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We are gathering data on the tremendously effectively Wysong Weight Loss Program. If you are at least 25 lbs. overweight, and would like to participate in this program, nothing more will be required than just an ongoing monthly report of your progress: weight loss, how you feel, and how the program is working for you. Everything would be held strictly confidential, other than the results, so that others can be encouraged to do the same. Some Wysong products are used in the program but you will be given a special discount on them for a period of six months in appreciation for your participation. For any who would rather not use the products we will give alternatives.

If you are interested, just drop us a note. It can be anonymous even. Tell us how much you think you are overweight and what you have tried thus far to solve the problem...and any successes or failures. Tell us why you think you are overweight and what you think you would need to do to reverse it.

We will be back in touch when we have formalized the program.

Dear Friends:

The following testimonials are a departure from our normal format. Although it pats us on the back and has a commercial flavor, it is good to reflect on the reality of the good results that can come from making healthy decisions.

We thank all those who have graciously taken the time to tell us of their success and we invite you to do the same. Helping you and yours on the road to health is our purpose each day. Hearing that you are doing well is our reward.

“Dream Treats...what trouble!!! ARRRGGGHH!!
Christine, who has N E V E R liked any treats in her life hangs out by the treat cabinet A L L T H E T I M E. She growls and purrs and chews at the same time, defending her broken pieces of Dream Treats. For 4 days, while waiting for the nice UPS man to bring 4 big bags, she was ever hopeful in the kitchen.
Oscar begs and cries for his Wysong treats.
Julia only likes the small Cat Treats.
Sabine loves the Dream Treats.
Emily - Hurricane Emily - 5-month-old calico foundling jumps up to get all treats. Going at nothing less than full-gallop she is always ravenous, but she does prefer the Dream Treats.
Like I said: DREAM TREATS...WHAT TROUBLE!!! <chuckle>”

“Thank you for your great service, excellent products and philosophy.
P.S. I wish that the children that I taught ate as well as the animals that are fed with your food!”

"Hope the stores start carrying the Dream Treats soon. Milt's dog Sparky (the TV dog) loves the treats, and he doesn't usually eat any treats.”

“I just spent most of my afternoon glued to your website!”

“I just wanted to compliment your company and its products. I have been using the Feline Uretic and Canine Maintenance dry foods for quite a few years. My cats’ coats seemed to change immediately, becoming soft and “glistening.” Their stools are firm and formed and they seem to have increased energy. My male has no more problems with bladder stones that led me to purchasing your food. My greyhound is thriving on the Maintenance. She has not acquired any fat on her body, which I have seen happen to a lot of greys that are consuming other brands. Her coat was deplorable when I got her and almost immediately became soft and now looks like a polished boot. Her stools are also firm and formed.
One day while I was in a Natural Food Store, I saw a jar of “Wysong Peanut Butter” on the shelf. I was so surprised that Wysong made human food that I had to purchase it knowing how good your pet food is. It was the best peanut butter I have ever tasted. I was especially elated that there was no “rape seed/canola oil” used to process it.
I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to collect bar codes and use them to purchase your fine human products, thank you.”

“I've been buying Wysong products for more than a year. I first heard about your foods from a friend who had a cat with a very bad stomach problem. She was feeding him your canned rabbit canine/feline food and it helped him. After I heard about your company from Kathy, I did some research on my own and started feeding my dogs and cats your food. I have a very diabetic cat, who needs foods very high in protein. Yours are the best I can find."

“First of all, congratulations on your wonderful website. I don't recall how I came to it, but I have recently subscribed to your newsletter, which I very much enjoy.“

“LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! I purchased a small bottle of the DENTATREAT for my 70lb. Border Collie Mix a couple weeks ago.
My dog's breath was horrible. I took him to his Vet. He has no bad teeth. They're all clean (I do brush them). He receives no human food (except for apple slices and broccoli) meat or other foods. He also has no stomach issues, which could cause bad breath. A clean bill of health from the Vet. I don't waste time on many things for my pet. I went in and asked the manager, what is the best remedy for Bunker's (my dog's) bad breath. He pointed out three items, but told me that the Wysong is what he feeds to his little dog and it works. I bought a small bottle (first) to see if it works for Bunker...and it does. His bad breath has been eliminated by 90%!!!!! My Vet (whom I have total faith in) said the Wysong DENTATREAT is what he would recommend too. This is the first Wysong product I've given to any of my animals. Now that I've done research on your company, that will likely change to include more of your products.”

“I do not have pictures yet of before & after. I could never bring myself to photograph my ferret with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) because I thought he was slowly dying. He looked so awful, he was an appointment away from being euthanized. We saw your food (we kept him going with sub-cutaneous fluid injections, etc. until the food arrived) and within 2 days he improved, within a month he was "cured" and within 2 months required no more medication for the IBS.
On a non-ferret note, I love your human products as well, especially the Un-Cereal, the bars, the new Choc-O-Nuts Mix, The Chocolate Therapy and the flour for baking.”

"Just a note, I placed a dog named Doc Vogler on the Wysong Senior diet and Heparone diet 4 months ago. He came in for re-evaluation and blood tests. Happy to say that his persistantly high ALT/ALKP enzymes have dramatically improved. The ALT/GGT/AST are all normal and his ALKP came down 200 points! She is very happy. She was getting a little frustrated by the cost but after hearing of his improved hepatic values, she is committed once again!"

“I recently went on a short trip and not having the time or opportunity to eat in organic places I opted to use your Whole Protein Shake as my main supply of energy.
I never felt hungry in my three days of austerity, had my usual good energy, went on very short hikes of less than a half hour and felt optimistic.
In returning home I discovered I had lost six pounds. I'm 6 feet and weighed 176. I'm now 170. At age 83 I feel that your shake is most unusual.”

"I have been feeding my dogs (and cat!) Wysong for more than 10 years. They all love it and I am reassured that they are eating food that is safe and healthful. I look forward to trying your products for myself!"

"I read your article in the February/March 2006 Townsend Newsletter for Doctors entitled “A New and Potent Sun Vitamin Supplement” and found it most interesting and extremely informative."

"I just wanted to let you know how your Synorgon made a difference in our lives. My Lhasa Apso puppy had severe itching. The vet said parasites, then just "allergies." The vet was ready to put her on steroids, until I started researching and found your Synorgon. I wanted to avoid steroids at all costs, and thought I would try your product after reading your testimonials.
Within a few days I noticed the scratching subsided, until after a week it was completely gone! I notice if she gets into her brother's food, because she will start scratching again almost immediately.
Thank you again for your quality products. All of my pets eat your foods and supplements and we are staying with you for life. I appreciate all of the help on your website as well."

“I had surgery in February, which resulted in a chronic persistent cough. I started on my first bottle of Wellspring (last order) and one day I noticed the cough was gone. I have no scientific basis for Wellspring being responsible for the mysterious disappearance of the wretched cough. However, after all the things I had tried, this became too coincidental. So, I will continue to use this product and see where things go from here.
I admire the Wysong Company, philosophy and products.”

"Years ago, I had a Shar Pei with terrible allergies. I tried many treatments with varying success. I tried Anergen and became a believer. My Shar Pei lived 16 years! I now have a four-month old Westie and he is thriving on Archetype, Growth and your canned foods of varying, pure meats. I won't feed anything else! Thank you!"

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