Dr. R. L. Wysong
December 1993


    If every time we did something that would bring harm to ourselves, to society or to the environment, we were given some painful jolts of voltage sufficient to cause us to discontinue and not want to do it again, most problems facing humanity would be almost instantly solved.  But that’s not the way things are.  Other than sticking our hand in a fire or falling off a cliff, or similar easy lessons in living, most choices we make require foresight, and a measure of potential consequences perhaps far into the future. 
    Therein lies our problem.   We are lazy, we like to cheat, we are pleasure-for-the-moment driven, are good with alibis and excuses and are particularly good at self-justification.  We use all of these mental acrobatics to permit us to do things that we may rationally or intuitively know may bring us, or the world around us, eventual harm. 
    We continue doing what is comfortable for us until eventually we are sufficiently harmed, or the evidence becomes so overwhelming that what we are doing is wrong, that we then may change due to the brute force of public opinion.  Even then there are stalwart conservatives who deny the ill effects of anything that would mean change. 
    Thus, although cigarette smoking, industrial smog, water pollution, radiation, toxic gases emitted from modern construction materials, and sedentary living are all proven now to cause harm, even grievous life-threatening harm, they continue to be embraced by many simply because change would mean inconvenience or sacrifice.
    Perhaps the most difficult argument to overcome in trying to convince others of the far-reaching effects of our discordancy with the natural world is Uncle Josh, who is now ninety-four and seems even quite robust, and yet has smoked a cigar and chewed tobacco since he was sixteen.   Then there is the brother-in-law who works in the nuclear plant who has never developed cancer.  There is the classmate you saw at the recent reunion who is engaged in no exercise program, watches virtually every soap opera and eats pounds of Godiva Chocolates every week but yet looks more trim and fit than you in spite of your tofu and jazzercise.  Or how about the NBA All-Star who eats nothing but greasy fast foods, additive-laden soft drinks, and candy bars? 
    I usually respond by noting that there are people who drive drunk habitually and have done so for decades without ever getting in a wreck.  And there are infantry men who have gone on many campaigns on the front line and have never been wounded.  But I explain that just because they escaped harm does not mean such a course is wise and that the odds are not against you.
    Here is an even better rebuttal I have found.  Back on page 1 you will see a computed tomographic scan of the head of an inebriated man admitted to the Emergency Department of a hospital.  In the side view you can see an approximately 2” nail embedded in the back part of the skull.   In the front view, you can see that this nail is in the center of the brain.   The patient disclosed that some twelve years earlier he had attempted suicide during a depressive episode, and had used a nail gun directed between the eyes to end his life.  Since that time, he has been essentially symptom-free with the exception of a slight limp and slight facial droop. 
    Everything is a matter of the odds.  If you can shoot nails into your brain and survive essentially unscathed, then certainly you might be able to smoke, lead a sedentary life, breathe toxic fumes, be unfit, and eat almost anything and possibly escape damage too. 
    For most of us, however, it would be much smarter to weigh the odds in our favor and use our brain (minus nails) to exercise judgment and foresight and make decisions now that increase the odds for a better human condition.
Violence - How To Protect Yourself
    Increasingly, violence is becoming a greater threat to your health than any disease.
    There are over 25,000 murders a year in the U.S.  That’s one every twenty-one minutes.  Homicide is the second leading cause of death in people fifteen to twenty-four years and the first cause of death for male blacks between the ages of fifteen to twenty-four.  More teenagers and young adults die from gunshots than from all natural causes combined. Now 5% or more of all high school students carry guns to classes.
    The murder rate for the small cities of 50,000 to 100,000 increased 21% in 1991 and this percentage is increasing even more in 1993.  One million semi-automatic guns are made in the U.S. each year and these semi-automatics are replacing the handgun as the preferred weapon.  They are as easy to buy as a toothbrush.  The Washington Post reported that 1.9 million AK-47 automatic rifles were imported from China in the years 1989 to 1991.  These did not go to the military.  They went to our neighbors. 
    Opponents to gun control are many and powerful.  For example, Virginia passed gun control legislation limiting citizens to only being able to purchase one gun per month.  Twelve new weapons purchased by each citizen in Virginia per year was considered a victory for gun control proponents.
    The economic toll from such violence in the U.S. in terms of medical care and lost productivity is over 14 billion dollars a year and climbing.
