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Current Research and Thoughts You Can Use for Health and Healing
...And Which Verify The Wysong Optimal Health Program™


ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE: Elderly women with low levels of folate have been proven to experience atrophy of the cerebral cortex, which supplementation with folic acid (as in Optimal) may prevent.

MODERN DIET: 24% of hospital patients are malnourished if they remain for more than two weeks. This is under the care of duly licensed dieticians feeding completely balanced jello, sugared soft drinks, enriched white flour, and instant potatoes.

POPULATION: Population is expected to double to about eleven billion by 2050, requiring three times the present agricultural output. Since animal products are less efficient in delivering calories, diets will increasingly be grain (carbohydrate) based. This will lead inevitably to increased degenerative diseases. We are breeding ourselves into oblivion. (Incidentally, pet lovers, there are seven dogs and cats born every time a new human is born in this country. Replacing kids with animals does not solve the problem, since they too, tax food resources.)

PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME: The American Pharmaceutical Association has endorsed evening primrose oil, chaste berry, and dong quai (as in Menstruphen) as effective PMS treatments.


As allergy season is in full swing, immune system support is an important consideration. Wysong's Nutrient Support Formula line includes Immulyn, which is a formulation designed to supply natural nutrients to support the health of the cellular and humoral immune system. Benefits of the nutrients found in Immulyn include multiplication, activation and improved function of immune cells.

Immulyn contains natural, scientifically proven ingredients including medicinal mushrooms, vitamins, and amino acids. Immulyn is designed to be "unispecies," helping to promote the health of humans and companion animals.

The best approach to allergy is to follow the entire Optimal Health Program with a special emphasis on Wysong essential fatty acid supplements. The idea is to restore the health of the immune system, not mask symptoms with potentially dangerous drugs. Be patient, though, natural healing takes time.


The Wysong Optimal Health Program emphasizes foods that could be eaten as is, exactly as they are found in nature. The modern, refined, carbohydrate-based diet is about as far from this as it could get. Breads, rolls, bagels, doughnuts, cereals, pastas, cakes, cookies, candies and soft drinks make up the mainstay of the Western diet. The majority of people essentially nurse on these foods all day long every day.

This diet is wrong, very simply, because the basic components in these foods, even though they may be derived from natural grains, cannot be eaten raw or found in sufficient quantity in nature to survive.

The result is an incredible epidemic of obesity and chronic degenerative disease conditions. I have discussed this at some length in my book, The Synorgon Diet - How To Achieve Healthy Weight In A World of Excess, as well as in articles in The Health Letter over the past fifteen years.

 If we veer from what we are genetically adapted to eat, we can expect consequences. The written materials mentioned above contain numerous scientific references proving this. Here is a new study hot off the press that I must bring to your attention. It was published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the premier scientific clearinghouse for nutritional research. It's entitled "A Prospective Study of Dietary Glycemic Load, Carbohydrate Intake and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease in U.S. Women." The study is one of the best in terms of scientific design. It was a cohort examination of 75,521 women aged 38 to 63 years. They were studied prospectively for a period of ten years beginning in 1984. None of the women had diabetes, heart disease or other cardiovascular diseases at the beginning of the study.

During the course of the ten years, each person's glycemic (simple sugar) load was calculated and a detailed analysis was performed on food intake.

During the ten years, 761 cases of coronary heart disease occurred - 208 were fatal. There was a direct statistical relationship between the quantities of high glycemic foods (simple sugars, refined flours) and risk of heart disease. The risk was particularly greater in those women with weights above average. (But of course those who had weights above average, were those who were consuming higher levels of these carbohydrate-based foods.)

We are no longer guessing as to whether sugars and refined flours cause disease. There is a mountain of proof. Get your kids weaned from these foods as soon as possible and do the same for yourself if you want health and long life. It's as simple as that.

Don't make me say "I told you so," again, when you ask me why you had a heart attack even though you watched your cholesterol and followed the conventional food pyramid, which is bottom-heavy with carbos.

Best of health to you and yours from all of us here at Wysong.