Dr. R. L. Wysong
August 1994
    It has been enjoyable this summer watching birds nest around the house.  The courtship, the busy industry of building nests, the protecting of the territory by the parents and the meticulous care of the eggs and the young is something to behold. 
    As far as science knows, these birds were never taught how to do all this.  Unless there is a form of communication between creatures that we are not aware of, then we must simply assume these behaviors are inborn, genetic, instinctual.
    In contrast, our human capacity to learn and communicate has all but replaced whatever instinctual capabilities we have.   But somewhere deep within we must have similar abilities.  They must be there, otherwise we would not today exist since our ancestors would not have survived without them.  We still can feel them when we court and mate (we call this falling in love) and we certainly experience them in the filial love we feel for our children and our protective nature toward them.
    We are intricately and inextricably linked to nature through our genetic heritage.  Our natural makeup is tuned to the natural world but we have smothered this by our inventions and plastic, artificial modern existence.
    As I repeatedly warn in the newsletter, this genetic time warp –whereby we find ourselves in one place but our genes in another – reeks havoc with our healthy state.  It is the ultimate cause of most of the modern degenerative diseases we experience today.
    Every opportunity you have to try to be in nature without the filters of modern living should be taken.  A stroll in the woods, a picnic outside, a visit to the beach, working in the garden and in the yard, becoming active in environmental and conservation activities and modifying your home, your clothing, your personal care, your nutrition, your activities and life-style such that they are more in tune with nature will help create harmony.  With this will come health and healing, as opposed to stress and disharmony from your body attempting to force that which is not natural; life in an artificially cocooned, sedentary, processed-food existence.
    Creatures in nature live vibrant, full, active, by and large disease-free lives.  Societies living in balance in nature, untouched by modern civilization also live vibrant, full, active, largely disease-free lives.  We, on the other hand, foul our own nests and saw through the branch we are sitting on by spending the first half of our life poisoning ourselves with modern existence and the second half further poisoning ourselves with medications for degenerative diseases.  We fuel a medical industry that seems perfectly content in their never-ending spiral of technology to repair rather than prevent, which in spite of trillions of dollars thus far is by and large totally ineffective in the face of our modern epidemics of degenerative disease. 
    Don’t wait for technology to solve the problems it has created.  Everyday think of new ways you can reattach yourself to your roots, hear the innate voices within, and release the instinctual healing capabilities hidden within your being.                   
    Technological health care costs in the United States exceed 14% of the gross domestic product.  We spend more on health care than any other nation in the world, over $3,000 per person per year.  The lifetime medical cost for the average person in the U.S. is approximately $225,000.   In the past 30 years costs have gone from 4% to 14%.  But are we really any healthier?
    Although acute illness has decreased, primarily as a result of improved hygiene and food distribution, chronic disease has escalated.
    The solution is not a new shot, better medicine, artificial organs, or better transplant techniques.  People must simply assume more responsibility for their own health.  Medicine must change its role from episodic attempted cure to emphasizing preventive measures and educating on collective individual restraint.
    Medical researchers estimate that from 70 to 90+% of all illness is preventable.  Eight of the 9 leading categories  of causes of death are preventable, and that is estimated to be some 980,000 preventable deaths per year according to a recent medical journal editorial.
    The public must get over the naive notion that medicine is an objective altruistic servant.  Though there are pockets of genuine compassion and concern, it is by and large market driven and capitalistic.  For example, Caesarian section rates in the United States have risen from 5% to over 25% from the years 1965 to 1988.  Additionally rates can differ with just geography, ranging from 10% to 32% in different areas of the country.  Has the pelvis of women really changed that much in 20 years, or does it differ that greatly from one county to the next?
    Cost of hospital services per capita are twice as high in Boston as in New Haven.  Are the services in Boston really that much better than in New Haven?
    In some areas in Maine over 50% of men undergo prostatectomy compared with only 15% in other areas, yet the outcomes in these men appear identical.
    The rate of admissions to hospitals is found to correlate with the number of hospital beds per capita in the area rather than with the actual incidence of disease.
    Obviously we are viewed as a market and a profit center to the modern medical industry. 
    So who do you think is going to take best care of your health?  Those who stand to gain by your illness, even convincing you that you are ill when you really are not, or you?
