Dr. R. L. Wysong
November 1995
    It seems nothing worthwhile comes easy.  For example, if you want to excel at a sport there are the long hours of arduous training.  There are the inevitable injuries and setbacks.  There are the disappointments of poor performance and losses.  But nevertheless, if you know what you are doing and are committed to the goal of being the best you can be, you stay on track and eventually will succeed.
    An important relationship also can take considerable effort.  The veil of initial infatuation always lifts revealing inescapable differences between personalities.  But if you want the comfort, security and peace of a solid relationship, this requires commitment and the bad must simply be accepted along with the good.
    Success in business requires incredible commitment and perseverance.  The initial entrepreneurial euphoria must be tempered with the cold realities of economics. There are always many failures that come with the successes.  Government and taxes seem stacked against you, your successes become targets of greedy litigators, and competitors constantly seek an opening to steal from the small advances you make.  Nevertheless, success is possible if the idea is good and there is a long-term commitment to your goals.
    Now let's look at health.   If you want to achieve optimal “health”, then it is first necessary to understand how to do it.  Once the proper living principles are learned, then long-term commitment can indeed mean better if not optimal health.  Not just any idea here will do in terms of how to best achieve health.  Considerable effort is required up front to sort through philosophies, lore, and evidence to find a healthy plan for life.   But here too there will be inevitable ups and downs.  Not only will your ideas about how to achieve health change with continual open investigation, but you will not be perfectly able to always achieve the ideals you set.
    A critical element in achieving ultimate health is nutrition. We cannot be what our food does not permit. We are indeed what we eat.  Once ideal nutrition is understood, it becomes another thing entirely to achieve it.  Nevertheless, if the ideal is at least understood, commitment to the right idea will ultimately result in the best possible health just like commitment to a sport, relationship or business is the key to success.
    After almost 15 years of research, thinking, and first-hand involvement in food production, I am convinced of the unique merits of the Health Letter eating philosophy.  I have discussed this repeatedly in our literature, books, tapes and for nine years in the Wysong Health Letter.  The fact that we, and all living creatures, are genetically adapted to specific kinds of foods is unassailable.  Nevertheless, this simple truth is, by and large, ignored by most modern nutritionists and acknowledged only superficially in marketing slogans by processed food manufacturers bent primarily on profiteering.
    Yet it is disappointing to see that relatively few consumers fully understand these important concepts.  Instead, many purchase products because they have simply heard that they are “good,” or perhaps because they contain or don't contain some special ingredient.  But many have little product loyalty and almost no true understanding about how to eat or feed the family to achieve optimal health.
    Such customers come and go.   They may buy because of price or stop buying because of price.  They might buy because they like the clerk at the store and stop buying because they don't like the clerk at the store.  If they really like the food, then they eat it.  If they don't like it, then they switch brands. Some quit seeking and using wholesome foods because they're not “sweet” enough, they're too chewy, they get buggy, spoil quickly or cost too much.
    If there are problems with any element of a more natural nutritional program, that does not mean it is time to switch to a steam-cleaned and embalmed, food fraction and synthetic based pseudo-foods diet.
    Again understanding, perseverance and commitment are required for good nutrition, just like for any other worthwhile endeavor in life.
    Learn what is right, then do it and stick to it.  The dividend you will receive is the best chance for a full healthy life.
    About half of all people over the age of 65 will develop skin cancer in one form or another. Almost 10,000 deaths result each year from these cancers, in spite of aggressive conventional medical cancer therapies.
    If you've developed skin cancer and don't want to subject yourself to the questionable effectiveness of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, etc., then here is something you might want to try.
    In the early 1980's a veterinarian alerted an Australian medical researcher to the effectiveness of the juice from the Devil's Apple weed in stopping the growth of cancer around the eyes in cattle. This plant, also known as Kangaroo's Apple and Sadam's Apple is, by scientific jargon, Solanum sodomaeum.
    When the juice from this weed is applied to skin cancer, the glycoalkaloids, and in particular the Solasodine glycoalkaloid, have the ability to attach to cancer cell receptor cites, permitting the Solasodine to attack lysosomes and mitochondria within the cancer cell causing cell rupture and death. The compound has been used for several years now - in spite of tremendous opposition from the medical community - and has shown no serious or long-term side effects.
    In human studies of 42 females and 44 males, the compound was applied twice a day for a period of  three months. Three kinds of cancer-type lesions, including keratoses, basil cell carcinomas, and squamous cell carcinomas were 100% cured with no scarring.
