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    Pay close attention.  What I will talk about here can do more to improve/restore your health than anything else you can do other than follow the entire Optimal Health Program™.

    From a biological and health perspective, water is much more than a simple three-atom molecule – H2O – or just something to quench thirst. It is the solvent of life, the very medium in which the millions of biochemical processes occur in our bodies each second.

    Part of what follows is to create a little respect for this ubiquitous substance that bathes our blue planet, and which we take for granted. With that respect will come some valuable information about how it can be an elixir, a – 'scuse the pun – fountain of youth.

    The water molecule is a three-dimensional structure known as a spherical quadrupole. Two negative charges emanating from the oxygen form the negative tetrahedron angles with the two positive charges from the hydrogens. But don't start building in your mind visions of rigid and static pyramids.  The water molecule is in a constant dynamic, trading hydrogen atoms, vibrating at billions of times per second, losing and gaining electrons and who knows what else at the subatomic quantum level where matter ceases to exist and is replaced with pure energy, waves, photons, thought, ephemeral probabilities and the like. (See Pet Psychics.)

    The polar arrangement of water permits it to serve as a medium for all the complex polar biochemicals of life. Its negatively charged aspect holds the positively charged ends of biochemicals, and the positive side holds the negative ends. Water is a rather loose arrangement, yet remains a continuous entity. The dynamics of electrons and charges in water facilitates the flow of chemical processes and the creation of the energy of life.

    Water is not always electrically balanced, however. It can be acidic (electron poor) or alkaline (electron rich). In our acidic, electron stripped world (processed food, clothing, air, homes are all acidic), we need alkaline water, and plenty of it on daily basis. Just eating juicy foods is not enough even though a tomato is 95% water and meats about 70%. We lose enough water with perspiration, urination and breathing to put us at constant risk of insufficient tissue water to effectively mediate metabolism and dilute and remove toxins. Water is the difference between tissue sludge and free flowing biochemistry.

    Not just any water will do either. If you can go to a mountain stream fed by snow crystallized in a clean atmosphere, you have the ideal. It is pure, mineralized from flowing over rocks, and alkaline – electron rich. For those of you who do not happen to live in those idyllic settings, here's the next best thing.

    Passing well or municipal water through a copper-zinc and activated charcoal filter, then ionizing it such as occurs in an electrical storm or from coursing down a mountain stream, creates pure alkaline water. The carbon removes all the organic toxins (pesticides, herbicides, etc.), the copper-zinc sterilizes and removes the chlorine, fluorine and toxic heavy metals, and the ionization alkalinizes.

    In ice, water forms clusters of approximately 90 molecules. (Not tightly packed though, and that is the reason it is less dense than liquid water and floats. If it behaved as other liquids and became more dense, and thus heavier, upon freezing, it would sink to the bottom of all fresh water lakes and obliterate all life there. No extra charge for that little extraneous tidbit.) As it warms, the clusters become smaller. If the water is acidic, the clusters remain rather large, ganging up to find electrons. These clusters at room temperature are about a dozen molecules. If alkaline, the clusters become half that size. (When water vaporizes, it becomes singular molecules – another irrelevant point in this discussion, but what the heck, we're learning here.) These smaller clusters, negatively charged, are absorbed much more readily and can serve as electron donors to quench health-robbing free radicals. If you compare the molecular weight of a water molecule, 18, with that of another antioxidant, vitamin C at 176, it is clear why the more permeable, smaller alkaline molecule permeates tissue better and makes it the ultimate antioxidant.

    Additionally, alkaline water encourages friendly microflora in the digestive tract, and decreases fermentation and production of a variety of toxins such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, indoles, phenols and scatoles. These nasty substances not only induce an inflammatory reaction and with that prolific oxidation, but are carcinogenic and generate noxious stool odors. (Decreased stool odor is one of the first effects experienced by those using the water described below.)

    Here's a commercial, but not a normal one because we stand to gain no real profit in the deal. We have spent over two years trying to find equipment that can achieve the above goals: purification and alkalinization.

    The idea is to get these health giving tools into your hands. If you do what I tell you here, you will love me forever ... and I like to be loved.

    The right water taken in sufficient amounts (3-4 quarts per day) can work miracles. For example, if you are having stomach problems – which almost all of you are, I did too – this is the cure ... almost 100% guaranteed, assuming you are not doing other stupid things.Well, even if you are, which we all do, it will still help soften the penalty. Sufficient quantities of pure alkaline water daily can help you be healthier in about every imaginable way because you are predominantly water. (See Rationale for WellSpring™.)

    Here are the tools.  I'm starting with the best arrangement first.

    1. The copper-zinc filter hooked in tandem with the ionizer containing the ideal platinum coated titanium electrodes.  The best of all worlds.

    2. The copper-zinc filter to which you add Wellspring™ for alkalinization. The least compromise.

        - countertop model

        - under sink model

        - portable model for travel

        - shower head model to remove chlorine (the skin can absorb this oxidizing toxin)

    For a catalog, just go to the website. The discounted pricing is available to any of you who use our nutritional and food products and are trying to follow the Optimal Health Program™.  For the rest of you, you will just have to stay sick.

    You'll pay for these over and over by not buying bottled water. It's environmental too because you are home brewing, not paying for bottled water factories, trucking, bottles, caps, ads, labels and other superfluous waste. For all the money you save by not having to take boatloads of Tums™ or other meds, or be poked and prodded by your doctor, or for what it is worth to you to be optimally healthy, as opposed to walking wounded, do something good with it like send some to the non-profit Institute. No limits.

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