Dr. R. L. Wysong
August 1998

    I don't know about you, but I feel like I'm having a bad dream. It just keeps getting worse, too.

    After watching media commentary and then President Clinton's explanation (verbal legerdemain) to the nation recently, I am aghast.  He told us, in effect, that he lied, that he used his lawyer skills to groom words in a deposition so that what he appeared to say was wrong but legally okay, and that the real problem lies with those who are investigating and revealing the wrongdoing.

    Now this is just about one issue with a young ingenue employee of ours having numerous "meetings" in our house, on our time and on our dime. There's a whole bunch more.  His presidency has been scandal upon scandal with no end in sight.

    This is not something we can be very proud of as Americans. The turpitude that is being thrown in our face daily seems almost surreal. Things are discussed openly on the nightly news now, in relation to the office of highest honor in the land, that one could normally only read about in a dirty book.

    But what has me reeling is not all that the President has done, but rather what the citizenry has not. The tolerance for the debasement of the highest office in the land is astounding. His defenders (the polled majority?) will apparently justify any action of his no matter how outrageous, and attest to deflect blame everywhere but on the proper target.

    What is so special about this person that he deserves such tolerance? Isn't he a carbon-based life form just like the rest of us, and subject to the same standards of decency, ethics and the rule of law? Do we have a king or a government by consent?      Is he even not more accountable since it is he who has chosen to put himself in a position that is held up as a model to our children? Let's not forget that we have given him the key to the nuclear button or that he could call our sons and daughters to arms. What kind of person should we be assigning such power to? Shouldn't that person at least be believable?

    I'm not being moralistic here and suggesting that anyone is pure as the driven snow.  But when we do screw up, especially if we remain unrepentant, we should expect to pay a price and be held accountable by those responsible for keeping our society intact. If we're in a position of significant responsibility, we should step down or expect to be replaced.

    The unreasonableness of the continued support in spite of the mounting evidence is bewildering. He is supposedly doing a “good job” but what on earth does that mean? He merely inherited an excellent economy and this is being used as the measure of the man.  This reminds me of the popularity of Mussolini in spite of his crimes, because “he made the trains run on time.”

    I will grant that he has a friendly personality and a becoming presence.  Sadly, I think these are the attributes that have the nation beguiled. We choose leaders based upon their appearance and the smoothness of their words and not the substance of their ideas or character. We also support. those who promise the most government hand-outs. (The Clinton white House is a strong advocate of the unconstitutional income tax, the essential means by which individual privacy is erased, income is redistributed and vote-getting government hand-outs can be effected.)

    We are a people led by the superficial. We're entertained so much that we think the whole world is like a movie and our job is to support the best actors.

    The consequences of this continued mindless attitude will come back to haunt us big time. They already do. Failed health, environmental compromise, social decay and international crisis will only increase if the trend continues.

    In the commercial world there is a parallel to the political. We choose products based upon nonsensical ads. We eat based upon taste alone. We consume to be "cool" regardless of the environmental or health toll. Fad over fact, superficiality over depth, desire over truth, form over function and whim over reality have become the predominant public mindset.

    It should be repugnant to any thinking person to have political leaders who rule by watching polls, or industry that produces based upon market.  Principle, not popularity, is the responsibility of good leaders.

    The result of our present course is a sick society.  We are sick physically, mentally and socially. The solution is to grow up and start using our brains.; The health of each of us individually and that of our free-society experiment hang in the balance.

    Heat is intimately linked with life and cold linked to death. Heat is the movement of atoms and the release of energy. Cold is the opposite.

    The second law of thermodynamics says that all closed systems gravitate toward a state of randomness and coldness. That is why things left to their own always become disordered. It is the reason that the sun will eventually lose its energy and a toy wound up by a rubber band stops after a short spurt.

    Life in general seems apparently immune to the second law in that living systems are highly ordered and highly energized. But this is because life is not a closed system. It is influenced by outside forces. This begins with its original organization from the genetic material from the parents, and then from the extraction of energy from likewise genetically programmed food materials.

    If the body is not maintained at a certain temperature, life will cease. Cold is the enemy of life and we do all we can to protect ourselves from it. The value of heat to health is evidenced by the millions of seniors who migrate into southern latitudes seeking the heat their body no longer so easily generates. Heat is also the mechanism of fever to destroy pathogenic organisms. Although we may view fever as an excuse to give aspirin and ice baths, it is the means by which the body is attempting to heal itself

    I think heat is perhaps one of the most underrated healing modalities that exists. Heat applied to the body will dilate blood vessels, increasing the flow of immune substances and nutrients to tissues and accelerating the removal of toxins and metabolic end products. Heat speeds everything up – including healing.

