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~Thoughts for Thinking People~
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Table of Contents:
>The Rx Generation
>Gingivitis & Vitamin D
>Cocoa Compounds May Help Diarrhea
>Broccoli Benefits For Bladder Cancer
>Wheat Linked To Osteoporosis
Grains & Sugars Can Promote Cataracts
>Arsenic In Drinking Water
>Manganese Toxicity & Shower Water
>EPA Sets Lower Fluoride Standards Upon Dow Request
>Anti-Impotence Pills Can Make You Blind
Hysterectomy Should Not Accompany Removal Of Ovaries
>Giving Birth: Home Can Be Better Than Hospital

Current Research and Thoughts You Can Use
for Health and Healing

...And Which Verify The Wysong Optimal Health Program

The Rx Generation
Dr. W. - Here are some reminders about what it does and does not take to make health.

First off, a drug that removes symptoms is not a solution or cure. It's like turning fire alarms off while the fire continues to burn. For example, a pain in a muscle or joint is not a problem. The problem is the thing that is causing the pain - your lifestyle and dietary habits usually.

Pain is the signal from the body not to do whatever it is that hurts, since that would mean injuring the part even further. Pain medicine for a tennis elbow and then going out on the court to play tennis is insult to injury. Professional athletes routinely do such things and then pay for a lifetime because of the resulting damage. Do what is necessary to solve the underlying problem, not just put on a Band-Aid and go about life as usual.

In 1993, 104 million dollars were spent on advertising to encourage you to buy drugs. In 1996, 595 million was spent. They would not be advertising using increasing mountains of money if it were not working. It's working in spite of the fact that the advertising is required to disclose all the things that can go wrong if you are so silly to get on the Rx bandwagon. It's working even for drugs that are designed to treat the side effects of other drugs. In the end, it is only working because people are not thinking and taking responsibility for themselves. Don't become part of the Rx generation.

Here's another thing to consider. Essentially nothing is being spent on advertising carrots or apples for health. Why? Because nobody is going to spend the money when people can grow and buy these commodities anywhere. On the other hand, why are drugs advertised? Because drug companies have to spend about 360 million dollars to get a drug cleared for market use. Such drugs are patented so the company owns a monopoly for about 20 years. They have this narrow window to make back all their costs, along with profits so they can do it again with other drugs.

This is also why there aren't sophisticated scientific studies showing the benefits of carrots, apples or any natural substance that is not patentable. A natural substance could be a miraculous cure for a disease and there would barely be a peep in the literature and virtually no advertising for it. The FDA would be there to prohibit the claim of the cure because there would be no scientific studies and research proving it. Why are there no such studies? Because there is no money to do it. Unfortunately, today medicine follows the money. But money has nothing to do with health.

With respect to drugs and modern medicine, there is also the inverse care law to be ever mindful of: the more symptom-based, modern medical care received, the less health that results. Remember, modern medical care is the number one killer today ( Why Modern Medicine is the Greatest Threat to Health) and no amount of money, free prescriptions, insurance or technology is going to change that. Money chases health but never catches.

Health is your responsibility. Nobody else is going to do it for or to you. So get busy. It all begins in your mind - an informed mind.

Gingivitis & Vitamin D
For the first time a direct link has been established between vitamin D and gingivitis. A new study looked at 77503 gingival units (teeth) in 6700 non-smokers aged 13-90. Compared to subjects in the lowest vitamin D group, subjects in the highest vitamin D group were 20% less likely to bleed on gingival probing. Further, this positive association appeared to be linear over the entire vitamin D range, was consistent across racial or ethnic groups, and was similar among men and women. Vitamin D may reduce susceptibility to gingival inflammation through its anti-inflammatory effects. Dietrich, T., Nunn, M., Hughes, DB, & Ferrari, H.A.B (2005). Association between serum concentrations of 25-hydroxyvitamin D and gingival inflammation. Am J Clin Nutr 82: 575-580.

(Dr. W. Straight Talk: Vitamin D is not just a bone health vitamin. The list of health effects is almost endless because it is somewhat of a measure of how natural we are living our life. Vitamin D is naturally synthesized in the skin upon exposure to sunlight. If we are not out in the sun where we belong, then we pay a health price. This is the beginning of the season to particularly think about this vitamin. The previous issue of the Health Letter was devoted to this important topic ( How the Sun is Absolutely Crucial to Your Health).)

Cocoa Compounds May Help Diarrhea
Diarrhea is a common condition that causes an average of 2.4 million doctor's visits in the US each year. Dark chocolate made with flavonol-rich cocoa may help prevent diarrhea. Cocoa compounds limit the development of fluids that cause the condition. Cocoa has been used as a natural remedy for diarrhea since the 16th century but the new study is the first to investigate how it actually works. Cocoa flavonoids can bind to and inhibit a protein in the intestines called CFTR, which regulates fluid secretion in the small intestines. "Ultimately, this discovery could lead to the development of natural treatments that are inexpensive, easy to access and are unlikely to have side effects," concluded the study. Schuier, M., Sies, H., Illek, B., & Fischer, H. (2005). Cocoa-Related Flavonoids Inhibit CFTR-Mediated Chloride Transport across T84 Human Colon Epithelia. J. Nutr. 135: 2320-2325.

