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Current Research and Thoughts You Can Use for Health and Healing
...And Which Verify The Wysong Optimal Health Program™

PAINKILLERS INHIBIT BONE HEALING: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen, generally prescribed during recovery of healing fractures, have been found to diminish bone healing, formation and remodeling. NSAIDs block cyclooxygenase (COX) enzymes that create prostaglandins. Several of the prostaglandins are important in new bone formation, which promotes healing. As a result, the NSAIDs slow the healing of fractures and growth of bone after injuries. 1 (J Am Acad Orthoped Surg, 2004; 12(3):139-43.)
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: What’s the first thing people reach for if they have a bone or joint injury or feel pain? Pain killers. What do pain killers do? As noted above, they retard the healing process. They also allow early use of the injured part, thus increasing the chance for even more injury. Pain is the signal that you should avoid what you are doing that causes the pain. This permits the body part to rest for the healing process. Buck up. Bite on a bullet or something. Leave the drugs alone and let your body heal.)

KELP REDUCES BREAST CANCER RISK: Kelp seaweed, often found washed ashore on beaches, could help to fight hormone-related cancers. A new study shows that a diet containing kelp lowers levels of the female sex hormone, estradiol. These findings raise hopes that it might decrease the risk of estrogen-dependent diseases such as breast cancer. Dietary kelp may be acting as an estrogen antagonist by preventing estradiol from binding with its estrogen receptors. 2 (J Nutr, 2005; 135:296-300.)
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: Seaweed is a great source of many nutrients including trace minerals. As farmers continue to mine (not farm) the earth, these trace minerals go on a one way track from the food, through you, and on to the sewage system. Farmers replace NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) but none of the trace minerals, so important in a host of enzyme systems in the body. So buy organic as much as possible, eat in variety and use trace mineral supplements such as Whole Food Concentrate™ and the other kelp-cantaining products listed under Relevant Products, below.)

EARLY NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY & ADOLESCENT VIOLENCE: New evidence points to the importance of healthy diets in kids, not just for physical development, but also social behavioral temperament. Malnutrition in the first few years of life leads to antisocial and aggressive behavior throughout childhood and late adolescence, reports a new study. Deficiency in iron, protein and B vitamins in infancy can cause behavior problems through the teenage years, directly linking the role of diet in prevention of antisocial behavior. Poor nutrition leads to low IQ, which leads to later antisocial behavior, emphasizing the importance of these nutrients in brain development. The more indicators of malnutrition, the greater the antisocial behavior observed. (Am J Psych, 2004; 161:2005-13.)
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: The greatest crime of youth is its health. Because the body has incredible health reserves early on, it can withstand an array of nutritional assaults with no apparent harm. Don’t be fooled. The score is being tallied and the payback will inevitably come. All those health problems you are having now are not something that just so happened to happen. They have a cause. That cause is the horrendous diet you had as a child coming back to visit. If kids just got sick every time they ate wrong, the health of the nation would be dramatically improved. But because they can stay healthy due to the resiliency of youth, almost no matter what is thrown at them, the illusion that all is well is perpetuated right out into adulthood. Parents take heed. Do what is right, not what shuts them up.)

SIMPLE EXERCISES EFFECTIVE FOR VERTIGO: People suffering from vertigo, an ear problem causing dizziness, may find relief through simple, inexpensive exercise techniques. The treatment involves eye, head and body movements, stimulating the balance system. Since this treatment does not require any equipment, nearly anyone can perform these exercises. Motivation is also an important factor in treating vertigo. Without motivation, patients quickly give up on curing their symptoms and resort to their canes or walkers. Of the patients receiving exercise therapy treatment, 67% experienced significant improvement, where as only 38% of patients receiving the usual medical care showed progress. To learn some of these exercises please see and (Ann Intern Med, 2004; 141:598-605.)

