Dr. R. L. Wysong
October 1995
Dear Friend:
    One of life’s pure joys is to simply do something kind for another.  It's also wonderful to be on the receiving end.  Not so much because we might really gain something through the kindness of another, but because it's intensely warming to think another person  thought enough of us to do a kind act.
    We need more of this.  A lot more.  But unfortunately we are giving and getting a lot less. 
    With psychopathic predators prowling our streets, we dare not even make eye contact with a stranger, much less do him a good turn.  We teach our children to "just say no," to avoid strangers, and to report any suspicious activity.  We are drawing into ourselves with an increasing sense of urgency about self preservation rather than reaching out to others with caring, kindness and giving.
    A root cause of the declining kindness is the increasing institutionalization of society.  There is something about people gathering in big groups and creating hierarchical structures and rules that dehumanizes the participants.
    Is there a problem at school? Don’t expect a hearing ear from the local or state boards.  Have a problem with zoning or tax assessment?  Don’t expect your rights to be protected by the county boards. 
    Are you suing or being sued?   Don’t expect the court system to mete out fairness.  (Do not make the mistake of thinking our legal system works as we see it in the OJ Simpson case.   There, every little fact and detail was debated and drawn out at length by a fleet of attorneys working for each side, attempting to create the best show they could for their world-wide audience.  Real court with real people and normal economics goes much faster, glosses over - or even ignores - issues, and bows to the convenience, schedule and personal interests of the judge, the economic capabilities of the parties, and the interests of the attorneys.) 
    Are you being audited by the IRS?  Will it be fair when not even one IRS agent fully understands the IRS code and they are motivated to increase taxes to advance their personal career interests?   Additionally, the obscurantic code gives them the liberty to make pretty much any arbitrary decision to do so. 
    If you or someone in your family gets sick and permits hospitalization, there can be no trust that your personal interests are of paramount importance to the staff there.  There is medical conformity to convention, egos, economics and administrative politics that take precedence over you. 
    Is our government really reaching out to be benevolent when it involves itself in international affairs?   Every retrospective analysis I have ever seen of any action into another nation’s affairs demonstrates that motivations were linked to politics, economics, power, ego and greed - and not true concern for others.  Domestically, social programs appear to be designed to help, but upon close analysis usually become invitations to abuse, pander to special interests or even to secure votes for those pushing the programs. 
    Sure, there are isolated incidents of true human kindness, even within our institutions, but in the main the average individual is lost, both within the institutions if they are a part of them, or outside of them if they are subject to them. 
    There is something about organizational structure that dehumanizes groups.  Rules and laws replace individual conscience.      Greed, power and the desire for personal gain create a dehumanizing group psychology that smothers the possibility of decency, fairness and justice occurring.  Once we have become part of an organization, consenting to and subject to its will and laws, we forfeit our individual consciences (as I discussed last month) and instead obey an imposed conscience, usually laid out by others who have their own selfish personal interests at heart.
    I know this sounds very pessimistic and cynical.  But there is a solution.  The solution to humanizing society is deinstitutionalizing it.  We need to remove the excuse that we are simply following the rules and the laws, and we instead must exercise our individual consciences.  
    Current moves afoot within our government to decrease government and return control to states and localities is certainly a step in the right direction and should be enthusiastically supported.  Once we gain more control of our individual lives and destinies, and become responsible for ourselves and our own communities, then kindness, benevolence, sharing, giving, love, friendship, and reaching out to others will be restored.
    We would all be wise to strongly support any change in our social order that removes institutional control except over those things that must be protected for the common good, such as protecting our environment and natural areas from exploitation and ruination.  Rather than being part of an institutionalized system that abuses us in various ways and gives us justification to abuse in return, we can create a new social fabric that trusts in and relies upon the kindness, fairness and decency that lies within us all.
    People living in certain regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea have rates of chronic diseases among the lowest in the world and life expectancies among the highest.  Life expectancy in Greece, for example, from age 45 is 32.5 years compared to 30.8 in the U.S.
    Where there is success, learn from it.
    A primary difference between the Mediterranean diet, and the American and Northern European diet, is that it is mainly vegetarian, uses far less meat and dairy products, and uses fruit instead of confectionery items for dessert.  It consists of pasta in many forms, salad leaves sprinkled with olive oil, all kinds of vegetables in season, often cheese, finished off with fruit, and washed down with wine.  Additionally there is an activity pattern associated with substantial energy expenditure in these populations and many incorporate a regular afternoon rest as an integral part of lifestyle.
