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~Thoughts for Thinking People~
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    People fear the dehumanizing and disfiguring treatments for cancer as much as the disease.
    Solution:  Prevention is the best solution (see The Optimal Health Program™).  If you have cancer, get informed by looking into alternative approaches (see The Wysong Directory of Alternative Resources) and making your oncologist prove to you that the therapy they recommend has been proven to be better than no treatment at all.   If they will not meet this challenge, find another oncologist or alternative practitioner.

    During just a 6-year period in the 80s, there were 2,019 fatalities from drugs reported to the Poison Control Centers (a fraction of the total; see "Why Modern Medicine is the Greatest Threat to Health").  There were zero fatalities from vitamins during the same period.
    Solution:  Take medications with extreme caution, and then only if it is the only alternative.  Take all the hysteria from the medical community and the FDA about the dangers of vitamins with the biased grain of salt it contains.

    When radiology was first used, protective clothing was not.  It was considered safe until doctors, veterinarians and other medical personnel started watching their fingers fall off.  Radium, a radioactive element, was sold over the counter for foot salves, jock straps, candy and as a designer water (Radiothor™) energy drink cure-all and sex enhancer.  Hundreds of thousands of bottles of Radiothor™ were sold.  It was the rage.  Modern science was oh-too-wonderful.  To make sure consumers weren't getting cheated, the Federal Trade Commission took action against those products that did not have the radiation levels up high enough.  But then it was decided there might be a problem when people started to have holes appear in their head and their jaws were dissolving away.  So the products were taken off the market.
   Solution:  Do not assume that a scientific discovery or medical intervention is safe just because you are told it is.   Don't trust "proof" in peer reviewed journals or FDA aegis.  All such proofs have been found insufficient again and again.  The real proof comes after years of use by the public...the true guinea pigs.  So the best approach is to either wait to see how many of your neighbors die or are maimed before buying into a therapy, or you can take control of your own health destiny (see The Optimal Health Program™).

    Doctors are trained to manage illness, not promote health.  Allopathic (symptom-based) medicine is like yanking the wires out from the low oil gauge that is flashing and continuing to run the car as if all were fine.
    Solution: If you understand that this is the bent of modern medical care, you will understand that you must look elsewhere for ultimate health solutions.

    The more illness there is, the more the medical community is benefited.   Your pain and suffering is their vested interest.  Death and disease is a growth industry.  The responsibility for any perceived decline in disease (you know, "we are living longer and healthier lives now more than ever thanks to modern medicine" – a statement practically universally parroted but unproven; see "Why Modern Medicine is the Greatest Threat to Health") is ascribed to the modern day beneficiaries of the prevailing medical paradigm.  (This is not to say many dedicated medical people do not have their heart in the right place.  They are just working with the wrong tool.   This is also not to say that your health is their responsibility.)
    Solution: Do not look to medicine to save you after a life of neglect.  Do not look to modern medicine to bring you optimal health.  Do not believe that disease is expected since you are just a machine and machines break down and need repair.  Your health is your responsibility.  Either take that responsibility right now and begin doing things to build your health, or get ready to pad the bottomless purse of medical care.

    The majority of people think that the more specialized and technically trained a physician, the better.  But it is increased intervention with technology that results in the most medical harm.
    Solution: First off, be your own doctor.  Nobody will have more interest in you than you.  Technology is not in itself progress.  It must be measured on a benefit versus potential harm basis – always.  In actual fact, the more intervention, the greater the chance for harm since medical care is the number one risk to your life (see "Why Modern Medicine is the Greatest Threat to Health").   A physician who is seasoned – who has seen the dangers over time – is the safest bet.  It is said a new doctor uses 20 drugs for one disease, and an older doctor uses one drug for 20 diseases.  Also, don't insist that the doctor "do something."  Since almost all conditions are self-healing, look for the doctor who is a wise counselor and will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.
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    Best of health to you and yours from all of us here at Wysong. 

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