    The loss of safety and order in our society is a symptom of serious underlying social and economic ills.  These problems have existed for decades, perhaps even far longer than that, and are simply now realizing their full-blown social-diseased state.
    Here you can see a chart showing the gross federal debt.  It’s very simple, it simply shows that politicians are incapable of balancing a checkbook and are bent on spending strategies that simply help assure their getting re-elected.  It would take, just in 1993, 57 cents out of every dollar of federal income taxes to pay just the interest on the debt.   Shortly it will take the entire amount of income taxes collected to pay this interest.  The federal debt will soon top $5 trillion, translating to $100,000 for every family of five.
    Notice the debt curve is not even a curve any more.  It is almost a line going straight up.  Before this line reaches infinity, long before that, the country is broke —bankrupt.
    If that happens to you or me, we are in dire straights.  If we can’t even pay the interest on our debt, much less the principal, no one is going to lend us any money any more.  If we have no other source of money, we will either croak from starvation or go out into the neighborhood and start plundering to feed ourselves and our family.  Back to that in a moment.
    For now, look at what the government’s situation is.  They are  in a position where they only have one choice: print more money.  They seem incapable of making the hard choices in terms of budgetary cuts, so the printing presses will likely roll.  If that happens, the value of our money will be rapidly inflated.  Actually, they have two choices.   They either print the money or they default on programs such as Social Security, Medicare, military pensions and so forth. Not a very popular move and certainly not one that will get them re-elected.  On the other hand, if they follow through with their obligations on these and other kinds of entitlement programs, they will have to pay with worthless inflated money fresh off the printing presses.  Printing money is a little more deceptive and thus the more likely course of action.
    It is a terrifying scenario but it is one which we in a very real sense face now. 
    In the meantime, faced with a situation where our government is in debt greater than the total number of dollars in existence, we can expect to see bigger economic woes.  The poor economy will continue to eliminate jobs by the millions.  Uncontrolled flooding of immigrants will take more of the jobs that are available.  Growing drug use, because of the economic advantage to those who sell them, and because of the despair of those who take them, will create more crime.
    Gangs are now not only statewide but even have nationwide powers.  Governments have developed a tolerant attitude toward looting and rioting.  Juries even side with the attackers, arguing that they couldn’t help themselves since they themselves were victims of the riot fervor. For example, the beaters of Reginald Denny in L.A. — an event we all witnessed again and again on TV — were simply excused! 
    The 1992 riots in Los Angeles and in other U.S. cities are just a hint of the holocaust which can come to America’s urban areas as economic woes deepen and the social fabric unravels. 
    And guess what?  You’re pretty much on your own.  Government protection, if widespread breakdown occurs, is extremely limited.  In the 1992 Los Angeles riots, for example, police were simply overwhelmed and in some areas they simply withdrew — leaving the citizens at the mercy of the crazed mobs.  So don’t plan on help from a simple dial of 911.   You must prepare to be both your first and your last line of defense.
    I know this sounds shocking and I don’t want to seem (or be) paranoid, but the facts speak for themselves.  For those who already live in the inner cities, you know well what I am talking about.   For those of you who believe you are safe in suburbia or in smaller cities, it may be just a matter of time.
    In his monthly Update, James Cook sees this decay in our society ultimately linked to the welfare mentality:
    “The free health care, the unemployment insurance, the subsidies, the social security; someday none of it will be there.  At the very worst time it will all be gone.  Even the mighty U.S. government must fail in its attempt to subsidize every human discomfort or failure.  It simply can’t be done...
    If you don’t choose to work, you have an inalienable right to get money.  This has got to be the sickest society on earth...
    A high percentage of welfare recipients are addicts, alcoholics or both.  People who come to love drugs or alcohol more than their children raise narcissistic misfits who repeat the cycle, unleashing even more pronounced predators on society.  The welfare system begets violence and crime.  It begins to corrupt the recipients the moment they go on the dole.  From one generation to the next the damage is stupefying.
    The dying dollar causes the world’s commodities and goods to become prohibitively expensive in the U.S.  A raging inflation superimposes itself on top of a full blown depression.  The government issues edicts and orders, along with trillions of dollars but the international currency markets see through the masquerade.   The dollar is dead and the desperate government confiscates everything in sight to stave off bankruptcy.
