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     (Dr. W.) Winter is tough on the skin. Low moisture in closed-up homes and lack of sun can take their toll. Don't forget that a poor diet, one in which fresh natural foods, essential fatty acids and antioxidants are scarce, surfaces on the skin.
     For you pet owners, you know that poor skin and coat is the first sign of dietary problems. Same with us.

     Here's a helpful trick.  Before bed at night, put a dab of Dermal
in the palm of one hand. Then pour a little of our antioxidant-rich Herbed Extra Virgin Olive Oil™ there also. Use a finger of the other hand to stir this up into a creamy solution. The heat in the little bowl of your palm will help the process.

     Then rub it well all over your face and hands. A particularly good time to do this is right after a shower or tub when the skin is still moist, warm and circulation to the surface is high. Spend some time massaging so it will start to absorb. Don't put so much on your face that it will run, but get plenty on. Keep working the excess well into the hands, knees, elbows, wherever there's a problem.

     This is not a lotion that disappears right away. You may have to blot the excess or cover before tucking in. By morning though, you will be surprised how much did absorb. The oiliness is what you need. It will help retain moisture and feed the skin with essential fatty acids and antioxidants. You might even find little blemishes miraculously
fading. We've spent a lot of time trying to make a disappearing cream that works. The more rapidly it disappears, the more rapidly it fails to do the job.

     Like everything else, no short cuts. Healing always takes a little effort and the process is not always as tidy and convenient as we would like.

     Do this faithfully every night for a time and see if it does not heal up that cracking skin and dryness. It is the only thing I have been able to do to stop the painful splitting in the corner of my fingers that plagued me every winter.

     A side benefit is that I get to be a wonderful fragrance of a salad through the night. If you or your mate don't see that as a benefit (my wife doesn't, other than to use it as fodder for some clever jokes), add some essential oils to the solution as you're mixing so you smell more like an appropriate bouquet.

     Hope this helps.

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