~Thoughts for Thinking People~


Current Research and Thoughts You Can Use for Health and Healing
...And Which Verify The Wysong Optimal Health Program™


BODY PIERCING AND ENDOCARDITIS:  People with heart-related abnormalities are advised to take antibiotics prior to having procedures such as surgery or dental work. Bacteria can gain access to the bloodstream during these events and affect the endocardium (lining of the heart) and heart valves. If left untreated, these infections can destroy heart muscle and be potentially fatal. Infective endocarditis is the fourth leading cause of infection-related death in the United States. There have recently been reports of people developing endocarditis after body piercing. If you have heart-related abnormalities and simply must get a "bone in the nose," discuss the possible use of prophylactic antibiotics before any piercing procedure with your physician. Infectious endocarditis is much easier to prevent than it is to treat after infection has become established.

FRUIT DANGERS:  A study observing 8,000 participants over 34 years has shown a relationship between Parkinson's disease and fruit and fruit juice consumption. Healthy food naysayers love results like this. It's just what they need to further contrive contorted justifications for their pop-candy-Fruit Loop® cuisine. Here's what the study actually means. Fruit juice spiked with corn syrup and the like may indeed precipitate disease. But then, such is not natural either. Fruits harboring pesticides and herbicides are not natural either. Fruit that is untainted (organic) can only be good for you since it is one of the Wysong Optimal Health foods - a food you can eat exactly like it is from nature, no processing necessary. Organic or not, it is probably a good idea to peel all fruit since the peel itself can contain natural pesticides and anti-nutritionals which can cause digestive disturbances. As for juicing, it can cause the rapid loss of nutrients as they are exposed to light and air. Juicing can have benefit due to the concentration of nutrients but is a somewhat unnatural form of eating since natural mastication does not set into motion the proper digestive process and can stress metabolism with a large wallop of sugar. (The American Academy of Neurology, Annual Meeting, Honolulu April 3, 2003. J Toxicol: Clin Toxicol, 2003; 41(1):67-70. Am J Epidemiol, 2003; 157(5):409-14.)

PREMATURE BIRTHS:  the problem of premature births than any other developed nation (more physicians, more neonatologists, more drugs such as tocolytics and more intensive care beds), the rate of premature birth crises has increased by almost 30% in the last 20 years. Premature births are the leading cause of death in the first postpartum month and are a major factor in cognitive and physical disabilities.

There are as many causes as there are learned people who guess. But using the basic Wysong philosophical premise of proper genetic context, we can be pretty sure of cause. Artificially postponing childbearing until into the 30s and beyond is one cause. (The older we get, the more errors, glitches and potential mis-fires have accumulated in our genetics.) Use of fertility and birth control hormones would be another. Tinkering and using a variety of other allopathic and xenobiotic pharmaceutical agents for every hiccup and sneeze also surely can be blamed. Couple these more direct causes with environmental pollutants, little or no exercise and a constant fare of carbohydrate-based processed food trinkets creating constant metabolic stress, and you have the formula for disaster. Screw with Mother Nature and she will pay you back.

The medical answer is to throw more of the same failed medical approaches at the problem. But these do not address fundamental causes. They are band-aids, stopgap and crisis oriented. That is not a solution.

The problem can be solved in large part by addressing the causes mentioned above. For example, one study of 9000 pregnant women found that just by increasing the omega-3 fatty acids in the diet, premature births were one third less than in those eating normal impoverished omega-3 fatty acid foods. Studies on any of the other preventive health parameters would surely show the same.

That's what's so wonderful about the Wysong Optimal Health Philosophy - it is totally predictive, and if applied, will put you (and your baby) way ahead of the research and studies.

SLEEP AND HEALTH:  Sleeping six hours or less every night may cause a "sleep debt" that can affect your normal cognitive abilities. People who slept four hours a night over a two-week period had a decline in performance equal to subjects who went without sleep for 88 hours. Decline in performance was significant enough to affect driving ability. Those affected may be so sleep deprived that they don't notice their decreased abilities. Chronically sleep deprived individuals claimed to feel "only slightly sleepy" when performing at their worst during psychological testing. Sleep requirements may change during different seasons of the year. In the middle of the summer you may be able to function well on six hours of sleep, but in the middle of dark winters you may require nine or more hours of sleep for optimal health.

Sleeping more than nine hours or less than five hours each night may also increase your risk of developing diabetes. During a study of 70,000 diabetes-free women over a ten year period, researchers found those who slept five hours or less or nine hours or more each night were 34% and 35%, respectively, more likely to develop diabetes. Too little sleep may reduce levels of leptin, a hormone which may play a role in signaling the body to stop eating. Reduced levels of leptin may cause weight gain and result in an increased risk of diabetes. Those sleeping over nine hours each night tended to have poor health in general and may also have had sleep apnea, which prevented restful sleep. These factors may also relate to decreased leptin levels, obesity, and thus an increased risk of diabetes.

Best of health to you and yours from all of us here at Wysong.