(Dr. W. Straight Talk: In addition, rice, rice cook water, probiotics and fasting are important to shorten a bout of diarrhea. Chronic diarrhea is usually diet related, such as in Crohn's disease (IBD). A contributing factor is almost always carbohydrates, sugars and grains. The real "disease" is eating as we are not genetically designed.)

Broccoli Benefits For Bladder Cancer
Certain compounds in broccoli may slow the growth of bladder cancer cells. Isothiocyanates, the compounds responsible for these effects, are found in higher concentrations in broccoli sprouts than full-grown broccoli. Cruciferous vegetables in general (broccoli, broccoli sprouts, cauliflower, kale and Brussels sprouts) are known for their anti-cancer properties. J. Fertility and Sterility. July 2005; v. 84: pp 141-147.

(Dr. W. Straight Talk: Sprouts are impressive foods. For one thing, they change a dormant seed (grain) that is packed with undigestible carbohydrates into a fleshy edible vegetable. During germination the seed also sheds many of its defenses that were designed to protect it against predation and spoilage. These defenses are anti-nutritional and even toxic. That is one reason why seeds must be cooked. Cooking makes the carbohydrates more digestible and inactivates the toxins. Sprouts are one of the classes of foods that can be considered natural for humans since they can be eaten in their raw state (in moderation) and readily digested. Returning to nature in this way can only benefit health problems like cancer.)

Wheat Linked To Osteoporosis
Celiac disease is an immune reaction to the gluten protein in wheat. Treating celiac disease with diet can help strengthen bones. In some celiac disease patients the inability to absorb calcium & vitamin D leads to osteoporosis. When such patients were put on a gluten free diet for one year, their bone densities increased. Archives of Internal Medicine. February 28, 2005; 165(4):393-399.

(Dr. W. Straight Talk: One of the ways allergies and food sensitivities develop is by unrelenting exposure to an allergen. Grains are so predominant in the diet today. It is a wonder everyone does not have this disease. Keep moving the diet away from grains. Celiac patients can also be benefited by probiotics, particularly Lactobacillus bifidus, and Lactobacillus plantarum. Certainly impairing vitamin D metabolism any more than it is in our sun-phobic age is a bad idea. Vitamin D's effects are so extensive that it is better thought of as a hormone. That is why so many diseases are now being linked to it.)

Grains & Sugars Can Promote Cataracts
An ophthalmology study reveals that people who consume more carbohydrates are 2.5 times more likely to suffer from cortical cataracts (a clouding of the lens of the eye leading to blindness). Am J of Clinical Nutr June 2005; 81 (6):1411-1416.

(Dr. W. Straight Talk: With age and higher body mass index (fat), the risk of cataracts greatly increases. Now we see that carbohydrate consumption is also related to this condition. Virtually everything that is going wrong with the health of modern people is either caused by or aggravated by carbohydrates. Why? Because as we have warned now for almost 25 years, refined sugars and grain carbohydrates are not natural foods. If we do what nature did not design us for, a price will be paid.)

Arsenic In Drinking Water
Arsenic, a colorless, odorless & tasteless chemical, can enter our systems through various routes. It is an industrial waste that finds its way into drinking water supply as a result of settling down into lakes & rivers. The adverse effects of arsenic are cancer, diabetes, disorders of the nervous system and circulatory system. These effects develop gradually over the years. The environmental protection agency set a zero tolerance for the safe drinking water standard for arsenic, but there are no existing rules to bring this into effect. Get your water tested and find a suitable water purification system.

(Dr. W. Straight Talk: An essential part of the Wysong Optimal Health Program is plenty of pure alkaline water daily. As you increase the amount of water you will increase the potential exposure to toxins if you do not make sure your water is safe.)

Manganese Toxicity & Shower Water
A new study links the potential for permanent brain damage to breathing manganese present in water vapor during showering. The data revealed that children who used manganese contaminated water for showering for 10 years had three times the amount of manganese exposure as compared to non-contaminated sources. Exposure levels in adults would be 50 times more. The highest risk for manganese toxicity was seen in children, pregnant women, the elderly & patients with liver disease. A condition similar to Parkinson's disease can be caused by manganese toxicity and symptoms of toxicity include learning and coordination disabilities and behavioral changes. Elsner RJ, Spangler JG. (2005). Neurotoxicity of inhaled manganese: public health danger in the shower? Med Hypotheses. 65(3):607-16.

