WHAT'S NEW ON THE WYSONG WEBSITE (http://www.Wysong.net)?
    To help you keep up with what’s new on our website, here are a few suggestions for April, 2003: 

    New discussion on diet recommendations for kidney and liver disease in dogs. Click on: Feedback, then Forum.

NEW Testimonials
    • A pleased customer from Massachusetts says that Wysong Vitality was preferred by the cat above beef tenderloin!
    •An Internet reader says Wysong is the only cat food that her cat can stomach.
    • One customer has seen improvement in a lingering hot spot after the dog was put on Wysong Synorgon™.
    • Another says Maintenance™ gave a sickly little dog six more years of healthy and happy life.
    These are fascinating stories.
    Read all the details at www.Wysong.net. Click on: Feedback, then Testimonials, then scroll down to the bottom for the newest testimonials. 

    • Wysong Employment Opportunities – Wysong has openings periodically for top notch people. Click on: Opportunities, then Employment

    • A Wysong Home-based Business – Wysong has developed a format for a home-based Internet business with unlimited potential – and it can be done at your leisure. Click on: Opportunities, then Web Business

New Appearance & Menus
    You will notice a new look to some of the pages, and more ease in finding things. 

Newsletters and Health Letters
    e-Health Letters and (former hard-copy) Health Letters from 1987 to the present are now archived on the website. Click on Newsletter, then Archives

New Products
    High Potassium Whole Salt™. Click on Products/Ordering, Online Store, Human Products, then Seasonings/Oils. See also Whole Salt™, Garlic Whole Salt™, Pepper Plus™, Celery Salt™ and Cheezyme™ for spices with taste and nutritional punch.  

Gift Baskets
    If you would like to do something special for someone, check out the new and expanded selection of gift baskets ready for giving – some for humans, and some for pets.
Click Products/Ordering, then Online Store, then Gift Baskets

Reusing Packaging
    Here are customer-shared creative ways of reusing product packaging to help spare earth’s resources. Click on Products/Ordering, then Product Details, then Reusing Packaging

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