    As I have emphasized in previous issues, we are not struck by disease.  We simply create the fertile soil for its development by our own life choices.  The solution is, therefore, not more technology and more cost, but rather a determination to take control of our own health destiny through education that enlightens and empowers rather than indoctrination by a vested medical industry.
    This is the function of the Health Letter and I hope you see its usefulness to help you gain the command you need to bring you the full healthy life potential that is possible for you.
        New England Journal of Medicine, July, 29 1993: 321
    About 25 years ago it became apparent that the drug diethylstilbestrol (DES) was causing vaginal cancer in daughters born of women who were treated with the hormone during pregnancy.  Over 6 million pregnant American women were given this drug to prevent miscarriages even though it was later found to be ineffective for this purpose.
    Adding to this horror story it is now found that the children of DES mothers can be infertile, can actually have an increased incidence of miscarriage, and boys can have cystic testicles, testicular cancer and a tiny penis.  Added to this, the hormone is believed to cause damage to the immune system increasing the susceptibility to autoimmune disorders such as thyroiditis, pernicious anemia, myasthenia gravis, Crohn’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis and breast and prostate cancer.  Even the granddaughters of DES treated mothers are at increased risk of disease.  DES children would now be in the 20-to 30-year old range.  These should investigate whether their mothers took the drug if they have any of the above symptoms.
    But this is only one of many FDA/doctor approved pharmaceutical disasters.  A drug, practically by definition, is dangerous.      As repeatedly encouraged in the Health Letter, always read the package inserts that come with pharmaceuticals and read the section under contraindications before you begin the experiment on yourself.  Pharmaceuticals are synthetically derived and attempt to force the body into submission, rather than help the body readjust its balances to create a state of health.  Such imbalance creates stress and reaction.  Although often symptoms may be dramatically relieved, the potential imbalance can result in disease often more serious than that which was being treated.
    All of the regulatory commotion about various natural products not being properly FDA tested before claims can be made about their influence on health creates a false sense of trust by the public.  By the government claiming to be the watch dog over our safety, the implication is that we should be able to trust anything they approve.  You and I both know by now this is a joke.       Anyone believing that something is safe because the government has supposedly stamped it with their approval is so incredibly naive they almost deserve the consequences of relying on such bogus assurances.
    The DES debacle makes it clear that it is not possible to evaluate the safety or efficacy of any substance through short-term trials.  What is necessary to truly evaluate the dramatic pharmaceutical alteration of our internal balances is a study over generations.  Such studies would be impractical from an economic stand-point for pharmaceutical companies.  Therefore, testing will never occur but only as an aftermath to measure the damage that has resulted from experimentation upon an unsuspecting public.
    Don’t take a pharmaceutical unless you are absolutely sure it is not possible for you to get well without it, and that the potential consequences from taking the medication are not greater than the disease you are attempting to treat.
        Second Opinion, June, 1994: 6
    Recent media hoopla that vitamin E is useless against cancer and beta carotene may actually cause it has created uncertainty among supplement users.  Before I even get into the study that forms the basis for this panic, let me ask you this question: After reading the Health Letter for some time, listening to the Empowerment Tape, and hopefully mastering the concept that health is directly proportional to our unaltered link with our natural environment, do you believe that natural vitamin E and natural beta carotene are likely to be unsafe?  Hopefully you at least suspect that there is something mighty strange about these reportings.
    The study that was publicized was conducted on almost 30,000 Finnish men and was sponsored by the National Cancer Institute.  Get this.  All of these men had been smoking at least a pack of cigarettes a day for essentially their entire adult lives, some 36 years on average.   On the other hand, they had only been taking antioxidant supplements of vitamin E and beta carotene for about 5 years.
    This study has as much scientific validity as trying to help people control obesity by taking away one of their forks.
    The vitamin E that was used in the study was synthetic vitamin E, d-alpha tocopheryl acetate, not natural d-alpha tocopherol.      The beta carotene used  was also a synthetic variety.
    Now, the fact that cancer did not appear to be prevented by synthetic vitamin E has nothing to do with the activity of natural vitamin E.  Also consider that most degenerative diseases such as cancer have a long latency period, and the chances are strong that most all of these individuals already had cancers developing in them at the time they began taking supplements. 