(Dr. W. Straight Talk: As if we did not have enough to be concerned about without worrying about our showers! But remember that the skin is an absorbing organ, it is not made of stainless steel. Also, showers aerosol water and its contaminants and we breathe this then into the lungs where it is readily absorbed into the blood. Have you water tested. The Wysong Resource Directory will help you if you cannot find a good local testing facility.)

EPA Sets Lower Fluoride Standards Upon Dow Request
The new food tolerances set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the fluoride-based pesticide sulfuryl fluoride could be potentially damaging to public health. The new EPA tolerances were requested by Dow AgroSciences following the firm's expansion of its pesticide sulfuryl fluoride - trade name ProFume - which is used to fumigate food processing facilities and storage areas. The maximum legal limits for the fluoride-based pesticide in foods have been set at levels that dwarf the amount allowed in tap water. For example, the EPA allows 900 parts per million (ppm) of fluoride in dried eggs, as opposed to the maximum 4 ppm allowed in tap water. One third of the nation's eggs are sold and consumed in dried, reconstituted form. Relying on outdated science, the absurdity of this can be judged by the fact that the EPA considers 900 ppm in eggs safe, while the FDA directs parents to call poison control centers if their children consume more than a pea sized portion of toothpaste with fluoride at 1,000 ppm...and unlike toothpaste, eggs are meant to be eaten! It isn't just powdered eggs that could contain the legal dangerous levels of fluoride under the new standards. In fact Fluoride Action Network (FAN) claims that all processed foods will be allowed 70 ppm fluoride residues, including everything from breakfast cereal to cake mix. Keep in mind that the natural level of fluoride in mothers' milk is approximately 0.008 ppm.

(Dr. W. Straight Talk: Just another example of why you should not trust your health to regulatory agencies. Who knows what their real agendas are? Just keep in mind that health is not something others do to or for you, it is what you do to yourself. You must take command.)

Anti-Impotence Pills Can Make You Blind
Ophthalmologists have reported permanent blindness in males who had taken Viagra. This condition occurs due to loss of blood supply to the optic nerve leading to permanent loss of vision. The risk factors for this condition are diabetes, hypertension, excess fat or lipids in blood, elevated cholesterol in blood. Viagra enhances the constriction of arteries that supply the optic nerve leading to vision loss. People whose eye blood vessels are tightly packed are at a higher risk. J Neuro-Opthalmology March 2005, Vol 25, issues 1:9-13.

(Dr. W. Straight Talk: Certainly bad news for perhaps the most successful pharmaceutical ever invented. But what do you expect? If a pill has the ability to do something as complex as affect erectile function, what do you think the pill is doing on the way to the penis? Of course it is going to affect other tissue and function...and the effects will not be good. The best male virility and potency drug is health. A healthy body wants to procreate, that's how guys are built.)

Hysterectomy Should Not Accompany Removal Of Ovaries
According to a new review of published data collected over 20 years, intact ovaries in hysterectomized women up to 65 years of age can reduce their risk for heart disease and hip fractures. Ovaries keep producing small amounts of estrogen for years after natural menopause protecting against heart disease and osteoporosis. Researchers say that women aged 45 and above who are facing hysterectomy for non-cancerous conditions should be aware of this new finding. Parker, H.W., Broder, M.S., Liu, Z., Shoupe, D., Farquhar, C., and Berek, J.S. (2005). Ovarian Conservation at the Time of Hysterectomy for Benign Disease. Obstet Gynecol 106: 219-226.

(Dr. W. Straight Talk: The removal of organs is too often done as a matter of convenience. The body is not an assemblage of parts and pieces that can be removed or replaced with impunity. It is one holistic, integrated, synchronous unit. Disturb or remove any part and the whole will suffer the consequences. Unfortunately modern medicine operates under the flawed materialistic paradigm that the body is just a machine. Don't buy into it. Keep as much of yourself as you can. You are all you have.)

Giving Birth: Home Can Be Better Than Hospital
For women with low risk pregnancies in North America, giving birth at home bears similar risks of intrapartum and neonatal mortality as giving birth in hospital. However, planned home births by certified practicing midwives (CPM) are associated with lower rates of medical interventions. The study participants experienced substantially lower rates of epidurals, episiotomies, forceps deliveries, vacuum extractions, and caesarean sections than women with low risk pregnancies who gave birth in hospital. Johnson, K.C. and Davis, B.A. (2005). Outcomes of planned home births with certified professional midwives: large prospective study in North America. BMJ 330 (7505): p. 1416.

(Dr. W. Straight Talk: The best principle to keep in mind is that pregnancy is a condition to be watched and enjoyed, not a disease to be treated. Run to the doctor for every test, probe, scan and little ill-treat your pregnancy like it is a disease-and invite potential disaster. Billions of babies have been born healthy long before modern medicine. Modern medicine has not solved problems (statistically) so much as it has created them. Let the (pregnant) buyer beware.)

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