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~Thoughts for Thinking People~
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    (Dr. W.)  Here is my "in a nutshell" guide to achieving and maintaining healthy weight.  I discuss this issue more thoroughly in my book, The Synorgon Diet, so you can go there for more ideas and suggestions.  This will be a specific daily program you can try.

    Before I begin, take a moment if you would to think about some things.  Excess weight is neither innocent nor harmless, not for the individual nor society.  Considered broadly (no pun intended), it is not innocent because if you are carrying excess weight you are eating more than you deserve.  In a world of finite resources, energy and food supply, why should we consume more than we need and use all the energy and materials to transport, prepare and package it, while children here and abroad starve to death?  Instead of the counsel echoed in households across the land, "Clean up your plate, don't you know there are starving children?" it should be, "Don't put so much on your plate, don't you know there are starving children?"  So that's one way to look at it.    (As if you didn't have enough to feel guilty about, right?)  Healthy weight is ethically correct from a social standpoint and environmental standpoint.   It is not just an innocent "life choice" to be significantly overweight.  Society at large also "pays" for the excess weight of individuals who become crippled by their own weight, in terms of handicapped requirements, healthcare costs, and so forth.  Family and friends also must experience the emotional anguish of watching a loved one self-destruct.

    Excess weight is not harmless to the individual either.  It predisposes one to about every imaginable disease and worsens those that come.  By decreasing agility it even increases the risk of physical injury from falling or inability to escape quickly from threatening situations.  Excess weight burdens the medical care system.  If surgery is needed, risk is increased because of the difficulty of reaching target tissues, the greater risk of ligatures slipping and the sheer frustration of attempting precise work in what becomes a vat of fat.  Furthermore, of all the tons of research on life extension, none compares to the compelling evidence that under-eating adds good years to life.  If you want to try to reach the maximum span of about 120, there are few things you could do that would increase your chances more than remaining quite lean.   Finally, and probably most important, is the cruel psychological toll, reduced sense of self-worth, and social ostracism.

    If you want to do something about excess weight, here is a daily eating plan that works – guaranteed or your subscription price back. How's that for generous?

    Two things need to be addressed, the quantity and quality of your food.   You must eat less, and that which you eat must be nutrient dense.  We must change the scenario from being overfed and undernourished, to being underfed yet over nourished.  Here's how.  (I will not take the space here to go into all of the science and rational justifications since I have done that previously.  If you have questions, please write us to ask.)  If you are wondering if I put my mouth where my mouth is, this is exactly what I do every day.

    Drink a quart of purified alkalinized water before you even think about eating anything. (2)

    When you start to feel hungry make yourself a Wysong shake.
    In a blender:
    >One or two organic free-range eggs raw.
    >Two or three prunes that have been soaked until soft (just put some in a capped jar with water and keep in the fridge).
    >Part of a  banana.
    >A cup or so of organic whole milk yogurt (not the cloyed, sickeningly sweet, fruit on the bottom or otherwise flavored variety).
    >One to two tablespoons of Fresh Squeezed Flaxseed™ or another brand if you can find something as good. (3)
    >One cup or so of raw nuts and seeds.  These could include macadamia, cashews, Brazil nuts with the brown skin peeled off, walnuts and pecans soaked over night and drained of the dark colored tannins, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.    Keep these nuts in the freezer.
    Blend fairly well.  If there are a few chunks of nuts left, that's good.  It will force you to chew the drink rather than guzzle it.  The chewing will slow you down and increase salivary flow and digestive action.
    You can rotate the ingredients and add other fruits if desired. 
    Skip this meal if you are not hungry.  Make the shake small enough that you do not feel full.
    Take your Optimal Health Program™ supplements, or the equivalent, with this meal. (4)

    The shake will hold you for the entire day until supper.  In between – if you are truly hungry and are doing sufficient physical activity to justify it – you can eat some fresh fruit and/or fresh coconut with the brown skin pealed off.
    Drink at least two more quarts of alkalinized water before supper, but don't drink right after the shake or right before supper.
    Take a little nap around noon.
    Get some exercise.  Do it like you mean it.  Make some muscles pump and breathe hard.    
    Get outdoors.

    Forget it if you are not hungry.
    If you are:
    >Prepare a fresh raw salad of your liking.  Dress it with extra virgin olive oil. (5)  Add some seasoning and shredded raw organic cheese for variety.  Try different veggies and rotate ingredients.
    >No more than pound of protein.  Meats (free range if possible) should be rotated.
    >Take your Optimal Health™ supplements with chewed bites of the food. (4)
    >Have a bit of chocolate or small desert.
    Don't get full.

    Only if hungry.  Some choices:
    >Air popped popcorn or other starchy snack that has not been prepared with heated oils, with extra virgin olive oil and seasonings. (5-7)
    >Raw nuts.
    >Fresh coconut.
    >Fresh fruit.
    >Raw organic cheese.
    Don't get full.

    Don't eat for a day every now and then.  Just drink the water.

    As I said, this is what I do. It is even a lot for me given that I am very physically active, play and train for competitive sports, weight lift almost every day, do some aerobics, carpentry, masonry, wood splitting and the like here and there, banter with the kids, crack the whip on all the employees and wear my little pinkies to the bone writing these newsletters.
    If you do less, eat less.

    Give it a try and tell me how you come along.  If you dislike any part of it, or have trouble digesting certain components, or can't do the raw egg thing, etc., that's okay.  Just use this as a model, learn from the principles and tailor it to your liking.   

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    Best of health to you and yours from all of us here at Wysong. 

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