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Dear Wysong...
The following is a compilation of some if the hundreds of customer questions about Wysong Pet products, each followed by the Wysong explanation. We hope the variety of interesting questions, answers and opinions will be of benefit to you and your entire family.

Raw Food Debate

Customer Question:
I wanted to thank you for a very superior product. I can't always get enough grass-fed and other healthy meat to either feed raw or to cook for my pets and it is great to have your product for those times! I really appreciate it. I also wanted to add my two cents concerning some of the information on your website. I have done lots of research concerning diets both hands on and in lots of reading and I have to say that I don't find the raw diet to be the best one for most of us. Some people seem to thrive on a raw diet but I know a number of people on raw foods, who look like holocaust survivors. Humans have a digestive track that is 35% less than what apes, chimps, and other similar species have and that is because humans eat cooked food, which needs a shorter digestive time since the food is already broken down by cooking. Considering the hundreds of thousands of years, we have eaten cooked food, it makes sense that we have adapted to it physically. Also, there are so many foods that need cooking in order to be digested like winter squashes, root vegetables, etc and many foods increase in nutrition after cooking. Cooked tomatoes have many times the lycopene available compared to raw tomatoes. That works the same way for other vegetable and foods. If humans hadn't started cooking food, it is unlikely that they would have been able to move outside of the tropics into other parts of the planet. It would have been better for the planet and other species, in my opinion, if humans had not been able to inhabit every possible climate and biosphere but it happened nonetheless. Indigenous people thrive on native diets low in carbs and high in fats and meats and some fruit and vegetables and when they go to a processed western diet, then the health problems begin. After suffering while on various restrictive diets, I am now really thriving on a local whole foods diet with grass-fed meats, dairy and eggs along with veggies and fruit and I eat some raw food everyday. Likewise, I think that dogs and cats, having lived with humans for thousands of years have adapted to some cooked food. My farmer grandparents gave their dogs lots of raw bones, some leftovers and also whole grain mushes stewed with organ meats and the dogs lived long healthy lives. I realize that you will probably disagree with me as my friends, who eat raw do. Some of them act like cult members now that they eat raw. In any event, you seem open to dialogue and I appreciate that too.

Wysong Reply:
We agree with much of what you say. If you study Dr. Wysong's writings ( and the Optimal Health Program you will see that the ideal is put forward with the understanding that compromises can be made without significant harm.
It is not clear, however, that the miniscule portion of time that humans have cooked food (the only creature in existence to do so, incidentally) compared to biological history, has resulted in appropriate adaptations. Even the new discoveries in epigenetics cannot justify the dramatic dietary changes.
Chronic degenerative diseases, not health, are the result. We survive, but are like walking wounded.

Your eating regimen seems both intelligent and healthy.

Customer Reply:
Thanks for your response. I appreciate the wiggle room that Wysong seems to allow for. Regarding the argument that we are the only species to cook our food. That argument against cooked food doesn't seem very strong. We are the only creature to cook food, to wear clothing, to use written language, etc. The list of onlys for our species compared to other animals is quite large if you think about it. Should we stop wearing clothes and writing books and cooking food and burning fuel to stay warm, etc…? The only way for us to survive if we gave up all the onlys that we as humans do is to move back to the tropics.

Wysong Reply:

With regard to health, you are probably right about shedding clothes and moving to the tropics. As Dr. Wysong has noted, the lack of Vitamin D from lack of sun has now been proven to be a fundamental causation of most of the chronic degenerative and mental diseases we suffer. (

Modern living forces us to compromise. The trick is to do as little of it as possible.

Chiropractor Questions About Lectins in Wysong Peanut Butter
Customer Question:
Of the - grain/cereal lectins - dairy lectins - and legume lectins
(especially peanut lectin and soybean lectin), are the most common ones
associated with reports of aggravation of inflammatory and digestive
diseases in the body and improvement of those diseases and/or symptoms when avoided?
How do you remove aflatoxins?

