April 2010

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Peanut Butter Plus™

Peanut Butter Plus

This is how we make peanut butter healthy: Wysong Peanut Butter Plus™ is a delicious peanut butter spread including high protein organic peanuts, extruded, organic, whole non-GMO soybeans, organic flax seeds, natural Wysong antioxidants, essential fatty acids including omega-3s from algae and flax, and chelated trace minerals. Rich in sitosterols. Tastes just like peanut butter only better, and is far more nutritious. May be used as part of a low carbohydrate, muscle building, or weight loss diet.

"One day while I was in a Natural Food Store, I saw a jar of "Wysong Peanut Butter" on the shelf. I was so surprised that Wysong made human food that I had to purchase it knowing how good your pet food is. It was the best peanut butter I have ever tasted. I was especially elated that there was no "rape seed/canola oil" used to process it."

Fear Of Death

Dr. R.L. Wysong

Everyone fears death. That's a healthy thing in that it creates caution and makes us measure risks. This fear is programmed into our genes and guides much of our daily lives. Although we may not consciously bring it to mind, it is there every time we light a match, get in the car, cross the street, or turn on the stove.

That's fine and good. But when this fear is brought more forward into the mind and begins to directly preoccupy us, that can be unhealthy. We can become obsessive about food, health, fitness, and end of the world scenarios. For those who believe we are nothing more than matter, the thought of death can create a depressing and cynical view of life and purpose.

How we think about these things, our philosophical grounding, has a lot to do with both our mental and physical health. (Click here to read more.)


Current Research and Thoughts You Can Use for Health and Healing...And Which Verify The Wysong Optimal Health Program™!

Meat Cooking Method Influences Cancer Risk

High temperature cooking of meat forms compounds called heterocyclic amines, which have produced prostate tumors. In a screening of 29,361 American men, a total of 1,338 prostate cancer cases were documented, of which 868 were incident cases (diagnosed after the first year follow up).

Men who consumed more than 10/g/day of well done meat had a 40% higher risk of prostate cancer and a 70% higher risk of incident prostate cancer, compared to men who ate no well done meat.

The high temperature cooking of meat also caused advanced glycation end products which can play a role in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease, renal failure and inflammation.

Social/Emotional Stress and Autoimmune Disease

Social stress can affect animals in a negative manner to trigger or worsen autoimmune disease. The stress elevates pro-inflammatory compounds (cytokine interleukin-6) which have an adverse effect on the immune system.

In retrospective studies, 80% of people suffering from autoimmune disease reported "uncommon emotional stress"; before their illness.

Breast Feeding Prevents Obesity

Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions in the United States, with 31% of adults and around 15% of teens now obese by medical definition.

Obesity is a serious health concern, being linked with problems such as diabetes and heart disease, and with a shorter life expectancy.

This obesity epidemic has occurred along with low levels of breastfeeding, but links between the two have been hard to study. This is mainly because mothers who breastfeed tend to have higher education levels and higher incomes. Both of these conditions are linked to fewer weight problems in their offspring.

Dr. Matthew Gilman surveyed over 5,000 children aged between 9 and 14 and was able to compare siblings who had been breastfed for different durations. He found that, even within a single family, children who were breastfed for a longer period were less likely to become obese in the teen years, and that this advantage increased with the duration of nursing.

Dr. Gilman and colleagues estimate that, for every 4 months of extra breastfeeding, the risk of teen obesity was reduced by 6%. For example, an infant breastfed to age one has a 24% lower chance of teen weight problems than a baby weaned soon after birth.

Dr. Gilman suggests that breastfeeding may have lasting positive effects on body metabolism and may also allow children to self-regulate their intake: a skill that may help them to keep a normal weight life-long.

Now Even Starbucks Can Make You Sick With Splenda

Starbucks, the leading retailer of specialty coffee in the world, is offering Splenda, the no-calorie sweetener, to their customers.

Starbucks has claimed that the introduction of Splenda (Sucralose) has strengthened their commitment to offering their customers the highest quality choices in all of their 5,400 stores.