    The welfare checks bounce and the social security payments don’t buy anything.  The grey panthers riot.  The cities burn.  The socialist party experiences a huge surge in membership.  Union members vandalize and destroy their former employers.  Government employees are paid through a value added tax on all private assets and from the sale of the gold in Fort Knox.  Chaotic financial conditions, anarchy in the cities and vigilantism spread across the nation.  The government resorts to force and martial law, but nothing can restore the purchasing power of the subsidy checks or the old asset values.  It’s over.”
    Pretty sobering, if not downright scary, is it not?
    The idea here is don’t despairDo something.  One, don’t contribute to the problem with a welfare mentality and endless consumerism and debt — and two, take preventive actions. 
    Here are some specific things you can do to help protect yourself in the event of social breakdown. These are steps that may indeed be unnecessary if nothing ever happens, but if something does happen, you will forever thank yourself for taking measures now while you have opportunity:
    1.             Secure your neighborhood — talk with neighbors about the possibility of violence coming to the neighborhood and what to do.  Begin neighborhood watch programs and get a list of neighbors and telephone numbers so that you can readily communicate.  Gangs in the Los Angeles area moved out into the smaller neighborhoods but left all areas where there was determined resistance, in search of easier pickings.  One neighborhood was kept intact by the neighbors rolling dumpsters into the road, illuminating the intersection in front of the barricades, and posting armed residents behind them.  Hour after hour vehicles filled with armed gangs approached the barricades, but moved on once they determined the area was protected and was not going to be an easy target.  The neighborhood ended up unscathed.
    2.             Secure your home — security includes walls, fences, floodlights, alarms, good locks, deadbolts, unbreakable windows, and metal doors.  Contact resource A - page 8 for further suggestions.
    3.             Be prepared to be self-reliant — canned goods, dried foods, the new MRE military rations and other non-perishables can be stored in the home.  Fortunately many foods that are very healthful can be easily stored.  Dried fruits, dried meats, and whole grains have good shelf lives and are highly concentrated and nutritious.  Also, consider a first-aid kit, a good home generator such as the Honda PM2500XK1, a cellular phone and an array of camping equipment including stove lanterns, coolers, sleeping bags and even a tent.
    4.             Prepare an escape route — know where you can go and how you can get there under your own power if violence threatens your neighborhood.
    5.             Have portable money — maintain a supply of cash. Have traveler’s checks on hand and currency.   Keep the money in a secure place in the home and then if you have to escape, have a European-type money belt to transport the money with you.
    6.             Relocate to safer areas — even the Marines know when to retreat.  If you are in a high crime area, which most densely populated American urban areas are, consider moving not just to the suburbs, but to smaller more remote cities or even into rural areas.  Also consider moving into a climate that would not threaten you if you were forced to live outside for a period of time.
    7.             Get tough — you must be prepared personally to be able to defend yourself against an attacker.  You don’t have to wait for any further social breakdown.  This is something that could happen at any moment walking down any American street. 
    Eat healthy, stay fit.  By following the eating guidelines discussed continually in the Health Letter, you will much more likely be better nourished than your attacker.  By engaging in a regular aerobic and weight training fitness program — only about thirty minutes three times a week is required — you can be more fit than your attacker.
    This will help you outrun someone, but if you are not skilled in the art of personal combat, you are still vulnerable.
    Surprisingly, anyone can develop defense skills that are highly effective in winning such a confrontation.   The best training I have seen is a hand-to-hand fighting system based upon the science of automatic reflex reactions. 
    The system is called the SCARS Fighting System.  It is a classified military system that must be learned, practiced, and used with extreme seriousness.  The system creates an offensive rather than defensive mindset.  This does not mean that you go out looking for a fight, but rather if you are attacked, you don’t think defensively, which simply causes you to react to actions on the attacker’s part, but rather think offensively so that you initiate actions that force them to react to protect themselves. 
    The reactions from certain offensive attacks have been carefully studied.  Once learned, the system will place you in control such that you will know that if you strike your attacker in a particular way, exactly what his response will be and how you will then be able to further incapacitate him.
    As I said, this is serious stuff, but if you really want to prepare yourself against attack, it is a program you should be well familiar with. 
    This defense system is not a sport or simply a style.  It is rather a predictable science, originally developed for combat fighting where if you lost, you died. For example, if you claw a man’s eye it is known:
    His head will go back first, then the right foot will go back; He will step one full step with the right foot; He will turn his body towards the right and grab his eye with both hands; He will grab with the closest hand to the eyes first and the other hand will follow and lap over.
