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~Thoughts for Thinking People~
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Superb Health, Disease Prevention and Reversal

Internet: “I felt compelled to write to you regarding your dry cat food. I have an 8-year-old Siamese cat who has had eye problems (runny, squinting, tearing) since she was 4 months old at adoption. I have taken her to several vets including an ophthalmologist who specializes in cats. Every treatment failed and I just felt that she would have to live the rest of her life with this unknown disorder. Four months ago my sister suggested I feed her Wysong pet food. After having her on the food for two months her eye problem totally disappeared!! Not only that but her energy has been restored and she once again plays like a kitten. My vet examined her and was completely stunned (naturally a nutritional change was never mentioned to me). I have all 3 of my cats on Wysong and I cannot possibly tell you how wonderful I think your food is. I thought that I was feeding my cats the best while using another brand not realizing that it was almost as poor as any other commercial diet. Your food has given my cat back her life – through nutrition – what was I thinking all of these years?! Thank you…I have become your biggest fan.”

Cats Go Crazy for Cat Treats™

Internet: “What is in those Cat Treats™?! I have to put them in a container, in the cupboard to keep them from getting into them. They go crazy for them. It’s great.”

Pets Prefer Wysong

Michigan: “I take great care in the food I ingest and have always thought I fed my dogs equally well. So not true! The past few months I have noticed a change in my girls' coats, the lack-luster way they respond to me yelling, “Puppy food time!” and their changing needs in general. So, on this, my monthly visit to the local pet supply store, I picked up two 40-lb. bags of another brand, but then I began to stroll the food aisle. Being the good Dog Mom that I am, I thought I’d investigate a few other brands and possibly make a change, something I take very seriously. So I began my hunt. First, I noticed your silver bags! Then, I read the ingredient list and thought my girls would go nuts for your food! So, I picked up my first 4-lb. bag of Wysong. Upon my return home I was so excited for the night’s chow time that I cheated a bit and gave them each a handful. I thought I was going to lose my hand! My two Golden’s went nuts; they loved the food! Long story short, the other brand stayed in the bags and today was returned to the pet supply, where I purchased a 40-lb. box of Wysong, 2 cans of moist food and a bag of Archetype™. Tonight at dinnertime I mixed a bit of Wysong canned food with Wysong dry food and they both licked their bowls clean. My hats off to your products! Please continue to make the wonderful food my girls enjoy!”

Love the Philosophy, Information and Honesty

Rhode Island: “I just wanted to write to you once again to thank you for contributing to my dog’s good health, as well as my own. We have a new puppy and he has begun a regimen of your products and is just thriving. My other dog, Reckless, now 3½ years old is enjoying increased strength and vigor after adhering to your philosophy of the Optimal Health Program and so am I. We definitely subscribe to the theory that preventive care is preferred to trying to fix problems that may have been thwarted from the beginning or onset. Enclosed please find a picture of our new puppy, Sting at 5 months old. As you can see he is going to be and is a very big and vigorous boy. We all are very grateful for raising our collective conscience about what constitutes good nutrition for humans and the companion animals we are fortunate enough to share our lives with. I hope that your research continues because there are many individuals and animals who are the beneficiaries of your knowledge, compassion, and dedication to their well-being."


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