Dr. R. L. Wysong
June 1993
    Technology is a wonderful thing.  It has made life easier for all of us, increasing pleasure, accelerating productive work and even bringing the world closer together.
    Technology is also dangerous.  The ease it creates can make us become like overstuffed chairs with an IQ equivalent of the latest dialogue in a soap opera.  It also makes possible endless and needless consumerism accelerating resource depletion and environmental destruction.
    Perhaps one of the greatest dangers in technology is in medical laboratory and medical testing.  Although  it would be nice to be able to visit our friendly physician and get all hooked up with electrodes, inflatable cuffs and probes and have a readout telling us exactly how we are working and where there is a problem., this is not reality.  Unfortunately everyone seems to think it is.
    My problem with laboratory testing is that it gives people the impression that they are doing preventive health.  It also gives the impression that a diagnosis means a cure is readily available.  Testing misplaces responsibilities for your health on others.  A laboratory test does nothing to prevent disease or build your health.  A laboratory test also means nothing in terms of your ability to get better.
    Testing, whether we are selftesting or having tests run in a hospital, gives us a false sense of control and knowledge.  The idea is to take every step we can now to modify our lifestyle and nutritional habits to create health, not simply live life with gusto and have yearly stress tests and mammograms.  For example, a woman is much more wise to avoid fatty foods, maintain healthy weight, exercise and practice overall healthy living than to live “wrong” but get the “right” tests annually to see if breast cancer has begun yet.
    None of this speaks to the waste in the $19 billion a year that is spent on laboratory tests since these testings neither create health, nor are they known for accuracy.
    This brings me to the greatest dangers of laboratory testing, and that is having either a false positive or  false negative.  If the test is falsely positive, the emotional trauma to you from believing you may have a serious disease when you don’t, might be enough to create a disease.  A false negative could send you on your way happily believing that everything is fine and that no life modifications are necessary.
    This is all brought to my mind by my lead article this month on high blood pressure.  Everyone wants to talk about what their blood pressure reading is and everyone likes all of the newfangled digital devices that can allow you to easily monitor your blood pressure at home.
    Let there be no mistake: Measuring the result of disease is not the right approach to building health.  Building health means testing your lifestyle and your nutritional practices against the standard of genetic context described the Empowerment tape and emphasized throughout all of the Reviews.
    Treat laboratory and clinical tests, whether done by others or done by yourself, as potentially dangerous just like any other medical intervention such as surgery or drugs.  Tests seem innocuous, but therein lies their incredible danger in distracting us from doing all that we can right now to make our lives and health the beat they can be.  If we do that, there is little, if anything, any test or any modern medical measure will be able to do to improve upon it.
You Have High Blood Pressure
    …Chances are, anyway. One three in the United States have it, and by the time you reach the age of 65 there is a 50% chance that you will have this condition. Whether you have it right now or not, it would be wise to heed the recommendations in this article and take the steps necessary to prevent or reverse this condition.
    There are estimated to be about 30 million deaths per year as a result of high blood pressure. The condition contributes to hundreds of thousands of other deaths. The risk of stroke increases sevenfold, atherogenesis increases threefold, congestive heart failure increases sixfold and kidney disease is also greatly accelerated if you have high blood pressure. The condition is particularly prevalent in blacks, the elderly, and may have a high incidence in some family lines.
    What is high blood pressure
    High blood pressure is the result of too much fluid being held within blood vessels, or a result of the blood vessels losing their elasticity and becoming more rigid. When the heart squeezes the blood within it to push it through the arteries, this creates a pressure known as the systolic pressure. This is the first number in a blood pressure reading. When the heart relaxes to refill, the remaining pressure of the blood within the arteries is called the diastolic pressure, and is the second number in the blood pressure reading. Thus, a blood pressure reading of 120/80 means the systolic pressure resulting from the ejection of blood from the heart is 120 mm of mercury, and the pressure remaining within the vessel when the heart stops squeezing is 80 mm of mercury.
    If your blood vessels become rigid as a result of atherosclerotic disease, and also become narrowed from plaques encroaching on the lumen (opening) of the vessel, you can understand how blood pressure would increase because the heart will be pumping against a greater resistance during systole. Healthy blood vessels expand as a result of the pressure from the heart, thus opening the lumen and decreasing the pressure within the vessel. Such expanding of the vessels results in both a decrease of systolic pressure and diastolic pressure. The natural flexibility of vessels creates a more even blood pressure., rather than extremes of highs and lows which would occur if the blood vessels were simply like iron pipes.
