Dr. R. L. Wysong
January 1993
    This issue of the Wysong Review marks the seventh year of publication.  We began as a monthly audio cassette format directed primarily to professionals, and have slowly evolved to the present written form which has increasingly broadened its scope of topics and its audience.
    With 1993, we intend to make the Review even more important and useful for you.  Health is not simply a matter of taking a vitamin, decreasing the fat in your diet, or tread-milling for 20 minutes a day.  Our health and happiness is very much linked to environmental issues, to our economic security, to the freedoms we are able to enjoy, to our individual creativity and to philosophic reflection.
    Our lead article this month, for example, entitled “THE VOTE YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU HAD” has the potential for putting you and me in control of our own political destiny rather than being increasingly victimized by a burgeoning self-serving government.  What does this have to do with health?  Everything.  Talk to the oppressed in countries where governments have gotten out of hand and see how much these people worry about exercise and count calories.  They are lucky to have something to eat and often live in abject subjugated fear.  Such an existence can destroy health even if the ideal diet is consumed at every meal.  This is but one example of how we will broaden the Review to make you aware and alert to all issues which can impact on health and happiness.
    You will also notice in this issue that special efforts will be made to provide you with specific actions you can take to improve your health.  We will provide specific tips and resources for further research as well as for products which you may find beneficial in your quest for the improved self.
    You can always feel free to write and let us know your thoughts on any of the topics we discuss as well as topics you would like to see presented.  If you use any of the many self-improvement and health-enhancing techniques we describe and have success, we would certainly like to hear that as well.
    All of us here thank you for your continued confidence and support.
    Do you think voting for presidents or governors or congressmen or senators is your most important democratic privilege? But have you noticed that what you think you are getting by your vote is not what happens when the politicians get into office’? If politicians are free to do as they please once voted into office, what real voice in government do we have? None!
    Is it not also the that the media pretty much slants the publicity to either encourage or discourage your vote for one or another candidate? Even our choices are pretty much controlled. There were something like ten or more other presidential candidates than those offered by the two major political parties. But we only got to hear about one alternative, H. Ross Perot. Why is there not full exposure of all the competing ideas in government? If there is not, how can our votes be anything more than a rubber stamp of the powers that control the media and the dollars that control politicians and their campaign?
    But all is not lost. As it turns out, political votes are not our most important votes anyway. There is another vote that is far more important. It is, in effect, the fourth branch of government that we are not told about because the political judicial system wants the power and the control. They apparently want us to only have the illusion of freedom with no real say in our own destiny... otherwise they’d do what they promised in their campaign once in office and tell us about our most important vote.
    You see, the writers of the Constitution were highly suspicious of government. The reason for the formation of this country and the Revolutionary War was to shed the tyranny of an oppressive government. The framers of the Constitution did not trust government nor did they believe that we should trust it.
    They ingeniously built into the Constitution a right and a responsibility of the citizenry that would keep ultimate power in the hands of the people.
    Let me explain how and why you hold that power. If we were simply a one vote democracy, like we all believe we are, namely that we get to vote for our political leaders every so often, the very thing that could happen to jeopardize our freedoms would, and has happened. Namely, political leaders are not held responsible for their pledges, we are not given full disclosure and equal access to all candidates and competing political ideas, and therefore our votes become simply manipulated by the mass media and gigantic, powerful, economic, political interests.
    But all is not lost. You see, our government was set up in such a way that although they were capable of creating laws (the Congress) and adjudicating them (the Courts), government has absolutely no power to enforce these laws. What, you say? We see people put in prison by the courts constantly. But notice. It is not the attorneys and judges who enforce the law, it is ultimately the jury. The jury must vote unanimously to enforce the law. The jury is made up of people like you and me.
    Juries, as they exist today, are shielded from this most important vote and power that they have. Little do we know that we are actually above the law.
    The courtroom scene today is the judge instructing the jury that he will judge the law and they must judge the facts. In other words, if someone is on trial for not paying taxes, the judge simply instructs the jury that there is a law that the defendant must pay such and such tax. The jury is told to decide whether the defendant paid the tax or not and simply vote guilty or not.
