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     Since this is the time of year everyone thinks of presents and goodies, here are some of the new exciting presents we have been working on over the past two years. They are close to complete and we will announce more details later. All are designed with the Wysong health-first philosophy and using nature and genetic expectation as the principles.

Willie Wonka at Wysong
     For some time we have been developing a special nutrient-packed chocolate treat.
These gourmet organic chocolates chocked with raw, nutrient-dense, high protein almonds, macadamias and cashews are incredibly delicious. Better than any high-end chocolate we know of. To give you an idea of what we have done nutritionally, here's the preliminary label information:

Premium Organic Chocolates

     A delicious velvety chocolate packed with flavorful nutrition And you thought chocolate had to be a sin! We've changed that with over 25 years of Wysong health know-how using the ultimate technology... Nature.

     Here's why you can enjoy these wonderful desserts (within reason now, there are other important foods even though you may wish there weren't after tasting these) and be doing yourself a favor at the same time:

  • Organic, natural ingredients
  • The sweet of nature itself and dental-healthy natural xylito.
  • Healthy energy-giving/fat-inhibiting short-chain fatty acids
  • Essential fatty acids from the important omega 3 and 6 families
  • Wysong OxherpholT natural antioxidants including vitamins E, C, carotenes, flavonoids and mineral chelators
  • No hydrogenated oils or trans-fatty acids
  • Organic calcium from dairy and sea coral
  • Pure organic butter
  • Beneficial yogurt cultures
  • Natural fiber from whole ingredients
  • Loaded with the protein, minerals and essential fatty acids from lots of raw macadamias, cashews and almonds
  • Not nutrition degraded by heat but real food from nature with all its original goodness
  • Melts in your mouth and in your hands because that's what healthy natural chocolate does.

     But don't let all the technical and good-for-you stuff fool you. These are so delicious, they're addicting. It's kind of like what pets think of the taste of ArchetypeT (tearing through bags to get at it - real stories) compared to any conventional premium food.

Sleep Like a Baby
     Not only will the new Wysong bed positioners help you sleep like a baby, they will dramatically help solve chronic back and disc problems. Dr. Wysong argues that the conventional approach taken by bed manufacturers and even orthopedists, osteopaths and chiropractors is fundamentally wrong...actually the opposite of what should be. Dr. Wysong again looks to the archetypal model and makes the case for this new device based upon how we grow in the womb and the posture and sleep positions of all other animals.

     This is a tried and true product he has used himself and refined over many years...and its logic is compelling. Use it and you will never again sleep as you have. Prototypes are just now being manufactured and we will be in touch soon to let you see this wonderful product that should be in every bed.

The Foot Pillow
     A unique shoe insole Dr. Wysong has spent over five years developing. It's a little further off before production, but it will be a revolution for the foot. It is based on the archetypal pattern again: what does the bare foot want to do, how does it move under the demands of athletics, how does its anatomy speak to the appropriate foot bed, what does the bare foot do in soft earth and sand, how does a shoe subvert the foot's intentions and what can we learn from the anatomy and movement of animals?

     It will be a must for athletes and a welcome relief for anyone spending significant time on their feet and experiencing heel pain, plantar fascitis or just sore aching tootsies.

Archetype Buffet
     This will be a patty form ArchetypeT complete with a smorgasbord of nutritional veggies and fruit. No diluting grains. A sort of all-in-one meal with all the healthy merits you expect from Wysong. We are going to do our best to price this as competitively as possible so that this excellent health technology can reach more animals.

Archetype Can-in-a-Bag
     Coming soon. This will be similar in composition to Archetype Buffet, but is designed like a dried version of canned food. Just add water. One 7.5 oz. bag will be the equivalent of 7-one pound cans only without the weight and the cans.

Archetype Therapeutic
     This is a project Dr. Wysong has been working on for quite some time - making medicine in a food form such that animals will prefer it even to their normal food. These products will incorporate the advanced nutraceutical science Dr. Wysong has led in for the past 25 years.
Here is the line:
· ConditionT - for weight loss
· ImmuneT - to strengthen the immune system during infectious disease and cancer
· DermatologyT - for skin and coat
· G/IT - for gastrointestinal problems
· MaternityT - for pregnancy and lactation
· WeaningT - to get youngsters on the right track
· Bone and JointT - for arthritic and other skeletal disorders
· DentalT - for tooth and gum health
· AllergyT - for sensitivities, allergies and autoimmunities
· UrinaryT - for kidney and bladder conditions
· Stress/PerformanceT - for the athlete or working animal
· GerontologyT - to add life to years and years to life
· Organ SupportT - for problems with the heart, liver and pancreas
· EndocrineT - for problems with the endocrine organs
· NeurologyT - for the brain, behavior and peripheral nervous system
· GastrolithT - for hairballs and other G/I obstructions or stasis
This is an extensive and innovative line with specialized applications. To keep products fresh and not burden users with stocking problems, we will be making these products almost to order.

Best of health to you and yours from all of us here at Wysong.

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