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This idea springs from the "four food groups" style of nutrition taught in grade school. Problem is, it is taught seriously rather than as part of the fairy tale sessions right before kids curl up with their blankies for their afternoon naps.

A Big Mac™ is a four food group meal...meat (fried burger), veggie/fruit (lettuce, pickle, onion), dairy (processed cheese), and grain (white flour bun). Optimal nutrition? Doubtful.

"Balance," "food groups" and "food pyramids" all complexify what is simple. Natural foods, fed in variety, create optimal nutrition, not slogans or words meant primarily to make everyone dependent upon processed foods. How do we know? Because that’s what creatures ate for eons prior to nutritionists, dietitians and regulators. They did fine or no creature would now exist. Creatures cannot survive prior to their proper, optimal food.

Additionally, research has proven that not all nutrients need be eaten at the same meal or even on the same day. You do not even need the essential nutrients every meal or every day for optimal health. In fact no nutrients at all for a time (fasting) has many health benefits.

Nothing new here. It’s the way nature is. In the wild, humans or animals would rarely have the "four food groups" at every meal, or every day. If you found some berries, that might be all you ate that day. Perhaps only meat the next. Then nuts a couple of days later. Then perhaps some eggs you were lucky enough to happen upon. Then nothing. (Probably a lot of that.) Same goes for animals. They ate what was there and did not go shopping for the missing food groups.

Additionally, the digestive system is best adapted to processing one thing at a time. Fruits are not digested in the same way as fats or meats, for example. Mix them all together at every meal and the digestive system is taxed. Foods are incompletely processed, resulting in the epidemic of digestive disturbances common to humans and domestic animals.

Here, again, the "100% complete" myth raises its ugly head. To be complete requires that the meal be "balanced" (as if words and claims make it so) since pets by the millions are condemned to such monofeeding. Problem is, as you now know, nobody is certain what true balance or completeness is.

Much better to use nature as the principle. Natural foods, fed in variety, create health. Anything else creates something less than that.

Best of health to you and yours from all of us here at Wysong.

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