    But the judge has deceived the jury and has stripped them of their true constitutional power.
    Juries have not only the right but the responsibility of judging not only the facts but also the validity, applicability, justness, and rightness of the very law, rule, regulation, or ordinance itself.
    The genius of this is remarkable when you think about it. It is also criminal that this fundamental right has been obfuscated, even concealed. The result is that we neither know nor actuate the most important responsibility we have in protecting freedoms and holding government in check.
    Think about this and how it empowers you as a citizen and a member of the jury. Congress can pass all of the ridiculous laws they want, but we have the right to either enforce or not enforce them. When we set a defendant free because we believe the law that is being applied is not valid or is unconstitutional, we become the most powerful force in our country. Jury judgment is something that we alone must make using the personal wisdom we have gained from literature, current comment, conversation, history, and tradition. We have the ability to not place our fellow citizens under unjust laws and to send a message back to Congress that we will not put up with any nonsense.
    In other words, government can pass all the laws it wants. If we refuse to apply these laws, government loses its power to oppress us.
    Even a problem as large as the federal deficit could have been prevented if the public knew about their jury power. When Congress passed a spend-thrifty program and laid the tax burden on us, all we needed to do was refuse to pay the tax. If arrested, the jury should vote not guilty. The result, government spending, would be dead in the water.
    Remember, one “not guilty” vote results in hanging the jury and setting the defendant free.
    You, now armed with this knowledge, if cal led upon for jury duty can quietly listen to the judge tell you about how that your only right is to judge the facts and that he will judge the law. Then you can instruct your fellow jury members in their right and responsibility to do both. Most importantly that they have the responsibility to judge the law itself.
    This is exciting because it places control and power over destiny in your hands where it belongs.
    To show you the legal validity of this concept, I have listed below standing Supreme Court decisions and other commentary which can be used to convince fellow jurors and friends about this most important right that is cleverly hidden from us:
“Almost every jury in the land is falsely instructed by the judge when it is told it must accept as the law that which is given to them by the court, and that the jury can decide only the facts of the case. This is to destroy the purpose of Common Law Jury, and to permit the imposition of tyranny upon the people.” Citizens Rulebook-Webster Adams
    The charge to the jury in the first Supreme Court of the U.S. illustrates the true power of the jury. In the February term of 1794, the Supreme Court conducted a jury trial and said, “...it is presumed that the juries are the best judges of facts; that is, on the other hand, presumed that the courts are the best judges of law. But still, both objects are within your power of decision.”
    “You have a right to take upon yourselves to judge of both, and to determine the law as well as the fact in controversy.” (State of Georgia vs. Brailsford, et al, 3 Dall. 1)
    “The jury has an unreviewable and irreversible power.. to acquit in disregard of the instructions on the law given by trial judge.”(U.S. vs. Dougherty, 473 F 2nd 113, 1 139)(1972)
    “Jury law is the greatest corrective of law in its actual administration. The will of the state at large imposed on a reluctant community, the will of the majority imposed on a vigorous and determined minority, find the same obstacle in the local jury that formerly confronted kings and ministers.” (Dougherty, cited above, note 32, at 1130) (For further information see Resource Reviews)
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    One day the care of ailing and failing relatives may fall to you. There is little doubt that incapacitated relatives will fair much better under the loving and nurturing care of sensitive relatives than in an institutional setting.
    But this can place tremendous demands upon you, sometimes requiring practically 24 hour-a-day care. If you are not careful, you may end up needing care as well.
    When in these circumstances, be sure to take time for yourself and maintain your own identity and some private space. This may make you feel guilty. Don’t let it. If you do not take such steps, you may very well succumb to mental or physical illness and then you will need a caregiver.
    For further help in this area contact the following resources:
Well Spouse Foundation
P.O. Box 28876
San Diego, CA 92198-0876
Children of Aging Parents
Suite 302-A
1609 Woodbourne Rd.
Levittown, PA 19057
    As if to simply ignore the preventable causes of atherosclerosis, scientists now advance a brave new technological bandage for heart disease.
