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~Thoughts for Thinking People~
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       The world around us we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch is by-and-large an illusion, a mere reflection of another reality almost impossible for us to conceive, much less perceive. We, and everything about us, are made of atoms, the "substance" of which is nothing but invisible, vacuous space and energetic fields. If you expanded an atom with its central nucleus and surrounding electrons to the size of a football stadium, the nucleus would be the size of a pea on the fifty-yard line and the electrons would be in orbitals way out at the farthest reaches of the stadium. That, my friends, is what we are - essentially empty space.

       Also consider that we only see things because the objects we look at are emitting or reflecting electromagnetic waves to our eyes. The electromagnetic spectrum - the full range of energetic waves that exist - has, as far as we know, infinite boundaries. The visible light section of that spectrum is but a mere speck.  So what we see is a miniscule fraction of the reality that is actually there.

         Not even the physics of Einstein is up to speed anymore. Quantum physics, the study of subatomic particles, has proven the existence of dimensions beyond time and space. For one thing, quanta (subatomic particles) can appear as solid objects, particles, or waves. Their behavior is totally unpredictable. For example, if an electron is shot at a pane of glass, it might penetrate the glass and continue on, it might stop and reverse its course, or vanish in front of the mirror only to reappear on the other side and then continue, or any number of other counterintuitive trajectories. The mere observation of quanta by scientists can change their behavior. Get that! Mind and thought can affect the fundamental material of the physical universe. Another interesting feature of quanta that has been discovered is that they can communicate with one another over vast distances instantaneously, thus negating Einstein's law that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. At the quantum level, all points in space and time are the same, and in fact, every subatomic particle may be encoded with all the information necessary to replicate the entire universe.

        You heard it right. Physicists have been proving this new view of fundamental reality since before the 1950's. Their conclusion seems to be that the universe is holographic. To explain, if laser beams are directed at mirrors and diffusing lenses and an object such as an apple, and then projected on a holographic film plate, a nondescript image appears on the plate. The apple cannot be discerned. But if you aim a laser at the film that has been created, a three-dimensional holographic image of the apple will appear. Now that's astounding enough, but listen to this. If you break the holographic film into fragments and then shoot the laser beam at any one of the fragments, you will also get a complete hologram of the apple. The image of the apple is stored everywhere on the film at the same time! This is what our universe is believed to be like at its fundamental level.

       I know this is bewildering. Nevertheless, be aware that that is the way all roads of discovery are leading. The nuts-and-bolts reality we see about us is indeed a mere illusion. There is far, far more out there than we see and touch.

So don't discount the improbable or the counterintuitive.  Keep your mind always open and continue to probe seeking the unfettered truth.  If you are ill, don't assume that nuts-and-bolts medicine is the only answer.  Explore alternatives and other options (our Resource Directory is an excellent starting point Once you understand that this touchy-feely world is not the true underlying reality, all kinds of possibilities emerge and the true measure of effective medicine becomes whether it works, not whether it fits modern, medical care paradigms.

            Best of health to you and yours from all of us here at Wysong.

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