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DOCTORS: One in 50 are imposters, according to the New England Journal of Medicine. Also, drug addiction is 30 times that of the general population; cirrhosis is 3 times greater; there is 50% greater incidence of cancer in radiologists; infant death and anomalies exceed that of the public at large.

VITAMIN C AND LEAD: High blood vitamin C levels reduce blood levels of lead contamination. (Wysong Spectrox, Food C, Food A.C.E., and Mega C all provide natural source vitamin C.)

IMMUNE HEALTH: Vitamin E (as found in Wysong Spectrox and Food A.C.E) can improve immune response in elderly people, especially those who are physically inactive or immunocompromised.

SNAKE OIL: Not all "snake oils" are a scam. Snake oils used in Chinese medicine have been shown to contain omega 3 essential fatty acids (as in Wysong E.F.A. and Marine Lipids) in amounts varying among species.


A bill to ban cruel methods used in veal production has been introduced. This legislation, H.R. 4415, prohibits the use of crates that are so small that calves cannot turn around, and requires that calves receive adequate iron and fiber in their diet.

The methods used to produce "gourmet" veal are so cruel that they have been banned throughout Europe, but they remain legal in the United States. 

Veal production is among the cruelest farming practices in existence today. To produce veal, baby calves are taken from their mothers and chained by the neck in small dark wooden crates just two feet wide. They cannot turn around, stretch their limbs, or even lie down comfortably. They will live in these crates for their entire (short 16-week) lives. This severe confinement prevents muscle development, thus keeping their meat tender. In addition, veal calves are fed an all-liquid diet which is deficient in iron and fiber - designed to produce borderline anemia and the pale colored flesh sold as veal.

Scientific research indicates that calves confined in crates experience "chronic stress" and require approximately five times more medication than calves living in more spacious conditions. It is not surprising that veal is very likely to contain illegal drug residues which pose a threat to human consumers.

Researchers have also reported that veal calves exhibit abnormal coping behaviors associated with frustration. These include head tossing, head shaking, kicking, scratching and stereotypical chewing behavior. Confined calves also experience leg and joint disorders and an impaired ability to walk. But who cares when the paramount objective is tender, anemic "gourmet" veal? Also, such unhealthy and cruel rearing certainly cannot create a healthy calf. An unhealthy calf cannot create healthy food for humans. Surely there is a better way to create food!

Best of health to you and yours from all of us here at Wysong.