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     (Dr. W.) Water is the solvent of life. It plays an essential hydrolytic (electrical) role in metabolism, adjusts the body's temperature, assists in digestion, removes toxins, and helps regulate pH and form complex body fluids.

     The quality of drinking water can determine the quality of health. Like all natural foods, pure natural water is life enhancing. Non-polluted rain or snow-melted water from mountain lakes and streams is considered most natural and healthy. This is because water from storms or moving over rocks picks up electrons (becomes alkaline) and tends to form small, hexagonal clusters of 5-6 H2O (water) molecules, rather than 10-13 molecule clusters of tap water.

     These smaller clusters result in "smoother," "wetter" water that is much more easily absorbed. Further, natural water, with its hexagonal structure, is filled with mineral solutes including calcium, potassium and magnesium in their most natural, bioavailable forms. These minerals, in addition to being essential for various body structures and metabolic functions, carry negative charges (electrons) and thus contribute to one of natural water's most health-giving attributes – electron bounty, its alkalinity.

     Ionized, alkaline water is a powerful antioxidant. Extra electrons in alkaline water, like other antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E, scavenge for free radicals, which are unstable electron-depleted (oxidized) molecules that cause cell damage.

     Acidemia, in fact, is the first and fundamental step in degenerative disease cascades such as dental disease, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, indigestion of all sorts, infection, and so on. The first step in health and disease reversal is to reverse acidosis. Our modern diet comprised of cooked, pasteurized or otherwise processed foods is stripped of electrons (oxidized) so is the air we breathe and water we drink. This condition creates an ideal environment for disease to thrive, and is called acidemia.

What to do:

     First step is to drink about 3-4 quarts of alkaline water each day. Use #1 below for home and #2 for travel. Then convert the diet as described in the Optimal Health Program You must seriously cut down on or eliminate pop, simple sugars, and processed carbohydrates. You'll be amazed how much this will improve your health. If it were applied universally, most hospitals would close.

     1)      Water Ionizer Filter
           Water is passed through an electrolysis chamber equipped with platinum coated titanium electrodes, which "coat" water molecules with extra electrons. This device hooks to your sink faucet {insert link}.    

     2)      Portable/Travel Cu-Zn filter
           a)     Works by catalytic action and the electrochemical reduction/oxidation caused by dissimilar metals, or "redox" for short.
           b)     Water enters a bed made of copper-zinc alloy. Within each alloy, the copper becomes a cathode and the zinc an anode.
           c)      Chlorine is removed, as well as heavy metals, contaminants, and microorganisms.
           d)     Non-hazardous, non-corrosive, and recyclable filter bed.
           e)     Purifies water, retains minerals, and slightly alkalinizes.
           f)        Use with WellSpring™ or Alkinate™ (see below).

      3)     WellSpring™
           a)     Ionized mineral-enhanced water additive.
           b)     Add to Cu-Zn pure water to further alkalinize and enhance.

      4)     Alkinate™
           a)     Nutritional supplement to more aggressively combat acidemia.
           b)    Contains natural, specially formulated citrate, trona mineral salts, hydrated silica and amino acids.

      5)     pH Tape™
           Dispenser roll of pH sensitive tape to dip in water or urine to measure pH by color change.

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