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~Thoughts for Thinking People~
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Notice how some people can run faster than others? Some are better artists, conversationalists, mathematicians, power lifters, endurance runners, humorists, tanners or gardeners than others. Physical and mental skill levels vary all over the board in a given population.

Some of this is learned. A lot of it is due to innate genetic factors. These differences evident on the outside, are also present inside. Some people can produce digestive enzymes better than others, some transmit nerve impulses better than others, some have better immune systems, or liver, pancreatic, kidney and reproductive capacity.

These differences pervade our bodies right down to the cellular, and ultimately the biochemical level. Some require more vitamin C than others, some more B vitamins or essential fatty acids, or minerals or accessory nutrients. Problem is, it is impossible to know how much of thousands of different nutrients an individual may need at any given time. Stress, age, gender, activity and environment can all add additional variables.

This is why RDAs and "100% complete" diets are nonsense. Studies have proven that nutrient requirements within a population may vary hundreds of percent.

Given this understanding, the wisdom of supplementation with optimal levels of nutrients and converting the diet to fresh, whole natural foods becomes apparent. Sure, your body may pass some excess vitamins you may not need. But so what? What's the harm?

Better safe than sorry. Follow the Optimal Health Program not because it will necessarily cure your disease immediately or take twenty years of age away. Do it because it's the smart and wise thing to do. It will give you the best chance of being the best you can be. 

Best of health to you and yours from all of us here at Wysong.

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