    If you strike the windpipe below the Adam’s Apple:
    The man will step back one full step with either foot; He will rotate until he is fully stepped back; Then he will rotate towards the foot that he has put behind him.
    The strategy with the throat shot is that it will keep the man facing you but backing away slightly and this gives you adequate time to make other strikes such as at the sternum, the heart, or the lung.
    These are just two examples taken from the course offered in resource B.  The author, in written and video form carefully shows how, if attacked in particular ways, there are certain strikes that can be made to incapacitate your attacker.
    The most unique feature of this program is its effect of putting you in an offensive mindset so that you are not simply reacting to or defending against an attacker, which almost always results in an adverse outcome for you.
    This is a topic I have not enjoyed.  Nevertheless, ignoring danger does not make it go away, it simply increases the likelihood for being a victim.  Use the resources as a beginning point to learn how you can secure yourself, your family, and your possessions.  Be aware.  Don’t assume that just because you have never been a victim it will never occur, or because America has always seemed a place of stability, security, and justice that that is the way it will remain for you.  Take steps now to be prepared.
        New England Journal of Medicine, October 7, 1993: 1084
        A)   The Ron Paul Strategy Guide available from Ron Paul & Associates, Inc., 18333 Egret Bay, #265, Houston, Texas  77058, 1-800-766-7285 
        Jim Powell’s book Urban Safety Guide is available by contacting Globalcor (Communications) Ltd., P.O. Box 41, Gainesville, GA 30503, 1-800-542-9221
        Lancet, May 29, 1993: 1375;
        B)   The SCARS Fighting System is described in Hostile Control Systems with Jerry Peterson and is available from Optimum Training Systems, Dept #22-H, 2945 South Mooney Blvd., Visalia, CA  93277, 1-800-582-2083
        Information about Personal Attack Alarms (PALLs) is available from Gawne International, P.O. Box 1453, Midland, MI  48640, 1-517-631-3030 
        The 50-minute Principles of Home Defense video is available from Wild Wing Productions, 7240 Valjean Ave., Van Nuys, CA  91406, 1-818-994-4956 
        SAS Survival Techniques is a money-back guarantee video available from Osprey, Ltd. P.O. Box 44166, Milwaukee, WI  53214 
        100% money back guarantee;  Self-sufficience and food storage handbook/catalog available from Happy Hovel Foods, P.O. Box 781, Yelm, WA  98597.
Natural Treatment of Colds and Flu
    First, get plenty of sleep.   As the days become shorter in the Fall and Winter, your body will tell you that you need more sleep.  Getting 1-3 more hours of sleep during this time of year may be necessary to help you ward off disease. 
    Exercise regularly and try to do it to such an extent that you get heated up and sweat.  If you have a cold, you will find that this form of exercise can provide some immediate relief. 
    Spend time doing things that increase your body temperature such as enjoying saunas and jacuzzis.  Some practitioners recommend breathing the warm air from a hair dryer nightly for 2-3 minutes to help kill potential cold viruses that may be lurking within your respiratory system.
    Nutritional supplements such as vitamin C in the 500-1000 mg. range, 2-3 times a day have reportedly both helped prevent colds and shorten their duration.  A multi-vitamin mineral supplement containing both fat soluble vitamins, B complex vitamins, and minerals including zinc is also beneficial (Resource C).
    Homeopathic remedies are available for various kinds and stages of colds and flus.  This is a sophisticated form of medicine requiring knowledge of symtoms before a specific remedy can be prescribed.  See the Wysong Resource List for the names of homeopathic practitioners.   Otherwise you may try some of the remedies yourself since they are virtually without danger.  (Resource D)  Some examples of homeophatics would include Aconite, which is used at the first sign of a cold, when there is sneezing, nasal discharge, fever, and an inflamed throat.  Aconite is recommended during the first 24 hours of a cold.  Arsenicum is used if you feel cold, and Belladonna is used if you feel hot.
    Herbs — Echinacea, Goldenseal, Propolis, Garlic, and St. John’s Wort are all herbals which are reportedly useful in boosting the immune system and combatting cold and flu infections.
    Keep in mind that the Fall and Winter, as a result of the changing circadian cycle of the sun, depress your immune system and make you quite vulnerable to disease.  Additionally, enclosing yourself in sealed homes breathing less-than-healthy air, and decreased exposure to what sunlight there is, also take their toll and weaken you.  It is the time of the year to recognize that you are vulnerable, and to take the appropriate steps to guard more carefully against disease.