    It is called Somatic gene therapy. With this technology, scientists hope to replace the defective genes in our vessel lining cells which are believed to be responsible for atherosclerosis. Quite an incredible feat.
    Scientists are working with two new methods to employ this technology. One is to open the chest and directly inject new DNA material into heart muscle. The other is to infect the heart muscle with an adeno-virus that contains recombinant genes. Clinical trials are scheduled to begin in about two years.
    When they come knocking on your door to ask you to try this one to see how it works, thank them kindly and ask them to try it on themselves first and get back to you after a few decades to see how they’re getting along with their little heart adeno-virus friends.
    In the meantime, you can do the danger-free, proven-to-work things we outline in the Review.
    Not only can most all heart disease be prevented, it can be reversed with safe, natural life-style changes and therapies.
    Ingested and absorbed aluminum can affect attention and concentration. Not only is aluminum present in our cookware, deodorants, baking powder, antacids, and municipal water supplies, but also in the pop cans used for soft drinks, beers, and juices. Canned products are usually acid, and leach the aluminum into the liquid. This results in 6 times the aluminum level in these beverages compared to those packaged in glass bottles.
    Packaging of commercial products is in many cases more important than the product itself. If at all possible, try to drink fresh squeezed vegetable and fruit juices and if commercial products are purchased, obtain them in glass rather than aluminum containers.
        Medical Tribune 33 (July 23, 1992): 1,
        Food Safety Notebook 3 (January/February 1992): 3-5
    Here is a remarkable quote from the highly respected medical journal, The Lancet, “Supplementation with a modest physiological amount of micronutrients improves immunity and decreases the risk of infection in old age.”
    This is in the November, 1992 issue but will likely not filter through to convince the medical community of the value of vitamin/mineral supplementation for another decade... if even then.
    But you do not need to wait for unanimity of medical opinion. A broad spectrum vitamin/mineral supplement, naturally sourced as much as possible, is a safe insurance policy given our compromised modem diet and environment.
        Lancet 340(1992): 1124-27
    Mothers exposed to high heat in the form of hot tubs, saunas, or fever in the first trimester of pregnancy, increase the risk of bearing children with neural tube defects. These are serious congenital (birth) disorders of the spine (spinabifida) and brain (anencephaly).
    We previously reported (Wysong Review 8/92) that women who supplement folic acid to the diet have a significantly lower incidence of neural tube defect children than those who do not. This, combined with the new evidence of risk from high heat exposure in the first trimester, are serious considerations mothers should make to lessen the chance of bearing a neural tube defect child.
    A genetic disorder known as homocysteinuria is associated with severe premature arteriosclerosis.
    A recent study has also shown that moderate elevation in homocysteine, which can occur in individuals who do not have the genetic disorder, is also associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease.
    Guess what? Homocysteine is a potent oxidant of cholesterol. Here we are again, back to this recurring theme of oxidation of cholesterol and other food components as the primary underlying cause of many diseases.
    How do we get high levels of homocysteine? Two ways. One is to eat diets that are high in animal protein. Animal protein is high in sulfur-bearing amino acids which increase the blood level of homocysteine.
    Another is to eat the modern processed diet which is comprised of food fractions and micronutrient stripped white fluff. Vitamin B6 in particular, but also vitamin B12 and folate are responsible for metabolizing homocysteine into cystathionine. Cystathionine does not generate heart disease. B6 and B12 are by and large destroyed and removed in food milling, fractionating and processing.
    Thus, if we have high levels of animal products in the diet, combined with nutrient depleted food-fraction-based food such as the common white-flour-based products that are standard fare, we set the stage for high levels of homocysteine. This in turn can create premature cardiovascular disease.
    The solution is evident. Decrease the amount of animal foods in the diet and also decrease nutrient impoverished, food-fraction-based products. Emphasize whole grain foods and fresh fruits and vegetables which are rich in the vitamin cofactors necessary to convert the oxidant homocysteine to cystathionine.
