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~Thoughts for Thinking People~
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Table Of Contents:
> Colon Cancer
> Dental
> Drug Dangers
> Musculoskeletal
> Neurological

Current Research and Thoughts You Can Use for Health and Healing
...And Which Verify The Wysong Optimal Health Program™
COLON CANCER: Supplementation with calcium has been found to lower colon cancer risk by up to 34%.

DENTAL: Vitamin C supplementation can significantly reduce the incidence of severe gingivitis.

DRUG DANGERS: Long-term use of systemic, inhaled steroids by children with asthma is a cause of impaired growth.

Ipriflavone, a supplement purported to be effective in boosting bone density, appears to have no positive effect on preserving bone mass and may have the negative effect of suppressing immune function.

NEUROLOGICAL: Exposure to common petroleum-based hydrocarbon solvents, such as paints and glues, may result in the development of early-onset, severe Parkinson's disease symptoms.


     This month's lead article in the Wysong Health Letter (see below) will give you insight into some of the "fun" with government we have at Wysong trying to get healthy products to you. This kind of experience makes me reflect a lot on what government is and what it should be.

     If you are not engaged in an activity where you are up against government muscle, the elections coming up should still make you ponder.

     We live in a democracy where every vote is equal in the count, but not necessarily equal in its value. A stupid vote could open the door for oppression. (An ever-present danger of democracy is mob rule.) A smart vote could help assure peace, security and freedom. Our responsibility is not to vote, but to vote intelligently.

     Government's primary function should be to protect individual freedoms. That is clearly the point of the Constitution, a contract between government and "we the people." Unfortunately, our laziness, our desire to get something for nothing and to have others take responsibility for us, is moving us rapidly toward socialism.

     Here, the government increasingly takes on a life of its own as people increasingly look to leaders who promise to fill every need. This can all happen within a democracy. Government will continue to gather power until we discover that all the "freebies" from Big Brother have an ultimate price: loss of freedom and economic ruin.

     Do you think Stalin, Hitler, or other like despots came into position by announcing their nefarious intentions? Certainly not. They got there by telling people about all the things they would do for them. Since everyone wants to spend their life reclining on a couch while bureaucrats hand feed them grapes, bigger and bigger and more powerful government is almost inevitable ... unless we see the warning signs and stop it early. While we still have them, our voice and vote are our only protection.

     People we elect should have ethical character, be honorable and honest, have a clear vision of government that coincides with Constitutional principles, advocate individual responsibility and be "one of us," preferably not an imperial career politician type. Those candidates who advocate more government, and more taxes to feed its growth, which result in an ever-increasing proportion of the population which is either directly on the government payroll or its dole, are socialists in "democracy" and "do-gooder" drag.

     It works like this: the more people a socialist can make dependent upon government, the more assured he is of securing their vote. No one wants to vote to remove his or her life support system. The end result? Government with all the power because the people now need it for their very sustenance.

     That's how oppressive and cruel governments can be born right under our democratic noses.

     What does this have to do with health? Remove freedom and control, and you will ultimately lose your mental, spiritual and physical health.

     Vote for individual freedom and personal responsibility. Measure any aspiring leader with this focus and don't pass over the seemingly "small" issues of constitutional allegiance, integrity, ethics, truthfulness and character.

Best of health to you and yours from all of us here at Wysong.

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