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Current Research and Thoughts You Can Use for Health and Healing
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Animal Abuse Linked to Human Violence
Research studies within the last three decades have produced significant empirical evidence that clearly indicates a link between animal abuse and interpersonal violence. The strongest links were documented in cases where violence takes the form of child abuse and intimate partner violence. These findings have implications for the making of social and legal policies that may help early intervention efforts aimed at preventing violence from escalating within the family and within society. Furthermore, these findings recognize veterinarians as the first point of call for animal health issues and as one of a number of professionals who may be exposed to potential suspicious activity stemming from animal abuse which can then lead to domestic violence or child abuse. The first major international academic conference on this subject will be held at Oxford's Keble College on September 18, 2007. There has long been thought to be a relationship between animal cruelty in youth and psychopathology in adult years. People who see this behavior in children should pay special attention and seek help in correcting it early

Treating Yeast Infections Naturally
The most common vaginal infection is the yeast infection, Candida albicans. The cause of yeast infections is a disturbance in the vaginal environment such that beneficial bacteria are killed and Candida begins to thrive. To help prevent yeast infections - use a healthy, low grain diet, probiotics, cultured foods, and avoid simple sugars and allergenic foods. Natural treatments are easily found on the internet and include suppositories of one boric acid powder capsule morning and night (98% effective, especially in chronic resistant yeast infections), a garlic clove in the morning and an acidophilus capsule at night, or soaking a tampon in diluted tea tree oil and using it overnight. British Medical Journal

Raw Food Diet
Live (raw) foods are very important to include in the diet since they not only provide essential nutrition, they also provide the probiotics and enzymes that are often lacking in processed foods. Enzymes are destroyed by the high heat of cooking and food processing. In processed, synthesized, cooked, microwaved, and otherwise "convenience food" diets, enzymes and other vital nutrients are either destroyed or rendered unavailable to the body. Taking supplements is not the same as getting nutrition from the whole, live food. Live foods have been used for centuries as remedies to various ailments. Poor digestion, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers, heart and circulatory diseases, cancer, and other degenerative diseases are just some of the health conditions that can be relieved by raw foods. Like any food, natural or not, raw foods are not without their risks. They harbor a higher percentage of bacteria and parasites, and many vegetables are hard to digest when raw. Raw food vegetarians are sometimes relatively unhealthy due to the lack of sufficient protein and other meat-based nutrients. Food and Healing, Traditional Foods are Your Best Medicine ( See Whole Food Concentrate™ in Resources below).

Obsessed with Healthy Eating
A phenomena that has been coined "Orthorexia Nervosa" is often seen in raw food converts where they adopt and follow their raw food diet with such enthusiasm and dedication that eventually the enjoyment of eating becomes a guilty vice. The attitude that often results "We have the only way" suggests that everyone is the same and requires the same diet. However, no single diet is right for everyone no "one size fits all" diet exists, due to the biochemical individuality of human beings. Health can only be achieved when one listens to his or her body to be aware of its needs and to provide for it using nature as the model. The proper diet refers to a healthy balance that is right for one's own individual needs and that can be maintained for the duration of one's life. Conscious Eating, Health Food Junkies, Orthorexia Nervosa: Overcoming the Obsession with Healthful Eating.

FDA Cautions Against Unregulated Ultrasounds
Ultrasounds have been a standard part of prenatal care for millions of women since the 1960s. When performed by licensed medical professionals, they are considered to be a safe diagnostic tool. However, in the past two years dozens of unregulated ultrasound centers have opened around the U.S. to capitalize on the procedure's popularity. These centers are operating without medical guidelines or standards. Despite the FDA's warnings about using unregulated ultrasound centers, parents continue to use them. These centers charge about $200 per session and provide defined pictures that are much clearer than typical ultrasound images. Also, they utilize more than the standard two-dimensional scans that doctors use. The FDA closed down several unregulated centers 10 years ago, but since then a number of centers have resurfaced, resulting in regulatory action by the FDA which includes sending out warning letters, injunctions, issuing fines, or seizures. Doctors have cited possible hazards with using these centers, including problems that could arise if untrained, unregulated scanners find malformations. There is also concern about the possible biological effects of prenatal ultrasounds. Ultrasounds are a type of energy that even at low settings have proven to result in physical effects in tissues, like sudden movements and temperature increases. Although they have generally been accepted as safe procedures, experts state that ultrasounds should not be considered completely safe because they have the potential for causing problems in human development, including delayed speech in children. FDA Consumer Magazine

Cognitive Function Improved With Folic Acid Supplementation
A study of 818 participants aged 50-70 years found that long-term supplementation with folic acid at 800 mg per day for 3 years showed significant improvement in age-related cognitive function. The participants who received the folic acid showed improvement on tests that measure information processing speed and memory, functions known to decline with age. The Lancet ( See Optimal™ in Resources below)

Folate Intake Reduces Risk of Alzheimer's
In a study of 965 subjects aged 65 or older without dementia at baseline, results show that higher total folate intake may lower the risk of Alzheimer's disease. The participants at the highest levels of intake showed a 50% reduced risk for developing Alzheimer's. Conclusions were that higher folate intake may reduce the risk of Alzheimers independent of other factors, including levels of B6 and B12. Archives of Neurology ( See Optimal™ in Resources below)

Male Breast Cancer Numbers Increasing
Male breast cancers now amount to 0.6% of all reported breast cancers, with a total rise of 25% in the last quarter century. According to researchers, more bad news is that many doctors don't even know to look for breast cancer in men. Usually the cancer is in an advanced stage by the time it is diagnosed. Breast cancer has grown dramatically in the last quarter century for both men and women. Although researchers are still stumped at the cause for the increase, it is believed that obesity and increased exposure to food and environmental estrogenic compounds may be at play. The University Of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Americans Building The Biggest Bodies

Americans are growing larger faster than ever. 25 years ago 46% of the nation's adults were overweight, in 2000 that number had reached 64%. At the current rate, virtually all Americans will be considered obese by 2040. Personal responsibility is considered the largest factor in the epidemic, but the consumer-based environment also discourages healthy eating. TV and advertising help drive the epidemic. It is also theorized that the upsurge of drinking carbonated beverages has altered the human's sense of sweetness dramatically. The USDA's Food Guide, which encourages eating more carbohydrates and less fat, has worsened the problem. It is believed that the epidemic is so irreversible that parents will outlive their children. Harvard Magazine (See Whole Protein Shake in Resources below)