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Pet ownership is a far greater responsibility than most people realize. A dog or cat is a 15-20 year (maybe longer if the Optimal Health Program is followed) commitment to a living creature that is absolutely dependent upon us for all its needs. A cute puppy or kitten for the kids, or a pet as a surrogate child, is not a doll you can cuddle and then set aside at will.

All of the needs of a full human life are condensed into the life of a pet. Infancy, childhood, puberty, middle and old age all happen before our eyes and under our care. Training, feeding, medical care, and physical as well as mental fitness are all essential components of care giving. 

Few people realize the full scope of companion animal needs or see to them properly.

Additionally, we live in a free society where anyone can own a pet and then chain it to a stake in the yard when they tire of it or drop it off at an animal control agency when it loses that cute and cuddly flavor. 

Millions of pets meet such cruel fates. First off, people should qualify for pet ownership like they would to adopt a child. Second, careful control of reproduction should be imposed. Pet overpopulation affects us all in one way or another and should not be permitted anymore than pollution or crime is. Third, those who decide to abandon a pet should take full financial responsibility for its care until placement in a responsible home can occur.

But this is not a perfect world. Freedoms are abused, while ignorance and naïveté abound. The price of freedom is knowledge, loyalty to the truth, kindness, ethics and rational responsibility. 

Short of the day when this ideal prevails, someone must step in to extend a kind hand to abused and neglected pets. Thank goodness for animal control agencies and humane societies that can at least offer some hope. The problem is they are all underfunded and overworked.

They need help. Pets are true victims with no options they can exercise themselves. See if you can volunteer. Donate money. If you want a pet, consider adopting one that someone else has rejected or used cruelly. Help increase public awareness of pet ownership responsibilities. 

Don't contribute to the problem. We don't all have to have pets to express our love for other creatures. There is love in just letting creatures exist naturally in the wild, unfettered by our "ownership."

For our part, we are beginning a food donation program countrywide for animal shelters which use volunteer help and are non-kill.

If you know of such a facility in your area, please have them contact us with details of their activities. We do not, of course, have limitless capabilities in this regard but will do as much as we possibly can. You help us do this when you buy our products and donate to the Wysong Institute. 

Thank you. You are helping us make a better world for us all.