        JAMA August 19 (1992): 877
    Vitamin B12 deficiency may impair recovery from multiple sclerosis. A deficiency in this vitamin should always be suspected in this disease.
        Reynolds, E.H. “Multiple sclerosis and vitamin B12 metabolism.” Journal Of Neuroimmunology 40(1992): 225-230
    A 25 - 40% decrease in carnitine enzyme activity in patients with Alzheimer’s Disease suggests the possible benefit of L-carnitine supplementation.
        Kalaria, R.M. et al. “Carnitine acetyltransferase activity in the human brain and its microvessels is decreased in Alzheimer’s disease.” Annals Of Neurology 32(1992): 583-586
    Beta carotene as found in fresh fruits and vegetables protects against the suppression of the immune system which can occur from repeated excessive exposure to long-wave ultraviolet (UV-A) light.
        Fuller, C. et al. “Effect of B-carotene supplementation on photosuppression of delayed-type hypersensifivity in normal young men.” Am J Clinical Nutrition 56 (1992): 684-90
    Topical vitamin C has been shown to protect the skin against UV-A-mediated phototoxic reactions.
        Darr, D. et at. “Topical vitamin C protects porcine skin from ultraviolet radiation-induced damage.” British J Dermatology 127 (1992): 247-253
    Lower visual memory and a decline in attention and concentration were associated with high blood levels of aluminum. Aluminum should be eliminated as much as possible from cookware, deodorants and other sources in the environment.
        Bolla, K. et at. “Neurocognitive effects of aluminum.” Archives Of Neurology 49(1992): 1021-1026
    A deficiency in iron, magnesium, or calcium can result in enhanced  absorption and accumulation of toxic aluminum in tissues.
        Brown, Sakanashi, T. et al. “Aluminum accumulation in serum liver and spleen of Fe-depleted and Fe-adequate rats.”
Biological Trace Element Research 34 (1992): 1
    Iron toxicity, including the oxidation of cholesterol leading to atherosclerosis, can be protected against by vitamin E supplementation.
        Polette, A. et al. “Effect of vitamin E on acute iron load-potentiated aggregation, secretion, calcium uptake, and thromboxane biosynthesis in rat platelets.” Atherosclerosis 96 (1992): 171-179
Guar Gum Fiber Overdose
    The consumption of highly concentrated fiber sources such as guar gum can and has resulted in various forms of bowel obstruction. A product called Cal-Ban 3OOO has been implicated in recent cases of obstruction and one reported death.
        Lewis, J. “Esophageal and small bowel obstruction from guar gum-containing “Diet Pills”: Analysis of 26 cases reported to the Food and Drug Administration.” Am J Gastroenterology 87 (10)(1992): 1424
    Ginger is an herb widely used for motion sickness, colds, flu, digestive problems and irregular menstruation. A recent study showed that its warming effect increased thermogenesis (the burning of calories while at rest) and may assist in dieting.
        Eldershaw, T. et al. “Pungent principles of ginger (Zingiber officinale) are thermogenic in the perfused rat hind limb.” Intern J Obesity 16 (1992): 755-763
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Pain, stiffness, impaired function, weakness, edema (fluid accumulation), loss of sensation, and tenderness of the fingers and hands are all associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.
    This condition is also called entrapment neuropathy because the symptoms are caused by pressure on the median nerve as it passes through the space formed by the wrist bones and the transverse carpal ligament (the carpal tunnel).
    Individuals with this condition often complain of a numbness or a burning pain on the palmar (palm side) surface of the first three fingers. Physicians look for what is known as apositive Tinel’s sign, which is a tingling sensation resulting from a light tapping on the radial side of the palmaris longus tendon. Another diagnostic sign is Phalen’s sign, which is an exacerbation of symptoms when the wrist is flexed and held there for 60 seconds and relief occurs with extension.