    In Italy, life expectancy has increased by 13%.  This improvement is explained primarily by a decrease in the number of premature deaths from coronary heart disease and cancers of the stomach and intestine.  Also, the increase in lung cancer deaths in Italy is 25% less than the European average.
    In a study of 605 patients recovering from myocardial infarction (atherosclerotic coronary heart disease), a comparison was made between the Mediterranean diet and the usual prescribed diet.   After a follow-up period of 27 months, cardiovascular events and cardiac and total death were significantly decreased by more than 70% in a group consuming the Mediterranean diet.  These effects, interestingly, were not related to changes in blood cholesterol.  What was noticed was a change in the omega-3 fatty acids and oleic acids (wild, natural-type fatty acids) being increased in contrast to a decrease in the linoleic (modern farm crop) fatty acids.  In addition there were higher plasma concentrations of vitamin C and vitamin E. 
    The Mediterranean diet is indeed an improvement over the standard American fare.  It can even be further improved by an increasing emphasis on natural, raw, organic, unprocessed foods and the many other life choices regularly discussed in the Health Letter(See the Nutritional Science section in Resource A).
        A)   The Wysong Book Store Catalog, 1880 N. Eastman Road, Midland, MI  48640, 517-631-0009.
        American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, June 1995, Mediterranean Diets Supplement
    Studies have shown that as many as 36% of patients admitted to a university hospital suffered iatrogenic (doctor-caused) injury and that up to 25% of these injuries were serious or fatal.  Similarly, 64% of cardiac arrests at a teaching hospital were preventable. 
    The most common cause of iatrogenic injury is improper use of drugs.  Typically about 180,000 people die each year as a direct result of iatrogenic injury. 
    Although it can be argued that people in hospitals are already more likely to die, and thus the risks of heroic efforts to save their lives is something that simply must be accepted, this logic wrongly assumes that the heroics used are the only alternatives. 
    Holistic physicians, in fact, have great success by using injections of nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, vitamin C and B complex to rescue acute asthma and end-stage heart failure patients.  One holistic physician reported that a pneumonia of three weeks' duration that had not responded to multiple courses of antibiotics was in effect cured within 90 minutes of starting a 50 gram vitamin C infusion.
    If the only tool you have is a hammer, then you will treat everything as if it were a nail.  The solution is for physicians to broaden their horizons and to look for noninvasive, nontoxic therapies as a first option.  There is little doubt that tens of thousands of lives would be spared by so doing.  (See the Conventional Medicine/Problems section of Resource A.)
    A)             The Wysong Book Store Catalog, 1880 N. Eastman Road, Midland, MI  48640, 517-631-0009.
    Journal of the American Medical Association, December 1994; 272:1851
    An estimated million and a half people per year suffer an adverse reaction to drugs administered to them in hospitals.   About 20% of all disabling adverse events due to medical care are a result of reactions to drugs and 45% of these were clearly due to human error.  Injuries due to drugs are in fact the most frequent cause of procedure-related malpractice claims.
    If medication is ever necessary for you or your loved ones, do all you can to find out everything possible about the drug, and why it is being used, and what its potential adverse effects are.  If possible, obtain the drug insert from your pharmacist so you can read what the contraindications are.  Pharmaceutical companies are required by law to reveal adverse effects they have discovered in their research.  If you cannot get the drug insert, then go to your local library and get a Physician’s Desk Reference and look the drug up there to learn about it. 
    The question to ask is whether the potential benefits you might receive from the drug are worth the risks.
    And remember, health and healing will not come from a pill, but rather as a result of the lifestyle you choose.  (See the Medical Approaches section of Resource A.)
        A)             The Wysong Book Store Catalog, 1880 N. Eastman Road, Midland, MI  48640, 517-631-0009.
        Journal of the American Medical Association, July 5, 1995: 35
    Commotio cordis, or cardiac concussion, is being increasingly reported as a cause of sudden death in young athletes.
    Impact from baseballs, hockey pucks, lacrosse balls, tackling and kicking have caused instantaneous death without any visible trauma to the heart itself.  After the blow, victims either collapse and die instantly or may remain upright briefly, standing or walking a few steps or even speaking before finally collapsing in cardiac arrest.
