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     (Dr. W.)   If you haven't watched the Animal Planet© channel's "The Pet Psychic," you should.  Whether you believe what you hear and see or not, it's a great pet lover's treat.

     The idea is that the psychic is able to speak and listen to animals, and even communicate with them after they have died. I know, you're thinking, "Weird." But it's pretty compelling folks. She (the psychic is a British lady who claims to have had the gift from childhood) is apparently able to either do what she says she is, or is a real good guesser. I mean real good.

     An alligator on a tourist farm tells her that the reason he is misbehaving is because the caretaker is upset and not himself, and has also stopped feeding him beef. Come to find out the caretaker was going through a difficult divorce, and was therefore not treating his favorite gator the same. He also had changed from beef to chicken. Once the caretaker changed the food back and gave his friend the attention he was used to, all was well again.

     A show horse was bolting with its rider and acting like its feet bothered him on sand. During a "talk" with the psychic, the horse said that earlier in life its feet were burned running through a grass fire. Now the heat of the sand caused fear. Upon investigation with the previous owner it was found that this was true. Now, with the newfound information and a reassuring talking to (done with the psychic mind, not the lips) from the pet psychic, the previous behaviors are disappearing.

     A discussion with a deceased dog reveals secrets about the dog's life while alive that only the owner was aware of.

     That's just a sampling.

     And yes, the whole thing could be staged; the production crew and the hundreds of animal owners could be liars.  But I think if you watch a few episodes you will rule out that possibility.

     If it is true, and she is able to communicate, it affirms what most of us animal lovers have long suspected – pets are people too (figuratively).  Anthropomorphism (attributing human qualities to animals) may be correct and proper, not just hopeful sentimentality.

     Now then, is it even possible that what she supposedly does is real?  Not if you believe the only reality is what you can touch and feel, if you are a dyed-in-the-wool materialist. But that position is not very scientific or current.  We now know there are dimensions, energies and realities far beyond our puny human senses. We are, in fact, not really even matter but electromagnetic radiation that is perceived by eyes that are made of atoms which are primarily space.  Think of it this way. We don't see gravity, but it exists. We don't see or feel x-rays, or cosmic rays, but they exist.  We can see only a narrow visual band on an infinite electromagnetic spectrum. We watch television and listen to the radio but see no physical connection to the sources of the sound or images.

     Our world, our bodies, the bodies of the animals around us, are not substance per se, but rather unimaginably complex energy vibrations.  We need to get over the outdated and unscientific notion that the scope of reality is defined by our senses.  Just because we do not understand or perceive something does not preclude its existence. Similarly, a dog cannot do calculus, cannot even add.  Does he have the right to conclude that math does not exist?

     Once you get past that (the topic of a book I have been working on for some time), your mind opens up to new possibilities.  There is really nothing supernatural; it is all natural, just unperceived by most of us. 

     Is it possible there could be realities, life, in a dimension, a wavelength other than ours coexisting with us?  Why not?  There are thousands of radio and TV stations permeating the airways all at the same time, but we would not know that unless we change the dial.   If we had a radio stuck on 940 AM, we would assume that is the only radio message out there.  Little do we know that there are tens of thousands of TV, radio, radar, infrared, sonic, etc. worlds all out there occupying the same space at the same time.   All you need is the right instrument to detect them.

     Similarly, could not a person have a tuning capability that permits perceptions of realities other than the narrow band perceived by our senses?  Why not?  The proof would be in the person's performance – knowledge of things they could not know unless they had such capability.

     I know this is all brain twisting.  But think about the metaphors I have described above and you will see that there is far more than meets the eye.

     All of our cozy little materialistic paradigms have served us well to create refrigerators, automobiles and toys.  But they also create nuclear weapons, pollution, debt, greed and skewed disease-producing views such as allopathic medicine and so-called "100% complete" processed foods.

     By their fruit you will know them. (Might as well quote some Bible, too.)  Our limited materialistic worldview is not sufficient to explain all of reality.  Holding to it as if it did, produces the bad fruit we see in the social, economic and health fields.  On the other hand, opening the mind to new possibilities, understanding that we are but an infinitesimally small part of reality, creates much hope for betterment of the human and animal condition – much good fruit.  The pet psychic certainly brings comfort, hope and healing. What wonderful fruit that is.

     Holistic health means consideration for all possibilities. Alternative medicine encompasses more and more of these possibilities.  Perhaps pet psychic therapy is a step beyond that even. But why not?

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