    Hyperthermia is a medical therapy by which heat can be applied to specific body parts, or the blood can be removed from the body, heated, and then returned. The latter is known as whole-body hyperthermia.

    This method of healing, although not popular in conventional medical circles, nevertheless has significant clinical evidence to support its effective use. Particularly is it showing promise for extreme degenerative conditions such as AIDS and cancer.

    In cancer, cells rapidly proliferate. By heating tissues, the already out of control genetic material of cancer cells is further speeded and self destructs. It is also theorized that the destruction by heat of the cancerous material increases antigenic exposure and assists in immune response against the cancerous cells. Heat is also believed to speed the action of both the cellular and humoral parts of the immune system.

    You can keep yourself warm by staying active. The thermic effect of exercise raises body temperature and helps so many aspects of health It can speed healing and even elevate mood. Weight bearing exercise increases muscle mass which also generates more heat even at rest.

    Keep physically warm by wearing appropriate clothing or moving to a more suitable climate. Humans are obviously not designed for northern exposure. We were not born with clothes and thus that climate in which we could survive naked is the one that is appropriate for us if we wish to remain most healthy.

    For localized conditions and infections, try heat compresses two to three times daily as hot as can be tolerated for 15 to 20 minutes. Infections can be brought under control and localized in this way and degenerative conditions such as those occurring in joints can be healed more speedily by the application of heat. (Cold compresses should only be used immediately after a traumatic injury to help prevent runaway inflammation. After the initial trauma heat should be used to speed healing.)

    As a safe, nontoxic alternative to conventional methods and approaches to degenerative conditions such as cancer, explore whole-body hyperthermia.

        Townsend Letter, June 1998:60-66
        Survive Until A Cure, Inc. (non-profit organization devoted to prolonging the extent and quality of life of terminal patients afflicted with AIDS or cancer.) 203-227-5433 or email: survive~sprynet. com
    Innovative Care Medical, LLC, 2313 Dartmouth St, Arlington, TX 76015, 817-784-1429, email:  innovative@ applink.net (whole body hyperthermia)

Sexuality Is Life

    The popularity of Viagra demonstrates how important sexuality is. Some men remark they would be willing to take this sex-enhancing drug even if it shortened their life and had serious side effects.

    There is no getting away from the fact that we are sexual creatures. There is very little about us physically or psychologically that can be separated from the reproductive drive.

    In a recent study of 303 patients being studied for the efficacy of Proscar, the placebo effect demonstrated the paranoia men can have about their sexuality. In this study, some patients were given the drug and other patients were given a placebo (sugar pill). All were asked to report any adverse side effects as well as benefits.

    As it turns out, over 80% of the placebo patients reported adverse side effects including impotence and decreased libido. Evidently, the mere suggestion that the drug they thought they might be taking might affect their sexuality had the effect of indeed doing just that.

    The study demonstrates not only the importance of sexuality to humans, but also the powerful influence of suggestion and how the placebo effect can not only create ill health, but also has the potential, as I have explained in previous articles, of healing. Being positive, thinking good thoughts, being creative and keeping in control is far more powerful in health and healing than all of modern medicine combined.

        Fam Pract News, August 1, 1997:30

Light and Sleep

    With darkness, biochemical processes are set in motion that cause the increased release of melatonin, which in turn stimulates sleep. If lights are left on at night or are turned on during the middle of the night, this biochemical rhythm is disturbed and the pineal gland, which releases melatonin, shuts down. The result is restlessness, light sleep or insomnia.

    Ideally, we should use no lights and allow our bodies to naturally cycle with the sun. We don't really know the long-term effect of turning the lights on in the morning before sunrise or using lights in the evening after sundown. Melatonin is a powerful hormone that affects the immune system and many other important body processes. When we manipulate the light cycle artificially we are screwing with mother nature and that is a no-no.

    At the least, however, when you go to bed be sure there are no lights on in the room. If you get up at night to visit the bathroom, try to do so without turning on lights if you can without breaking a leg. Be aware that we are a part of nature, not apart from it. Do what you can to obey the natural light cycles and you will find that sleep comes more easily and is more restful.

    In addition, Wysong Somniquil is a nutritional supplement that will help supply nutrients for the brain to help induce relaxation and deeper sleep.

    Science, 1998;279: 1358-60

MMR Vaccine Problems

    Researchers have discovered a new childhood syndrome that appears to be linked to the Measles/Mumps/ Rubella vaccine. It is characterized by encephalitis, bowel maladies, and psychiatric problems, including autism and disintegrative psychosis. The vaccine became suspect when normally developing children developed such symptoms soon after receiving the MMR vaccine.