    In one case a woman had several basil cell carcinomas on her nose; she was told by physicians she would likely lose her nose and have to have it replaced with a plastic prosthesis. After treatment with the compound formulated into a cream called Curaderm, the cancers began to ulcerate and slough off, leaving the cartilage in her nose visible. But by the end of 13 weeks her nose had entirely re-grown to its original shape with no evidence of any tumors remaining.
    Incredible. All with the use of a plant extract.
    The only cells affected by the cream are the cancer cells. In no case was there any scarring after the cancers had ulcerated and sloughed off.
    The Curaderm cream comes in a kit form that includes one bottle of antiseptic and a small bottle of the Curaderm cream. First the antiseptic is applied to the lesion and then a small amount of cream is applied and rubbed directly on the lesion. This is then covered with a small band-aid and the process repeated twice daily. There may be some burning or stinging, and ulceration as the cancer cells are being sloughed from the skin. Some people experience complete removal in two or three weeks. Some take longer.
    Given the alternatives for skin cancer treatment and the increasing incidence of the disease, this is certainly worth a try. Contact Resource A, below, to obtain this compound which is not yet available in this country. (Of course.)
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        A. Masters Marketing Company, Masters House, No. I Marlborough Hill, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 1 TW, England, PHONE 01144-181-424-9400, FAX 01144-181-427-1994, cost is $33 +17.50 shipping.
    Our brain is what we eat.
    In spite of centuries of treating mental illness, including schizophrenia, with everything from padded cells to shock therapy to burning at the stake, something as simple as nutritional supplementation may be the answer.
    Anyone suffering from mental illness, including schizophrenia, should try vitamin supplements of the B complex, C, trace minerals, zinc, magnesium and manganese.
    Additionally, avoiding refined foods such as sugar, salt, flour, and oil as well as coffee and alcohol may be very effective.
    Food allergies and intolerances can also result in emotional problems. Watch what you eat as it relates to moods and avoid those foods which cause problems.
    This all seems simple enough, and it is. If you don't supply the body and mind with the right nutrients, how can you expect it to operate properly? If you put diesel fuel in your gasoline car engine will it not sputter? What makes us think we are so different from the rest of nature that we can subject ourselves to anything that not even remotely looks like a food and not expect harmful results?
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    An enzyme, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH), is showing remarkable promise for Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's, as well as providing an energy boost for the rest of us. This enzyme is a part of the energy producing metabolism in the body and it also increases the production of the brain chemical dopamine.
    Since 1988, over 885 people with Parkinson's disease have been given this supplement with 80% of them showing moderate to excellent improvement. Those who do not improve, researchers believe, are resistant due to advanced atherosclerosis in their brains, thus decreasing the ability of the blood stream to deliver the nutrient. In addition, the people who have taken the supplement have not shown any further deterioration.
    Films of the use of the supplement are remarkable. Parkinson's disease is characterized by trembling arms, head wobbling and difficulty even shuffling across a room. After the supplement, these same people have a significant abatement of these symptoms and walk briskly and surely.
    In addition, the supplement has been shown to significantly improve memory scores in Alzheimer's patients. Further brain deterioration has also apparently stopped completely.
    For people who are just suffering lapses of memory or concentration, or feeling low energy levels, the supplement has also proven to be highly beneficial. For further information and a supply of the supplement contact Resource B, below. Be sure to get NADH, not NAD (nicotinic acid dinucleotide). The “H” stands for hydrogen, which is what activates the substance.
    Dosage for general energy and mental enhancement is 1 tablet every other day. This can be in-creased up to 1 tablet 3 times a day as needed. A dose too high can cause hyperactivity and sleeplessness. For Parkinson's disease, the dosage is normally 5 to 10 mg per day. Many patients are able to discontinue the amount of the usual drug, L-dopa, used for Parkinson's. For Alzheimer's disease, 10 mg per day is the standard dosage.
    Patients who have Parkinson's or Alzheimer's should take the supplement under the supervision of a nutritionally oriented physician so that the appropriate dosage can be achieved. Too little will create no results and too much can create the side effects mentioned above. (See the Longevity/Aging section in Resource E, below.)
