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Table of Contents:
> Hate Mail
> Cats and Bag Heatlh Alert
> More Whole Foods Probe
> Sleep and Fat
> Autopsies Prove Heart Begins Early
> Blindness in a Vegan
> Atopy in Children

The following comment was sent in response to the 06/02/03 e-Health Letter, titled
"Some Health Problems and Answers."   Our response follows:
E-Health Letter Subscriber comment:  "Whoever wrote this article is an idiot.  You want to fight cancer, AIDS, SARS with tea leaves??? You obviously have no experience in fighting diseases.  Your (sic) nuts! Dear e-Health Letter Subscriber,
   Rather than call us names, why not tell us specifically what information you challenge, and your basis?
   First off, we have not advocated tea leaves, per se, for SARS, AIDS and cancer. Since it is assumed you are speaking metaphorically, we will address your comments from that perspective.
   Our position is that it is much wiser (less "idiotic," if you will) to prevent disease than attempt its treatment after the fact.  Do you really challenge that?
   Our position is also that the treatment of disease should be by whatever means is most effective and least toxic. If that turns out to be "tea leaves" so what? There are plant-based miracle drugs and remedies too numerous to mention, which are used gratefully every day by the medical community. We also suggest a rather complex lifestyle and holistic approach to address fundamental causes with an eye to cure, not mere palliation.
   The opposite position to the above (yours?) would be that life be lived in "carpe diem" fashion, and if problems arise (which they will), one should simply submit to the medical care system for their simplistic, symptom-based, chemist's bench, miracle drug (tea leaf) approach.
   But how is it rational to not take steps to prevent diseases that are so difficult to reverse once established?  Also, how is it wise to blindly submit to a medical system, which, by its own reporting, is the most dangerous threat to human life? (See "Why Modern Medicine is the Greatest Threat to Health")
   Finally, yes, we do have hands-on medical experience as well as almost twenty-five years of data from people who subscribe to our approach. We also do not say anything in the e-Health Letter or elsewhere that is not documented in the scientific literature.
How exactly would you suggest we proceed differently?  


    We just received a report of a cat that put her head in a Cat Treat™ bag to get the last crumbs and suffocated to death. Please keep all pet food packages away from your pets since the same danger exists for them as does for children playing with plastic bags in the home. This tragedy is another example of how diligence is always in order for those we love and we should always assume that if it can go wrong, it will.


Current Research and Thoughts You Can Use for Health and Healing
...And Which Verify The Wysong Optimal Health ProgramT
MORE WHOLE FOODS PROOF:  Carotenes are the colored pigments in fruits and vegetables. Beta-carotene is a precursor to vitamin A.
    The synthetic form of beta-carotene is all-trans-beta-carotene. This is the form used by researchers to determine if carotenoids could prevent cancer. The results were not encouraging, leading some newsmakers to report that "studies prove vitamins do not prevent cancer." Some results even suggested an inverse relationship to cancer – i.e., increase the carotene and increase the cancer.
    In other studies, however, natural beta-carotene containing 9-cis-beta-carotene, one of hundreds of naturally occurring stereoisomers (variants) of carotenes, did show anti-cancer activity. Natural carotenoids can also block the cancer-inducing effects of mold toxins (e.g. aflatoxins) found quite commonly in foods. These results match other research suggestive that consuming vegetables and fruits decreases cancer risk.
    There are two things to keep in mind with these apparently contradictory findings. One is that conventional nutritional wisdom that a nutrient is a nutrient regardless of whether it is from the garden or the test tube is hopelessly mired in reductionistic naiveté. Second is that whole natural foods contain healing wonders that can be totally missed if the focus is only on isolated nutrients. (1)  J Am Coll Nutr, 1995; 14(5):536.)
    *Further Reading: 
        Prevention/Therapy Guide

SLEEP AND FAT:  C-reactive protein is a measure of inflammation. Inflammation, particularly the hidden, low-grade, chronic type, leads to a host of degenerative diseases including cancer, arthritis and heart disease.
Studies show that the obese and those who do not get sufficient sleep have high levels of C-reactive protein and the proinflammatory cytokine, interleukin-6. IL-6 is also increased with the modern grain-based, deep-fried diet. 
    The link of these pre-disease markers – obesity and diet – to degenerative diseases is not surprising. The link to sleep deprivation is, only because it is easy to you miss some sleep, so what?
    Force yourself to get the sleep you need just like you force yourself to exercise and eat right. Don't assume that the only penalty for not doing so is being tired. (2,3)  (J Am Med Assoc, 1999; 282(22):2131-5.)
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        Prevention/Therapy Guide

AUTOPSIES PROVE HEART DISEASE BEGINS EARLY:  We have reported previously that young men killed in the Korean and Vietnam wars showed advanced coronary artery disease.  (See Youth Health Is an Illusion.) Another study of 15-34 year old victims of accidents, suicides and homicides confirms these results. Up to 20% had advanced (grade 4 or 5) lesions and up to 19% had stenosis (blockage). 
    Chances are none of these young robust people showed any antemortem cardiovascular effects. The resiliency of youth covers a multitude of sins. But smoldering within are all the degenerative diseases that surface in later years.  Such disease is not just something that happens. It is caused by a lifetime of not taking proper care of the body. And it begins in youth. Parents beware. Those little sugar- and starch-aholics you are creating and think are so cute will have you to blame when they pay the obesity, heart, cancer, arthritic, diabetic disease pipers later. (3)  (Circulation, 2000; 102:374.)
   *Further Reading: 
        Prevention/Therapy Guide

BLINDNESS IN A VEGAN:  A 33 year old man who had been a vegan for 13 years and did not take supplements, presented to clinicians with severe bilateral optic neuropathy (deterioration of the optic nerve) and less than 20/400 vision in both eyes. Examination also revealed central scotomata (blind/dark spots), dyschromatopsia (color blindness), atrophy (wasting) of the optic discs and megaloblastic anemia (a blood disorder characterized by anemia with abnormally large red blood cells, usually resulting from a deficiency of folic acid or vitamin B-12).
    Blood levels of several vitamins and minerals were low. In spite of vitamin therapy there was no recovery of vision.
    Similar vision abnormalities and painful neuropathy have been reported in starved World War II prisoners, and recently in a Cuban epidemic linked to poor diet.
    Any departure from the food we are genetically adapted to puts health at risk. Follow The Optimal Health Program™, which emphasizes variety, natural form and supplementation to not only avoid nutritional disease but to be the best you can be. (4,5)   (N Engl J Med, 2000; 342(12):897-8.)
    *Further Reading: 
        Prevention/Therapy Guide

ATOPY IN CHILDREN: Atopy is an allergic condition of increasing prevalence in children. A study was undertaken to determine which risk factors increased the incidence. Children from families who followed the anthroposophic lifestyle (limited antibiotics, few vaccinations and increased lactobacilli [probiotics] in the diet) had a lower incidence than children from the general population. This could be expected since antibiotics can destroy friendly bacterial flora, vaccinations can exhaust immune reserves and probiotics enhance immune function. In other words, the same tune we sing over and over – encourage and support nature and health will result; thwart it and expect disease. (6)  (Lancet, 1999; 353(9163):1485-8.)
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Best of health to you and yours from all of us here at Wysong.

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