    Also, the synthetic beta carotene that was used was given at a dose 2 to 3 times the recommended level for beta carotene supplementation.  As mentioned before in the Health Letter, the dose makes the poison.   Even oxygen and water, given in sufficient quantity, can be life-threatening.   Although natural beta carotene by all reasonable evidence does prevent cancer, synthetic beta carotene given at doses that increase blood levels by almost 2000%, as occurred in this study, is not even relevant to the question.
    We maintain a data base here on a wide range of subjects, including the effects of specific nutrients on health and disease.  We probably have more entries on the salutary value of natural vitamin E, beta carotene and vitamin C (another important antioxidant nutrient) than all other nutrients combined.  The evidence appears overwhelming that these antioxidant nutrients are extremely beneficial in disease prevention and even disease reversal.   If you would like a summary of some of these references, simply send a self-addressed, stamped envelope and we will send you a copy.  You can also simply skim through past issues of the Health Letter and see repeated references to these three nutrients and their beneficial effects and safety. 
    But again, these are conclusions that you can make using the philosophic guidelines, the Wysong algorithm or paradigm if you will, constantly repeated in the Health Letter.  1)  People engaged in self-destructive behavior will not necessarily be saved by pills even if those pills contain vitamins.  2)   Synthetic nutrients do not equal natural nutrients.         3)  The dosage of any nutrient is critical and can either create health or disease.
    Of all the supplements I feel comfortable advising you to consume, beta carotene, vitamin E, and vitamin C are my favorites.      We live in a new artificial world that assaults us with free radical toxicity for which antioxidant nutrients such as beta carotene, E and C are extremely beneficial.  Particularly do I feel comfortable recommending these to you in their natural food form either as a part of fresh foods you prepare or as a part of a special ACE supplement that has been developed (Resource A).
    So much for trusting the media who will often times report anything if it appears to be a scoop and is sensational, regardless of its ultimate truthfulness.  And how about the National Cancer Institute who dumped tons of donated money (or tax dollars) into this meaningless research project.   Did scientists at the National Cancer Institute not understand the flaws in this study, or were the flaws understood knowing they would create results that would destroy growing public confidence in nutrition in an attempt to cause them to return with confidence to conventional radiation and chemotherapy... which of course has such a wonderful record of cure and safety.
        A)                 Wysong Food A•C•E™ - A food-derived vitamin A, C & E supplement (If not available locally, contact the Wysong Institute for a supplier source).
        Health Revelations Special Report, June, 1994
    In a previous issue I discussed research suggesting that high dietary iron may increase risk of heart disease.  Some original research done in 1981 made the suggestion that the reason for premenopausal women having a lower incidence of heart disease compared to postmenopausal women was due to their loss of iron through monthly menstruation.  Iron is an oxidizer and the potential for iron oxidizing cholesterol which in turn could cause free radical damage to the lining of vessels leading to atherosclerosis seemed reasonable. 
    Now, however, new research has shown that a high iron tissue saturation level was actually associated with a decreased risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease.
    As I review the medical literature, I can count on almost every scientific revelation being contradicted in subsequent issues of the same or other scientific publications.  Thus the need for having a philosophic foundation from which you can make your own decision, and not be driven hither and thither by every fashionable idea and by contradictory revelations.
    As a response to the original research indicating iron was being associated with higher risk of heart disease, many nutritional supplement manufacturers subsequently removed all iron from them.  Now what are they going to do with the new research that indicates that low iron can actually increase heart disease?
    The answer lies neither in trying to eliminate iron from your diet, nor creating a glut of it. 
    The philosophic theme in the Health Letter is that we today are removed from our natural genetic context and the answer to improved health lies in returning to it.   From this it can be seen that all unnatural synthetic extremes are questionable.   In regards to iron, either trying to totally remove it from the diet or saturating the diet with it, would be an improper choice that would be more likely to harm than help.
    A varied diet emphasizing fresh, raw, whole, natural foods combined with daily exercise, fresh air, sunshine, clean water and enjoyable social contact is the key to health.  If you do this you will not suffer from extremes, nor deficiencies.
    Multiple vitamin/mineral supplements that contain a modest RDA-level amount of iron should not be harmful and may indeed be helpful.  However, doing a lot of cooking in cast iron cookware could indeed release a lot of iron into the food, not only oxidizing the food, but creating an excess load of iron in the body to cause in situ (in the body) oxidation and thus would not be a wise course of action.4
        New England Journal of Medicine, April 21, 1994: 119
    A recent medical journal article concluded that neither table sugar, nor aspartame, adversely affected children’s behavior or intelligence.  The media has taken this information at face value and publicized it, leading parents to believe aspartame and sugar are wholesome childhood foods.