        C)   RDA™ - A multi-vitamin/mineral supplement (available from the Healthy Alternatives Store 1-800-748-0188).
        D)   Homeopathic remedies (available from the Healthy Alternatives Store 1-800-748-0188).
Home Probate Business
    A money-back guaranteed seminar course is available for individuals who would like to learn how to develop a potentially highly lucrative home business.  More than three million probate properties pass through the court system each year.  Often these are chewed up with attorney fees, settling costs, estate taxes, and other expenses.  Many items in probate such as cars, jewelry, houses, and so forth can’t be divided, so they are sold at often substantial discounts to generate cash for the estate.  A home probate business permits you to purchase these properties at substantial discounts and teaches you how to then sell them at a profit.  You are thus provided income, and those trying to get out from under the heavy costs of probate as quickly as possible are assisted by you doing so.  This is a business with virtually no competitors, and it requires no previous experience, licenses, or college degrees.  In our days of financial uncertainty, when even multi-national corporations are in jeopardy, taking control of your own business and economic life by having your own business is definitely something everyone should explore.   (Resource E)
        E)    For more information contact Jim Banks, Probate Business, Box 7000-646, Redondo Beach, CA  90277.
Fuel-free living and a possible home business
    A patented building system called Enertia™ touts that it is the world’s most efficient building system.   It is basically a framed wood house within another wood house encasement.   Solar energy heats the space between the two and passively distributes it.       Unlike conventional stick-built homes, the Enertia home is made of massive solid-wood walls that store heat in a process called “thermal inertia.”  This internal heat is then boosted and circulated by solar energy.   The reverse cycle occurs in the summer, dissipating heat and cooling the interior.   Information is available on where these homes may be available or for opportunities for builders and dealers in establishing a business providing these homes.  (Resource F)
        F)    Enertia Building Systems, Route 1, Box 67, Wake Forest, NC  27587, 1-919-556-0177
Rheumatoid arthritis
    Gamma Linolenic Acid is found in the oils extracted from the seeds of Evening Primrose and borage plants.   (Resource G)  In a controlled clinical trial of thirty-seven people afflicted with this autoimmune disease, those who received the supplement had less pain and fewer signs of inflammation.  Those who did not receive the supplement had a worsening of the disease activity and no improvement during the course of the study.   
    Although the researchers found no side effects associated with the use of the supplement, they warned that “rather than rush out to health food stores and purchase Primrose or borage seed oil, people with rheumatoid arthritis should rely on proven treatments for this condition.”  My questions are, number one, if there are no adverse side effects, why not rush out and buy the oils, and number 2, what are these other “proven” treatments?  I’m sure those of you with rheumatoid arthritis would like to know what they are also.
        G)   Evening Primrose and Borage herbs (available from the Healthy Alternatives Store 1-800-748-0188).
        Science News, Nov. 6, 1993, p. 303
Ailing doctors
    More than a third of U.S. physicians practicing today say that if given the chance to do it all over again, they would not go to medical school.
        Onmi, November, 1993: 33
The love muscle exercise
    Strengthening the muscles in the floor of the pelvis helps genital/sexual fitness.  By strengthening this muscle it is also said to help prostate problems and urine leaking in both men and women.   The muscles you squeeze in this exercise are the same muscles you use to hold back urine or bowel movements.  The exercises can be done at any time sitting or standing.   To begin, simply squeeze and release these pelvic muscles ten to fifteen times in a row twice a day.  Though at first you may find yourself tensing your stomach and leg muscles, after a few days you will be able to isolate the pelvic muscles.  Increase the number of repetitions until you can do sixty or seventy squeezes a day.  Then learn to hold the squeezes for a count of three and then release for up to sixty or seventy squeezes twice a day.  Doing the short squeezes, then alternate days doing the count of three squeezes, will provide an excellent workout for these muscles.   After a time, you will find yourself being able to do them effortlessly and automatically to become “love muscle fit.”
        The Koszinski Group, Suite 201, 127 East 59th Street, New York, NY 10022
Prostate cancer treatment
    In a recent Health Letter we noted the current assessment of prostate cancer therapy is that the person is just as well off doing nothing as being subjected to the various forms of treatment presently available.  An alternate treatment is called photo oxidation which is a combination of intravenous hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet radiation of the blood.  Some researchers, not tied to conventional thinking, believe this offers the most hope and promise at present for reversing this condition.  Contact the reference and resources in our article on “oxygen as a nutrient” in the Vol. 7 No. 10 of the Wysong Health Letter.