    There is an extremely low rate of rescue with virtually no response to resuscitation.
    It is believed that the sudden impact to the heart causes a primary ventricular arrhythmia (loss of regular heart beat) which in effect stops the heart muscle’s ability to squeeze and pump blood.
    These suspicions have been confirmed by unnecessary, cruel and grotesque animal experiments in which baseballs have been propelled at high speeds at animal’s chests resulting in the same clinical profile as occurs in young athletes.  (Will throwing baseballs at restrained animal’s chests really tell us any more than we presently know?  But oh, let me not criticize all this real scientific fun.  After all, if we can cause heart attacks by throwing baseballs at animal’s chests then maybe we would conclude that beefing up protective gear on children might be a good idea...  Gee, we could never have figured this out without throwing baseballs at a few thousand animals that we’ve tied to a wall.)
    Research is being conducted on how protective gear might be improved.  But there is debate over whether it is “really necessary” or not, and exactly what form it should take.  In the meantime it might be wise, parents, to rig up something yourselves that would lie over the heart and be of sufficient strength to disperse the forces from the impact of balls and pucks.
        The Lancet, November 5, 1994: 1239
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    If a new drug suddenly became available that could prevent a million or more child deaths a year, was free and tasted great, there would be an immediate public health imperative.  That "drug" is breast milk.
    Breast-feeding can limit fertility and prevent ovarian and premenopausal breast cancer, prevent sepsis in newborn babies, and gut, chest, ear and urinary tract infections in all young children, is valuable in the management of both acute and persistent diarrhea, and prevents many disease conditions associated with artificial feeding such as insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and multiple sclerosis.  Bottle-feeding contributes to dental decay and malocclusion and decreases intellectual development.
    In countries with a high infant mortality rate, artificially fed infants are at least 14 times more likely to die from diarrhea than are breast-fed children and four times more likely to die of pneumonia.   Artificially-fed infants require hospital treatment up to five times more often then those fully or partly breast fed.  In France alone, the cost of this extra and unnecessary medical care is estimated to be about $199 million dollars a year.
    While exclusive breast-feeding for at least four to six months and even longer is advisable, breast-feeding for a few weeks, even partially, is beneficial over not doing it at all.  Some mothers are uncertain, some may really want to breast-feed but find it difficult, and others may have had a previous bad experience.  They need help, not cold assurance that failure doesn’t matter and there is a perfectly good substitute in a bottle or can on the grocery shelf.  (See the Reproductive section of Resource A.)
        A)             The Wysong Book Store Catalog, 1880 N. Eastman Road, Midland, MI  48640, 517-631-0009.
        New England Journal of Medicine, March 9, 1995: 621
    No current treatment reliably sustains the loss of weight achieved by dieters.  This is for two reasons.  One is that the body adjusts itself metabolically to increased weight so that any change downward is resisted.  Its kind of like setting the thermostat higher.   Secondly, the common approach to weight loss is wrong.  It focuses on quick fixes, drugs, surgery, and nutritional fad products. 
    Obesity is a modern lifestyle and dietary problem.  People do not understand that the disease is a result of departure from our proper environmental context.  All band-aide efforts to maintain healthy weight will ultimately either fail or cause spin-off diseases.  I discuss this at length in my book The Synorgon Diet: How To Achieve Healthy Weight In A World Of Excess (see Resource B).
    Body weight is ultimately determined by energy taken in versus energy expended.  If we take in more food energy than we expend, the excess will be deposited as fat.  Energy expenditure is the combination of resting energy use for just the processes of living, such as the heart beating, breathing and maintaining high concentration gradients across cell membranes.   This accounts for 60% of total energy expenditure.  The thermic effect of digesting, transporting and depositing foods during digestion accounts for about 30% of energy expenditure.  Only about 10% of energy, therefore, is consumed by physical activity.
    Thus you can see the vast majority of energy usage by the body is more or less involuntary in the form of resting metabolic energy and thermic digestive energy.
    The involuntary energy expenditure going on in our body moment by moment changes as we increase body weight.   Unfortunately, it does not increase proportionately with increased body weight.   The compensatory changes that do occur actually end up opposing the maintenance of a new reduced body weight different than the usual weight.
