have a significant increase in risk of cardiovascular disease. Most people now understand the increased risk of cancer by passively inhaling smoke, but this evidence now shows there is a ten-fold greater chance of increasing coronary heart disease mortality.      Certainly of no lesser significance is the fact that 50% of children in U.S. households are exposed daily to environmental tobacco smoke.                        
        Circulation 1996; 94: 622-28
    In 1995 an outbreak of Ebola hemorrhagic fever occurred in Zaire. About 75% of the people infected died.
    Research is now suggesting that the reason for the susceptibility of the people in Zaire was a deficiency in the trace mineral selenium. Soils there are deficient in selenium. If the soils are deficient, crops grown on those soils will also be deficient. It seems that the Ebola virus has selenium-dependent genes which cause the virus to mutate and spread aggressively when insufficient selenium is present in tissues.
    Other viruses such as the coxsackie virus and the immunodeficiency virus may also be selenium-dependent. In China, for example, the relatively benign coxsackie virus mutates into a virulent strain because the tissues there are also chronically deficient in selenium. Once mutated, these viruses can even infect those individuals with adequate tissue levels of selenium.
    This is yet another piece of evidence that disease is not so much an attack from outside, but rather a breakdown or insufficiency of the defenses within. It is another reason why agricultural soils should be cultured and replenished, rather than mined, and a further justification for consuming organic foods and taking broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplementation.
        The Nutrition Reporter, September 1995, Jack Challem
    Learning and behavior disorders in children may not be due to a deficiency in Ritalin, but to an excess of lead.
    Heavy metal poisoning, with lead leading the list, is seldom considered by physicians who feel the threat disappeared when paints and gasoline no longer used lead as an ingredient. But decades of use of heavy metals in industry, gasoline, plumbing and paint have accumulated in our environment and remain as a threat until they are removed. People exposed to dust from old building renovations, those close to heavy automobile traffic, and people working with lead storage batteries, ammunition, or near shelters are especially at risk. Mothers will release lead stored in their bones to the developing fetus.
    The results in children include all of the behavioral problems that are normally addressed with side effect-laden pharmaceuticals. This includes learning problems, decreased concentration and organizational skills, and speech and language difficulty. The problem is so important that the Centers for Disease Control recommends that all children be tested for lead poisoning at 1 year of age and those who live in older buildings be tested every six months.
        Turning Lead Into Gold, by Nancy Hallaway, RN & Zigurts Strauts, MD, New Star Books LTD, British Columbia, CANADA, 1995
    Irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic intestinal disorder manifested by recurring symptoms of abdominal pain, gas, and altered bowel habits such as diarrhea. One nutritionally oriented physician recommends the following regimen: “Briefly, then, the nutritional prescription for irritable bowel syndrome is as follows: Avoid fatty meals and minimize the intake of refined sugars.          Try adding one teaspoon of psyllium twice daily for at least a few days if dietary changes are ineffective. Finally, if psyllium also fails to be helpful, eliminate common foods from the diet for a two-week trial. If symptoms subside, add foods back slowly to identify the offenders.
        Townsend Letter, April 1996:22
    L-carnitine is an amino acid that assists in the transport of fatty acids across mitochondrial membranes where they are utilized for energy production. It is an important nutrient for the viability of male germ cells.
    In a study of 47 infertile males given three grams of L-carnitine per day in divided doses for three months, almost 79% responded favorably. All measures of fertility, including sperm counts and motility, were significantly elevated.
        Drugs Experimental Clinical Research, 1995; 21:157
    Phosphoric acid found in various soft drinks such as colas, is an important cause of low calcium in children. It can result in muscle spasm, tetany, seizures, subnormal intelligence, intestinal malabsorption, cardiovascular disorders, and in adults, kidney stones and osteoporosis.
    In a study of 17 children, aged 18 months to 1.4 years (What is wrong with parents’ heads, feeding children of this age colas?) it was found that calcium levels were significantly depressed as a result of the phosphoric acid resulting in a calcium deficiency in these children.
        Journal of Pediatrics, 1995; 126: 940
    Helicobacler pylon is a common etiological agent in gastric ulcers. Current recommendations for treatment include aggressive antibiotic therapy. The danger here is that these antibiotics are never selective and can disrupt normal gastrointestinal flora resulting in secondary problems. Studies have now shown that flavonoids, including quercetin, hesperidin, catechin and flavone, are effective in the long-term management of Helicobacter pylon related ulcers. These flavonoids appear to exert their effect by inhibiting histidine decarboxylase as well as stimulating prostaglandin synthesis.
    Other studies have shown that Menauka honey from New Zealand to inhibit Helicobacterpylori and the use of ginger rhizome and licorice root will increase mucin production in the different layers of the gastric mucosa to help protect and heal the stomach lining.
        Wysong Health Letter, 10, 3:8
    Although it was suggested almost a half a century ago that vitamin B6 may decrease nausea in pregnant women, this application was questioned when a controlled scientific trial found it to be ineffective for women who were hospitalized with nausea.
    Now a new study of 342 women who were suffering from pregnancy-related nausea (but not hospitalized) were tested using 30 mg per day of oral pyridoxine (vitamin B6) or a placebo for five days. Those who received the vitamin B6 had a significant reduction in nausea and vomiting.
        American Journal of Obstetric Gynecology, 1995; 881-884
    Boils, also known as staphylococca furunculosis, were shown in a clinical trial to respond to treatment with iron supplementation. Those individuals who have boils have low serum iron concentrations and the reduced ability to bind iron within serum.
    Iron, zinc, and several other nutrients are known to enhance the immune system and thus may explain this action of iron in resolving this refractory infection.
        Lancet, 1990; 336: 464-466