   Cryo Suspension is now being offered at a cost of $100,000.  In this process the body is frozen just after it is dead in the hope that future medical advances can result in a resurrection and cure.  If you can’t afford the full process, you can get a head-only job.  The idea here is that if your brain is intact, perhaps in the future all the other parts will be able to be attached to it.
    Another option envisioned now is up-loading all of your neural networks onto a computer disk, thus transferring your consiousness into a computer and giving you computer immortality.  In theory then you could just be plugged in any time, talked to and questioned for eternity.
        Lancet, November 6, 1993: 1186
Root Canals as a cause of disease
    Bacteria and even undetectable toxins within root canals are believed to lie at the root of some chronic conditions of individuals who have had root canal oral surgery performed.  Just about any chronic condition or organ disease may be related to root canals that may only be resolved if the tooth is pulled.  If you have root canals and have a chronic condition that will not respond despite your best efforts, read the book “Root Canal Cover-up Exposed.” (Resource H)
        H)   “Root Canal Cover-up Exposed,” available from the Wysong Library, 1880 North Eastman, Midland, MI  48640, 1-800-748-0188)
Chronic acne
    Large doses of vitamin A — 50,000 units twice a day — are reportedly effective in treating chronic acne.   Although this is a large dosage of A, as long as liver function is checked about every six months, there is reportedly no danger.  Even if the liver begins to show pathology, it is easily reversed by simply discontinuing the vitamin.
        Second Opinion, November, 1993: 8
Soy for prostate cancer
    Japanese men consuming high levels of soybean products known to be high in phyto-estrogens experience an inhibition in the growth of prostate cancer.  Good resources of soy include tofu and a newly developed delicious peanut butter/soy spread.7  (Resource I)
        I)     Peanut Butter Plus™ - A peanut butter soy spread (available from the Healthy Alternatives Store 1-800-748-0188).
        Lancet, November 15, 1993: 1209
Coenzyme Q-10
    Some nutritionists believe Coenzyme Q10 to be one of the most beneficial of all supplemental nutrients.   Coenzyme Q10 is the compound used in the body in cellular energy-producing reactions.  It is also believed to have antioxidant properties.  Some believe everyone should be taking Coenzyme Q10 if they have an illness or if they wish not to have one.  The common dosage recommended for illness is 180 to 300 mg. per day.  For those with congestive heart failure, a condition with many reports of success using the product, 240 mg. daily in two 120 mg. doses is recommended.  For just a preventive, 30 to 60 mg. once a day is suggested.  This is a nutrient on the hit list of the FDA, which claims it to be ineffective.  However, many scientific studies demonstrate its effectiveness and many individuals swear that without it they would not be alive.
        Health and Healing, November, 1993: 1
Second-hand smoke and lung cancer
    A recent study demonstrated that non-smokers exposed to side-stream cigarette smoke take up and metabolize the carcinogen capable of causing lung cancer.
        New England Journal of Medicine, November 18, 1993: 1543
Omega 3’s in recovery
    As described thoroughly in my book “Lipid Nutrition,” omega 3 fatty acids (the fish oil factor) are widely deficient in modern populations.  Not only are they deficient, but they have been replaced with toxic, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils found in practically every processed food made.  Researchers now have demonstrated that by supplementing omega 3 fatty acids when recuperating from surgery or physical trauma, that recovery is speeded and shorter hospital stays made possible.  Omega 3 sources include flax, soy and fish oils.  (Resource J)
        Surgery, July, 1992;         Journal of The American College of Nutrition, October, 1992       J) Omega 3 sources - Flax, soy and fish oils (available from the Healthy Alternatives Store 1-800-748-0188).
Montezuma’s Revenge
   Traveler’s diarrhea can be particularly threatening to young children who can experience dehydration.  An easily-made cereal-based oral rehydration solution is reportedly very effective for treating this condition:  mix one-half cup of dry pre-cooked baby rice cereal with two cups of water (bottled or boiled and cooled) and one-quarter teaspoon of salt (preferably whole or celtic salt). (Resource K)  The mixture should be thick, but pourable and drinkable and should not taste salty.