    For example, loss of weight of 10% or more will result in a change in energy expenditure 15% less than that which would be required to burn off the excess weight.  If an average individual takes in 2500 kilocalories per day, that would mean 375 kilocalories (15%) per day would be left over for deposition as fat.  So when dieting occurs and weight is lost, the body simply lowers the thermostat causing less metabolic energy to be burned, yet at the same time there will be an increased sense of hunger. 
    Little wonder dieting is so often foiled.  The key is to change the way dieting is approached.  A change in lifestyle and the nature of food consumed is required for lasting benefit.   Additionally it is very important to work at it slowly and be content with small incremental changes.  By such steady gradual change, the body has a chance to readjust metabolically so that lasting benefit can be achieved.  (See the Fitness and Nutritional Science sections of Resource A.)
        A)             The Wysong Book Store Catalog, 1880 N. Eastman Road, Midland, MI  48640, 517-631-0009.
        B)             The Synorgon Diet: How To Achieve Healthy Weight In A World Of Excess, by Dr. R. L. Wysong, available from  The Wysong Book Store Catalog (The Wysong Book Store Catalog, 1880 N. Eastman Road, Midland, MI  48640, 517-631-0009).
        New England Journal of Medicine, March 9, 1995: 621
    Between 1970 and 1984, Romania participated in a study of the live attenuated oral polio virus vaccine which was coordinated by the World Health Organization.  As a result of this experiment, 31 young children developed paralytic poliomyelitis.  Eighteen were attributed directly to the vaccine and 13 had indirectly acquired the disease by contact with vaccine recipients.  As I have mentioned before in the Health Letter, the only significant cause of poliomyelitis in developed vaccinated countries is now believed to be the vaccine itself. 
    The global eradication of polio myelitis has been targeted for the year 2000 by the World Health Organization - as if man could really control the world-wide existence of a virus.  The medical establishment arrogantly takes credit for eradicating naturally occurring polio myelitis in the Americas.  But as I showed in a previous issue (see Vol. 8, No. 1) the incidence of poliomyelitis was already waning by the time the vaccine was introduced.
    Now the disease is caused by man himself.  The live viruses in the vaccines are able to revert to their virulent form within the human gastrointestinal tract and result in paralytic disease.
    Nevertheless, the medical community continues to believe it is responsible for eradicating this microbe off the face of the planet.  As one medical author said after reviewing the information demonstrating that the disease was being caused by the vaccine, “the data... must not be allowed to detract from the impressive gains in the control of poliomyelitis being achieved with the widespread use of the trioral polio virus vaccine.”
    The fact that Y-type poliomyelitis has abated is because the natural immunity of the population has increased or the virulence of the organism itself has decreased.  Such cycling of infectious diseases has occurred throughout history and is not dependent upon the introduction of modern medical measures.
    The continued use of live virus vaccines is profiteering, not good medicine. If in doubt, ask the parents of dozens of children maimed with paralytic poliomyelitis as a result of the vaccine.  (See the Vaccinations section of Resource A.)   
        A)         The Wysong Book Store Catalog, 1880 N. Eastman Road, Midland, MI  48640, 517-631-0009.
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Environmental Health
    Critics of environmental protection argue that humans are too puny to affect the globe in any meaningful way.   Some say that from the vantage point of outer space there is not even any evidence of human life on Earth.
    But, on the contrary, astronauts on space shuttles can see urban sprawl, roads, crop lands that look like giant quilting, deforestation, some national boundaries and even the great wall of China. 
    In fact, humans are actually now outstripping geologic processes in the rate of sculpting the face of the globe.   Through direct brute force and through indirect influences on the environment, humans now move roughly 40 billion tons of Earth each year.       This exceeds the sculpting of the Earth by any other single force such as water, ice or wind. 
    As I have mentioned before, the wild card in human impact on the environment is the advent of technology.  In contrast to any other species, humans are able to greatly accelerate and magnify their ability to change the Earth through the use of machinery.  Antienvironmentalists often like to compare humans to other species noting that we are just one of many that have come and gone through the eons of geologic time.  They simply ignore the quintessential point that it is no longer man the animal, it is man and his machine.
    After an estimated 4-1/2 billion years of shaping the planet by natural forces, according to geologists, these natural forces must now take a back seat to the power of machinery.  Each man, woman and child on the planet is responsible directly or indirectly for moving 7 tons of Earth each year.