    Some say a blood pressure of 110/70 is normal. Others say 120/80. Some say that anything over 140/90 constitutes high blood pressure. This latter reading is considered to be stage 1 and as the numbers get higher and higher the stages continue, with 4 being the highest blood pressure reading and the most seriously lifethreatening.
    Now, it is not my intent here to get all caught up in the mathematics of blood pressure readings and get you all excited about learning how to take your own blood pressure or keeping graphs and charts on it and the like. Such measurements are like stepping on the scales every day to monitor weight loss. The goal is not to lose weight, the goal is to achieve healthand weight will automatically be lost. Similarly, the goal is not to reduce high blood pressure, the goal is to achieve healthand blood pressure will automatically stabilize.
    Whitecoat hypertension
    It might be mentioned here that high blood pressure is vastly overdiagnosed. “Whitecoat hypertension” is high blood pressure caused by the high tension and anxiety from having it measured by a physician or a medical technician. Many individuals diagnosed with high blood pressure, if measured at different times during the course of the day and week in normal surroundings, will be found not to be hypertensive at all. To determine whether you have whitecoat hypertension, it might be wise to try ambulatory monitoring, which is available through most hospital cardiology departments. This is only if you insist on wanting to know what your score is. Knowing your score, however, does nothing to alleviate the condition or set you on the road to health. For many people, simply being labeled as hypertensive can aggravate the circumstances that have led to the condition in the first place. In one study it was found that there was an 80% increase in onthejob absenteeism by those who thought they were hypertensive.
    Don’t kill the messenger
    Don’t become preoccupied by the numbers and by measuring blood pressure. Blood pressure is simply a symptom, a warning light that you are not living life correctly. It is a messenger, not to be killed with drugs, but to be alerted by and heeded.     Simply treating high blood pressure as if it were a disease is like turning off a fire alarm and letting the fire smolder in the back corner.
    If every morning you got up and banged your shin into a coffee table and then kept measuring the color and circumference of the bruise and took drugs and applied local medications to heal the bruise  but didn’t move the coffee table, you would be as remiss there as you would be by measuring your blood pressure and treating it, but not taking care of the cause.
    It is preventable
    Atherosclerotic disease, hardening of the arteries, is by and large preventable by nutritional and lifestyle modification. If this were not true, then high blood pressure would be a prevalent condition in primitive societies, but it is not. It is also not a problem in African communities, but is once blacks adapt Western nutritional and lifestyle patterns.
    The normal scenario is to visit a physician, have blood pressure measured, find it to be high and then be told you will have to take such and such medication for the rest of your life. Of course you will. If you don’t move the coffee table you are going to be dealing with shin bruises for the rest of your life also.
    The dangers in drugs
    Diuretics are given for hypertension to decrease the amount of fluid in the blood, which will decrease the pressure within the blood. But side effects include the loss of the important minerals potassium and magnesium. Almost 50 million prescriptions a year are given for diuretics. There are 30 million prescriptions given for beta blockers, but the side effects of these drugs include impotence, fatigue and decreased levels of the HDL, good form, of cholesterol. Other drugs include calcium channel blockers which are better if atherosclerosis is present, which it normally is, and ACE inhibitors. In spite of the almost $90 billion a year spent to treat hypertension, these treatments do not improve either morbidity or mortality statistics. These medications often begin the unending cycle of medications to treat the effects of other medications.
    What you can do
    Here are some things you can do to both prevent and reverse high blood pressure by dealing with the causes, not the effects:
    Achieve healthy weight
    1) If you are overweight, which almost all Americans are, even decreasing your weight by 10 lbs. helps considerably. One pound of fat requires 3 additional miles of capillaries to supply it. Be sure to read my recent book The Synorgon Diet for assistance in helping you restore healthy weight. (Resource A below)
    2) Begin an exercise program of at least 30 minutes three times a week. Leisurely and moderate exercise doesn’t help. You will need to be committed and increasingly vigorous as your body adapts to exercise. Both aerobic and weightbearing exercise is best. Remember to be sure to have a checkup if you decide not to exercise to see if you will be able to survive it. (See Wysong Review vol. 2 no. 3, 4; vol. 3 no. 11; vol. 4 no. 2)
    Decrease sodium use
    3) Notice how the emphasis is placed on people eliminating salt from their diet, as if sprinkling table salt on food has caused onehalf of our population to have high blood pressure. This obscures the real cause for mineral imbalance, and that is the increased consumption of processed foods. When foods are processed, potassium is leached out of the food and salt is added back to it to create flavor. The result is that we dramatically disrupt the natural ratio of sodium to potassium in the diet. For example, fresh corn has a potassium to sodium ratio of 280:1. Once corn is canned the ratio is 97:235. Then once it is flaked the ratio is essentially 0:1000 mg of potassium to sodium. The solution is to decrease the consumption of processed foods and increase the consumption of fresh, raw foods, particularly fruits, vegetables and nuts. Additionally, if salt is used in food preparation, use a whole natural salt that is mineral balanced, not the refined, white, additive ladened salt commercially available. (Resource B below) Sodium is believed to increase high blood pressure by in effect making the blood thirsty, drawing more fluid into it and thus increasing the pressure within the vessel wall. As a side note there is some research emerging now that suggests it is not sodium that is the culprit in high blood pressure, but rather the chloride (anion) portion of sodium chloride salt that is added by the ton to processed foods, and is also a part of municipal water supplies and absorbed through the skin in public pools and the shower.
