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SUN PROTECTION: Beta-carotene has a significant effect in protecting skin from sun UV damage. Adding Vitamin C & Vitamin A enhances the effectiveness. Relevant Wysong Products: SpectroxTM and Food ACETM contain the antioxidants beta-carotene, vitamin A and vitamin C.

OINT HEALTH: Sulfur concentrations in arthritic cartilage tend to be significantly lower than in normal cartilage. Relevant Wysong Products: Contifin, Glucosamine Complex, and Arthegic are all designed to support the health of joints and cartilage using sulfur and other natural compounds.

Men with cardiovascular disease who take Viagra™ for erectile dysfunction (ED) run nearly 50 times greater chance of death from heart attack than men who use other ED therapies. Relevant Wysong Products: AndrologTM is designed to support the health of the male reproductive system and enhance fertility, potency, sexuality and libido.


     'Tis the time of year for folly. That's what our present income tax system is. No one understands the insanely voluminous and complex tax code. No two accountants or IRS agents can even get the same result. But you and I must sign on the dotted line - being a witness against ourselves - subject to criminal prosecution if we get it wrong. (You do read, comprehend and comply with the 13 trillion pages of tax code each year, don't you? Remember, your accountant's errors do not absolve you personally once you've signed.)

     Government needs taxes for the common good of society, granted. But the income tax is ethically absurd. What you earn has no more to do with the tax you should pay than it does with what you are charged for gasoline, groceries, or for the repair of your TV. Does the grocery store get to charge a "wealthy" person more than someone who has not worked as hard in life and earns less?

     If we live here and enjoy the benefits, we should pay tax. All of us should pay, and an equal amount regardless of how much we earn or spend. That's fair and rational, but no politician has the courage to propose something so outrageously logical.

     Second choice is a consumption tax. At least it affords us privacy and eliminates the squandering of capital for income-tax-related bookkeeping, reporting, and life engineering in an attempt to keep what we earn. One thing is certain. The present system does far more harm than good. It is antithetical to a free society. The founding freedom fighters didn't shed blood and die to create a government which could pry into our personal financial lives, leave us all feeling guilty and fearful if we try to keep what is ours, rob us of the satisfaction of helping one another by linking it to "deductibility," and penalize us for the "pursuit of happiness" by taxing it. The system psychologically injures and shackles us in such subtle ways most don't even realize it's occurring - the ultimate in mind control.

Anyway, don't get me going.

To learn more about serious efforts for reform:

Previous Wysong Health Letter issues in which I have addressed this more completely: Vol. 9, No.4; Vol.
9, No. 8; Vol. 10, No. 5; Vol. 10, No. 9. Reprints of past issues of the Wysong Health Letter are available for $3.00 per issue, post paid.

Citizens for an Alternative Tax System
10600-A Crestwood Dr., Manassas, VA 20109-3432

P.O. Box 27487, Houston, TX 77227

Alan Keyes at Keyes 2000:

P.S. I guess I can't let it go quite yet. Did you know the constitutional right to "pursue happiness" means you are to have the unfettered ability to improve your lot in life? How do you do that? By working hard and smart and keeping the fruits thereof.  The Founding Fathers knew that "pursuit of happiness" is part and parcel of the pursuit of money. When government impedes these pursuits by penalizing you with taxes proportional to your efforts to achieve the goal of happiness and the freedoms money can bring, they directly violate the intent of the constitution - the contract between us and our government. But we, like dutiful little lemmings, and thinking we are being good patriotic citizens, permit the government (our servant) to fleece us of one of our inalienable rights with their clever income tax prestidigitation.

Best of health to you and yours from all of us here at Wysong.

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