    A close examination of the study, however, shows that the results indicate that an extremely bright group of children who already ate sugar did not become brighter if the sugar in the diet was reduced for three weeks.  There are several questions regarding this study.  But without getting into a statistical critique of study design, we know that since these isolated and synthetic food elements would not be a part of the natural diet, then we cannot expect that they would yield healthful results.  Indeed they should be deleterious.  If nothing else, by eating high-sugar content foods or artificially sweetened foods, children’s appetites are curbed and thus the possibility of eating nutrient-dense foods containing minerals and vitamins and amino acids necessary for growth and brain function is displaced.  Even your Mom knew that a cookie or candy bar before dinner would ruin your appetite for the "real" food.  How could this not result in adverse affects in children over time?
    Aside from this, the study runs counter to the experience of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of parents, who watch the behavior changes in their children after they consume whopping doses of sugar-laden drinks and candies.  In this study the test was done with the equivalent of about 1 candy bar and 1 soft drink as a supposed challenge of high sucrose and aspartame.  Many kids today eat the equivalent of many such candy bars and many such soft drinks in a 24 hour period, and thus the negative results of the study do not apply to the sweetener flood that is occurring in American children.
    Other scientific studies have shown by elimination/challenge diets, whereby specific foods are removed from the diet and then re-added to observe behavioral changes, that sugars, additives, flavors and colorings (especially red food coloring) are responsible for a large percentage of behavioral and cognitive abnormalities in children.  Even the authors of this "sugar ain't no problem" study state “despite the generally negative findings of this study, it is possible that there are some children who respond adversely to sugar.”
    The danger of concentrated sweeteners is that, as mentioned above, they displace good food components by curbing appetite and they have a way of creating tolerance.  By this I mean beginning with a little sweetener, it soon becomes not enough.  So more sweetener is needed and then more and more until huge amounts of sweeteners become a part of the daily diet.  This done over years can hardly not have an adverse affect.  This is simply another example whereby since immediate death or disease do not result from the consumption of food fractions and additives, that we get lulled into complacency and the belief that no harm occurs.  The use of such additives is an experiment and all of us consuming such products are the experimental subjects taking full risk.
    Slowly wean the family off sugar and additive-laden foods.  Convert to whole, fresh, natural foods.  Once there is a weaning from such sweeteners, the reintroduction of conventionally sweetened food will actually be found to be sickening sweet and undesirable.
        New England Journal of Medicine, February 03, 1994: 301
        New England Journal of Medicine, June, 30, 1994: 1901
        Pediatrics, 1984, Volume 74: 876
        Journal of Psychiatric Research, 1982, Volume 17: 187
    Chlorine is a basic, raw material in the chemical industry.  It is highly reactive with electron-rich atoms such as carbon.  Carbon is the fundamental atom in living tissue.
    In industry, chlorine reacts with organic compounds to form a wide variety of solvents and other intermediates as well as end-products known as organochlorines.  These include compounds such as PCB, DDT, and TCDD.  Forget what the initials mean, just know that these are nasty things.   They have been related to a whole host of human diseases including cancer and birth defects and as I mentioned in a previous issue, can mimic estrogens to cause reproductive disturbances in wildlife and in humans. 
    Organochlorine compounds are lipophilic, which means they are fat-loving and are stored quite handily in our fat depots.  Their half life in human tissue is over 10 years and they retain their activity in sediments for decades.  Organochlorines are not only in a variety of end-products sold to consumers, but they are by-products of industry and have been released into the environment with abandon for decades.  Industry defenders say environmentalists who are increasingly gaining support to ban chlorine altogether, are simply picking on one element, chlorine, in the periodic table.  But indeed it is chlorine as a part of these compounds that makes them lipophilic, increases their stability and thus their duration to reek havoc for decades into the future.       Since by eliminating the chlorine step in the synthetic process of the chemicals, all of the toxic and suspicious chemicals are eliminated, banning chlorine seems an appropriate solution.