Wysong Reply:
All foods contain potential toxins. That is why Dr. Wysong's Optimal Health Program recommends varying the diet. It is only when foods are eaten in high doses and continually that problems with components such as lectins may occur. In rare instances of sensitivities, the offending food should be avoided.

On the other hand, natural components of natural foods--such as lectins--may be toxic to some at some level, but beneficial at another level. To explore this, just plug "lectin benefits" into your Internet browser.

One must always keep in mind the aphorism: The dose makes the poison.

Thus, to answer your question directly; No, lectins are not removed from Wysong products. However, they are greatly reduced, if not eliminated, by processing methods.

Also, the peanuts used in the Peanut Butter Plus are tested aflatoxin free. Please see the monograph for more information:

Customer Questions Phosphorus Content in Chicken Au Jus
Customer Question:
I have one question, how can your Chicken Au Jus be so low in phosphorus
when the protein is about the same as your Gourmet Chicken and Beef Au Jus ?

Wysong Reply:
Phosphorus content is related more to the bone, than the meat content.

Be sure to review the Optimal Health Program and the following link ( to learn the dangers of feeding based upon percentages of nutrients.

Confused about Alkinate directions

Customer Question:
The directions on the Alkinate bottle state to take for 5-7 days. Does this mean to stop completely after 7 days?

Wysong Reply:
It is always best to follow the Optimal Health Program principles.

With that in mind, we would recommend taking the supplement intermittently once pH is more balanced and periodically taking a breather from it for several days. All the while you should be converting the diet to the most natural form you can achieve.

Customer Wants To know Exact Percentage of Fat to Feed Cat
Customer Question:
How much fat is too much fat to feed a cat as part of a raw diet? Since you offer a dry matter analysis you must provide this information to me, as I need to know the exact percentage of fat a cat is supposed to eat.

Wysong Reply:
Since Wysong does not recommend feeding any singular food on a steady basis, exact percentages are not important. The Optimal Health Program will explain this more fully. Also obtain a copy of Dr. Wysong's book, The Truth About Pet Food, and the brochure, How to Apologize to Your Pet (

If you desire to feed a singular food, then follow the percentages on the label of any commercial diet that is marked "100% complete and balanced."

Customer Concerned About Pesticides
Customer Question:
I have ordered a number of your products which are made from sources grown in fields I assume all over the world. There is a new hazard that could be contaminating these fields called chemtrails which have been analyzed to contain ethylene dibromide, nano-particulates of aluminum and barium and cationic polymer fibers, etc. These chemtrails have been researched by numerous scientists all over the country and reports written about their discoveries. (see These chemtrails are being sprayed all over America as well as in other parts of the world.
I would like to know what you are doing to see that these chemicals are not getting into your products via the fields on which your sources are grown. Do you test the fields on which your sources are grown? If so, how do you test and how often? As a customer I am very concerned since your products are very concentrated and if they do have any of these chemicals in them, they would also be concentrated.

I would appreciate a reply. Thank you.

Wysong Reply

There are tens of thousands of potential contaminants to food. It would be impossible to test for them all.

Dr. Wysong's best advice is to follow the Optimal Health Program ( By doing so and feeding in variety the chances of toxicity from any agent is reduced as much as it is possible to do so.

Customer Concerned About X-Rays
I read your article on the Internet and will like to ask you more questions about x-rays.

I live in a residential neighborhood and now a big company that dedicates to x-rays for dental purposes has installed its offices and exams in the house besides mine. I am afraid this can damage my health and that of my family. Since they are there I feel different, like kind of sick. Please let me know if there are dangers of x-rays passing walls or contaminating the environment of our neighborhood.

Unless the building producing the x-rays is properly shielded there could indeed be a danger to you. X-rays and the scatter from them can pass through about all building materials other than lead. Even small doses over a prolonged time are of concern since the effects are cumulative.