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    Trans fatty acids result from the hydrogenation of vegetable oils. They are particularly predominant in margarines and are also found now in almost all processed foods that contain any fats at all. This includes candies, confectioneries, crackers, breads, rolls, and snack foods. Read labels. It is hard to find any processed foods, including cereals, without hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils in them. Processors add these "doctored-up" oils because it hardens the naturally liquid vegetable oil making it spreadable so it looks like butter, or to create crispiness and texture that is more acceptable by consumers. They also argue that the hydrogenation process decreases the potential for rancidity and oxidation.
    These synthetically altered fatty acids are behaved to be associated with a wide range of health disturbances including adversely affecting serum lipid levels and coronary heart disease. As I discuss in my book, Lipid Nutrition.- Understanding Fats and Oils in Health and Disease (see Resource C, below), fatty acids from the diet are incorporated into the cell membranes of every cell in our body. These cell membranes are supposed to be made up of natural unsaturated fatty acids which are in essence tuned light energies and vibrate at a million times a second. Hydrogenated oils replace these vibrant dynamic molecules with misshapen, rigid trans fatty acids. Such alterations throughout our body cannot help but cause the compromise of health.
    Use of hydrogenated oils is so ubiquitous that processors now make the claim that they simply would not be able to operate without them. Although American consumers have almost no ability to eliminate hydrogenated oils and trans fatty acids from their diets, Europeans do.
    Europeans recognize these dangers. As a result, processors there have made margarines without any trans isomers at all. In Germany, diet margarines contain no partially hydrogenated oils. Natural margarines in German are actually prohibited from containing any oils that have been subjected to hydrogenation, either partial or full.
    These manufacturers, therefore, blend hard palm or coconut oils with the vegetable oils. Some products are also made by blending butter with the vegetable oils. Certainly these products would be superior to their hydrogenated counterparts.
    An option you can do at home if you wish to increase the amount of unsaturated vegetable oils in the diet, is to blend high omega-3 oils such as flax and canola oils with butter to create your own spread. (See Resource D, below.)
        C. Lipid Nutrition - Understanding Fats and Oils in Health and Disease, by Dr. R. L. Wysong, available from the Wysong Book Store Catalog.
        D. EFA™ a natural fatty acid supplement. If not available locally, contact Wysong Institute for a supplier source.
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    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a sophisticated new technology used primarily to enable viewing of the nervous system in people with suspected strokes, brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, brain infections, and epilepsy. It is also used to diagnose congenital abnormalities as well as problems in the spinal cord and vertebrae.
    The machine is impressive, weighing up to 500 tons and creating a magnetic field some 50,000 times stronger than that of the Earth.
    The magnetic field it generates excites atoms within the body to produce radio frequency echoes which are translated into images on a computer.
    It's impressive. But no one really knows the long-term effects of subjecting the body to this kind of a magnetic field. Possible dangers include birth defects, stimulation of the growth of cancer cells, ear damage, death from disruption of pacemakers, memory loss, and even burns. Besides heating metallic objects that may be inside the body, the magnetic field can turn objects in the room into lethal missiles. In one instance, an oxygen tank near the magnet started flying and hit a patient in the face.
    None of this denies the spectacular images this technology can create. But again, the buyer must beware. When you are subjected to an MRI scan you are an experimental subject. No one knows the full consequences of the technology because it hasn't been around long enough to stand the test of time. If there is nothing else that can be used that is safer, and if you are convinced that the results of the scan can result in a beneficial therapy, that is one thing. But if the results of the scan cannot even conceivably result in therapy that would benefit you, then what is the point of its use?
    Be discerning and careful, not a statistic in a post hoc study performed a decade from now warning people not to have the technique performed because they may get an MRI disease which you now have. (See the Conventional Medicine Problems section in Resource E, below.)
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    Computed Axial Tomography (CAT) has revolutionized x-ray diagnosis of soft tissues. This new technology increases detail by up to 20 fold. it does this by taking a 360 degree series of cross-sectional x-ray films and then using a computer to reconstruct the image on a video screen.
    In England, even though CAT scans accounted for only 2% of the x-ray examinations, it comprised 20% of the overall collective dose of x-ray exposure.
    The real danger with this procedure is that it greatly increases the level of radiation to the patient. Don't be so quick to jump on the bandwagon. Be sure you are given an absolutely clear justification for why the procedure is being used and certainly question any repeated CAT scans. Be sure that you understand what the ultimate outcome of the diagnostic procedure could be. If the procedure could possibly result in a life-saving therapy, that is one thing, but if it simply creates a diagnosis for which no clear therapy is even available, then what is the point?
