~Thoughts for Thinking People~


This is a noun. Algorithmic is the adjective. Pronounced: Al' go rhythm. It is from the Greek arithmos. It means a logical, step-by-step method of solving problems. A logical framework for this purpose. The step-by-step rules you had to use in algebra and geometry were algorithms.

It can be used a little more loosely too, to describe a logical framework within which problems can be solved. There could be political, economic, religious, social... and health and nutritional algorithms.

It is especially important to think of this word in relation to health and nutrition. What logical framework do you use to make health and nutrition choices? Is your algorithm following the crowd, following professionals, following commercial propaganda? Has it been well thought out?

A better idea is to follow the genetic context algorithm. What is good to eat, what is good for your health is that which most closely matches your genetic makeup. All the evidence fits this. It's logical and it's proven.

The Wysong Optimal Health Program shows you how to put the algorithm in action.

Understanding the correct algorithm for health will empower you every day to make choices you can be sure of and free you from special interests which otherwise could confuse or mislead you.

Best of health to you and yours from all of us here at Wysong.