    Carpal tunnel syndrome, or syndromes that mimic this, can be associated with a wide range of diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, tennis elbow, thoracic outlet syndrome, following hemodyalysis and from over-use of the hands, particularly doing repetitive unfamiliar tasks.
    Although there is debate in the scientific literature, there is significant evidence to suggest that this condition may be caused by or susceptibility increased as a result of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) deficiency. Tests that measures an enzyme called glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase (EGOT) activity or plasma pyridoxal phosphate show that those with low scores on these tests all responded to supplementation with vitamin B6.
    Vitamin B6 participates in at least 80 known biochemical pathways. Its deficiency, therefore, can manifest itself in a wide range of ailments masquerading as diseases from other possible causes. We have mentioned previously the new evidence linking vitamin B6 deficiency and increased risk from cardiovascular disease, for example. (Wysong Review 5/92; also see page 5 of this issue)
    Effectiveness of Vitamin B6 in treating carpal tunnel syndrome is believed to result from its ability to shrink the synovial membranes that are adjacent to the nerve being irritated. The recommended daily allowance (RDA) is between 2 to 3 mg. of vitamin B6 a day, but clinicians have found that doses of 50 to 200 mg. of vitamin B6 a day for a period of about three months are necessary to reverse this condition.
    Vitamin B6 is brutally tortured in food processing. It is milled out of our grains, cooked, vacuumed, and chemically combined with other nutrients rendering it unuseful and perhaps even toxic. Thus our modern depleted food supply likely lies at the root of our susceptibility to carpal tunnel syndrome. Additionally, certain food additives such as FD and C yellow number 5 as well as drugs such as oral contraceptives and penicillamine are antimetabolites against pyridoxine and thus render inactive the little bit of pyridoxine we do manage to receive in our depleted diet. Excessive protein intake is also known to deplete vitamin B6 reserves and advancing age is associated with decreasing tissue levels.
    What to do? Perhaps, before going under the knife, which is the conventional approach to this disease, it might be worth your while to consider the following alternate approach:
    1. Take 50 to 100 mg of vitamin B6 daily. Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is available in any health food store and in most pharmacies. Taken as a multiple B vitamin supplement with B ~, B2, B3, choline and others is best. Pyridoxal phosphate is believed by some researchers to be a more effective source of the vitamin since it is preconverted to the active compound required by the body.
    2. Increase consumption of raw fruits and vegetables. Raw bananas, avocados, dried fruits and nuts are all good sources of vitamin B6 and as a part of natural foods are the best form in the universe-nature’s form. Legumes and grains used in cereals and baked items should be whole grain.
    3. Don’t eat any foods with dyes or coloring agents.
    4. Reduce your protein consumption to approximately 50 gm per day.
    5. For physical therapy, splints are available and pulsed ultrasound can be used. Contact your local hospital for physical therapists or contact local chiropractors to see who is skilled in this form of physical therapy.
    6. Create breaks and change positions for repetitive hand tasks. Additionally, engage in a regular aerobic and resistance training program which will increase overall fitness, strength, circulation, and joint flexibility.
    7. Rule out a thyroid problem. If carpal tunnel syndrome is in both hands, (bilateral) the thyroid may be under functioning. Thyroid supplementation in these instances can result in significant improvement in two to three weeks.
    Be patient. This is a condition that likely is a result of years of improper nutrition and perhaps physical and environmental abuse. At least three months are required to see improvement. Use this as an opportunity to not only heal your hands but reap the overall benefits of a healthier lifestyle.
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Shark Cartilage, Cancer, And Arthritis
    Over 65 reports have appeared in the scientific literature in the last few years regarding shark cartilage taken orally or by enema. It is reputed to have beneficial effects particularly for cancer and arthritis.
    It exerts its action by suppressing (angiogenesis) thus “starving” tumor growth.
    The preliminary results are impressive enough that its use should be examined by anyone seeking natural, non-toxic therapies
    To receive product literature new blood vessel formation, contact Cartilade-Allergy Research. 1-800-545-9960.
    For books, cassettes, and research reports contact Information Services. 1-800-742-7534.