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The following letter was sent by a veterinarian in response to Dr. Wysong's writings in the e-Health Letter. 
Dr. Wysong's reply follows.

Dear Dr. Wysong,
As a veterinarian who has had a nutritionally oriented career for almost 50 years, your views and activities have always been of interest to me. I have admired the work you have done in the field of animal nutrition. We have a great deal in common as far as your general views on the world today are Only wish I could feel the optimism you show in this newsletter when you intimate that we can turn things around. Sad to say I really don't think this is possible. Money and the power it brings have turned our world around. There is no force, moral, religious or otherwise that can reverse the course we are on. It may be that my grandchildren, or their children will see the end of the world as we know it. What the mechanisms will be I have no idea. But I do know there is no light at the end of our tunnel. Only chaos.
And though you may not think so, this comes from one who has always thought of himself as an optimist.
Good luck.
(Dr. W.)  Thank you for your nice letter.
On its face, judging from what we get in the media, I would have to agree that hopeless is the way things look.  Putting aside that “doom and gloom” is a profit center for the media, there is indeed reason for hope.
I have wrestled with these things for quite some time, as have you.  In fact, I am in the final stages of a couple of new books addressing these kinds of issues.  One is about applying intelligence to living, and the other addresses more metaphysical – but perhaps more fundamental to the issues you raise – questions about where we come from, why we're here and where we are going (not religious).
Here are a couple of thoughts to ponder though.  One is that evil can only exist if good men do nothing.  Also, do not underestimate the power of one to change the world.  Each of us must proceed as if that is indeed what we are trying to do.
This is the principle I try to teach in prevention.  Yes, we all die, yes, we may get a terrible disease, but if we do all that we know to be right, then at least we will have no regrets that the misery that might befall us was due to our stupidity or laziness.
There is an interesting principle emerging in biology called morphic resonance.  It argues – and demonstrates with evidence – that there is instant communication between creatures, and that what one believes and does can instantly transmit to an entire population to change the course of events.  Examples include learned behavior in one group of animals instantly transmitting (faster than the speed of light, believe it or not) to remote groups, and inventors on opposite sides of the world simultaneously working on the identical invention.
The prevailing undercurrent of thought, the zeit geist, might therefore be changed by the action of one.  And also remember that it is often the actions of one that bring to the world so much evil.
Aside from all that, we must simply proceed on with what is right.  If we do, and the world falls around us, we will have done all we could and can rest in peace.  The alternative is to give up and feel powerless.  This sense of lack of control can be self-fulfilling and is, in itself, very destructive to our happiness and health.
As I watch what appear to be ominous signs in the world I try with even more vigor to move forward, trying to do what is right and doing it as if the world could be changed as a result.  Perhaps a little grandiose, perhaps not.  Individuals are always what change the world.  And besides, it keeps me interested in life, focused and (usually) optimistic.
I understand you may have thought of these things but I offer them just as a reminder to give you a little boost.

Current Research and Thoughts You Can Use for Health and Healing
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CARBS INCREASE TRIGLYCERIDES:  Current trends in health promotion emphasize the importance of reducing dietary fat intake. However, as dietary fat is reduced, the dietary carbohydrate content typically rises.  Studies consistently show that raising the carbohydrate content of the diet increases serum triglyceride concentrations, resulting in greater risk of coronary heart disease.  As compared with starches, sugars (particularly sucrose and fructose) tend to increase triglyceride levels by 60%.  In most cases, those with high triglycerides dramatically benefit from comprehensive restriction of grain and sugar carbohydrates.
(Am J Clin Nutr, 2003; 78(4):873S-880SAm J Clin Nutr, 2000; 71(2):412-33.)

CELL PHONES MAY MAKE YOU SENILE: Teenagers who often use mobile phones and new wireless technology may be at risk of becoming prematurely senile, according to research.  Microwaves emitted from hand-held mobile phones may cause proteins to leak across the blood-brain barrier, which is associated with brain damage.  The damage could lead to senility when people are in their 30s rather than in their 60s.
If you must use a cell phone, use a hands-free headset and always keep the phone as far from your body as possible. The worst place you can possibly put a cell phone is next to your brain.

A molecule called resveratrol, found in red wine, may lengthen the human life-span by 70%, or up to 50 years, by switching on a “longevity gene.”  Resveratrol inhibits fungal infection, raises HDL (good) cholesterol, lowers PSA levels in males, increases immunity, controls blood pressure, preserves red blood cells, prevents blood clots and inhibits inflammation.  Studies also suggest it could fight cancer, heart disease and age-related brain disorders, to name a few.  The only other definite method of prolonging life is calorie restriction. 

  Caucasians who watch 2.5 hours of TV every day and eat fast food twice a week have nearly three times the risk of becoming obese and developing high blood sugar, which are strong risk factors for heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, a new study has found.  Even the average white person, who watches two hours of TV a day and eats fast food once or twice a week, has double the risk they should.  (60% of TV advertising is for food products.) 

  Drinking a lot of coffee during pregnancy makes it much more likely that the baby will be stillborn or die in the first year of life.  Compared with women who do not drink coffee, women who drink four to seven cups a day have an 80% increased risk of stillbirth, and women who drink eight or more cups a day have three times the risk  It is believed that caffeine may tighten the arteries in the uterus so much that the fetus doesn't get enough oxygen, or it may cause abnormal, and eventually fatal, arrhythmias in the unborn heart.  Caffeine intake has also been linked to other pregnancy problems, such as low birth weight and spontaneous abortion. 
(Br Med J, 2003; 326:420.)
TAI CHI FOR ARTHRITIS:  Patients with osteoarthritis are able to safely perform Tai Chi exercises to effectively improve arthritic symptoms, balance, and physical functioning.  Tai Chi is a non-aerobic activity that can help arthritis sufferers, and has also been associated with a variety of other health benefits, including increased immunity, decreased menopause-associated bone loss, improved cardiac rehabilitation, and stress alleviation.  
(J Rheumatol, 2003; 30:2039-44.)
TOMATOES TO PREVENT ATHEROSCLEROSIS: Among middle-aged men, a low plasma concentration of the antioxidant lycopene was associated with an increased intima-medial thickness of the wall of the common carotid artery – a sign of early atherosclerosis.   Lycopene has also been shown to reduce the risk of various cancers.  Tomatoes and tomato-based foods (such as tomato juice, tomato sauce and ketchup) are excellent sources of lycopene.  (Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol, 2000; 20(12):2677-81.)