Sucralose is made in a patented process by adding three chlorine atoms to a sucrose molecule. Very little scientific human testing has been done during the development of this product. One small human study that was conducted on diabetics using Splenda, showed an increase in glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c), which implies a lessening of the control of diabetes. As health reports and complaints are gathered, time will tell the full potential health risks.

Potential health problems include: Get 100 MPG and Reduce Environmental Impact

Tip 1: Easy on the throttle, then glide.
Most people accelerate way too hard from a stop. This wastes huge amounts of energy. You'll get much better mileage accelerating gently up to the speed limit. Once you're at the limit, then you need to glide. Release most of the pressure on the accelerator so you're using the bare minimum amount of power to maintain your speed. In most cars, this will enable the automatic transmission to shift into its highest, most efficient gear.

Tip 2: Anticipate traffic.
Most drivers don't pay attention to the flow of traffic. If you're in traffic, you know you're going to stop again, so anticipate that stop by easing off the accelerator pedal early and coasting as much as you can. Looking way down the road helps you anticipate traffic flow because you can see when traffic lights are going to change and how other cars are behaving. This driving technique won't put you in the pole position at every traffic light, but your mileage will go up, as will the life of your vehicle's braking system components.

Tip 3: Slow down on the highway.
Unless you work in an aerodynamic lab, you don't understand how much more energy it takes to push a car through the air at 75 mph than at 65 mph, but it's huge. Most cars have a "sweet spot" of efficiency between 65-70 mph, so you don't have to drive at snail-like speeds to improve your mileage, although driving between 55-65 mph will improve mileage even further.

Tip 4: Drive with the terrain, and drive smoothly.
It takes more energy to climb a hill than roll down the other side. So when you're on the highway, it's OK to lose a few miles per hour when you're driving up an incline. You can regain the lost speed when you head down the other side. While this tip may seem easy, it requires constant attention. Try to ease off the accelerator up the hill, and coast as much as possible going down. Don't use the cruise since this will put you into gas guzzling passing gear going up the hill. A smooth, steady accelerator pressure is much greener, regardless of the speeds you travel.

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- Just a sampling from the more than 1,000 helpful resources you can use to take control of your own health destiny, listed in the Wysong Resource Directory:

Project Fit America
250 Bel Marin Keys Blvd.
Building F, Ste. 300
Novato, CA  94949
(877) 217-5403
Website: www.projectfitamerica.org
eMail: info@projectfitamerica.org
- America's only school-based charity dedicated to getting children physically fit.

Learn CPR
-Website with step-by-step instructions for CPR for adults, children, infants and even pets.


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Instant Convert to Wysong Ergonomic Insoles™
"So last week or so I ordered a pair of your insoles. I have tried numerous other brands and configurations, and have always felt there was too much of this or not enough that. After growing frustrated with them, I started longing for an insole that could take the comfort and support of walking on the beach, and put it in a shoe. I figured if they don't exist, I would have a go at inventing it. Well, looks like Dr. Wysong beat me to it, luckily. I received your insoles today, and at first thought they would be too soft to have an effect. WRONG! Popped them into my shoes, made a small adjustment, and am ordering another pair tonight to go into my cycling shoes as well. The room they give my toes is liberating, while the arch support both along and across the foot is astounding. Count me as an instant convert. Thank you for bringing this innovation to market. My friends will be hearing about this, for sure."

Uretic™ Helps Cat
"We have a Siamese Snowshoe, eight years old by the name of Felix. He is a beautiful, healthy cat, and got over his UTI, as we are feeding him the Uretic food. We have to travel to Colorado to buy it, but it is well worth the trouble. We love your products!!!"

Strays Do Well On Wysong
"Our dogs really thrive on your food. We have 6 dogs of our own and 22 orphans and strays. We bring them back to health and wellbeing... and we would like to thank you for having a superior dog food."

Dog Much Better on Synorgon™
"Thank you very much for your prompt and very informative reply. We want you to know that Daisy, our 10-year-old companion dog, is thriving on Synorgon after experiencing serious digestive problems with a competitor's so-called "prescription" product."

Outstanding Products
"Your products are outstanding and I highly recommend them to anyone with pets. I've never had to worry about purchasing pet food that was inferior. By the way, my two dogs are 15 and 16 years old and our cat is 14 and they have thrived on Wysong Pet Foods."