ANTIBIOTIC USE LINKED TO CANCER: Women taking antibiotics have up to twice the risk of developing breast cancer as those who have not taken them. It is thought that antibiotics can impact how certain cancer-fighting foods are broken down because of the changes they cause in the intestinal bacteria. Antibiotics may also affect overall immune response. Breast cancer is currently the second leading cause of cancer death in women. (J Am Med Assoc, 2004; 291(7): 827-35.)
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: The cells of our body (eukaryotes; cells with nucleus) live in symbiosis (mutual rub-one-another’s-back friendship) with the microorganism cells (prokaryotes; cells without nucleus) in the intestinal tract. These microorganisms benefit us in innumerable ways. Antibiotics wipe these friends out. Bad idea, although perhaps necessary in rare instances. Be aware of the vibrant and important life that fills your digestive tract. Probiotic organisms outnumber the total number of cells in your body by a hundred fold and make up 50% of the dry weight of feces. Treat them kindly and replenish them with the raw foods you eat (e.g. yogurt) and probiotic supplements. 3)

OMEGA-3s PREVENT ARTERIOSCLEROSIS: Arteriosclerosis, a progressive narrowing of the arteries caused by plaque buildup, can be slowed down by eating omega-3 rich foods including flax, cold water fish, tree nuts and grass fed meats. Arteriosclerosis can potentially lead to a heart attack or stroke. But those including high omega-3 foods weekly have lesser lesions in their arteries, essentially slowing the progression of coronary artery disease. 4,5 (Am J Clin Nutr, 2004; 80(3):626-32.)
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: Our preagricultural diet had an omega-3:omega-6 (the fats in modern agricultural foods) ratio of about 1:1. Today it is about 1:20 or more. See a problem? Nature does…and so does the lining of your coronary vessels.)

EXERCISE FOR METABOLIC SYNDROME: Older adults have a higher chance of having metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome isn't a disease, but is a cluster of disorders of your body's metabolism – including high blood pressure, high insulin levels, excess body weight (particularly excessive fat tissue in and around the abdomen) and abnormal cholesterol levels – that make you more likely to develop diabetes, heart disease or stroke. Those adults who exercise lightly, three days out of the week, have no new cases of metabolic syndrome, and some even have theirs resolved. Overall, exercise is generally more successful in treating and preventing this condition than drug therapy. (Am J Prev Med, 2005; 28 (1):9-18.)
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: If you are not exercising regularly you should be eating about one meal a day of bird portions. Using eating as your only exercise and entertainment spells your doom.)

ALLERGY PREVENTION DURING PREGNANCY: Women with a history of allergies may help prevent allergies in their babies by consuming fish oil supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids while pregnant. The immune cells of these babies have less reaction to common allergens than babies of women not taking a fish oil supplement. 4,5 (J Allergy Clin Immunol, 2003; 112(6):1178-84.)
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: Moms, what you eat passes right through to your baby. Pregnancy should be a wakeup call that life is not all just about you. You have another life that is now totally dependent upon you, and the greatest gift of love you can give is health.)

GETTING OUT IN NATURE A NATURAL ADHD TREATMENT: Researchers have observed that children with ADHD have fewer symptoms when they spend time outdoors and in green areas (even if it is just looking out a window at a green yard, or walking to school through a green neighborhood instead of taking the bus). This healthy treatment could benefit many children, considering that one out of every 14 is diagnosed with ADHD. (Am J Public Health, 2004; 94(9):1580-6.)
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: ADHD is not caused by a lack of ADHD medication. So don’t give these medications – the risks are far too great and your child deserves better than drug experimentation. The benefits from nature are a no-brainer. All of us have a condition known as biophilia – the love and affinity for nature. All of us do well to drink in as much of it as possible, as often as possible.)

DRUG MAKERS WITHHOLD DATA: Makers of antidepressant drugs such as Zoloft™, Effexor™, and Paxil™ are refusing to disclose clinical trial details involving children taking these drugs. This is denying doctors and parents crucial information regarding antidepressant drugs and children. Companies are calling their unpublished studies “trade secrets.” Researchers familiar with these trade secrets report that most of the secret trials show that children who took antidepressants experienced the same results as those who took sugar pills. In one year, about 1% of children in the US are treated for depression, with 57% being put on antidepressants. (Washington Post, January 29, 2004.)
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: Every day, the equivalent of more than five of the largest jet liners packed full of people die from medical interventions. Can you imagine the public outcry and how few people would board planes if that many planes went down every day? Drugs kill plane loads of people every day, but people just keep lining up at the prescription counter. Drug use isn't decreasing, it's increasing – big time. Why? Because taking a pill is so much easier than learning and changing lifestyle. Pharmaceuticals are a highly profitable business and motives tend to follow money, not public welfare. Every time you take a pill you are extending a huge amount of trust to a for-profit industry, and the risks are enormous. There is a better way. Health is what you do to yourself and for your family, not what somebody else can do to you with a scalpel or pill. Let us help you help yourself.)