    The chemical industry also argues that there is not sufficient proof that these chemicals are harmful at the levels found in the environment.  They thus take the preposterous position of attributing to chemicals the human right of innocence until proven guilty.  They are also creating the bizarre situation in which the manufacturing of a chemical takes precedence over the health of a population.
    The effects of organochlorines, as well as the host of other chemical inventions released upon society and into the environment, is all indeed a grand experiment.  Their release into the Great Lakes surrounding my home state is definitely an experiment in toxicology of epic proportions.
    Has human life (and safety) been bettered by the introduction of such chemicals?  Has a safe world for our children been insured by their introduction?  The answer to both of these questions is no.  The lost profits that will come to manufacturers if such a ban does occur is a small price to pay for the damage, much of which is still unmeasured, that has occurred.
        Health and Environmental Digest, May, 1994: 1
    According to a 1991 EPA study, gasoline powered tools used to maintain lawns and gardens are significant sources of environmental pollutants.  The volatile organic compounds generated by using a lawn mower one hour creates the equivalent smog of driving a car for almost two days.  By using battery or electric powered yard tools, pollution can be decreased since energy-generating utilities are strictly controlled.  Better yet, reduce the size of your yard by using ground covers and returning sections to natural vegetation.  The smaller grass areas then perhaps could even be mowed using leg powered lawn mowers.       For resources on creative ways to naturalize your yard habitat and decrease the need for power tools see resource B.
        B)             See selection of books in the Wysong Library catalog, 1880 North Eastman, Midland, MI  48640
          Good Housekeeping, May, 1994
    There is a huge disparity between how we are educated about the politics in America and what actually exists.   Our country was formed based upon rebellion against an oppressive English government which was sucking the life blood out of the colonists through taxation.   If you read the Constitution (which few Americans have ever done) you will find an incredible document meant to insure individual rights and freedom and keep government at bay in its position of servant rather than master.      Reading this document is like reading a dream about how wonderful a government could be.
    Government has become master, the people have become the servants.  Congress vote themselves $125,000 a year salaries with escalators so that their pay will automatically increase without them ever having to embarrassingly go back and vote a pay raise for themselves again.  The perks they enjoy are endless.  They don’t have to pay minimum wages to employees.  They don’t have to worry about employees filing a discrimination law suit since they made themselves exempt from the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and most members will earn more in retirement from their pensions than citizens will earn in wages or salary for a lifetime of work.  Our congress in fact has more millionaires than any other elected government body in the world.
    No need to even attempt to enumerate the privilege and advantage government has created for itself and the graft and abuse that is rampant.  It happens because we permit it to happen.  Give someone a key to Fort Knox and permit them the ability to create rules that allow them unlimited access to the trove of riches and what do you think will happen?  Government is simply people.  Government without controls is people out of control.
    The national debt, as I have mentioned repeatedly, is an incredible danger looming over this country.  The debt increases $15,000 every second of every minute of every day.  Out of every dollar you pay in federal income taxes, now approaching 40-50% of some wage earners, $0.57 is needed just to pay the interest on the debt.  Before long all income tax will be required just to pay the interest.
    To demonstrate how tolerant we have become, consider that the total losses of bank depositors in the Great Depression, measured in 1990 dollars, was $25 billion.  The cost to tax payers for the S&L collapse and the congressionally engineered bail-out will cost over $350 billion.   And the public has simply remained, by and large, silent.
    There are groups well aware of the abuses of government and the threat this creates to us and our children.  They are working hard to educate the public and muster the support necessary to effect critical changes. 
    Included would be efforts to force a balanced budget amendment.  Additionally there is the need for line item veto.  The way things are now, if a President wishes to pass a bill to improve things, Congress ends up tacking all kinds of special interest addendums onto the bill and forces the passage of the bill with these add-ons in order for the beneficial item to get through.  For example, a bill to provide assistance to Floridians from hurricane damage may have addendums on it including financial assistance to bee keepers in Arizona, the go-ahead for strip mining in Indian reservations and the clearance for timbering a virgin Northwest forest.
    Term limits are also necessary.   Congressmen who are in place for 20, 30 and 40 years are out of touch with reality, not being forced to live under the laws they have created.
    These are important beginnings and everyone can get involved.  Contact the National Tax Payers Union (Resource C) and ask them for a copy of their special White Paper Report for U.S. taxpayers and information on how you can help become a force for reform.