    Through not only directly bulldozing the Earth, but reshaping it through deforestation and agriculture and the resultant factors that increase erosion by about 10 million tons of sediment washing into river systems each year, humans have ascended to the top of the geomorphic (Earth-shaping) ladder, replacing Mother Nature herself.
    We don’t know what we’re doing because we don’t know what we’re undoing.  Until we have full knowledge, which is not in any foreseeable future, we should change our posture from forging ahead with Earth plundering, to conservation and protection.  (See the Ecology/Environment section of Resource A.)
        A)             The Wysong Book Store Catalog, 1880 N. Eastman Road, Midland, MI  48640, 517-631-0009.
        Science News, December 24, 1994: 432
Tax Update
    The U.S. House Ways and Means Committee held full hearings June 6-8 on replacing the income tax.  Here are a couple of quotes:
    Dr. James Payne: "I calculate that the total time businesses and individuals spend on tax compliance work has risen to 10.2 billion hours.  This amounts to 5.5 million workers working all year -- the equivalent of the entire work force of Indiana, Iowa and Maine."
    Economist Paul Craig Roberts:   "The income tax is a discriminatory tax.  It discriminates against success and subsidizes failure.  It discriminates against saving and investment and subsidizes consumption.  It discriminates against work and subsidizes leisure.   There is nothing good that can be said about the income tax."
    Contact CATS (see Resource C) to join the revolution to abolish income taxes and replace them with a national sales tax.
        C)             CATS  (Citizens for an Alternative Tax System) 1-800-767-7577
Low Histamine Diets For Allergy
    Histamine is a natural biochemical found within the body.  It is produced as a part of the inflammatory response.  At moderate levels it is beneficial in the body’s immunological defense efforts.  In excess, however, it can cause allergic symptoms. 
    Histamines can also be found in foods.  People with allergies ranging from those involving the skin, to the mucous membranes in the nose, to headaches, to Crohn’s disease (a digestive tract allergy) may be unable to properly degrade histamines that are found in certain foods.  For example, people with Crohn’s disease have a reduced diamine oxidase (a chemical that degrades histamine) activity in the gut.
    Foods particularly rich in histamine include fish, cheese, hard cured sausage, pickled cabbage and alcohol.  In some individuals, decreasing these foods may greatly help alleviate allergic conditions.   (See the Allergies section of Resource A.)
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        The Lancet, January 1994; 343: 112
Calcium Channel Blockers May Cause Heart Attacks
    One of the most common classes of medication for high blood pressure is calcium channel blockers.  But a new study now warns that people are 60% more likely to have a heart attack if they are taking this drug as opposed to other forms of antihypertensives.  (See the  Cardiovascular Health section of Resource A.)
        A)             The Wysong Book Store Catalog, 1880 N. Eastman Road, Midland, MI  48640, 517-631-0009.
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Supplements Decrease Cataracts
    A study of 17,744 physicians over the age of 40 followed eye health for five years.  Those who did not take vitamin/mineral supplementation had a one-third greater incidence of cataracts.  (See the Eyes section of Resource A.) 
        A)             The Wysong Book Store Catalog, 1880 N. Eastman Road, Midland, MI  48640, 517-631-0009.
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Garlic And Vitamin A For Vaginal Infections
    Wrapping a clove of garlic in gauze and tying the twisted tail with dental floss and then saturating the gauze with vitamin A can create a tampon to treat vaginal infections such as caused by trichomoniasis.  The tampon is inserted vaginally and changed several times a day.   Another treatment that is suggested for nonpregnant women is to insert a 2500 IU vitamin A capsule to stimulate the immune response and soothe inflamed vaginal tissue.    (See the Reproductive section of Resource A.)
        A)             The Wysong Book Store Catalog, 1880 N. Eastman Road, Midland, MI  48640, 517-631-0009.
        Natural Health, May 1994: 54
Pharmacological Doses Of Vitamin E In The Elderly
    With age there is increasing resistance to insulin by tissues.  This results in hyperinsulinemia (high blood insulin) which is commonly linked to a variety of metabolic disorders including the number one killer, coronary heart disease.  In a recent study of 30 elderly patients, it was shown that the chronic intake of 900 mg per day of vitamin E was useful in treating patients with hyperinsulinemia and coronary heart disease.   (See the Longevity/Aging section of Resource A.)
