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~Thoughts for Thinking People~
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Reportably, some 70-80% of Americans are depressed to one degree or another over recent events. Certainly the realization that our country, our businesses, our homes, are not secure, is sobering.

In a world where weapons of mass destruction abound, and have for decades, we could sleep at night in the belief that such insanity would not be unleashed because people everywhere must be at least decent, or at least would not do something that would surely put themselves in peril. But now we see there are those to whom these rules do not apply, putting everything, anywhere, at any time at risk.

It is (yet again) painfully clear what can happen when would be thinking people relinquish their conscience, their innate sense of ethic, to the will of another. Terrorism could not exist if people would listen to the voice within.

But we should not let this get us down. Such threats have always been there, just ignored. Nothing has really changed other than our awareness. We can jeopardize our health with depression and feelings of helplessness over this. Things must be put in perspective (all the threats existed prior to September 11), and we must regain a feeling of control over our lives. Do what you can to participate to make this a better and safer world. Such participation is in itself therapeutic and mood lifting.

On the matter of bioterrorism, think in terms of building health, not just clamoring for vaccines or chemotherapeutics. No disease has ever vanquished an entire population. There are always those who survive, even without medical intervention (many who perish directly because of it). Even the great plagues, such as polio, diphtheria, tuberculosis, typhoid, scarlet fever, pneumonia, influenza, measles and whooping cough, were not defeated by medical measures (contrary to popular and medical opinion), but rather by such mundane low tech things such as better hygiene and better food distribution. It is impossible to eradicate microorganisms. They are just too small, too replicative and too ubiquitous. Our health, our immunity is our first and most reliable defense.

The Optimal Health Program™ is the very best way to achieve this goal. Resolve today to take good care of yourself and your family by taking control of your own health destiny.

Best of health to you and yours from all of us here at Wysong.

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