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Corn Is Not A Demon Grain
Corn has been unfairly demonized in the pet food industry. However, unlike other grains, it can be eaten and digested in raw form (sweet corn in particular) and provides nutrients not readily found elsewhere. It is especially rich in the carotenoids: lutein, zeaxanthin, B-cryptoxanthin, and B-carotene. These compounds are found in the macula of the eye and are associated with reduced risk of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration in humans and likely exert similar effects in animals. The method of cooking and preservation is important in that the carotenoids can isomerize rendering them less able to be utilized by the body. Thus, less is more in terms of cooking, and any long-term storage requires proper antioxidant protection. So beware of the “no-preservative” slogan. Journal of Food Science, Experimental Eye Research, Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, British Medical Journal, Journal of American Medical Association, American Journal of Nutrition, Annals of Epidemiology

Natural Treatment for SAD
Two new techniques that may help alleviate the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) include full dawn simulation and negative air ionization. Full dawn simulation, high negative air ionization, and bright light therapy resulted in roughly equal improvement of symptoms. Bright light therapy involves sitting at a bright light box for half an hour each morning, thus is less time efficient than the new techniques which occur as part of a person’s normal sleeping schedule. American Journal Of Psychiatry
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: This is yet another proof of our intimate link to the sun. Try to get in the sun exposing as much of the skin as possible to it—without getting arrested—for at least twenty minutes each day. If that is not possible, explore the sun mimicking lights and negative ion generators. Negative ions help reduce the acid load in our environment and thus help with academia, a ubiquitous modern problem that fosters illness and disease.

Heartburn Drugs Can Lead To Hip Fractures
Recent studies have shown that patients over 50 years of age who take heartburn drugs on a regular basis for more than a year are at risk for weaker bones and hip fractures. It is believed that the drugs inhibit the body’s ability to absorb calcium. The proton pump inhibitor drugs such as Nexium, Prevacid and Prilosec caused the most problems. Other heartburn drugs such as Tagamet and Pepcid, which are H2 blockers, also posed a similar but smaller risk. Additionally, men were more prone to weaker bones than women, which may be attributed to lower calcium intake in their diets. Journal of the American Medical Association
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: You can cure heartburn without drugs. The solution is simple. Water and some dietary changes—and there are no risks! water, acidosis, Optimal Health Program.)

Fructose Consumption Can Lead To Overeating
A recent finding shows that consumption of carbonated soft drinks and foods with high levels of fructose (like in corn syrup) will lead to overeating. Those in the study had increased levels of the hormone ghrelin (which stimulates eating) and a decreased level in insulin and leptin (which regulate appetite). Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: It is little wonder then that those struggling with weight control are usually addicted to soft drinks. “Diet” soft drinks don’t solve the problem either since the sweeteners used in them and the acidemia they promote also contribute to obesity.)

FDA Proposes Ruling Change On Labeling Irradiated Foods
The FDA is currently (as of April 4, 2007) proposing a rule change to remove irradiation labeling from foods (including dietary supplements). Additionally, foods that are irradiated would be permitted to be labeled as pasteurized instead. Only foods which result in a “material change” which is not obvious to the consumer will still be required to be labeled as irradiated. For the complete proposal and information on how to send in comments to the FDA, click here to the FDA website:
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: The FDA is a government agency supposedly purposed to look out after public welfare. Is there anything in this labeling change that could be construed as benefiting the public? This clearly seems designed to benefit food processors who wish to use this technology and hide it from a public that might not buy their products if they knew they were irradiated.)

Prozac Dangerous During Pregnancy
Prozac, when taken during pregnancy, has been found to cause health consequences for the fetus, including low birth weights, excessive sleepiness in babies as well as respiratory complications. These effects seem to be more likely during the last stages of gestation. The drug is also transferable from mother to infant through breast milk. [Center for the Evaluation of Risks to Human Reproduction (CERHR)]
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: Expectant mothers no longer singularly own their bodies. There is another person who has a claim. If there ever was a time to learn and apply smart health principles (see the Optimal Health Program ), pregnancy is it. Even our health as adults is linked back to the care we received in utero. Recent epigenetic evidence demonstrates that the expression of the genome can be influenced by a variety of nutrients and be passed to subsequent generations.)

Approximately 20% Of Americans Are Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic
In the U.S., diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart disease and amputation. Recent statistics have shown that 41 million American people (about 1 in 5) have pre-diabetes and are at high risk for developing the disease. Test readings for the disease have been adjusted due to the number of misdiagnosed cases. Blood sugar readings below 110 milligrams per deciliter (fasting glucose test) was considered normal, but now researchers are recommending readings below 100 milligrams per deciliter be considered normal, and people with readings above that should be considered pre-diabetic. The growing obesity problem in the U.S. can be partially blamed for the rise in pre-diabetic and diabetic Americans. Those at risk for developing diabetes can take preventative measures such as implementing moderate exercise and a modest diet to prevent diabetes. [U.S. Department Of Health And Human Services]
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: First step is to minimize sugars and processed starches and convert the diet to as close to its natural form as possible. A good program to follow is our weight loss program which incorporates these principles and will help whether you have a weight problem or not.

Corruption in Drug Companies
A recent comprehensive scientific review regarding four popular antidepressant prescription drugs—Paxil, Zoloft, Effexor, and Celexa—has revealed that they are unsafe and/or ineffective. This review takes into consideration negative data that has previously been withheld from the public by the pharmaceutical industry. One example: taking SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) is no better than taking a placebo. Furthermore, taking these drugs may increase the risk of children killing themselves. The FDA is cognizant of these findings, yet still condones the use of these drugs by claiming that the failed trials don’t indicate their inefficacy. Canadian Medical Journal
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: The following recommendations for alleviating the symptoms of depression in children provide a more natural, holistic approach and do not succumb to pill-popping as the answer: teach children correct eating, taking responsibility for themselves. Have them take a fish oil supplement (for omega-3 fatty acids), drink lots of water (avoid fruit juices, soda, and milk), and seriously restrict consumption of sugars and grains (which can elevate insulin levels). These are simple things to do that could virtually eliminate the need for antidepressants in children.)

Hormone Connected to Aggression, Reduced Libido in Women
A hormone commonly used in hormone replacement therapy and as a contraceptive has been shown to be capable of increasing levels of aggression and anxiety and decreasing libidos in those women who take the hormone. The hormone, medroxyprogesterone (MPA), has been cited as the potential cause of mood swings, depression, and loss of sex drive. Research has shown an unfavorable reaction of MPA on the brain’s stress system. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: Although hormones can cause dramatically beneficial short-term effects, their long-term dangers are myriad. If given a choice, with regard to health, always opt for the long-term benefits.)

Green Thoughts
To decrease fuel consumption:
1. Buy fuel efficient vehicles.
2. Drive less. Be discriminating and lump trips together. Car pool.
3. Accelerating is not the problem, braking is. Anticipate stops up ahead and ease off the accelerator so the car comes as close to stopping on its own as possible. That way all the energy used to bring the car up to speed is used in travel, not lost by braking.
4. Buy cars based upon weight. Obviously a 2000-pound car is more efficient than a 3000-pound one. How many thousands of pounds is really needed to haul your little body around?