    Consume less alcohol
    4) Most recommend not more than 2 ounces of 100 proof whiskey a day, 8 ounces of wine and 24 ounces of beer. (Sorry you boozers, these are choices, not totals.) An interesting phenomenon happens in bars where salted nuts and popcorn are offered free choice to increase your thirst, and thus increase your alcohol purchases. You therefore increase your consumption of processed salt and alcohol, both of which can cause and aggravate high blood pressure.
    Increase potassium, magnesium and calcium
    5) These minerals are present in appropriate quantities and balances with other minerals in fresh, natural foods. The sodium to potassium ratio is perhaps more important than simply the level of sodium. To increase potassium, foods such as bananas, potatoes, tomatoes, beans, soy beans, peas and avocados will help. If you are unable to convert your diet to a majority of fresh, whole foods then a balanced multimineral supplement would be wise. (Resource C  page 8)
    Stop smoking
    6) Need this dead horse be beaten any more?
    Increase vitamin D
    7) Eating foods rich in vitamin D, supplement and expose yourself daily to sunshine as we repeatedly encourage you to do in the Review. By increasing vitamin D, calcium blood levels will increase, which has been shown to decrease blood pressure.
   Increase the ratio of polyunsaturated fatty acids to saturated fats
    8) This is accomplished quite easily by simply converting the diet more to a vegetationbased diet and decreasing the amount of meats.
    Increase fiber
    9) This will happen by simply converting the diet to fresh, whole, natural, vegetationemphasized foods.
    Decrease caffeine
    10) This is found in soft drinks and coffee.
    Use olive oil
    11) Increase the use of olive oil in cooking and in dressings. An excellent salad dressing for example, is extra virgin olive oil combined with lemon juice and a garlic whole salt. Garlic, in fact, has also been found to decrease blood pressure when taken as a supplement or incorporated into foods. (Resource D below)
    Increase Omega3 fatty acids
    12) These fatty acids are particularly prevalent in black seed, canola oil, fish and any wild meat. (Resource E below).
   Increase antioxidants
    13) Increase the consumption of antioxidantrich foods, such as brightly colored vegetables and fruits and take supplemental antioxidant vitamins A, C and E in particular. (Resource F below) The underlying cause of most high blood pressure is atherosclerosis and the underlying cause of atherosclerosis is oxidation of the foods we eat through processing, and oxidation of our tissues by unquenched free radicals within our body. Increasing the consumption of fresh, whole natural, unaltered, unoxidized foods is one solution and supple. mental antioxidant nutrients is another.
    Decrease refined sugar
    14) Do each of us really need 153 lbs. per year (the average)? Train your tongue on the subtle, rich flavors of natural whole foods.
    Environmental cautions
    15) Several other environmental factors which may aggravate high blood pressure include increased lead exposure, use of oral contraceptives and nasal decongestants and even synthetic clothing has been shown to elevate blood pressure.
    The bottom line out of all of this complexity of millimeters of mercury, and dos and don’ts is that we simply must return our life to its natural genetic context. Eating fresh, whole, clean, natural foods as much as possible; daily exercise; productive, creative living and lots of fresh air and exposure to natural light could practically abolish this disease within our society.1
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        A) The Synorgon Diet  How To Achieve Healthy Weight In A World of Excess, by Dr. R. L. Wysong is available from Inquiry Press, 1880 North Eastman, Midland, MI 48640 for $12.95 + $2.50 S&H.
        B) Whole Salt is available from the Healthy Alternatives Store, 18007480188.20% discount to Coop members.
