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Nutritional Adjuncts for Cancer Treatments
Several nutritional interventions can be used with radiation and/or chemotherapy to reduce chemical/radiation toxicity and to influence their effect on the tumor itself. Vitamin C and glutamine, an amino acid, enhance the effects of many chemotherapeutic agents, while vitamin E and the probiotic lactobacillus acidophilus reduce symptoms such as diarrhea and alopecia. (Werbach MR. Adjunctive nutrition during cancer chemo- and radiation therapies. Nutritional Influences on Illness. Third Line Press Inc. Tarzana, CA. 2005.)
Dr. W Straight Talk: The best "adjunct" is to do what is necessary right now to try to prevent cancer. If it does strike, examine all alternatives. Before submitting to chemo- or radiation therapy, ask for documentation that the treatment is better than no treatment at all. If you do have the therapy, good nutrition and supplements are critical for making the most out of a very bad situation.

Does Sugar Cause Breast Cancer?
A significant relationship has been shown to exist between high carbohydrate consumption, especially in the form of sucrose, and breast cancer. It is thought that high glycemic foods, such as starch (converts to sugar in the gut) and sucrose, increase insulin-like growth factor, which increases cell proliferation and has an effect on sex hormone levels. Interestingly, fat intake did not prove to be associated with breast cancer risk. (Romieu I, et al. Carbohydrates and the risk of breast cancer among Mexican women. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2004. 13[8]. 2004.)
Dr. W Straight Talk: The levels of sugars and starches in the modern diet are way beyond what a person could ever get eating the natural foods for which their bodies are designed. When we flout or repudiate nature, nature will exact a price ... disease.

Whole Tomatoes Better than Lycopene Supplements
Whole tomatoes have been shown to contain factors, besides lycopene, that may help reduce the risk of prostate cancer. (Washam C. An ounce of prevention from a ton of tomatoes. Environmental Health Perspectives. March 2005.)
Dr. W Straight Talk: Whole natural foods are the best medicine because that is what we are designed to consume.

Vitamin E in plant seeds could halt prostate, lung cancer
The form of vitamin E found in many plant seeds – but not in most manufactured nutritional supplements – might halt the growth of prostate and lung cancer cells. This new study found that gamma-tocopherol, which occurs naturally in walnuts, pecans, sesame seeds, and in corn and sesame oils, inhibits the proliferation of lab-cultured human prostate and lung cancer cells. The vitamin's presence interrupts the synthesis of certain fatty molecules called sphingolipids, important components of cell membranes. However, the gamma-tocopherol leaves healthy human prostate cells unaffected, which could give it value as an anticancer agent.
Dr. W Straight Talk: For years we have argued the merits of mixed tocopherols (all the natural forms of vitamin E) in supplements and foods. One of our early discoveries was that the gamma and delta versions of vitamin E were particularly important in stabilizing processed foods against oxidation. The fancy biochemistry discussed in the above report is just another way of saying that health is best served by respecting the holistic value of the foods we were designed to eat.

Colostrum Peptides Reduce Alzheimer's
A mixture of peptides derived from colostrum could help slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease by reducing the build-up of beta amyloid, a toxic protein that accumulates in the brains of Alzheimer's sufferers. A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial on 106 people with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease, found that after 15 weeks of taking these peptides, around 40 percent of the patients were stabilized or had an improved overall response in tests on cognitive function. The mechanism of action stems from the fact that certain colostrum peptides prevent the aggregation of beta-amyloid peptide, dissolving the dense fibers that form in the brain over time. (Schustera, et al. [2005]. Protective effect of colostrinin on neuroblastoma cell survival is due to reduced aggregation of β-amyloid. Neuropeptides.)
Dr.W Straight Talk: Colostrum is the first milk produced after parturition in mammals. It is a veritable trove of immune and nutritional factors since the newborn must depend upon it entirely for sustenance, protection and growth. As we age, we become weakened, mimicking in many respects the vulnerability of the newborn. It is reasonable, therefore, that the food of the young may very well be the best food for the aged.

Suicidal Effects in Adults Linked to Antidepressants
Trials using over 36,000 men and women suggest that patients over the age of 18, taking commonly prescribed selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI's), are at an increased risk of suicidal behavior. There were in excess of 140 total suicide attempts, twice the suicide rate involving SSRI patients versus those taking placebos. The younger the person the greater the risk. Additionally, no differences were discovered between those taking SSRI’s and other antidepressants, such as tricyclics. (Suicide, depression, and antidepressants. British Medical Journal, February 19, 2005; 330:373-374.)
Dr. W Straight Talk: This is particularly a shame when it is considered that a huge percentage of people who take antidepressants do not need them. There are so many nontoxic natural things that can be done, such as proper nutrition and exercise. Life has ups and downs. Get used to it. If you don't like your life, then you change it. A pill is not the solution because the absence of a pill is not the problem.

