Better Skin & Coat Health
    Washington: "First let me express my gratitude for Wysong™ products. I have two adopted Golden Retrievers and two house cats that enjoy many of your products and receive numerous compliments on their physical appearance and overall health. They are truly beautiful and could easily be “poster children” for your products!"  
Pet Prefer Healthy Foods
    Massachusetts: "I just wanted to let you know that my 10-month-old cat Ferris adjusted to Vitality™ instantaneously. The little guy eats pretty well – he always gets some dry food and to go along with that he gets wet food about half the time or some of what his “people” are eating (if it’s good for cats) the other half of the time. The day he got Vitality as his dry food for the first time was a bonanza day on the people food as well. He got some rare, pan-seared beef tenderloin (very much a favorite, he usually tried to climb up the person cooking it in excitement when he smelled the steak on the stove) to go with the Vitality. I have never seen him go for the dry food first, but he ate the Vitality BEFORE the beef tenderloin! He is also a big fan of your canned foods." 

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