    Vaccinations are held as tight by the medical profession as wet is to water. There is almost no convincing conventional practitioners that this modern medical intervention is fraught with dangers. They, and e public at large, believe that it is vaccines that have vanquished the great plagues of human civilization. In actual fact, as I have discussed in previous issues and in my books, the evidence demonstrates that plagues and infectious diseases have declined as a result of the introduction of modern hygiene and better food distribution, as well as because of natural cycling of vectors, the waxing and waning of diseases.

    Vaccines and chemotherapeutic agents were introduced after such diseases as polio, diphtheria and so forth already were naturally subsiding. The vaccine is credited with the fall in infectious diseases merely by association. Similarly a person could argue that they are responsible for lowering the level of the ocean by taking buckets of water out of it if they are doing so when the tide is receding.

    This is a difficult subject and certainly a tough choice for parents who want only the best for their children and fear a decision that would supersede that of the powerful medical establishment.

    To help you, please obtain a copy of the Wysong Resource Directory to find out how to find a variety of publications on this subject. In addition, if you call 219-465-1234 and ask for the tape by Dr. Wakefield from the First International Conference on Vaccination (tape #3) and also the presentation by Dr. Hyde on hepatitis B vaccine injuries, you will begin to be armed to make an informed and much more enlightened decision.

        The Lancet, 1998;351:6it-12, 637-41

Calcium Channel Blockers – Suicide And Heart Attacks

    Calcium channel blocker drugs are commonly used for hypertension due to their ability to help dilate blood vessels to reduce pressure. Although it has been understood that short acting calcium channel blockers are dangerous, new studies have demonstrated that the long-acting versions are as well. In fact, diabetics who are taking calcium channel blockers are 1000% more likely to suffer a heart attack. Anyone who is taking these drugs is likely to suffer depression and will have over a five times greater risk of suicide.

    If drugs are to be used for hypertension, ACE inhibitors are more safe. Better yet, try some nutritional support such as found in the Wysong Foundation Formu1as™ and the Nutrient Support Formula™, Carvasol™.

    Before discontinuing drugs, be sure to consult with a nutritionally oriented physician and refer them to the references cited at the end of this topic.

        British Medical Journal, 1998;316:741-45

Heart Disease and Hopelessness

    Hopelessness is a self-fulfilling prophecy. As I continue to emphasize in the pages of the Health Letter, it is extremely important that we feel as though we have control over our lives and are not merely the victims of circumstance or of others.

    To measure the effect of hopelessness on health, specifically atherosclerosis, researchers in Finland studied 942 men. They were interviewed, evaluated and placed in either low, moderate or high hopelessness groups.

    Medical measures for predisposition to atherosclerosis in the carotid arteries, such as measuring intimal (blood lining) thickening and surface roughness demonstrated that those in the high hopelessness group were at a much higher risk of developing atherosclerosis.

    It's believed that hopelessness and depression generate high levels of catecholamines. Catecholamines are known to increase free radical chemicals and stimulate corticosteroid production which depresses the immune system.

    Hopelessness and depression are the gifts that just keep giving. There is almost no disease that cannot be caused or exacerbated by the presence of this negative psychological condition.

        Artenosclerosis Thromos vasc Biol, August 1997;17,8:1490-95

Chromium For Diabetes

    Adult onset diabetes (type II) is one of the leading causes of premature death. A recent study of 180 adults with adult onset diabetes confirms previous research demonstrating that chromium supplementation has beneficial effects in diabetics. Markers of diabetic damage such as glycated hemoglobin, serum cholesterol, insulin and glucose were all beneficially affected by chromium supplementation.

    It is because of such evidence that the Wysong Foundation Formulas Optimal™ and Carboprin™ (specifically designed to assist in glucose metabolism) contain chromium supplementation.

        Diabetes, 1998, 46;11

Olives Are Special

    Although several oils such as high oleic sunflower, soy, and canola are being touted as equal alternatives to olive oil for the health benefits of their contained oleic omega-9 fatty acids, they will likely not create the benefits of olive oil.

    Besides oleic acid, extra-virgin olive oil contains a phenolic component (DHPE) that has been shown to inhibit blood platelet aggregation, which is one of the initial steps in the development of atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels. Olive oil is also an excellent antioxidant, preventing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

    This is likely only the tip of the iceberg since whole foods always end up demonstrating benefits far beyond their isolated extracted components. In this case, olives and extra-virgin olive oil contain much more than just the oleic acid which can be refined out of a variety of other plant oils.

    I might also mention here that whole olives also have been shown to have a variety of health and nutritional benefits and a significant body of research has now demonstrated that olive leaf extract has many benefits including a potent antimicrobial effect. Olive leaf extract, in fact, has been shown to be effective against pathogens in some cases where antibiotics fail.

    Olive leaf extract is one of the principle ingredients in one of the newly developed Nutritional Support Formulas at Wysong called Pancidrim.