Exercise Fights Alzheimer’s & Parkinson's
4.5 million Americans currently are affected by Alzheimer’s. This number is expected to climb to between 11.3 and 16 million by the year 2050. Alzheimer’s, a chronic form of dementia resulting in severe memory loss and eventually death, has very few therapeutic remedies affecting the underlying disease mechanism. However, epidemiologists have discovered that exercise has great potential in delaying both the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s. Combine this with mental exercise and a proper diet and scientists feel there is the possibility of preventing Alzheimer’s altogether. Exercise has been found to trigger a change in the way the amyloid precursor protein (mentioned above) is metabolized. Similarly, Parkinson’s, a progressive disease of the nervous system characterized by rigidity, muscle tremors, postural instability, and slowing of movement, typically affects individuals over the age of 50. A new study proves that exercise in the early adult stages may ward off the onset of this debilitating disease by as much as 60%. The study, which looked at 125,000 subjects free of Parkinson’s, cancer and stroke, found that the most physically active men at the beginning of the study lowered their risks of developing Parkinson’s by 50-60 percent. (Voluntary Exercise Decreases Amyloid Load in a Transgenic Model of Alzheimer's Disease. J Neuroscience, April 27, 2005; 25: 4217-4221.) (Physical activity and the risk of Parkinson's disease. Neurology. Feb. 22, 2005;64[4]:664-9.)
Dr W Straight Talk: A gravestone reads: "He was old so he quit." An early grave and a terrible preamble to it is how things will go if we give up. When we do not exercise we send the signal to the body that it does not need to be fit and healthy. The body does only what it needs to. The benefits of exercise--a natural feature of life that should be as usual as breathing--are so many that it could be claimed to be a panacea. Stick with it folks and health will stick with you.

Impotence Drugs: The Blinding Truth<
Recent findings suggest impotence drugs place many men at risk for varying degrees of vision loss, and even blindness. The specific condition under investigation known as nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION), causes sudden vision loss due to a blockage of blood flow to the optic nerve. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has collected 43 reports of NAION among patients taking Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Viagra leads the pack with 38 claims. Changes in the drugs’ labels may be seen shortly. Unfortunately, these important health risks typically surface after they are accepted for public use. (FDA studies blindness in impotence drug users. USA TODAY. May 27, 2005.)
Dr. W Straight Talk: No drug, no matter how much fun it may create, is without consequences. There is no free ride. That's why these kinds of results emerge and why when you see tv ads for any drug, they now have to tell you basically that it might kill you but "why not try it today?" Maybe these problems with erectile dysfunction drugs will also put a damper on the ads discussing in front of our kids on the tv matters that are best left in the bedroom or doctor's office.

Contraceptives: The Untold Truth
While diminishing the risk of pregnancy, contraceptives have been linked to migraines, blood clots, weight gain, painful intercourse, and even climax problems and libido diminishment. Contraceptives work by reducing a woman’s testosterone production while raising the levels of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), a chemical that kills the libido. After measuring the participants’ SHBG levels every three months for a year, researchers found that there was seven times the amount of the libido-killing SHBG hormone present in women who took oral contraceptives, compared to those who never used the pill. And while SHBG levels declined in women who had stopped taking the pill, they still remained three to four times higher than they were in participants with no history of oral contraceptive use. (Can taking the pill dull a woman's desire forever? New Scientist. May 27, 2005)
Dr. W Straight Talk: Hormones are so dangerous they should only be used as a last resort. The body's endocrine system is like the software for our physiological processes. Hormone software is sensitive and precise and does not take kindly to disruption--which any exogenous hormone is.

Aspirin & Ibuprofen Can Increase Breast Cancer Risk
Aspirin and ibuprofen increase the risk of breast cancer. Studies evaluating 114,000 women between the ages of 22 and 85, with no prior history of breast cancer, have shown that taking ibuprofen every day for at least five years increases a woman's chance of developing breast cancer by 50 percent. This same study proved that using aspirin for five years or longer caused a woman's risk of ER/PR-negative breast cancer (not sensitive to estrogen or progesterone) to spike by 80 percent, compared to non-regular aspirin users. (Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug Use and Breast Cancer Risk by Stage and Hormone Receptor Status. Journal of the National Cancer Institute; June 1, 2005, Vol. 97, No. 11: 805-812.)
Dr. W Straight Talk: No, not even aspirin is safe. No disease has ever been caused by the lack of ibuprofen or aspirin. If you have a headache, drink a quart of alkalinized water every hour and it will go away, guaranteed. No down side to that, other than a little exercise running to the john.