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Current Research and Thoughts You Can Use for Health and Healing
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STYROFOAM & PLASTICS LINKED TO SKIN PROBLEMS: Those suffering from persistent skin problems should examine their eating and cooking habits. Some skin problems are being linked to allergies to plastics in food. The Styrofoam containers and plastic wraps used to store foods and drinks release toxic chemicals into food fats and oils. Once consumed, these chemicals are in turn stored in the body's own fat supplies. Unexplained skin rashes and other skin problems may be a result of the skin attempting to release built-up toxins. These chemicals, which are endocrine disrupters, are also suspected to be contributors to breast cancer, prostate cancer, thyroid and other glandular problems.
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: Try to buy foods that are not in packages. The best gauge for how well you are doing is to measure compost compared to garbage and recycling. The more compost and the less in the recycling or garbage, the healthier you will be. The best container for fatty food is glass kept in the dark. Freeze anything that can be frozen - it not only retards food degradation, but also slows toxin release from packaging.)

ANTIOXIDANTS REDUCE CHEMOTHERAPY SIDE-EFFECTS: Children being treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia are better able to deal with their treatment if their levels of antioxidants don't drop significantly. Those with higher concentrations of vitamin A, vitamin E and total carotenoids tend to have fewer infections, improved quality of life, less delay in treatment schedule, reduced toxicity and fewer days spent in the hospital. Cancer outcomes among adults are also better when they have higher antioxidant concentrations. 1 (Pediatr Blood Cancer, Dec 2004.)
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: This may be true, but the time to think about proper nutrition and antioxidants is before crisis strikes. Medicine names diseases and treats symptoms; it neither prevents nor cures. Don't live life "carpe diem" and expect that someone is going to fix it all for you when things go amuck. If you or a loved one get cancer, get a copy of our Directory of Alternative Resources for alternative options to toxic and dangerous conventional cancer therapy.)

ASPIRIN DANGEROUS & INEFFECTIVE FOR HEART FAILURE: Those with heart failure are not automatic candidates for antithrombotic therapy, such as aspirin or warfarin. Such treatments have not proven to be beneficial for patients with heart failure. There are no substantial differences in deaths, nonfatal heart attacks or nonfatal stokes in those taking aspirin or warfarin compared to those who take nothing at all. Additionally, those taking aspirin or warfarin experienced minor bleeding complications. 2 (Am Heart J, 2004; 148(1):157-64.)
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: Another supposed pharmaceutical savior bites the dust. Heart failure is not the result of deficiency in aspirin or warfarin. Heart failure could virtually be eliminated by following The Wysong Optimal Health Program. But that will require that you do something, not that somebody else [or a pill] will do it for you.)

SUNSCREEN DANGERS: Norwegian scientists found that one of the main chemicals used in sunscreens to block the UV light, octyl-methoxycinnamate (OCM), causes death in skin cells. When cells are exposed to only 5 PPM of OMC (a much lower level than what is in most sunscreen), half of the cells die. Unfortunately, the cell death is increased when exposed to sunlight. And even worse, the chemical by-product created when OMC is exposed to sunlight is two times as toxic as OMC alone. (Radiation Protective Dosimetry, 2000; 91:283.)
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: The sun is not our enemy. As I will soon show, sun deficiency is one of the primary killers of our age. There is ubiquitous vitamin D deficiency due to lack of sun, particularly in the northern half of the U.S., as a result of clothing, indoor living...and from misguided fear mongering about skin cancer and the use of sunscreens. Get all the sun you can, just don't permit yourself to get burned. Your health and life depends on it. Doubt that? Then explain how all of life through eons of time was exposed to sunlight and was not extinguished with malignant melanoma, and why all of a sudden at this point in time dermatologists know better than nature.)

DEPRESSION AND INSULIN: Unexpectedly high rates of depression can be found in patients with Type-2 diabetes (the most common adult form of diabetes, characterized by insulin resistance and relative insulin deficiency). It is suggested that insulin resistance may be the result of an increased release of counter-regulatory hormones linked to depression. 3 (Br Med J, 2005; 330:17-8.)
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: Insulin resistance is epidemic in modern populations and is the sign that diabetes is on the way. It is linked to essentially every degenerative condition...including those of the mind. A steady and high dose of carbohydrates in the diet essentially exhausts the pancreas and other metabolic systems over time. So if you think constantly nursing on soft drinks, snacking on candy and loading the plate with pasta, potatoes, bread and cake may only cause you to gain a few pounds, think again. Processed carbohydrates are not a natural food and are treated like toxins in the body. The result is not a few, but a lot of pounds, and a shortened life racked with debilitating degenerative diseases like diabetes.)