        New England Journal of Medicine, November, 18, 1993: 1585
K) Whole Salt™ - A natural 74-trace mineral salt (available from the Healthy Alternatives Store 1-800-748-0188).
Dental fillings and antibiotic resistance
    A study found that the mercury in dental amalgum fillings caused a jump in drug resistant bacteria from 9% to 70%.   When the fillings were removed, the resistance dropped to 12%.  Apparently the genes that protect bacteria from mercury lie close to those that protect against antibiotics so that bacteria that survive one are also resistant to the other.
        Healthwatch, Fall, 1993: 13
A, C, & E
    Mounting epidemiologic and other research continues to make the case for the value of the antioxidant vitamins A (beta carotene), C, & E in slowing the progression and even preventing the development of many aging-related diseases such as:  immune disorders and depressed function, cancer, caridovascular disease, cataracts, arthritis, dental disease, and, frankly, almost every other degenerative condition known.  All processed food fare can have these nutrients removed, altered, or destroyed.  Increasingly convert your diet to fresh, whole, natural foods and consider a daily insurance policy of a concentrated food source   A, C, & E supplement.13 (Resource L)
        Pet Food Industry, November/December, 1993: 4-
        L)    Fod A•C•E™ - A food-derived Vitamin A, C and E supplement (available from the Healthy Alternatives Store 1-800-748-0188).  
Don’t let apparently youthful health fool you
    I have discussed before various studies wherein young individuals have been examined at autopsy to determine whether early stage disease was underway.  For example, autopsies of young men who died in the Korea and Vietman wars.  In individuals with no apparent sign of overt disease, the coronary vessels feeding the heart muscle had already begun to fill with atherosclerotic plaque, the plugging material that leads to heart attacks in later life.  A new study of over 1,500 teenagers who died from non-disease causes has shown that in the age group 15-19 that all of the aortas and about half of the right corony arteries already had atherosclerotic development. 
    Youth is incredibly resilient and gives both the young person and the parent the impression that health is present, when in fact insidious disease may be smoldering within.  The diets of young people today are literally choked with hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils and free radical processed fats.  Fast foods and snacks are the primary culprits.  Keep your kids on fresh, whole, natural foods as much as possible, encourage a multi-vitamin mineral supplement and an A, C and E antioxidant supplement (Resource C, L) to help protect them from the degenerative, debilitating diseases that strike middle-age modern society like a modern plague.
        C)   RDA™ - A multi-vitamin/mineral supplement (available from the Healthy Alternatives Store 1-800-748-0188).
        L)    Food A•C•E™ - A food-derived Vitamin A, C and E supplement (available from the Healthy Alternatives Store 1-800-748-0188).
        Arteriosclerosis and Thrombosis, September, 19, 1993: 1291-
B12 for dementia
    About 5% of individuals over the age of 70 may be suffering from a vitamin B12 deficiency.  This deficiency can result in symptons such as dementia and paranoia very similar to Alzheimer’s.  A urine test is available from clinical laboratories to determine if there is a B12 deficiency.  If there is, certainly supplementation would be in order.  But even without the test, it may be wise for elderly individuals to take vitamin B12 supplements, and of course be sure to eat a varied diet consisting of fresh, whole, natural foods as much as possible.
        The American Journal of Medicine, June, 1993: 589
Doctors and magicians
    A recent writer for the British medical journal, The Lancet, reflected on the similarity between doctors and magicians:  “Successful practitioners of both combine an omniscient demeanor with soothing and distracting patter to induce in their clients a gentle and relaxed curtailmnt of critical thought, leading to credulity and therefrom aesthetic satisfaction.”
        Lancet, October 2, 1993: 875 \
Vitamin K for osteoporosis
    Some researchers now believe that vitamin K may be even more important than calcium to prevent osteoporosis.   Vitamin K is necessary for osteocalcin to combine with calcium to build a matrix of bone.  Lots of fresh dark green vegetables are good sources of vitamin K and most multi-vitamin mineral supplements contain vitamin K. (Resource C)
        C)   RDA™ - A multi-vitamin/mineral supplement (available from the Healthy Alternatives Store 1-800-748-0188).
