~Thoughts for Thinking People~



'Tis the season to get sick. The change in weather, decreased daylight and sun exposure, less exercise, more exposure to virulent bugs in closed buildings, the kids bringing home who-knows-what from school, and changes in routine with summer gone all create stressors for illness. As years pass I personally really can feel the impact of fall and winter. Summer here in Michigan is usually problem-free, but when the days shorten in September and October, everything seems to weaken and break. Sniffles, sneezes, low energy, and many joint aches are predictable. It's as though we were meant to hibernate, but we ignore the message by pushing ourselves into constant activity made possible by artificial environments.Enough belly aching. I would like you to try a few things the next time you feel sickness coming.I personally have done this repeatedly with remarkable success. Others have too. I know such results are anecdotal, but they are supported by scientific evidence.1. Drink 8-10 glasses of ionized (alkalinized) water per day (detoxifies, hydrates, alkalinizes). Wysong WellSpring™, added to pure water, will help you achieve optimal pH. For pets, offer the same water. Force it with an oral syringe if necessary. Try to double what they normally drink in a day.

2. Squeeze the juice of one lemon into your drinking water throughout the day (alkalinizes the body - most pathogens thrive in acidosis). For pets, try the same; only reduce the amount if they object to the taste.

3. Eliminate all carbohydrates, sugars, flours, soft drinks, etc. for 48 hours. Sugars acidify, providing fermentable substrate for pathogens. (You already should be reducing intake if you are paying attention to the e-Health Letters.) For pets, do the same and feed only fresh foods, all-meat canned diets and Archetype™, a non-cooked product.

4. I hate to be commercial here, but also take Probiosyn™ (probiotics), Immulyn™ (immune-stimulant) and the antioxidant Foundation Formulas™. For pets, use Immulyn™, Pet Inoculant™, and Spectrox™.

See if you have the same remarkable results that I have had. Let me know how it works for you.