        C) RDA™, a broadspectrum vitamin/mineral supplement: available from the Healthy Alternatives Store.
        Alternate mailorder suppliers (cataloging primarily synthetic vitamins and minerals) include: L&H Vitamins, 18002211152; The Vitamin Shoppe, 18002231216; Home Health Products for Life, 18002849123; Nutrition Warehouse, 18006452929; The CFIDS Buyers Club, 18003666056; Mail Order Pharmacy, 18004335900.
        D) Garlic capsules: Healthy Alternatives Store (see B above) and see also mailorder companies in C above.
        E) Omega3 fatty acid sources: Healthy Alternatives Store (see B above) and see also mailorder companies in C above.
        F) Food A. C. E™ contains foodsourceantioxidant vitamins A, C & E in a chewable wafer. No syntheticsavail able from Healthy Alternatives Store (see B above) and see also mailorder companies in C above.
ChemoPrevention And Alternate Cancer Therapies
    Some of the foods we have right before us on the table are currently being tested as chemopreventive agents   foodcontained anticancer chemicals. Over 1,000 chemicals from foods are currently being evaluated, studied, or are actually in trial phases for animals and humans.
    These foods include garlic, with findings of preventing 80 percent of coloncancer tumors in rats as well as reducing lung cancer in mice; Brussels sprouts and cabbage, which also prevented 80 percent of colon tumors in mice; soy sauce which was found to reduce the risk of esophageal cancer in mice; soybean products which have long been connected to the reduction of several cancers in Japan; and broccoli, which may contain the most powerful anticancer compound ever detected.
    The bottom line is that there are many, many options out there and cancer patients need to be aware of that. The American Cancer Society, the public relations arm of the National Cancer Institute, makes seeking natural and alternative remedies sound like you’re calling in a medicine man to thump and thrash around your sick room and feed you dried snake tails. But increasingly patients are looking around and checking under the most obscure rocks for the greatest hope  a cure.
    Some of the new hopes may be proven useless as time passes, some may be helpful. In any case, they can’t be worse than chemotherapy, which most agree has reached a dead end. Even mainstream researchers are admitting that the War on Cancer, declared in 1971 by Nixon, has been largely lost. Yet if you have, for example, pancreatic cancer and modern medicine can offer you nothing, still (unbelievable as it may seem) most traditional practitioners don’t think you should try an unconventional therapy. Even if the oncologist thinks you shouldn’t seek out “unproven” treatments, when standard medicine can of a patient no hope, perhaps it’s time to do something else. Here are some alternative treatments:
    One very promising new substance is orange peel oil (highly concentrated  you can’t possibly eat enough to achieve the doses they are testing), which contains Dlimonene, a substance shown to dramatically prevent and even dispel breast cancer in animals. Lab rats with breast cancer which were fed Dlimonene showed a six fold reduction in tumor development, and more than 80 percent were eradicated. It’s also being studied as a guard against skin cancer (topically applied), showing what some believe to be great promise.
    Shark Oil/Shark Cartilage
    Shark liver oil is one of the best natural sources of some natural alcohols (alkoxyglycerols) which promote a general antibody response and can diminish tumors. Pretreating cervical cancer patients with shark liver oil prior to radiation treatment netted a much better result than was achieved in radiation patients who did not receive the shark liver oil in a Dutch study. The Japanese have long considered sharkfin soup to be a life extension potion, and now shark fin cartilage capsules are entering some alternative cancer treatment programs. Shark cartilage is extremely rich in angiogenesis inhibitors, which slow the growth of tumors. (Resource G below)
    This is a hormone produced by the brain’s pineal gland (the lightsensitive gland that is sometimes referred to as our “third eye”). Its relatively benign nature and low toxicity, combined with its ability to shrink tumors on hundreds of rats with breast cancer in a recent study are making it worthy of a second look. Melatonin apparently significantly boosts immunity, and since its levels decline with age, the logic here would be that once its levels are deficient, a degenerative process can begin at the cell level. By supplementing, we would avoid that. (Resource H below)
    This is a gruesome sounding treatment, but not without promise. German physician Helmut Keller got great ideas while he observed his wife’s Venus flytrap plants as they digested protein tissues such as worms, insects, and flies. He decided to begin testing the juices of the plant, and after years declared that “Carnivora proved to be extremely nontoxic and nonmutagenic,” while boasting several positive attributes  the destruction of cancer cells, significant immune enhancement, cancercell division inhibition, viruskilling effects, and even pain relief. More than 2,000 human patients have used this extract, (even supposedly Ronald Reagan) and it is reportedly being successfully used in cancer, MDS, and other immunecompromised disease conditions in Germany. (Resource I below)
