Dr. R. L. Wysong
July 1997
    Food pyramids have been a basic cornerstone of nutritional education for decades. pyramids, food groups and RDA's for humans, and NRC's and feeding trials for pets are supposed to be the "proper" measures of nutritional value.  Although these may be easy to understand concepts to spoon feed the masses, they oversimplify what is really needed for optimal health.   Additionally, they make us nutritionally lazy by giving the impression that it is scientists, laboratories, technology, governmental agencie8, nutritionists and biochemists who have everything all carefully worked out for us, having boiled health down to an RDA-NRC-food pyramid essence.
    Such simplistic standards are estimates at best.  Although much of the public sees them as reliable and scientific, they change constantly.  If new knowledge causes ongoing revision in such standards, then we can only be sure that if we follow any such standard today, it is wrong since it will surely be corrected and remodeled tomorrow.
    Here I give you my own idea of what a nutritional/lifestyle pyramid should look like for animals and humans.  They are designed to broaden the perspective about what is required for health and put more control in your hands.
    I suggest various Wysong products in the pyramids, but please understand that if you can find other products that achieve the same goals as Wysong products, which are designed with equal care, then these could certainly be substituted.  It is always uncomfortable for me to refer our products to you in an educational format such as this, but since the products I design are created because I feel there is a void, I know of no good alternative but to tell you about them.
    Wysong Nutrient Support Formulas (specific for specific needs)
    Wysong Supplements for all pets:
            Pet Inoculant™
    Wysong Healthy Alternative Products
    Wysong Diets Dry
    Wysong Diets Canned
    Wysong Whole Salt and Seasonings
    Wysong Grain and Legumes
    Wysong Whole Food Concentrates
    Wysong biscuits and Treats
    Wysong Pet Care
    Emphasis on Foods which Could Be Eaten Raw
    Raw Bones
    Organic if Possible - Processed agriculture products should be minor part of diet.
    Healthy Lifestyle
    Pure Water
    Clean Air
    Avoid Toxins
    Daily Sunshine
    Intellectual Stimulus (Training & Games)
    Peaceful surroundings
    Social contact (Animal or Human)
    Love and Touching
Wysong Optimal Health Pyramid for Humans
    Wysong Nutrient Support Formulas
    specific for specific needs
    Wysong Supplements
    for Everyone
    A C E™
    Wysong Healthy Alternative Products
    Wysong Nutritious oils
    Wysong Whole Salt and Seasonings
    Wysong Snacks
    Wysong Antioxidants
    Wysong Grain and Legumes
    Wysong Whole Food Concentrates
    Wysong Natural Sweeteners
    Wysong Personal care Products
    Emphasis on Foods which Could Be Eaten Raw
    Organic if Possible - Processed agriculture products should be minor part of diet.
    Healthy Lifestyle
    Clean Air & Water
    Avoid Toxins
    Exercise (Aerobic & Weight Training
    Daily Sunshine
    Peaceful Coexistence
    Increase Personal Control
    Seek Creative Challenges
    Pursue Self and World Improvement
    Open Mindedly Learn & Change
    DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) and pregnenolone are adrenal hormones now available over the counter. They are being popularized by the press and enthusiastic manufacturers as the fountain of youth for humans and animals. Although these are called "nutrients," that is a misnomer. They are hormones, made by glands, and they have broad and interactive modes of action throughout the body.
    As I have mentioned in previous issues, when you take a chemical that is normally produced by the body, the body experiences a negative feedback inhibition of its own ability to produce it. Thus, we in effect weaken the body's ability to produce the substance naturally. Additionally, no one fully understands the myriad interactions of hormones and their effects. When we begin taking these or giving them to our companion animal, we are performing an experiment, the results of which (down the road) we might not like.
    There can be no question that these hormones are important, yes, even critical to life and health. But notice that they are made within the body from a precursor, cholesterol which is being maligned everywhere as a nutritional evil. (See chart.)
    DHEA has been shown to reduce the incidence of cancer and decrease its progression, as well as even increase the life span of mice by a much as 50%. DHEA may exert ii protective effect against cancer b acting as an estrogen antagonist binding the metabolite 5-androsterone-3-beta, 17 beta-diol to estrogen receptors.
If this sounds complicated, it is.  Hormone and sterol biochemistry are among the most complicated an least understood fields in all medicine. We may know perhaps at present I millionth of what there is to really learn in this field as it relates to health and disease.