    Additionally, make sure if undergoing a CAT scan that the reproductive organs and the thyroid gland are shielded since these are most vulnerable to the x-rays. If you are having a CAT scan be absolutely sure to stay perfectly still since any movement can obscure the results and increase the need for additional scans.
    As with most new technologies, they are received with enthusiasm by physicians who love new toys and are overly impressed with technology. Though CAT scans are now widely used, there is very little evidence demonstrating that the knowledge gained by CAT scans has in any way reduced illness, shortened hospital stays or prevented death. The machine has even been used (played with) to research the cause of the common cold and the results of the study concluded that the patients had "a swelling of the mucous membranes."
    Large doses of radiation possible from CAT scans could cause cataracts and other lens opacities and affect thyroid function.     Radiation is nothing to fool around with. What it can do to our genetic material is akin to throwing monkey wrenches into a circuitry board of a computer. Not only are x-rays immediately dangerous, but they are cumulative and may not cause their deadly results for decades. (See the Conventional Medicine Problems section in Resource E, below.)
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    There is little doubt that the welfare state cannot be sustained. Government simply cannot produce the promised benefits and freebees to a growing population perfectly willing to be on the dole in exchange for continuing to vote socialistic politicians into power.
    As I mentioned in a previous issue, (see Vol.8, No.9) we are now in a world economy and the United States and other socialistic nations in Europe and in Russia will not be able to compete with emerging low-cost economies where hard work is rewarded rather than parasitized, and wealth is applauded rather than scorned.
    The economic changes we now face are likely the most dramatic our country has ever experienced. We are not looking to a temporary dip in an upward economic prosperity, such as a depression, but rather a fundamental correction that will eventually tend to level the standard of living worldwide.
    The majority of people in the world, who are earning their few dollars a day are going to increase their share of wealth, while our rich inheritance for simply being born into an industrialized nation will shrink.
    Changes are already under way. It's just that they are occurring slowly, and for many the impact has not been fully felt because modern conveniences are still available. But Americans who are paid by the hour, for example, now earn less on average than they did in 1956. In Europe, millions of able bodied people have been on the dole practically all their lives and unemployment is now at 12% with practically no new jobs created since 1970 other than those in government. In the U.S., Japan, Canada, Soviet Union, and Italy incumbent parties are being booted out by angry voters as they can see prosperity slipping away. On the other hand, emerging countries who have discovered by default that the welfare state does not work - how can you redistribute wealth if you don't have any - are exploding. In little more than one generation, a country can now lift itself from poverty to pre-eminence in the world economy. How do they do it? Hard work, frugality, patience, and a dream that is unencumbered by excessive governmental regulation, intrusion and taxation.
    I discovered the reality of this shift recently as I began a new project. For some time I have felt that modern footwear is not designed properly to permit the foot the dynamics it needs. So I began to design a new athletic and leisure alternative and to make contacts in the shoe manufacturing industry here in the U.S. To my surprise, essentially all shoe manufacturing is now performed abroad. Some U.S. companies do make their shoes, but now they assemble them from components made elsewhere.
    This is almost the opposite of the way things used to be when the United States did the manufacturing and other countries assembled components. So here was a thriving American manufacturing industry that has now vaporized. Why? Companies were not going to pay the inflated wages and guaranteed benefits required by American workers when they can go abroad and have the same work done, sometimes at a higher quality, for pennies on the dollar.
    All people in industrial societies who have benefited from the Industrial Revolution will watch their savings drain away if they avoid facing the reality of the coming world economy. We must all give up the illusion of free benefits and restore in ourselves and our children a serious work ethic. Additionally, we must take appropriate actions to force government to be a servant rather than an oppressor of initiative and a redistributor of wealth.
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Silver As An Antimicrobial
    Silver has been used for centuries as an antimicrobial in preservatives. It has been used to keep liquids fresh (like putting silver coins in milk to prevent spoilage), as a topical solution, a gargle, a-douche, an ophthalmic. It also has been used intravenously and intramuscularly by injection. in spite of its noted antimicrobial capabilities and its nontoxic nature, it fell into disuse in the 1930's when antibiotics came on the stage and created great profit potential for the pharmaceutical companies.
    But with the ubiquitous use of antibiotics, not only in therapy but as a preventive both in humans and in food animals, pathogens are developing increasing resistance to the drugs. Some predict even within the next decade that there will be serious-plagues that will be totally unresponsive to conventional antibiotic therapy.
