~Thoughts for Thinking People~



Children, especially, can be deficient in essential fatty acids. Rather than taking the time to carefully prepare foods made from natural, whole, raw ingredients, parents choose the route of convenience by offering primarily processed foods.  Their conscience is assuaged because they believe that surely the government would not permit manufacturers to create anything bad for children.  Besides, many processed foods are even "fortified." So in go the candied, died, food fraction-based cereals, and every imaginable puffed, dried, steam-cleaned, vacuumed, dehydrated, instantized, pasteurized, homogenized, processed concoction.  Pop Tarts®, Jolly Ranchers®,Twinkies®, pizza, Spaghettios®, colas, fries and burgers can make up 90+% of a modem child's diet. Children get addicted to these foods and parents rest assured that all is okay because everyone else is doing it and their children seem to be doing fine. Then, when the incredibly resilient youthful compensatory mechanisms are exhausted, end-stage collapse occurs manifested as chronic infections, allergies, behavioral disturbances or more serious disorders such as leukemia.  Parents and doctors then wonder why.

In one study of 20 children aged three to four years who were having recurrent respiratory infections, it was found that those who received just an essential fatty acid supplement containing flax seed oil and soybean oil, compared to those who did not, experienced a 38% reduction in the incidence of infections and 25% fewer absent days from school.

As I continually repeat in the e-Health Letter and in my book, Lipid Nutrition - Understanding Fats and Oils in Health and Disease, essential fatty acid deficiency is rampant. It is particularly important in young children who are developing their bodies and brains. Instead of getting what they need, children are being mega-dosed with hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils, which displace essential fatty acids that the children would normally get if they were getting fresh, natural, whole, raw foods. The thing to do is to increase the proportion of fresh, raw, natural foods - nuts and veggies in particular. Wysong Peanut Butter Plus™, Super Flour™, and E.F.A.™ supplements will also boost these important nutrients.

This study demonstrates a direct correlation between essential fatty acid deficiency and infection, but also keep in mind that the malnutrition of our young is the underlying seed that sprouts into the whole range of chronic degenerative disease conditions that strike adults in their middle and latter years.