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>Prostate Cancer

Current Research and Thoughts You Can Use for Health and Healing
...And Which Verify The Wysong Optimal Health Program™

ATHEROSCLEROSIS: In healthy young non-smokers, just 30 minutes of exposure to secondhand smoke compromises the endothelial function in their coronary arteries in a way that makes the endothelial response of nonsmokers indistinguishable from that of habitual smokers (endothelial dysfunction may be at the heart of the development of atherosclerosis). 

     • What To Do: What a wonderful thing clean air is. Everyone has a right to it. We have no right to foul it for others. Relevant Wysong Products: Wysong Carvasol™, Spectrox™, Food A•C•E™, and Food C™ contain heart-healthy nutrients to help protect when secondhand smoke is unavoidable.)

PROSTATE CANCER: Prostate cancer patients who add about 3 heaping tablespoons of ground flaxseed daily to their diet have more slowly-piding tumor cells and a greater rate of tumor cell death after only 5 weeks.  

• What To Do: Prostate health is a reflection of overall health. Follow the Optimal Health Program™ and all organs will have the best chance of health or recovery from disease. Relevant Wysong Products:  Wysong Fresh Squeezed Flax Seeds™ contains whole ground flaxseeds and their beneficial oil, and Prostase™ provides nutrients to help support the health of the prostate.)

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