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Table of Contents:
> Lignans May Protect Against Prostate Cancer
> Magnesium & Blood Pressure
> Diarrhea and Colitis linked to Heartburn Drugs
> Pollution Protection from Fish Oil
> Vitamins May Reduce Risk of Blindness
> Doctors' Ties and Bacteria
> Treating TB with Sunlight
> Antibiotic Linked to Death
> Black currants may help prevent Alzheimer's disease
> Remineralization vital for future of food

Current Research and Thoughts You Can Use for Health and Healing

...And Which Verify The Wysong Optimal Health Program

Lignans May Protect Against Prostate Cancer
A diet rich in lignans could reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 26 percent. This study evaluated the dietary intake of lignans for 1499 men with prostate cancer, and 1130 healthy men (controls) using a food frequency questionnaire. High intake of food items rich in phytoestrogens (flaxseed, sunflower seeds, berries, peanuts, beans and soy) was associated with a decreasing overall risk of prostate cancer. The decreased risk of prostate cancer due to phytoestrogens could be due to regulation of sex and/or growth hormones, antioxidant properties, apoptosis (programmed cell death) of prostate cancer cells, or inhibition of metastasis (the spread of cancer cells). The average intake of lignans in the US diet is estimated to be less than one milligram a day due to over-processing of foods and low intakes of fruit, fiber and unrefined grains.
(Dr. W.: More evidence that real, whole natural foods are what we are designed for. In the above list of foods, emphasize those that can be eaten raw since those are the foods we are genetically adapted to.)
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Magnesium & Blood Pressure
Blood pressure is linked to calcium activated potassium channels in vascular smooth muscle cell membranes. When these channels open, blood pressure decreases. New studies show that magnesium activates these channels, thereby opening them. This would explain magnesium's benefits for people with heart failure, stroke and high blood pressure.
Case Western Scientists Reveal How Magnesium Works on Ion Channels Important for Regulating Blood Pressure. 26 August 2002.
(Dr. W.: Before getting on the blood pressure pharmaceutical bandwagon, consider the natural alternatives. Magnesium is one such option and is almost universally deficient in the modern processed diet.)
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Diarrhea and Colitis linked to Heartburn Drugs
Severe diarrhea and intestinal colitis cases caused by Clostridium difficile bacteria (C-diff) have been on the rise due to increased use of heartburn drugs such as Prilosec™ , Prevacid™ and Nexium™. These drugs reduce the levels of gastric acid needed to control the C-diff bacteria. A recent study found that non-users of heartburn drugs are less likely to develop C-diff infections than users. Patients taking the heartburn drugs were 2 to 3 times more likely to develop an infection as were non-users.
JAMA, December 21, 2005; 294:2989-2995.
(Dr. W: There seems to be no end to the harmful side effects of drugs. And what you hear about is only the tip of the iceberg. If you have heartburn – which almost everyone does it seems – here is a simple, safe and inexpensive cure for almost anyone: water. )
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Pollution Protection from Fish Oil
Heart rate variability decline, which is a risk factor for cardiac arrhythmia and heart attacks, can be caused by pollution exposure. A new study has now shown that fish oil may help counteract changes in heart function related to air pollution exposure. It is believed that the omega-3-polyunsaturated fatty acids found in fish oil act as preventative measures against arrhythmia and sudden death. The study also found that taking soy oil was not as beneficial in preventing heart function problems as was taking fish oil.
Am J of Resp and Critical Care Med December 15, 2005; 172(2): 1534-1540.
(Dr. W. The ratio of omega-6: omega-3 fatty acids has been seriously skewed by the modern processed diet that is predominantly grain based. There is almost no physiological function that is not benefited by restoring the proper ratio. Increasing cold-water fish intake and taking supplements is one way to do that.)
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Vitamins May Reduce Risk of Blindness
The leading cause of vision loss in Americans aged 60 and older is macular degeneration, which is a result of abnormal blood cells growing in the eye, damaging the retina and blurring vision. A recent 8-year long study on senior patients was conducted evaluating their diets and vision. Results suggested that seniors eating foods rich in zinc, beta-carotene, and vitamins C and E were 35 percent less likely to develop macular degeneration. Those whose diets lacked any one of the vitamins were more likely to develop vision loss due to macular degeneration, and those lacking all of the vitamins increased their risk by 20 percent.
JAMA, December 28, 2005; 294(24): 3101-3107.
(Dr. W.: Those at greatest risk of nutrient deficiency are the young and the old. The young because their demands are so great due to high-energy expenditure and growth, and the old because of decreased appetite and decreased efficiency of the digestive system. Take your supplements. It's cheap insurance.)
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Doctors' Ties and Bacteria
Recent research performed by the British Medical Association is urging patients to take notice of their doctor's formalwear. The expression “Killer Tie” may not be too far from the truth. Ties are seldom washed and provide a perfect bacterial playground and ideal source of staph infection. While seemingly farfetched, a mere 15% decrease in infection treatments translates to a savings in excess of $250 million a year to the British health system.
(Dr. W.: Remember, the greatest threat to health and life today is medical intervention. Ties are just another reason why.)