    Silver, specifically colloidal silver, which is available over the counter for oral use as a liquid, may prove very beneficial against resistant organisms or for those people who simply do not wish to use antibiotics.
    Individuals have found oral silver preparations useful against acute infections as well as colds, flus and sinus problems. For adults the normal dosage is 1 teaspoon three times a day and for children it is 1/4 to 1/2 that dose.
    Colloidal silver solutions are available at many health food stores. Use the best quality product you can, that is clear and gold in color. If the product is murky or you can see actual silver particles in it, don’t use it.
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Passion Flower And Valarian Root For Insomnia
    Mix two parts valarian root with one part passion flower to make a tea for insomnia. Pour one cup of boiling water over one teaspoon of the mixture, cover and let steam for 15 minutes. Drink about one hour before bed. (See the insomnia section in Resource E, below.)
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Quercetin And Stinging Nettles For Allergy
    Quercetin, a natural bioflavonoid from plants, may reduce allergic reactions. Take 400 mg of quercetin twice a day between meals and continue throughout the pollen season. For symptomatic relief, a freeze dried extract of stinging nettles at a dose of 2 capsules every two to four hours is reportedly helpful. (See the Allergies section in Resource E, below.)
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Calcium, Cranberry Juice And Urinary Infections
    Laboratory and clinical evidence has demonstrated that supplementation of calcium carbonate in the diet can increase the adherence of E. coli bacteria to epithelial cells within the urinary tract. Such adherence could promote the development of urinary tract infections. On the other hand, when 10 ounces of cranberry juice is ingested along with the calcium carbonate there is no adherence of the bacteria to the uroepithelial cells.
    If a calcium supplement is necessary, calcium ascorbate at a dosage of 10,000 mg per day in three to four divided doses will provide 800 mg of calcium as well as enough vitamin C to inhibit E. coli in the urinary tract.
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Fish Oil And Hypertension
    In a nine-month study of 47 patients with hypertension, administration of 9 grams per day of fish oil exerted a blood pressure lowering effect similar to the pharmaceutical propranolol. A combination of both 80 mg of propranolol plus 9 grams per day of fish oil was even more effective than either treatment alone. The effect of omega-3 fatty acids on the body is discussed at length in my book, Lipid Nutrition: Understanding Fats and Oils in Health and Disease (see Resource C, below). Because commercial fish oil products may be oxidized in spite of the use of antioxidants, it would be wise to consider increasing dietary omega-3 oils (the fish oil factor) through direct consumption of fish and high omega-3 plant foods such as vegetables, and grains such as flax and rape seed oils. (See the Cardiovascular Health section in Resource E, below.)
        C. Lipid Nutrition - Understanding Fats and Oils in Health and Disease, by Dr. R. L. Wysong, available from the Wysong Book Store Catalog.
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Sunlamps And Skin Cancer
    In a controlled scientific study it was found that individuals who exposed themselves to sun lamps or sun beds for at least 10 hours since 1980 were more than twice as likely to develop malignant melanoma as were controls. The risk rose by as much as nine fold for those who experienced skin burn and who used the sun lamps for skin tanning purposes.
    Exposure of the skin to sun is not only healthy, but even essential. But too much of anything is potentially dangerous. Even water and oxygen can kill if given in excess. Allow your skin to slowly acclimate to sunny seasons and use clothing to protect yourself from burns. The use of artificial sunlight in the form of sunlamps and sun beds is an experiment that you are voluntarily subjecting yourself to. No one knows for sure the full ramifications of the use of these devices over time.
        23. International Journal of Cancer, 1994; 58: 809
Tanning Beds And Skin Cancer
    For three years a woman had used an ultraviolet A tanning bed twice a week exposing each side of her unclothed body for 30 minutes each time. She was a native of northern England with very little natural skin pigment and red hair. The result was a light tan without burning. Subsequently she required treatment for various skin problems and cancers including keratoacanthoma on the legs, a basal cell carcinoma on the temple, a squamous cell carcinoma on the chest and multiple lesions of Bowen's disease on the buttocks and breasts which had never been exposed to the sun.
    The use of tanning beds is unwise, particularly for those who tan poorly, have freckles, previous severe sun burn, malignant skin lesions or a history of immunosuppression.
    The skin needs sun, not light manufactured by man.
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Vitamin B12 For Neural Tube Defects
    In the United States approximately 4,000 pregnancies each year are affected by the two most common neural tube defects, spina bifida and anencephaly. Previous issues of the Health Letter (see Vol.8, No. 7; Vol.3, No.8 and Vol.6, No.8) have discussed the importance of supplementation with folic acid by pregnant mothers to help prevent neural tube defects.