    Not the American variety, but European mistletoe (viscum album) has long been used at the Lukas Klinik in Arlesheim, Switzerland on stubborn cancers such as colorectal and liver, with very respectable showings of prolonged survival. The patients receive subcutaneous injections of this particular mistletoe (which was sacred to the ancient Druids), and researchers indicate that the substance kills cancer cells indirectly by stimulating a nonspecific immune reaction within the host organism. The cancer cells are shut down without damaging healthy cells, and although the American Cancer Society concedes that several animal and in vitro studies have revealed cytotoxic and immuneenhancing effects, mistletoe is still officially blacklisted. (Resource J below)
    Vitamin C
    In spite of Dr. Linus Paulinmg’s claims that ascorbic acid can do much more for us than prevent colds, the mainstream cancer community has by and large ignored him. Recently, however, some softening of this position has taken place. Epidemiologist for the National Cancer Institute Dr. Gladys Block noted that out of 47 current studies, 34 showed that vitamin C had a preventive effect on cancers of the lung, larynx, oral cavity, esophagus, stomach, colon, rectum, pancreas, bladder, endometrium, and brain. A study ongoing since 1971 in Scotland shows advanced cancer patients who received vitamin C (in the 10 grams/day range) with a survival time averaging over 4 times that of the control group. Some actually showed no signs of malignant disease after a time on this regimen. The action of vitamin C appears to be that of boosting various protective mechanisms in the body, and preventing formation of free radicals, the dangerous chemical byproducts of oxidation which have been closely linked to aging and cancers. (Resource K below)
        G) Deepsea shark liver oil capsules available from Japan Health Products, Pacoima, CA 91331. Cartilade capsules (shark cartilage) available from Allergy Research Group, 400 Preda Street, San Leandro, CA 94577, 18007824274 or Emerson Ecologies, 14 Newtown Road, Acton, MA 01720, 18006544432.
        H) Pinealgland supplements, marketed under the name Stress Guard, can be found at Allergy Research Group, 400 Preda St., San Leandro, CA 94577, 18007824274.
        I) CarnivoraForsc hungsGmbh, Postfach 8, Lobensteiner Strasse 3, D8646 Nordhalben, Germany.
        J) Helixor Heilittel GmbH & Company, Hofgut Iischermu’hle, 7463 Rosenfeld 1, Germany.
        K) Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine, 440 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94306, 14153274064.
How To Look Weird And Feel Great
    The bicycle is one of the most efficient machines made. In some countries it is the dominant form of transportation and in other countries it should be.
    But since its original invention, little has been done to alter its basic design until the development of the recumbent bicycle. As you can see in the picture, the recumbent puts you in a sitback, relaxed position, low to the ground and creates the best mechanical advantage for leg power. There is no stress on your hands, your neck, or your rear as is the case on top of a conventional 10 speed bicycle.
    I can’t overemphasize exercise, and riding a bicycle this summer would be a good move to get out in the fresh air, get some fresh sunshine, get those muscles and joints working and your metabolism revved up.
    I have been riding an Easy Racer recumbent for several years. This bike was designed by Gardner Martin, who has also designed the bicycle that holds the world land speed record of 65.48 miles per hour. What is interesting is that the 18speed bike that I have, and you can purchase, is basically the same bike as the one that holds the speed record, except for lots of aerodynamic covering.
    The Easy Racer comes with a lightweight windshield that helps reduce wind resistance by 30%. This is one of the reasons the bike is so fast, since 85% of a cyclist’s energy is spent overcoming wind drag. The bike itself weighs only about 31 lbs. and it is engineered so well that it literally feels like it propels itself. It is truly a joy to ride.
    It is also safer because you are lower to the ground and can simply put both feet on the ground to stop a fall. It is so conspicuous, and your field of vision is so much better than bending over on a traditional 10 speed trying to look up, that it helps prevent autobike accidents.
    Another reason it is safer is that everybody really notices you. Cars slow, drivers gape, pedestrians stop, women whistle (I wish), dogs howl and horses whinny.
    I usually ride the bike to the office and back wearing my son’s Chicago Bulls Air Jordan hat with my pant legs stuffed in my socks to prevent them getting caught in the chain. I am indeed a sight to behold.
    I don’t care. It is a delight to ride. It is extremely comfortable and for anyone who has any problem with the comfort of traditional bikes, this is a Godsend. For athletes and speed enthusiasts it is also great fun to see how close you can get to that 65 miles per hour speed record. I have been almost to 45 miles per hour.