    On the one hand, DHEA has been shown to decrease cancer incidence, and on the other, the estradiol-like effect of DHEA in a low estrogen milieu can actually stimulate tumor growth. If a person is undergoing breast cancer therapy and receiving tamoxifen, DHEA can compete with tamoxifen for estrogen receptors in breast tissue and inhibit its action.
    Thus DHEA can act like an estrogen in some, and act as an anti-estrogen in others. It can also act as a male hormone testosterone stimulant in some, yet as an antagonist in others. Evidence shows its ability to decrease some tumors but stimulate others, such as those in the liver, with almost 50% of rats developing liver cancer while on the substance.
    No one can claim with certainty that these hormones are of benefit - or detriment - because their effects may depend entirely on the individual and their state of biochemistry at the time the hormones are being taken. Would it not be better to follow the Wysong Optimal Health Program and begin modeling lifestyle and diet to the way it is intended to be, to permit your body to express its own inner wisdom?
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    "Yesterday I received my order of canine Maintenance II which has done wonders in controlling the seizures in my dog. She's a 12-pound Terrier Mix and has been seizure-free for about 8 weeks. We're hoping this food will do the trick, so far, so good."
    -       Savannah, GA 
    In human and animal diabetes, high levels of blood sugar bind to proteins in tissue In a reaction called glycosylation. This is the same basic reaction that causes browning to occur in cooking.
    High levels of blood sugar in diabetes cause this reaction to occur at high rates, resulting in protein damage within organs such as the kidney, the retina of the eye and nerves.
    By supplementation with high levels of antioxidant vitamins such as C and E (as found in Wysong Mega A-C-E Plus) these reactions can be decreased in the diabetic and organs can thus be spared protein damage and disease.
    This glycosylation reaction occurs readily in foods containing both proteins and sugars which are then processed. Processing results in not only the destruction of the nutritional value of proteins, but their conversion into potential toxins.
    This is one of the many reasons that I continue to urge you to try to eat (and feed to your loved ones) fresh, whole, raw foods - unprocessed, uncooked. it is also the reason that we have built into our food processing various methods which significantly decrease the potential for glycosylation to occur in Wysong products.
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    Intermittent claudication is a condition in which the arteries in the legs become plugged with atherosclerosis. It can cause severe pain in the calves upon walking. In a double blind study, 93 patients with intermittent claudication received a Tibetan herbal formula called Padma 28, or placebo, for 16 weeks. Those receiving the herbs increased their walking distance by 115% compared to only 17% in the placebo group. True to form, Padma 28 has been banned by the FDA, but a similar formula has been developed called Adaptrin. (Available from Resource below.) A similar therapy may be beneficial  in cats suffering from thrombogenic disease in the aorta and rear leg arteries. (The new Wysong Carvasol(tm) supplement is also designed to address atherosclerosis. See Resource below for more information.)
        Pacific Biologic (800) 869-8783
        A 10-page Carvasol(tm) Monograph is available upon request from Wysong, 1880 N. Eastman Rd., Midland, MI 48642
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    Ginkgo biloba is an herbal nutrient that is presently being popularized for its ability to increase memory and other mental inflictions. Its action is to increase microcirculation in the brain.
    Tinnitus, chronic ringing in the ears, can be a very real and exasperating problem for the victim and frustrating for the physician to treat. In controlled studies where tinnitus sufferers were either given ginkgo biloba or a placebo, it was found that all those receiving the ginkgo showed improvement over time. (Do not expect ginkgo or other natural food substances which address causes rather than symptoms to give immediate relief like modern pharmaceuticals. It may take weeks or months for a positive effect, so do not get discouraged early on.)
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    Coca Cola has come out with a new high caffeine soda called Surge. This is 'to compete with Pepsi's $2.9 billion per year high caffeine Mountain Dew. Coke will even make the opening larger to permit "superior chuggability." Besides all the "fun" that will come from the caffeine in this drink, scientific research has also shown that caffeine can promote hypertension anxiety, insomnia, hypoglycemia, cardiac arrhythmias, impaired fertility, fibrocyst breast disease, osteoporosis, cancer... an it has been confirmed that caffeine is psychoactive, addictive drug.
    Research has also shown that regular consumption of coffee can decrease the likelihood of becoming pregnant by a factor of 4. The likelihood of PMS is also increased with the use of caffeine.
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