Treating TB with Sunlight
Recent studies have shown vitamin D to be instrumental in the body's attack against tuberculosis. Upon conversion via WBC's, vitamin D aids in the creation of proteins responsible for eradicating the tuberculin bacteria. Further research stemming from these initial findings and performed on 70 patients with tuberculosis over a nine-month period, revealed that increasing vitamin D dosage to twenty five times the normal recommended dosage of 400IU resulted in a 100% cure rate.
Wells, W. A. Curing TB with sunlight. Cell Biol. 2006 J.172: 958.
(Dr. W: More proof of the healthiness of the sun and of mega dosing with vitamin D when you are not getting in the sun.)
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Antibiotic Linked to Death
The popular drug Tequin, used to treat lung, sinus, and urinary tract infections, as well as some STD's, is under further review due to recent findings. Doctors, having been forewarned by the FDA of its inherent risk with diabetics, are observing drastic blood sugar fluctuations even in patients with no signs of diabetes. Examination of nearly 2 million medical records of Tequin users over the age of 65 has concluded that these patients are 4 times as likely to have low blood sugar and at nearly 17 times the risk of high blood sugar. Aside from the greater likelihood of hospitalization, a number of deaths have been recorded.
New England Journal of Medicine. 2006 Mar. 30. Volume 354:1352-1361.
(Dr. W.: No drug is completely safe and so benefit versus risk must always be considered. Exhaust all natural therapy options before participating in the Rx generation.)
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Black currants may help prevent Alzheimer's disease
In addition to being high in antioxidants black currants contain compounds that appear to have a protective effect on the brain. These compounds, called anthocyanins and polyphenolics, had a strong protective effect in cultured neuronal cells. Darker black currants contain more anthocyanins and are likely to be more potent. "We have evidence that the compounds protect against Alzheimer's by influencing the early gene expression in learning and memory, which influences cell signaling pathways that help neuronal cells communicate with each other," concluded the study. While previous research found that compounds in black currants acted as antioxidants, this is the first to demonstrate that they may help protect brain cells. Exactly how they do this remains unclear, concluded the study.
Chemistry & Industry; Issue 2, 23 Jan 2006
Jan 2006

(Dr. W: There is no mystery. Natural foods are what we are genetically designed to consume. Feed a body engine the right fuel and it will have the best chance of running well.)
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Remineralization vital for future of food
The SEER (Sustainable Ecological Earth Regeneration) Centre, which undertook the first scientifically controlled field trials of soil remineralization in Scotland, says that unless vital nutrients and elements are placed back into the soil, then the quality of food - and the well-being of the planet - will deteriorate. For example, the iron content in 15 different varieties of meat had decreased on average by 47 percent, with some products showing a fall as high as 80 percent, while the iron content of milk had dropped by over 60 percent. The nutritional quality of vegetables has also fallen. One has to eat four carrots to get the same amount of magnesium as one carrot would have supplied in 1940. The SEER group uses a rock dust which comes from Perthshire and is actually 420 million year old Scottish volcanic rock containing over 78 minerals and trace elements. The SEER group used rock dust is digested by earthworms that deposit mineral-rich worm casts, thus increasing mineral availability, microbial activity and natural fertility of soil and compost. The product remineralizes soil and compost to boost soil fertility.

( Dr. W: For 25 years we have talked about this. Agricultural land is mined, not farmed. Crops are taken from it and end up in sewage systems, not back on the land. Modern fertilizers that replace only nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, hardly replace the 70 plus minerals that are taken up by plants. There is a reason why people and animals can benefit from eating dirt. This is one of them. This is also a good reason to use organic foods and grow your own if possible.)
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