    There are several manufactures who make recumbent bikes and several sources are listed. Simply write the companies and ask for literature, pricing and so forth and give one a try. They can be a little pricey but the pay back to your health and the environment is worth it. It is a great way to look weird and feel great. (Resource L below)
    L) Recumbent bikes are made and distributed by a number of companies including Easy Racers, Inc., 2891 Freedom Blvd., Box 255, Freedom, CA 950190255, 14087229797; Just Recumbents, 3300 Park Blvd., Palo Alto, CA 94306, 14154240570; Turner Enterprises, P.O. Box 36158 Los Angeles CA 90036, 12133830030; Tekton Corporation, Conway, MA 01341 14133694367; Ryan   Recumbents, Inc., 59 Lyle Street, Malden, MA02148, 16173241921; Zzip Designs, P.O. Box 14 Davenport, CA 95017, 14084258650; Alternative Bikestyles, P.O. Box 1 44, Bonita, CA 92002.
High Temperature, Short Time Cooking
    I am not a real fan of cooking, because any cooking destroys nutrient value. However, I do eat cooked foods almost every day because some foods actually require cooking to make them digestible, such as grains and legumes. If meats are not cooked they do hold the danger of foodborne pathogens.
    There are, of course, many ways to cook, including boiling, microwaving, baking, pan frying, deep frying and barbecuing. The best method to cook and retain nutritional value is by high temperature and short time (HTST). This is the real value of stir frying in Chinese cooking. Other than that, there are not many good tools to help you achieve that end. Microwaving is relatively quick, but there are serious questions about the effect of microwaves on the molecular structure of food components.
    A new device called a One Minute Grill permits HTST cooking of vegetables and meats with a cook time of only one to two minutes. It accomplishes this by a preheated grill that simply “clam shells” around the food, cooking it on both sides at the same time. The surface of the grill is made of a nonstick material, which I am not a particular fan of ever since I learned that pet birds in kitchens where nonstick pans were super heated died. It is nevertheless probably the lesser of some evils in this case since the food is in contact with the surfaces only for a very brief period of time.
    Food tastes fresh and delicious cooked with this device. It can be used right on the kitchen counter and permits you to literally prepare a meal that might take a halfhour in two minutes. (Resource M below)
        M)    The OneMinute Grill Express is available from the Healthy Alternatives Store (18007480188) or for a dealer near you contact Creative Technologies Corp., 170 53rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 112324319, 17184928400.
Funny...Kind Of
    There are now more people employed by the government in the United States than there are in the entire manufacturing sector. If you think we may not be getting our money’s worth in intelligent, competent leadership in this bloated government, you’ll enjoy the following quotes and understand why I will continue to hammer away at the need for each of us to be independent and selfdetermined.
    “If English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it’s good enough for me.”  a congressman to the Head of the Joint National Committee on Language, regarding the need for a commercial nation to be multilingual.
    “It was a mistake. It shows a lack of politeness to kill people when the Pope asks us not to do it.”   Guatemalan government official on the execution of political prisoners just before the Pope’s visit.
    “I can’t think of a new existing law that’s in force that wasn’t before.”  President George Bush
    “I am prochoice with limitations, prolife with exceptions.” Senator John Warner of Virginia, kicking off a reelection speech.
    “I’ve lived under situations where every decent man declared war first and I’ve lived under situations where you don’t declare war. We’ve been flexible enough to kill people without declaring war.”  Lieutenant General Lewis Hershey on the Vietnam War.
    “Man has been given his freedom to a greater extent than ever and that’s quite wrong.” Martha Mitchell, wife of former Attorney General John Mitchell.
    “I believe we are on an irreversible trend toward more freedom and democracy. But that could change.”   Vice President Dan Quayle.
    “What a waste it is to lose one’s mind  or not to have a mind. How true that is.”  Vice President Dan Quayle, addressing a United Negro College Fund gathering, trying to quote their slogan, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”
    “If I listened to him [Michael Dukakis] long enough I would be convinced that we’re in an economic downturn and people are homeless and going without food and medical attention and that we’ve got to do something about the unemployed.”  President Ronald Reagan, during the presidential campaign, talking about the Democratic candidate’s criticism of the Administration.
    “If we let people see that kind of thing, there would never again be any war.”  Senior Pentagon official giving reasons why the U.S. military censored footage showing Iraqi soldiers being sliced in two by U.S. helicopter fire.