        C)             National Tax Payers Union, 325 Pennsylvania Ave., S.E., Washington, DC  20003.
        Special White Paper Report, April, 1994
    Coenzyme Q-10 (Co Q-10) is a biochemical important in energy metabolism.  Some researchers believe Co Q-10 is specific for individuals with congestive heart failure.  Others have recently reported remarkable results using this substance at a dosage of 300-600 mg per day in the treatment of metastatic lung and breast cancer.  The researchers had complete regressions of tumors and remarked that they had never seen such regression before with any other form of treatment. See resource D.
    Co Q-10 is a natural substance and thus not patentable and is available over the counter.  However, if results such as these become more popularly known, regulatory agencies may very well refuse to allow this product to be sold without it undergoing rigorous and expensive FDA clinical trials.   Since the compound is not patentable, who is going to spend the millions for such testing?  No one.  Thus the window of opportunity to obtain this potentially beneficial product may close.
        D)             Coenzyme Q-10 (If not available locally, contact the Wysong Institute for a supplier source).
        Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, March                                    30,1994: 1504            
    Cayenne pepper is much more than just a challenging condiment.  Its medicinal usage dates back to the 15th century.  More recent research has shown that the capsaican in pepper acts as an anticoagulant to help prevent heart attacks and strokes, is protective against cancer, neutralizes mycotoxins (see Vol. 8, No. 6), increases salivation and stimulates stomach activity thus improving digestion, has a thermogenic affect resulting in the body burning up to 25% more calories in a day than it normally does, and controls symptoms of diabetic neuropathy and various neurological pathologies.  Contrary to popular belief, cayenne does not cause ulcers or hemorrhoids.
    Cayenne peppers come in a wide variety.  Hotness is actually quantified by a heat unit (H.U.) known as the Scoville Unit.  The highly acclaimed African Birdseye cayenne pepper registers at 130,000 heat units whereas the grocery store canned paprika cayenne measures at 5,000 heat units.   The African Birdseye is the most effective in terms of its medicinal properties.
    A variety of encapsulated cayenne products have been made available by a company using the African Birdseye pepper.   These can be used as dietary supplements and of course pepper can be incorporated into prepared dishes to add eating interest (and challenge) as well as healthy attributes to meals. (Resource E)
        E)             Cayenne pepper (If not available locally, contact the Wysong Institute for a supplier source). 
    Cayenne red peppers contain capsaicin, a compound which has been shown effective in treating psoriasis.  Although application of a capsaicin-containing cream can cause a transient burning, it does decrease itching and speeds healing of psoriasis lesions. 
    By combining cayenne red pepper at a ratio of about 1 part red pepper to 20 parts cream, an effective lotion can be prepared. (Resource E)
        E)             Cayenne pepper (If not available locally, contact the Wysong Institute for a supplier source). 
        American Journ. Acad. Dermatology, 1993, Volume 29: 438
    A Ukrainian doctor claims that by swishing cold-pressed sunflower oil around in the mouth for 20 minutes a variety of health ills and diseases can be cured.  The oil is to be swished around in the mouth and chewed to cause the release of enzymes that draw various toxins into the oil.   The oil then is spit out after the 20 minutes.  The oil changes from a yellow to white color.  The list of ailments this will cure, according to Dr. Karach, includes headaches, bronchitis, lung and liver disease, toothaches, thrombosis, blood diseases, arthrosis, paralysis, eczema, gastric ulcers, intestinal disorders, heart and kidney problems, encephalitis, nervous conditions and female disorders.
    I know it sounds preposterous, but why not give it a try for what ails you.  You can be sure this one will never be found in a mainline medical publication.
        Second Opinion, December, 1993
    Fish in tropical waters eat smaller fish, which eat smaller fish, which eat smaller creatures that consume a ciguatera plant toxin.  Thus the larger fish can concentrate this toxin in their tissues, which can create a variety of symptoms in people who eat them.
    This poison usually results in symptoms within six hours after eating contaminated fish.  Symptoms include diarrhea, nausea, perhaps vomiting, neurological problems including tingling in the mouth, palms and soles of the feet, aches throughout the body and often a sensation that hot items are cold and cold items are hot.  The problem can last anywhere from several weeks to several months and even longer in rare cases.  It presents an incredible diagnostic problem to physicians unfamiliar with it.  Symptoms can also be aggravated by drinking alcohol or engaging in sexual activity.
