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     Farming practices greatly affect nutritional content of crops. Science has proven that an organic, natural diet is beneficial to health, and that the use of modern, highly processed foods, depleted of the necessary nutrients, can lead to many modern chronic degenerative diseases.

     • Studies in the 1930's found that 14 native tribes from Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and South America that still consumed their native diet - consisting of natural foods such as sea oats, fish, plant crops, insects, and animal flesh - had excellent health. Once modern processed foods, such as white flour, white sugar, and canned foods were introduced, malnutrition resulted, and even negatively affected DNA.

     • A study examining the nutritional content of several different vegetables demonstrated that mineral and nutrient levels varied greatly depending upon the type of farming practice used.

     • Tests show that organic produce has 2 times the mineral content of regular produce and fewer heavy metal residues such as aluminum, lead, and mercury than commercial produce.

     • Favorable fatty acid levels are higher in chicken egg yolks from wild and free-range fed chickens than in commercial supermarket eggs.

     • A one-acre planting of tomatoes yielding 1 ton removes 800 pounds of the soil's mineral nutrients. 23 elements are essential to human health and are being taken out of the soil with crops. Fertilization with "NPK" (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) does not replace what is lost (16 elements are declared essential for crop growth according to the Soil Science Society of America). NPK also displaces absorption of other minerals, and produces toxic nitrate.

     There are plenty of good reasons to buy organic products. I know the apparent cost seems high, but what price will you pay for good health and a sustainable world left to our children? Is it cheaper to buy tainted, nutritionally-impoverished foods and then pay for cancer therapy?

     Organic is a good and right choice. If the cost bothers you, don't look at the price tag. Better yet, grow your own. You'll soon discover buying organic is not so expensive after all.

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