    A)             The Wysong Book Store Catalog, 1880 N. Eastman Road, Midland, MI  48640, 517-631-0009.
        American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, April 1995: 848
Human Pigs
    Efforts to transplant animal organs into humans have been going on for the last 20 years.  There is an estimated $6 million market for animal-to-human heart transplants.  The market for other animal-to-human transplants dwarfs even this figure.
    Nextran Incorporated has recently announced that it has succeeded in breeding pigs containing human genes.   The purpose of this is to make pig organs more compatible with human tissue so they will not be so readily rejected.
    What incredibly dangerous tinkering.  The more we make animals genetically similar to humans, the greater the risk to humans from animal diseases.  The potential dangers are beyond even our ability to fathom. 
    How much better it would be to invest our efforts in prevention.  The dollars spent in attempting to develop new technology to treat disease after the fact could go so much more effectively and humanely toward preventing people from ever getting these dreaded diseases in the first place.
    Unfortunately, the obvious and the rational  does not always happen.  Instead, conformity and profit are the driving force for institutional medical care.
        Civil Abolitionist, Summer 1995: 10
Alfalfa Toxicity
    Alfalfa does indeed carry a bounty of nutritious components.  But it may also be toxic to some people at sufficiently high doses taken over a long period of time.  For example, one man had autoimmune hemolytic anemia and pancytopenia from eating ground alfalfa seeds daily over a five month period.  Monkeys have developed systemic lupus erythematosis (SLE) by eating alfalfa seeds or sprouts.  Some people may have a latent susceptibility to SLE and the consumption of alfalfa may activate this autoimmune disease.  In another instance, a family consuming a Shaklee supplement over a period of seven years experienced autoimmune disorders such as SLE, as well as autoimmune arthritis.  (This in spite of the fact that alfalfa is often promoted as antiarthritic.)  In another more tragic incident, a 23-year-old man who was taking a Cybergenic body building formula containing alfalfa had disseminated intravascular coagulation, massive rhabdomyolysis (muscle tissue dissolving) and liver failure and died a week after being presented with these symptoms.
    Alfalfa contains a toxic amino acid, L-canavanine.  This amino acid competes with the amino acid arginine for receptors on arginine-dependent enzymes.  A metabolite of L-canavanine, canaline may inhibit vitamin B6.
    As I have discussed in previous issues, all that is natural is not necessarily nontoxic.  The dose makes the poison and the genetic susceptibility of the person is also a factor.  What may be poison for one is not for another.
    To be safe, be sure to vary the diet, including all supplements.  Remember that although something like alfalfa is natural, it is unnatural to be able to consume large amounts of it daily.  In the wild, how would you ever be able to gather much of this minutely small seed?
    No matter how healthy you believe something to be, do not take it consistently.  Give the body a chance to detoxify because everything is potentially toxic.
        American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, October 1994: 639
Estrogen From Abused Horses
    Premarin is the most common form of estrogen used for estrogen replacement in women who have had their ovaries removed or who have had estrogen prescribed for menopause.  Few realize the source of this product.
    On special farms, mares are impregnated then confined to stalls.  Their urethra is catheterized and they are given only about 1/3 of their normal water intake in order to concentrate their urine and thus the secreted estrogens.  They are thus confined for six months.  The foals that are born to these mothers are usually removed and sold for slaughter.
    If you must take an estrogen product, ask your physician for options which are plant derived.  There are both oral and transdermal patches that can be used effectively, and no abuse of animals is necessary in the process.
        Science News, May 27, 1995: 323
Beware Of Unfiltered Coffee
    Although the evidence linking coffee drinking to coronary heart disease has been inconclusive, a study in Scandinavia where large quantities of boiled unfiltered coffee are consumed, showed a clear relationship between its consumption and heart disease.  In contrast to filtered coffee, boiled coffee that does not pass through a paper filter contains a lipid fraction which can cause changes in blood lipid profiles.
    I have mentioned several studies in previous issues of the Health Letter suggesting potential dangers from habitual coffee consumption.  The principle is obvious.   Non-nutrient products that are processed in one way or another and consumed daily create risk.  Occasional consumption of anything can be pardoned by the body, but chronic unrelenting use of anything that does not permit recovery and detoxification is risky. 
        American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, June 1995: 1277