Dr. R. L. Wysong
January 1997
    We get calls and letters from some of you who are so frustrated that a friend, pet store owner, breeder or veterinarian are not receptive to some of the things you are learning.  There is something refreshing and exciting when light bulbs flash on in your mind, bringing sense to nonsense.  It is exhilarating to re-discover your own common sense.
    But long ago I learned that the world was not waiting with an open mind.  I ran into some fortresses that would make Fort Knox seem like a house of straw:  they are called status quo and conventionalism.
    History proves that even the most idiotic ideas, when repeated often enough, can take on a life of their own.   Truth no longer is the cause, but rather protecting old ideas becomes sacred.  Our society is also built upon a hierarchy of experts and diplomas.  If you don’t have the appropriate credentials, then you are supposed to defer to anyone who does.   So, for example, when you go in to your veterinarian (with a few remarkable exceptions) thinking that your new-found knowledge is going to be welcomed, don’t expect to make a convert. 
    You see, information is supposed to flow from him or her to you, not vice versa.  Your veterinarian didn’t spend eight years in college, numerous hours in continuing education courses, build a medical facility on their own, and sacrifice a personal life to be on call round the clock to heal animals, to have you come along and tell them you’ve got it figured out better because you listened to a tape or read a book from me.
    This does not mean that you should not be enthusiastic and try to share your ideas with others.  It does mean you will not likely turn some people’s minds around, particularly those who have a vested interest in keeping things as they are, or those who do not care enough about health for themselves or their companion animals to suffer the inconvenience of making a change.       To the vast majority of the medical profession these ideas - which proclaim that health is something that you yourself can control by life choices - are akin to quackery.  You see, their view is that disease is something that strikes you from the outside, and over which you have little or no control.  Your only option is to rely on them to patch you up.
    Having the majority not thinking like you do, or having powerful professionals try to convince you that you are wrong can be discouraging and disheartening and cause pauses of doubt.  I have felt the same.  I take comfort in knowing that humans have always held majority views which later turned out to be wrong.  But most importantly, the compelling logic and common sense of returning humans and animals to an archetypal context that fits their genetics is just too powerful to turn my back on.
    We have to be content with the personal satisfaction of knowing we are on the right course, and with the occasional victory of finding those who are open to reason.
    Common sense tells us that creatures should eat what they are genetically adapted to.  I have also reported, over the past 15 years, abundant research and clear thinking from many fields - ranging from biology to genetics to paleontology to biochemistry to archeology to philosophy - which supports this.  Additionally, if you apply the Wysong Optimal Health Program, you will observe first-hand the proof that it works.
    But here I want to tell you about the work of an MD researcher.  Although his research was intended to benefit humans, we can certainly apply it to pets since those were the subjects of his experiments.
    In 1932 Dr. Francis Pottenger studied over 900 cats during a period of ten years.  He found that by feeding raw milk and raw meat that the cats had optimal health, generation after generation.   Bones, tooth structure, hair, and reproduction were all perfect.   Additionally, these animals were free of disease and parasites and were of good temperament.
    But then he found that if he simply cooked the very meats he was feeding raw or substituted heat-processed milks for the raw milk, physical degeneration increased with each generation.  Many kittens of the third generation in fact, failed to even survive six months.  Parasites, fleas, allergies, loss of bone density, personality reversals with males becoming more docile and females more aggressive, and a host of degenerative diseases such as commonly found today in pets and humans - including dental disease, arthritis, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, etc. - befell all the cats by the fourth generation.
    This is an impressive and sobering study that is rarely cited in conventional human or veterinary medicine.   Many medical “experts” don’t care about it because it does not fit in with their thinking paradigms.  To them, disease is just one of those things that strikes humans and animals and there is little we can do about it other than rush for “miraculous” medical care when it strikes.  The notion that we can actually prevent and reverse most all modern diseases by simple dietary and lifestyle changes is just too simple.
    In the pet food industry it is not talked about because modern pet foods are all heat-processed, fractionated and devitalized in a variety of ways.  Producers want you thinking they’ve got 100% magical perfection in their cans and bags and would rather you not find out what people like Wysong and Pottenger have discovered.
    But you know better, right?   You’re applying the Wysong Optimal Health Program and giving your companion animal a chance to experience the optimal health it is capable of and entitled to.
    Every animal owner should have a copy of Pottenger’s impressive little book (and of course my book, Rationale for Animal Nutrition) to show to anyone, professional or not, the compelling reasons why you are not buying into the “100% complete” myth.  (Both books are available from the Wysong Book Store Catalog listed in Resource 1.)