    Wysong Extra Virgin Olive Oil™ with Wysong Oxherphol™ and herbal sprigs is also an excellent source of nutritionally enhanced olive oil. 12

        Thromb Res 1995,78:151-160

Ketogenic Diet For Epilepsy

    Epilepsy is not always able to be controlled with medication. In some cases the medication can result in effects far worse than the seizures themselves. An alternative is the ketogeinc diet which is high in fat and low in protein and carbohydrates. The diet was invented after the discovery that during fasting, for some unknown reason, seizures were controlled. It is believed that fasting, and this ketogenic diet, produce acidosis, ketosis and increased levels of uric acid which somehow effectively control the seizures.

    Although this is a very difficult diet to adhere to, it is reported that almost 75% do show improvement and about half of these become seizure-free. Those who have no seizures during the diet after a period of about two years often become seizure-free after weaning from the diet. For more information see the reference cited here.   The NSF supplement Neuridone~ may also be of benefit in relieving seizures. 

        Alternative Health Practitioner, Spring 1996

Tea For Conception

    Drinking 1/2 cup or more of tea daily doubles the odds of conception. The polyphenols and xanthines, particularly in green tea, contribute to the development of healthy eggs and embryos.

    NSF products that may benefit fertility are Androlog™ for men, and Estrolog™ for women. 

        American Journal of Public Health, 1998,88,2:270-74

Garlic, Cholesterol And Prejudice

    Recent news services have reported that garlic was found to not lower cholesterol as demonstrated by German scientific studies. This surprised me since so many studies have previously clearly shown that garlic has many beneficial effects on blood cholesterol and other lipid profiles.

    So, I examined the study as it was reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association. As it turns out, not only was garlic not used in the study, but only 25 men and women divided into test and control groups were used in a six-month study.

    This is certainly a small test group and a short period of time to be used to conclude anything with certainty. What was used was a steam-distilled garlic oil extract and not whole garlic containing the important alliin/allicin components that are the most important active ingredients in garlic. The oil was given at a dose of two 5 mg capsules daily.

    What can be concluded from this is not that "garlic is worthless," but that whole foods contain important active compounds not present in fractions. It also demonstrates prejudicial zealousness on the part of a prestigious medical journal to report a casuistic conclusion based on flimsy evidence. I suspect that if the results from the study had shown garlic to be highly effective, the peer reviewers for the journal would have rejected the article from publication.

    Another thing that can be concluded is that news services can be counted on to often distort the truth and be too willing to support the nay-saying conclusions of the medical community which wants the public to believe that nutrition is worthless and that what everyone needs is laboratory tests, pharmaceuticals, and surgery.

    I might mention here, however, that even if garlic oil is ineffective in changing blood cholesterol levels, that does not make the product worthless for other applications. The discovery that garlic oil capsules would relieve stomach distress/heartburn which plagued me when I didn't know how to eat properly was in fact the trigger that stimulated my initial interest in natural nutrition.

        Mid June issue of JAMA

Nuts To You

    Nuts are one of the basic natural foods that can be eaten raw, as is. This singular fact should supersede any information we hear about; how nut components, such as their high fat content, may be deleterious or dangerous.

    The sobriquet "Mother Nature" contains an incredible amount of wisdom that should not be ignored.

    Studies are now increasingly showing the many health benefits of tree nuts. These nuts include almonds, Brazils, cashews, hazel nuts, macadamias, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts. Peanuts are not true nuts but rather they are legumes, and must be heat processed in order to be consumed without danger. They are, therefore, arguably not a natural food and although there are many benefits, they are not in the same class as tree nuts.

    The benefits of nuts include their high vitamin content including folic acid, niacin, B6, and vitamin E. They also contain arginine which is a precursor of nitric oxide, an artery protector.

    But my favorite component of nuts, the very component over which they are maligned, is their fats. They are high in monounsaturates and polyunsaturates, including several essential fatty acids.

    As I discuss in my book, Lipid Nutrition – Understanding Fats and Oils in Health and Disease, we are not suffering today from excess fat and cholesterol, but rather suffering from a deficiency of the unprocessed natural fats and cholesterol that can be found within natural foods. Now researchers are showing in many clinical studies that nuts and other high fat natural foods are beneficial for heart health, not detrimental to it.

    Here is how to prepare raw nuts so that they are even more nutritious and digestible. If you soak tree nuts, such as pecans, walnuts and almonds, in water for about 24 hours and keep pouring off the brown tannin-stained water that leaches out of the skins, you end up with a very tender, much more digestible raw nut. These can be eaten as is or put on cereals, salads and snacks to increase the consumption of these valuable natural foods.

    Make tree nuts a part of your everyday diet and feed them at will to your children and pets. Do so with the assurance that this is what our bodies are designed to recognize as real food to create real health.

        Food Processing, July 1998:40