AVOCADOS PREVENT PROSTATE CANCER: Avocados are the richest source of lutein among commonly eaten fruits. This carotenoid acts as an antioxidant and has been linked to a reduced risk of prostate cancer. It is the whole fruit, however, that shows the greatest promise. Lutein in combination with other vitamins and diverse compounds in avocados have additive or synergistic effects against prostate cancer compared with pure lutein alone. In addition to prostate cancer, lutein is also thought to protect against eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration. 4 (J Nutr Biochem, 2005; 16(1):23-30.)
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: If you are preparing the Wysong shake [], avocados are an excellent addition. I like the way they thicken it. If avocados benefit the prostate, you can bet they have benefit for female reproductive organs as well. Whole, fresh, raw, natural food...the ultimate medicine!)

SUGAR AND CANCER: High sugar levels could be a risk factor in the development of several types of cancer. Those with diabetes or high fasting blood sugar levels are more likely to develop cancer or to die from cancer. Patients with the highest fasting glucose levels (greater than 140 mg/dL) have higher death rates from all cancers combined. 3 (J Am Med Assoc, 2005; 293(2):194-202.)
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: As stated above, refined sugars and high levels of carbohydrates are toxic. One of the ways the body reacts to chronic toxicity is cancer.)

GUT HEALTH PREVENTS RESPIRATORY ALLERGIES: Changes in gut microflora caused by widespread use of antibiotics and today's processed diet could be responsible for a major increase in allergies. Changes in gut microflora following antibiotic use cause an overzealous allergic response in the respiratory system. Further, dietary changes such as switching from breast milk to formula, or eating a high-sugar, low-fat diet can impact the makeup of beneficial gut microorganisms (probiotics). Microflora lining the walls of the gastrointestinal tract are evidently a major underlying factor responsible for the immune system's ability to ignore inhaled allergens. This study is the first to link gut health to an allergic response in the lung. 5 (Infect Immun, 2005; 73(1):30-8. Infect Immun, 2004; 72:4996-5003.)
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: The body and the trillions of microorganisms that reside on the skin and throughout the gut are not just independent parts and pieces. Everything is holistic. What happens in one place has an effect in another. We have become so germ-phobic that we forget the innumerable benefits of the good-guy germs. By destroying them with antibiotics or not providing them the correct natural food, we harm ourselves. Health is synergy, cooperation and respect for nature. Many modern medical approaches and modern lifestyles ignore this essential truth.)

SLEEP DEBT AFFECTS FERTILITY: Approximately 70% of Americans suffer from an undiagnosed and untreated sleep disorder. Sleep is essential not only to one's quality of life, but also to one's fertility. Sleep is restorative to the mind and body, and is essential to health. Sleep loss often leads to menstrual irregularity, thereby leading to difficulty in conceiving. Half of the women employed in sleep-deprived jobs, such as flight attendants and late-shift nurses, have irregular menstrual cycles and some have stopped ovulating altogether. The amount of daily light exposure also influences ovulation and reproduction. Lack of sunlight can also trigger depression, which in turn suppresses fertility. 6 (Kittel M et al, Stay Fertile Longer, 2004.)
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: Fundamental, again, is ole sol. We are designed to sleep at night and be out in the sun during the day. What could be more simple? But it will take umpteen gazillions of dollars and decades for "science" to log enough evidence to come to that conclusion.)

KIDNEY STONES NEW RISK FOR COFFEE DRINKERS: People prone to kidney stones should limit their caffeine intake. Individuals predisposed to developing kidney stones show more calcium in their urine after ingesting caffeine following a 14 hour fast. Since calcium is a key element in kidney stones, these individuals are placed at a higher risk of forming kidney stones. Patients also experienced an increase in sodium - another key component in developing stones. 7 (J Urol, 2004; 172(2):555-8.)
(Dr. W. Straight Talk: The danger with coffee, as with any other substance in the universe, is dose. The dose makes the poison. Flushing the body with coffee every single day without a break is a formula for disaster. Coffee is not a natural food. It is not something you find in the woods, eat and survive on. It is a recreational, processed concoction heated to create a potpourri of chemicals the body is not designed to handle. It just can't be good for you. If you must, use moderation and go without once in awhile to give your body a chance to detoxify.)

Best of health to you and yours from all of us here at Wysong.