    Dangerous fish include grouper, snapper, amberjack, moray eel, barracuda, hog fish, tropical mackerels and certain trigger fish.  Cooking or other means of food preparation or processing do not inactivate the toxin.  The advice is that if these fish are eaten they should be small enough so that the entire fish fits on your plate.  Fillets of larger fish are more dangerous since the fish are older and have had more time to accumulate the toxin. 
    As I mentioned, this poisoning can create a real diagnostic challenge and can cause individuals to go from doctor to doctor for answers receiving false diagnoses and unhelpful and dangerous medications.   One man spent $15,000 on medical tests before the correct diagnosis was made.
    By contacting resource F you can obtain information on the dangers of Ciguatera poisoning in areas where you may be traveling and the name of a physician your physician can contact to discuss symptoms and courses of treatment.
        Diet and Nutrition Letter, November, 1993: 7
        F)             University of Miami Ciguatera Hotline (305)361-4619 or Ciguatera treatment specialist Dr. Blythe (305)661-0774.
    The tropical fruit known as bitter melon has been found to be effective in treating diabetics to decrease blood sugar levels, relieve neurological problems and delay the onset of diabetic cataracts.  If you have access to fresh bitter melon, simply boil 100 grams of the fresh fruit in 200 ml of water until only 100 ml of water remains.  If this is not possible then obtain the extract.      An extract of bitter melon is available from resource G.   It is given at a dosage of 5 grams of the powdered extract three times daily.
        G)             Bitter Melon (If not available locally, contact the Wysong Institute for a supplier source). 
    Angioplasty is a procedure whereby balloons or other devices are inserted into the coronary vessels where there are blockages, and the vessels dilated or “rotorooted.”  There are many difficulties with this procedure, and if it has been done the chance of reblockage (restenosis) is quite high.  To decrease the chance for restenosis, consuming 5 grams of fish oil and the herb turmeric has been found to be quite effective according to research.  A dose of turmeric is roughly a teaspoon of the powder per day used as a condiment mixed with food, or with drinks.  Turmeric is a common ingredient of Indian curries. 
    An additional supplement reported to prevent and reverse arterial sclerosis and thus improve the chance for success of angioplasty is a supplement of 25% pectin and 75% guar gum taken at 15 grams per day. (Resource H )
        H)             Guar Gum (If not available locally, contact the Wysong Institute for a supplier source).
        Alternatives, May, 1994; 87
    If you have a juicer, juicing radishes or turnips can create a liquid which some have reported to be quite effective as a deodorant when simply put in a spray bottle and sprayed under the arm.  Since this is a natural food product, it needs to be refrigerated between uses.
        Ibid, 86
    A medical researcher in Japan has found that by giving children a cold shower (59 F) for one minute every day that asthma medication could be dramatically reduced and in some cases even eliminated.
Considering the danger of chronic use of any medication, particularly in children, this would certainly be a remedy worth a try.
        Ibid, 86
    Scoliosis, a condition in which the spine is deviated, is also characterized by lax joints, elongated torsos and osteoporosis.  The condition has classically been considered a genetic problem.   New research now demonstrates that the various features of the syndrome can be caused by deficiencies of vitamin C, vitamin B6, and the minerals zinc, copper and manganese.  Such deficiencies are common in our modern processed food world.
        Journ. of Manipulative and Phys. Therapeutics, March, 1993: 169
    Magnesium has both an antihistamine and bronchodilative affect.  Individuals who are refractory to conventional therapy for acute asthma attacks have responded to massive doses of IV magnesium.  (If you will recall in a past issue I also mentioned the beneficial effect of IV magnesium for individuals having an acute heart attack, Vol. 8, No. 7.)   Children can tolerate  about 6 mg per pound of body weight orally per day (in divided doses to help decrease the loose stool effect) of magnesium, and adults tolerate 1000-1500 mg of magnesium per day.
        Annals of Emergency Medicine, November, 1991, 1243
    Figures compiled in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine revealed that from 1983 to 1989 there were no vitamin poisonings resulting in fatality, whereas drug fatalities totaled 2,069.  Should our tax dollars be supporting regulatory agencies who pester health food stores, or should regulators redirect their focus to policing the extremely dangerous pharmaceutical industry?
        Eidenier Newsletter, December, 1993