    New research has indicated that vitamin B12 will also be necessary in conjunction with folic acid to prevent neural tube defects. Investigation of pregnancies that produced 81 infants with neural tube defects compared with 323 normal children demonstrated-that the enzyme, methiamine synthase which requires both folate and B12, was critical in homocysteine metabolism. It is a defect in this biochemistry which is believed to be related to neural tube defects. The recommended dose of folic acid is 0.4 mg daily during the periconceptual period. The recommended daily dose of vitamin B12 for pregnant women is 8 mcg.
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Dog Cancer And Electromagnetic Fields
    Several studies have linked residential electromagnetic fields with human cancers. New evidence demonstrates that dogs exposed to overhead power lines running along streets and up to homes have 13.4 times the rate of canine lymphoma (blood cancer) as those pets found in homes supplied by buried power lines. Epidemiologists now believe that dogs may serve as a "sentinel" species to monitor the threat to the families with whom they share homes.
    Though this a controversial area, there is enough evidence to suggest electromagnetic fields pose a serious health hazard. If you live near a high powered line, consider moving. Don't be one of the experimental subjects that down the road offers the final proof that EMF's are dangerous. (See the Electro-Magnetism section in Resource E, below.)
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Pop - Enough Is Enough
    Every second, 790-gallons of soda pop are consumed throughout the world. That is over 1 billion servings a day. Does anyone really know what flushing and saturating our bodies with the chemically treated, syrup sweetened, acidified, artificially colored and additive laden concoctions really does to us? Nope. But lets keep drinking it anyway because it tastes good and after all, we're the Pepsi Generation. (See the Nutrition section in Resource E, below.)
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Sugar, Cheese And Dental Caries
    A study of 275 people in the Forsyth-Specialized Caries Center demonstrated that there was a direct relationship between the consumption of sugar to dental caries and an inverse relationship to the consumption of cheese. Dairy caseinates in cheese act as artificial pellicles by absorbing onto the tooth surface and inhibiting the adhesion of bacteria that can cause acid dissolution of the tooth enamel surface. Cheese extracts are able to reduce acid demineralization both in vitro-(in the-lab) and in-vivo (in the body). (See the Dental section in Resource E, below.)
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Poor Nutrition Means Poor Teeth
    A study of almost 1700 Peruvian children demonstrated that just one mild to moderate malnutrition episode occurring during the first year of life is associated with increased caries (dental cavities) in not only the deciduous but the permanent teeth which emerge many years later.
    A way to prevent this is for mothers who are eating an appropriate natural diet to nurse children. It also means not caving in to children's whims for confectionery-based products. Each time a child eats candy, refined flour, or hydrogenated trans fat laced foods, these disease-causing foods are temporarily satisfying taste buds which are really crying out for good, solid nutrient-rich, health-enhancing food. The kids eat, get a sugar high (temporarily), receive calories, but essentially get none of the micronutrients that are necessary to properly process the food nor to help them develop strong minds and bodies. (See the Dental section in Resource E, below.)
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Vitamin C For Sinus
    Vitamin C has the ability to act as a natural antihistamine. As such, it can decrease allergic symptoms including sinus congestion and drainage. A high level of the vitamin may be required. Some people take several grams a day. In doing so, be sure you do not stop abruptly from taking such megadoses, but gradually decrease the dose over a period of a week or two. (See the Nutritional Supplements section in Resource E, below.)
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Diet And Premenstrual Syndrome
    A study of 853 students demonstrated a relationship between sugar intake and premenstrual symptoms. Increased sugar causes fluid and sodium retention. It also causes the excretion of magnesium which can provoke the various emotional symptoms characteristic of premenstrual syndrome. Other studies have demonstrated that decreasing fat intake, salt, caffeine and alcohol may be effective in alleviating this condition.
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Oats And Buckwheat For The Heart
    A study of 850 Yi people in Southwest China demonstrated that the consumption of oats and buckwheat had a favorable effect on blood profiles reflecting coronary disease and hypertension status.
    Oats and buckwheat are rich in water soluble fibers and are associated with lower serum cholesterol and blood pressure values. These grains, as well as many others, can be prepared in breakfast porridges and other main dish entrees as a healthy whole food adjunct to the diet. For the most healthful way to prepare breakfast grains in porridge form see Vol.6, No.5.
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