~Thoughts for Thinking People~


How All Pet Food Companies Don't Get It

Since Wysong introduced natural feeding principles some 25 years ago, there have been dozens of “natural” products that have come on the market ‘borrowing’ this or that Wysong feature and making bold claims about being “first,” “natural,” “healthy,” and the like. Even the mega-companies have slowly adopted Wysong features (whole grains, probiotics, natural antioxidants, fresh meats, nutraceuticals, omega-3's, and the like). But they have missed the point.

Wave after wave of new products hit the shelves with all sorts of arguably misleading claims such as: human-grade, no by-products, no-corn, no-wheat, no-soy, no grains, no meals, no digest, no euthanized pets (the lengths marketers will go!), no downer cattle, no 4-D…and on the list could go.

But they have all missed the point too.Virtually every single selling point of every commercially processed pet food serves only to misinform, and scare people into purchases. The trick seems to be to repeat a myth often enough until nescience is believed as fact, then create a product to profit from the myth.

If health is the objective, the only way to achieve that is by feeding food that matches the genetic expectation. Not a single heat-processed food on the market – regardless of wild claims about what it does or does not have – is the food an animal is genetically designed for.

In fact, the most dangerous threat to animal (and human) health today is the exclusive feeding of heat-processed foods. This fact is ignored by every single producer of these products. Here is a partial list of the toxins all such foods contain – regardless of whether they are “organic,” “human grade,” don’t contain soy or corn, are “no grain,” contain real meat as the first ingredient, or whatever:

Racemized Amino Acids
Isomerized Fatty Acids
Cis-Isomerized Vitamin A
Pyridoxyl Lysine
Desulfurized Amino Acids
Cholesterol Oxides
Alpha & Beta Epoxides
Cholestane Triol
Dienic & Trienic Fatty Acids
Heat Destruction products of vitamins A, B1, B3 and C
Succinylation & Acetyaltion of: Lysine, Cysteine, Threonine, Tyrosine, Histidine
Altered Physiochemical State
           Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons
           Dibenzo(a,i) pyrene
           Dibenzo(a,h) pyrene
           Maillard reaction products
           2 & 3-methyl-butanal
…to begin

There is no mystery as to why people and animals are plagued by degenerative diseases such as cancer, adult-onset diabetes, dental deterioration, arthritis, autoimmunities, and so on. The above list is a good hint at the real answer.

Don’t be misled by pet food company myths intended to lead you to believe that by feeding their product exclusively your pet will achieve the best health possible. All of the dos and don’ts claims simply distract from the heat processing toxins lurking within every package.

Companies are either deceiving you with myths, or worse, they do not even understand what heat processing does to food. Occasionally feeding such foods may be fine (if you wish to support such companies), but not as a mainstay. Your pet needs fresh natural foods just like you do. That in rotation with
TNT (true-non thermally) processed foods, and well designed canned and extruded (heat processed) foods, is the best and only rational way for a thinking person to feed their pet.