Boron for arthritis
    An Australian study has demonstrated that boron, a trace mineral, may relieve severe osteoarthritis.  71% of the individuals using the boron supplement experienced an improvement in their condition.   Boron is a trace mineral found in fruits and vegetables, particularly those organically grown.  Although there is no RDA established for boron, it is not hard to imagine a deficiency occurring with the predominance of processed foods in the modern diet, and industrialized farming removing trace minerals year after year from the land but not replacing them.
        Health Counselor, October/November, 1993: 13    
Vitamins for heart disease
    Elevated blood homocysteine levels are associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease (see Wysong Health Letter Vol. 7 No. 1).  A study of 1160 adults demonstrated that those individuals with low levels of vitamins B12, B6 and folic acid had elevated homocysteine levels.  Since large segments of the population, and in particular the elderly, are deficient in the B vitamins, a supplement containing at least the RDA of vitamins and minerals (Resource C) along with whole grains, and several servings daily of fresh fruits and vegetables is advisable.
        C)   RDA™ - A multi-vitamin/mineral supplement (available from the Healthy Alternatives Store 1-800-748-0188).
        Journal of the American Medical Association 12-8-93: 2693
IV nutrients for asthma
    Good eating and multi-vitamin mineral supplementation may alleviate asthma or at least decrease the severity.  Some nutritionally sophisticated physicians are now giving an IV combination of magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin C to individuals who are suffering asthma severe enough to go to the emergency room, and creating relief sometimes within only thirty to sixty seconds.  For a physician who is aware of these kinds of treatments see the Wysong Health Resources list or contact Dr. Allen Gaby, 31 Walker Avenue, Suite 100, Pikesville, MD  21208.
        Health Counselor, October/November, 1993: 12
Put a Big Mac in your salad
    All you have to do is add one packet of ranch dressing to a McDonald’s chef salad and you have approximately the same fat and calories as are in the Big Mac.
        University of California at Berkeley Wellness Letter, November, 1993: 1
Orange juice for kidney stones
    Drinking 1.2 liters of orange juice daily with meals has been reported to be as effective as pharmaceuticals in preventing kidney stone formation.
        Journal of Urology 1993, Vol. 149, No. 6: 1405-
Yogurt and vaginal east
    84 patients in Israel participated in a study evaluating the use of yogurt to cure vaginal candidas (yeast) infections.  Ten to fifteen milliliters were deposited directly into the vagina by a syringe — twice daily for seven days, and then repeated once weekly.  The syringe was inserted one to two inches into the vagina.  Most of the individuals in the yogurt therapy group had the best response compared to controls and others utilizing acetic acid.  Most, in fact, had their problem completely resolved.  We reported previously the beneficial effects of yogurt for this condition (see Wysong Health Letter Vol. 7 No. 3).   The best yogurt is that which you make yourself.22  (Resource M)
        Acta Obset Gynecol Scand 91: 72
        M) Yogurt starter cultures, equipment and directions (available from the Healthy Alternatives Store 1-800-748-0188).
Oxygen and multiple sclerosis
    Intravenous hydrogen peroxide (see Wysong Health Letter Vol. 7 No. 10) and/or exercising on a stationary  bicycle while breathing oxygen through a nasal cannula at six to eight liters per minute has been reported to be a safe, effective therapy.
        Second Opinion, October, 1993: 8
Heart attack, self-therapy
    If you are having a heart attack or you are with someone who is and don’t know C.P.R., forced coughing once per second can keep blood flowing sufficiently to help maintain consciousness.  The forced contraction of the diaphragm and chest wall help squeeze the heart, acting like self-performed C. P. R.
    Additionally, by chewing up an aspirin and swallowing immediately, blood clotting may be prevented as well as heart muscle damage.
        Longevity Newsletter, November, 1993: 6
Honey and peptic ulcer
    As reported in a previous issue (see Wysong Health Letter Vol. 7 No. 9), peptic ulcer is related to an infection by the bacterium Heliocobacter pylori.  Taking 80 milliliters of Manuka honey daily reportedly acts as an antibacterial against this pathogen.
        Lancet, October 2, 1993: 858
Music in the O.R.
    If going under the knife, consider taking along some relaxing music to listen to before, during, and after the surgery.  Several studies have demonstrated that listening to relaxing music greatly reduces anxiety, pain, stress hormones in the blood, the need for pre-operative and post-operative medications, and speeds recovery.  Such music can actually decrease the amount of sedatives required and produce an effect comparable to that of an intravenous dose of two-and-one-half milligrams of Valium.
        Longevity Newsletter, November, 1993: 3