    (SIDE NOTE:  I must mention that one of the most compelling finds in the Pottenger’s study is the ability of diet in one generation to affect the health of the next.  It has been found that offspring from cats fed improperly created less healthy offspring, and they in turn created less healthy offspring, and so forth.  Then, after several generations of improper feeding, even if the diet was reversed to its optimal raw form, it took several generations to reverse the negative effects.  Thus, companion animals today that are a product of generations being fed exclusively processed foods, may not experience dramatic results.   Although health will certainly be improved and the likelihood of disease decreased, it may be only after several generations of proper feeding that true optimal health can be restored.)
        Wysong Book Store Catalog available from Wysong at 1880 N. Eastman Rd., Midland, MI  48642.
    Conventionalism has it that epilepsy in animals is simply one of those things,  a genetic flaw requiring drugs as the only hope.
    But scientific evidence demonstrates that epilepsy may be caused by food sensitivities and allergies.  For example, in children given oligoantigenic diets (specific defined restricted foods), as many as 80% experienced complete or partial remission.          
    This is one of the reasons that I continue to emphasize to you that one should cycle through the various Wysong Diets.   Each one is antigenically different than the others, and your animal may do better on one than another.  Also, by cycling you decrease the possibility of developing food allergies and sensitivities.  In addition, by feeding fresh foods and using the Wysong supplements as recommended, you will build the metabolic strength of the animal and decrease the susceptibility to conditions such as epilepsy.
    If your pet has epilepsy, try different diets.  By a process of  elimination you can determine whether your pet may benefit from this easy epileptic therapy.  It can be somewhat tedious watching carefully what the animal eats and monitoring results, but if remission can happen by simply changing the food, it will be well worth the effort.  (For more details on how to work through an elimination diet see Vol. 6, No. 12 of the Wysong Health Letter.)  In a forthcoming issue I will describe some specific nutrients which have eliminated epilepsy.
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Soy For Menopause
    Japanese women are almost free from hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms.  This is believed due to their high intake of soybeans.  Soybeans contain high levels of phytoestrogens and are believed to have a balancing effect on the hormonal changes that occur in women with menopause.  
    Phytoestrogens are also believed to exert an anti-breast cancer effect by tying up estrogen receptors which are responsible for the promotion of such cancers.  On the other hand, supplementation with synthetic estrogens and progestins have serious side effects, including the possible initiation of cancer. 
    In controlled clinical trials, dietary soy, as well as other pytoestrogen-rich plant materials such as red clover sprouts and flax seeds have been shown to restore vaginal wall tissue, follicle stimulating hormone and mood stability to a state similar to that of premenopausal women.
    These phytoestrogenic effects are one of the reasons we have long incorporated whole soy into our animal diets.  It is also the reason we have developed a Whole Soy supplement which can be used in a variety of baked dishes for human consumption, as well as Wysong Peanut Butter Plus, which is a healthy alternative to the common commercial peanut butters (also an excellent way to increase omega-3 fatty acid intake for children and pets).
    An additional treatment for menopausal symptoms, with which many have claimed great success, is the use of natural progesterone creams which are applied to the skin.  (See Wysong Health Letter Vol. 10, No. 9)
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Zinc Lozenges For Colds
    In a controlled study of 100 men and women comparing the use of zinc lozenges to placebo, it was found that those who dissolved the zinc lozenges in their mouths every two waking hours for the duration of the cold were able to cut the duration of the cold in half.  As an even more effective alternative, if the zinc lozenges are broken into quarters and one piece is placed under the tongue or in the cheek continually at the first sign of a cold, continuing until bed time, usually by the next morning the person feels normal.  It is very important that the zinc lozenges be used at the very first sign of any symptoms.  (If not available locally, contact Resource 10.)
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        10)             Healthy Alternatives Catalog, available from 1880 N. Eastman Rd. Midland, MI  48642.
Probiotics For Crohn's And Cancer
    Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory condition that can affect many parts of the digestive tract.  Cancer can also affect any part of the digestive tract.  Probiotic (friendly) microorganisms, and oligosaccharides which act as a selective food to enhance their growth and reproduction, can provide a therapeutic effect for Crohn’s disease and inhibit the activity of enzymes implicated in carcinogenesis (cancer development).  Probiotic organisms and oligosaccharides have been used for many years in Wysong Diets and supplements, and are a part of nutritional supplements such as Probiosyn, certain NSF formulas, the canine and feline Biotics, and Pet Inoculant.
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Essential Fatty Acids And Arthritis
    If you are using our new Contifin™ dietary supplement for arthritis, be sure to use Wysong EFA along with it.   The omega-3 fatty acids and gamma-linolenic acids in EFA have been demonstrated in scientific studies to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and even are a useful therapy for rheumatoid arthritis.  For those who have trouble taking Wysong EFA as a liquid, we will soon have it available in capsule form.
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